Emergency, Training and Information Network

                                   Ing. Jan Pazral
                                   Chief Engineer
                 WXXI Public Broadcasting Council
                             Rochester, New York
Project Overview
>   The problem
>   The solution
>   The funding
>   The implementation
The Rochester FD problem
Secure and cost effective distribution with
  guaranteed QoS of the following:
> Emergency data to first responders
> Alerts and messages
> Training materials (slides, videos, etc.)
> Manuals and standard operating guidelines
> Weather brief, river water speed and temperature
> Live video etc., etc., etc.
The solution
Partnership with WXXI that would provide
> Expertise in IP technology (consulting)
> Project management
> Wireless data delivery
What is MMRS?
MMRS (Metropolitan Medical Response System)
 supports local jurisdictions in enhancing and
 maintaining all-hazards response capabilities
 during early hours critical to life-saving and
 population protection
Metropolitan Medical Response Systems

 Original                   1999                     2000                       2001                       2002                        2003
 Anchorage, Baltimore,      Albuquerque, Austin,     Akron, Anaheim,            Baton Rouge, Colorado      Amarillo, Arlington VA,     Atlanta Regional
 Boston, Chicago,           Charlotte, Cleveland,    Arlington TX, Aurora,      Springs, Columbus          Bakersfield,                Coalition, Northern
 Columbus, Dallas,          El Paso, Fort Worth,     Birmingham, Buffalo,       (GA), Dayton, Des          Chattanooga, Columbia,      New England
 Denver, Detroit,           Hampton Roads            Cincinnati, Corpus         Moines, Garland,           Fremont, Ft. Lauderdale,    Region (New
 Honolulu, Houston,         (Virginia Beach) Area,   Christi, Fresno, Hampton   Glendale (CA), Grand       Ft. Wayne, Glendale,        Hampshire, Maine,
 Indianapolis,              Long Beach, Nashville,   Roads (Norfolk) Area,      Rapids, Greensboro,        Hampton Roads               Vermont),
 Jacksonville, Kansas       New Orleans, Oakland,    Jersey City, Las Vegas,    Hialeah, Huntington        (Newport News,              Southern Rio
 City (MO), Los Angeles,    Oklahoma City,           Lexington-Fayette,         Beach, Jackson, Lincoln,   Chesapeake) Area,           Grande Region
 Memphis, Miami,            Pittsburgh, Portland     Louisville, Mesa,          Little Rock, Lubbock,      Hartford, Huntsville,       (TX), Southeast
 Milwaukee, New York,       (OR), Sacramento, Salt   Newark, Omaha,             Madison, Mobile,           Irving, Jefferson Parish,   Alaska Region
 Philadelphia, Phoenix,     Lake City, St. Louis,    Riverside, Rochester,      Montgomery, Raleigh,       Kansas City (KS),
 San Antonio, San Diego,    Tucson, Tulsa, Twin      Santa Ana, St.             Richmond (VA),             Knoxville, Modesto,
 San Francisco, San Jose,   Cities (Minneapolis)     Petersburg, Tampa,         Shreveport, Spokane,       Orlando, Providence,           As of March 31, 2004
 Seattle, Washington DC                              Toledo, Twin Cities (St.   Stockton, Tacoma,          San Bernardino,
 (MMST) [Note: Atlanta                               Paul), Wichita             Yonkers                    Springfield, Syracuse,
 was also a MMST]                                                                                          Warren, Worcester
   MMRS: Linking Response Systems
First Responders                         Medical &
    Fire/EMS                            Mental Health

 Public Health

                 Emergency Management
The funding
RFD applied for a grant from MMRS
  >   A total of $3.4 million available
  >   Innovative projects preferred
  >   Required submission of a detailed proposal
  >   ETIN special project received grant $641,480.00
>   Reference web site on a server at WXXI
>   Data delivery to WXXI via Wi-MAX (IEEE 802.16)
>   MPEG-4 IP encoder Logic Innovations MSE-1200)
>   Edge Appliance 400 GB LI ECD-1300
>   Encapsulator Digicast Mencap-50
>   Multiplexer Terayon Cherrypicker DM-6400
>   KenCast Fazzt ® Suite
                  The “30,000-foot view”

FAZZT ® graphics courtesy of KenCast, Inc.
Edge appliance requirements
>   Easy to use even for “non-techies”
>   Operated by remote control with TiVo-like
>   Robust, crash-proof, tamper-proof
>   Hardened Linux kernel
>   Provides high-resolution 16x9 WXGA (1366x768)
    video to a 32” flat panel display (LCD)
Edge Appliance ECD-1300
The word is spreading
>   Tremendous interest among various agencies
>   The number of sites quadrupled since the grant
    was applied for
>   Currently 100+ sites
>   Phased rollout starting in summer of 2005
  Thank You!
                 Ing. Jan Pazral
WXXI Public Broadcasting Council
                  Rochester, NY
           Phone: 585-258-0294
       Email: jpazral @

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