Chapter Business Plan Outline

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					                                Chapter Business Plan Outline

For further chapter reference as needed

  1. Singing Opportunities
  2. Marketing the Chapter
  3. Budgeting and financial management
  4. Outreach programs
  5. Membership development
       Acquisition
       Orientation
       retention
  6. Financial Development
       Earned revenue streams
       Grants
       Harmony Foundation
       Finance and Budgeting
  7. Communication
       Communicating is vital to President’s success
       Communicating with the community
       Communicating with the chapter, district, Society

Components of your Chapter Business or Marketing Plan
   Executive Summary
   Chapter Vision Statement
   Chapter Mission Statement
   Situational Analysis
   Wildly Important Goal
   Other Objectives (Prioritized)
   Strategies to achieve the objective(s) Prioritized
   Supporting tasks
   SWOT analysis
   Timeline for implementation
   Metrics for measuring success or progress
   Who is responsible for executing each component of the plan
   Budget information (what is this plan going to cost?)
   Closing comments

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