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					Outline Business Plan for Europeana
 as a service of the EDL Foundation

            November 2008
                                                                Europeana - a sustainable service

Europeana – a sustainable service
Outline Business Plan for Europeana as a service of the EDL Foundation

Name of Clients:                      European Commission, EDL Foundation,
                                      EU Member States

Distribution List:                    EDL Foundation Board, WP1 Europeana-
                                      Net, French Ministry of Culture, European

Authors:                              WP1 EuropeanaNet, Jill Cousins, Harry
                                      Verwayen, Mel Collier

Authorised by:

Date of Issue:                        November 2008
Issue:                                Draft v1.0
Total Number of Pages:                35

Contact Details for EDL Foundation:   National Library of the Netherlands
                                      Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5
                                      PO Box 90407
                                      2509 LK The Hague
                                      The Netherlands
                                      Telephone: +31 (0)70 314 0952
                                      E-mail:      Jill.Cousins@kb.nl

                                                          Europeana - a sustainable service

Table of Contents
1   Introduction                                          5
2   Organisational Background                             8
         EDL Foundation                                   8
         Members of the Executive Committee               8
         Members of the Board of Participants             8
3   Business Case                                         9
         Europeana’s Primary Value Proposition            9
         Vision Statement                                 10
         Mission Statement                                10
4   Proposals for Fourth Call                             11
         Europeana v1.0 Thematic network                  11
         Europeana v1.0 Best Practice Network             13
5   Operational Plan                                      15
         The status in 3 years time                       15
         Human Resource & Management                      15
6   Business Development Plan                             20
         Marketing Strategy                               22
         Customer Service Strategy                        23
         Customer Service Objectives                      23
         Customer Service Strategy                        24
         Partners and Content Strategy                    24
7   Financial Plan                                        27
         Proposed Budget for European Service 2011-2015   27
         Revenue                                          28
         Costs                                            29
8   Risk Analysis                                         31
         Risk Evaluation                                  31
         Managing Risk                                    32

Appendix 1
Members of Europeana Net Workgroup 1
Human & Political interoperability                        35

                                                                 Europeana - a sustainable service

                   Plaatje 2

De zondeval”, Cornelis Cornelisz. Van Haarlem, Rijksmuseum

                                                                                          Europeana - a sustainable service

1   Introduction

    This is an outline business plan for a sustainable Europe-                 Europeana is the vision of the Member states them-
    ana.eu service beyond the proposed Thematic Network                        selves2 and it supports the principle that access to
    of the Fourth Call of eContentPlus. It proposes an ope-                    public treasures remains in the public domain.
    rational structure with associated budget, business deve-
    lopment communications and content channel outline                         It is envisaged that the required public funding comes
    plans. Due to likely evolutions in technology by 2011, it                  jointly from the European Commission and the Member
    will only deal with this in passing. It suggests some reve-                States. Public funding can assure that our mutual cultu-
    nue streams and an ideal structure for the organisation of                 ral heritage is safeguarded from the whims of the market
    European institutions for the delivery of data.                            while simultaneously creating economic value through
                                                                               partnerships with market entities. Public private part-
    It is based on the business model created by WP1 of EDL-                   nership is more likely when digitization and access of the
    net (now called EuropeanaNet) ‘Business Model Europe-                      body of public cultural heritage is made easily available.
    ana 2011-2015 - The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the                   The partner institutions are also contributing financially
    Parts – . This proposes a Mutual Incentive model, where
                                                                               to the sustainability of the portal by dedicating time and
    market revenue relieves the burden of public funding, but                  resource to making their collections available and in the
    recognises that this takes time to develop. With a Mutual                  working groups that will keep development innovative
    Incentive model public funding can give a base on which                    and in line with strategy.
    to grow a business with a variety of revenue streams. The
    public funding of the core allows for the creation of new                  This Business Plan assumes that the two proposals sub-
    use and gives economic benefits, in new business, cultu-                   mitted to create Europeana v1.0 (Europeana v1.0 and
    ral tourism and new jobs.                                                  EuropeanaConnect) commencing in 2009 are successful
                                                                               and that the current ground-swell in European nations
    For Member States, this endeavour of the European                          to support digitisation of content continues and grows.
    Union and its cultural institutions can also be seen as an                 These EU funded projects go someway to creating both
    invest-to-save opportunity. The work that is being done                    critical mass and implementing the vision of a common
    to extract and make data work across the domains and                       access point to the cultural memory of Europe but this
    cultural institutions and discoverable by users, in any lan-               plan deals with sustaining this vision beyond project fun-
    guage, in a single search, can avoid investment by gover-                  ding.
    nments, in myriads of smaller projects aiming to do the
    same. All this work is reusable, open source and available
    to all EU institutions.
                                                                               2    See   Letter of 28 April 2005, sent to Barroso, signed by the

                                                                               Heads of 6 European governments: France, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain,

    1    Harry Verwayen,      Mel Collier, Jeremy Ottevanger, Septem-          Hungary wishing to ensure digitization of Europe´s cultural heritage, with

    ber 2008, Business Model Europeana 2011+2015 part of Deliverable 1.3       multilingual access.

    Business Plan with final versions of Governance and Organisation & a       http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/activities/digital_libraries/doc/

    roadmap                                                                    letter_1/index_en.htm

                                                                               Europeana - a sustainable service

The operational service proposed is for an efficient,                     ning environments to be built
coordinating core based on a mixed funding business                  •	   reinforce the relevance of their cultural institutions to
model of market revenue generation and European                           future generations
and Member State funding. This operational core aims                 •	   enable their heritage institutions to showcase the
to access distributed repositories to maintain a cen-                     treasures in their collections and demonstrate the
tral portal, linking to distributed content, and will de-                 cultural diversity of Europe
ploy approaches developed in the project prototypes.                 •	   promote cultural tourism
                                                                     •	   keep digitized cultural assets in the public domain
It should encourage re-use of systems and data, not rein-            •	   benefit from the results, such as enhanced metadata,
vention, and be part of the EU innovation frameworks                      for the institutions they represent
thus benefiting from research and content development                •	   show the ability of countries to work together towards
projects undertaken in different countries and domains.                   a common goal
Europeana, created by researchers and knowledge wor-
kers from throughout Europe solves many of the issues                As well as forming a business plan for the sustaining of
on the table for the cross domain portals being developed            Europeana.eu as a service, this document is part of the de-
in various countries and will provide a service where by             liverable D1.3, Business Plan with final versions of Gover-
its data can be reused, after it has been normalized and             nance and Organisation & a roadmap, created and deve-
enriched through a very simple search interface in anybo-            loped by WP1 Human & Political Interoperability, which
dy’s website or portal. It will not aim to centrally own or          has representatives from 15 countries and each domain.3
participate in all projects but will exist for those projects
to reuse material and to deploy results. For member states
it is therefore a real invest to save opportunity. Sustainabi-
lity consists partly of securing the money but also the will
to turn projects into operational systems. This expanding
and innovative core will help secure the foreseen market
revenues by constantly being able to offer the new and the

Member States are asked to contribute financially and
strategically to making Europeana sustainable so that
they may:

•	   underpin the EU knowledge economy, as well as se-
     cure new business opportunities and new markets in
     their own countries,
•	   showcase their national heritage content in an inter-
     national context
•	   make a valuable investment in the future of their cre-
     ative industries
•	   create a resource for a range of services of new lear-          3    See WP1 Work Group at Appendix 1

                                    Europeana - a sustainable service

    Plaatje 3

Biblioteca Nacional de España

                                                                                 Europeana - a sustainable service

2   Organisational Background

    EDL Foundation                                                      Members of the Executive Committee
    It is proposed that Europeana.eu is run as a service of the         Conference of European National Librarians
    EDL Foundation. The EDL Foundation will employ the                  European Branch of Intl. Council on Archives
    necessary staff and develop the management systems to               Intl. Fed. of Television Archives
    run an operational Europeana.eu.                                    Association Cinémathèques Européennes
                                                                        European Museums Forum
    The EDL Foundation was set up in November 2007 for                  Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche
    the purpose of providing cross domain access to Europe´s            Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe
    cultural heritage, namely through Europeana.eu. It is a             National Library of the Netherlands
    Foundation under Dutch Law. It is also the coordinating             International Council of Museums Europe
    body that ensures that the various EU sponsored projects
    can be brought to operational service within Europeana.             Members of the Board of Participants
    eu. In the future it might also take a role as the repository       Consortium of European Research Libraries
    of databases, such as online dictionaries, object model             Intl. Assoc. of Sound & Audiovisual Archives
    frameworks etc, for common use by the institutions and              Das Bundesarchiv, Germany
    citizens of Europe. The Foundation therefore:                       Bibliothèque nationale de France
                                                                        Institut Audiovisuel, France
    •	   facilitates formal agreement across museums, ar-               Biblioteca Nacional de España
         chives, audio-visual archives and libraries on how to          Ministerio de Cultura - España
         cooperate in the delivery and sustainability of a joint
         portal.                                                        The EDL Foundation will retain a variety of working
    •	   provides a legal framework for use by the EU for               groups after its project phase, to ensure that it remains
         funding purposes and as a springboard for future               relevant and delivers according to user and stakeholder
         governance                                                     needs. These will be representative of all European coun-
                                                                        tries and areas of the operational business.
    It is made up of the chairs and presidents of the pan Euro-
    pean Associations in the four domains. Each member of               It has an elected Executive Committee and an Executive
    the Board carries the mandate of their own association.             Director. This Executive Committee is responsible for
    Each member of the Board is responsible for ensuring                setting and approving strategy, and overseeing execu-
    information dissemination from the Board to its mem-                tion and finances of the joint portal Europeana. The EDL
    bership. In this way it is hoped to have a communication            Foundation and its committees provide a pan-European,
    channel with all cultural content providers in Europe and           member state and content stakeholder governance struc-
    ensure their representation in any decisions made by the            ture.

                                                                                    Europeana - a sustainable service

3   Business Case

    In order to achieve its aim of sharing Europe’s culture and          aim. However, Europeana is not a digital content owner
    heritage in the online world, Europeana is faced with a              and cannot leverage revenue directly from content. The
    challenge: it has to balance the cultural aspects of its offer       challenge for Europeana is to deliver the cultural value
    (access to a critical mass of interrelated cultural heritage         it aims to represent while creating sufficient added value
    material) with the operational aspect of financing this of-          as a super-aggregator, or to create a sufficiently attrac-
    fer.                                                                 tive platform for added services to attract the resources it
                                                                         needs. Europeana sets itself the following goals:
    A successful service therefore starts with a strong value
    proposition to end users.                                            •	   Single search access to 25 million digital items by
    Based on the limited experience we have with digitizing              •	   From over 100 (+) suppliers and aggregators4                       1

    and disseminating cultural heritage in the market, it is                   of content and harvestable partners
    likely that the service will be able to attract market-driven        •	   Spread over the 27 (+) member states of the EU.
    revenue streams. These streams can come from advertise-
    ments, affiliated partners, semantic operators and search            This represents the current value proposition - or ‘offer’
    engines, etc. To achieve this aim, requires certain criti-           – of Europeana to its various client segments. However,
    cal conditions to be in place. The service should be a ro-           as these client segments span a broad spectrum, ranging
    bust machine with operational work processes in place;               from the European Commission to single end users, this
    it should represent a critical mass of high cultural value           will articulate itself differently for each segment. The busi-
    content; be usage driven; and be as openly accessible as             ness model therefore tries to relate this value proposition
    possible so as to direct traffic towards the long tail of its        to different mixes of cultural and economic objectives, i.e.
    content, not just the profitable upper tail.                         clients’ different cultural/economic value ratios.

    This model largely depends on the value proposition Eu-              Involving the public sphere helps create the body of criti-
    ropeana can offer.                                                   cal mass, which in turn appeals to end users, whose par-
                                                                         ticipation will induce the market sphere to get involved.
    Europeana’s Primary Value Proposition                                Allowing the expertise in the market to look for new rev-
    Europeana will enable citizens across Europe to ac-                  enue opportunities, increasing the total market perform-
    cess this valuable material in ways unimaginable before;             ance, breaking market boundaries, and changing the cul-
    through a well designed portal but also at places where              tural/economic value ratio of this critical mass, attracts in
    they are already active, such as social networks. The re-            turn new partners in the public sphere and accounts for
    use of this material in turn will foster a true dialogue and         the investments made by those already present.
    create new value through mash-ups and companies able
    to create new business out of the aggregation of this mate-          4    An aggregator is a partner that assembles content from se-

    rial, such as semantic operators. Considerable infrastruc-           veral suppliers and does the necessary work to make it available to Euro-

    tural and human resources will be needed to deliver this             peana. Use of aggregators reduces the workload on the central office.

                                                                      Europeana - a sustainable service

Even though Europeana’s value proposition translates dif-
ferently to the various groups of clients, the service creates
a mutual incentive, one in which the public sphere ben-
efits from the performance of the market sphere and vice
versa. The result is a dynamic, synergetic business model
that adds more cultural and economic value than would a
separate public and private model added together.

Figure 1: Europeana’s value proposition to 3 client segments

Vision Statement
Europeana.eu inspires ideas and understanding by shar-
ing Europe’s cultural and scientific heritage with the
world online .

Mission Statement
Europeana.eu enables people to explore the digital re-
sources of Europe’s museums, libraries, archives and
audio-visual collections. It promotes discovery and net-
working opportunities in a multilingual space where us-
ers can engage, share in and be inspired by the rich diver-
sity of Europe’s cultural and scientific heritage.

                                                                           Europeana - a sustainable service

4   Proposals for Fourth Call

    This Business Plan follows on from the proposals sub-       WP3 Further Specification of Functionality and Inter-
    mitted to eContentPlus to turn the prototype of No-         operability aspects of Europeana
    vember 2008 into an operational service with the back       WP4 Building Europeana
    end process in place by 2010.                               WP5 Marketing Europeana
                                                                WP6 Management and Reporting.
    EuropeanaNet, the project that is building the first pro-
    totype, Europeana.eu, as proof of concept has also cre-     Work Package Contents
    ated a coalition of willing cross domain content part-      Workpackage 1 Developing the partner and user net-
    ners. Ninety five per cent of these stakeholders have       work
    already signed up for the follow up project Europeana       This work package has overall responsibility for busi-
    v1.0 which aims to create the operational service. To       ness and organisational decisions for the network and
    create such an operational Europeana several proc-          takes these decisions as recommendations to the EDL
    esses and developments need to be put in place.             Foundation Executive Group. It continues the work
                                                                of EDLnet increasing the numbers and quality of the
    A proposal has been submitted for a second Thematic         partner, stakeholder and end user networks. It will
    Network, requesting 6.4 million euros over 3 years,         use these networks in all their forms [working groups,
    starting January 2009, to create Europeana v1.0. This       EDL Foundation membership, other relevant ECP and
    proposal should be seen in conjunction with the Eu-         FP7 projects, user advisory board, focus and feedback
    ropeana Best Practice Network Proposal, Europeana-          groups etc.] to develop Europeana as an operational
    Connect where several technical areas are in need of        service from month 18 and to press ahead with its de-
    further work to support an operational service. Ad-         velopment from month 18 to month 36.
    ditionally the EDL Foundation has supported some
    Targeted Project proposals for digitisation and best        The work package works on consensus and buy-in
    practice networks in the television archives and biodi-     by the institutions and on creating an operational or-
    versity heritage. The funding of these allows for more      ganisational structure. It deliberately includes users
    content and technical knowledge to be brought into          and usability within the work package to ensure that
    Europeana and to ensure a distributed knowledge base        all decisions are in line with user demands and wishes,
    for online cultural heritage across all EU countries.       which will remain the lead for the vision.

    Europeana v1.0 Thematic network                             Work package 2 Business Development
    The new thematic network, Europeana v1.0, will con-         This work package carries out the decisions of WP1,
    tinue the work of EuropeanaNet (EDLnet). It will have       the EDL Foundation and works closely with WP5 to
    6 work packages:                                            market the network and the site. It is responsible for
                                                                fund raising to find matching funds and sustainability
    WP1 Developing the partner and user network.                solutions for Europeana. It will do this with members
    WP2 Business Development                                    of the EDL Foundation together with a group repre-

                                                                              Europeana - a sustainable service

senting the proposed public funders. It will also encour-           EuropeanaConnect and creating the API’s for Europeana to
age institutions to organise the delivery of their content          fulfill its ambition to give back enriched data to its providers.
through aggregators to ensure a longer term maintainable
work flow.                                                          Work Package 5 Marketing Europeana
                                                                    This work package looks after two major aspects of mar-
Work package 3 Further Specification of Functionality               keting: encouraging the network and stakeholders to par-
and Interoperability aspects of Europeana                           ticipate and deliver their content; marketing to end users
Continuing the work started under EDLnet this work                  the operational site. Thus it provides both marketing to
package keeps up the networking and knowledge trans-                stakeholders throughout the time of the project and, after
fer about technology and interoperability of data. It will          the launch of the Europeana public service marketing it to
have a proactive engagement with the various communi-               end users. Wherever appropriate, marketing activities will
ties, including site visits and focused meetings either on          be undertaken in coordination with EuropeanaConnect,
a domain level (for technical and organizational issues)            EuropeanaTravel, EuropeanaMovie and other projects in
or with a geographic perspective (for organizational and            the Europeana cluster. Rather than risk creating confu-
policy issues). It will concentrate on the 3 main aspects of        sion, the proposal is to combine much of the marketing
Interoperability: basic semantic interoperability, objects          of the Europeana v1.0 and EuropeanaConnect and other
and their surrogates and technical and architectural in-            projects such as EuropeanaTravel and EuropeanaMovie
teroperability.                                                     under one umbrella. To help achieve this, WP5 will co-
                                                                    ordinate a small internal working group, Working Group
It will maintain a technology watch on new developments             5, called the Europeana Cluster Dissemination Working
and standards in the wider world and make recommen-                 Group focusing on dissemination collaboration between
dations on if, when and how they should be deployed in              the various networks and projects under eContentPlus
Europeana. It is responsible for the functional specifica-          but most particularly with EuropeanaConnect and any of
tions of version 1.0 and the subsequent releases and en-            the other projects in which the EDL Foundation is a part-
suring development stays in line with these requirements.           ner. Its role is to ensure good communication between
                                                                    these networks and to maximise opportunities for dis-
Work Package 4 Building Europeana                                   semination.
The functional specification agreed by WP3 and endorsed
by WP1 will be built in this work package by a mixed team           Work Package 6 Management and Reporting
of in house developers and technicians and external ex-             Overall control of the network is undertaken in this work
perts from several academic institutions with strong ex-            package, ensuring deadlines are kept and risks minimised.
perience in semantic development of cultural heritage               It is responsible for setting up the operational office and
data and the creation of data models. It will be managed            recruitment, managing the project and for reporting to
by an experienced technical project planner under the               the Commission. It leads the network as a whole for both
supervision of the general project manager. It will build           scientific coordination in the shape of the business devel-
all the back end work processes needed to run an opera-             opment director responsible for all delivery and adminis-
tional business and ensure a robust, stable site hosted in          trative coordination. It will establish an operational office
a suitable facility. It aims to make 4 releases including           and recruit staff as needed including individuals respon-
the launch of v1.0, in the lifetime of the network. In these        sible for technical development and production, for op-
releases concentration will be on incorporating the work of         erational management of content, workflow, finance and

                                                                           Europeana - a sustainable service

reporting and for business development, editorial, mar-           Europeana v1.0 Best Practice Network
keting and PR. It will also ensure the technical and le-          This is aimed at undertaking some of the technical work
gal compliance of the consortium in its contract with the         required for an operational Europeana. Some of the areas
Commission; manage overall the finances of the project            in need of further development beyond EuropeanaNet
and maintain adequate records; ensure that the consorti-          are listed below:
um is effectively managed and co-coordinated internally
in order to optimise its performance, meet its objectives         1.   Metadata and interoperability
and produce its agreed deliverables; assure overall the           2. Multilingualism of content including query and re-
quality of the work of the consortium and the fitness for              sults translation
purpose of its deliverables. WP6 also has a major task co-        3.   Usability including visualisation techniques and
ordinating the results of the linked projects so that they             rights management
may be integrated into subsequent releases of Europeana.          4. Infrastructure including imposition of persistent
                                                                       identifiers, distributed computing for storage and
This new Thematic Network will therefore cover the fol-                the build of a scalable and sustainable OAI-PMH in-
lowing:                                                                frastructure
                                                                  5.   Services such as print and digitization on demand,
1.   Continued involvement of partners                                 accounting and payment services
2. Participation of new partners
3.   Creation of licence and partnership agreements
4. Rights management and IPR
5.   Management of partner content and links
6. Technical Development of the service – functional
     specification implementation
7.   Hardware, storage and bandwidth connected with
     running the service
8. Service agreements with bodies involved in running
     the service
9. Implementation of new plug-ins and technologies
10. Implementation of new data models
11. Promotion of standards and data models
12. Marketing to end users
13. Distribution to other channels for mash-ups and re-
14. Policy development
15. Fund raising

          Europeana - a sustainable service

Plaatje 4

                                                                                                                                             Europeana - a sustainable service

5   Operational Plan
    The status in 3 years time                                                                                                       by 2010.
    If the bid for Europeana v1.0 is successful, and the project                                                         •	        A working management team
    starts at the beginning of 2009, in 3 years we will have:
                                                                                                                         The plan assumes the continued support of a host or-
    •	   An operational service under the auspices of the EDL                                                            ganization such as the KB for human resource re-
         foundation that will have run for a year funded by                                                              cruitment and care, the network infrastructure and
         the proposed Europeana v1.0 Thematic Network.                                                                   general housing, together with some outsourcing.
    •	   Access to at least 25 million digital items across the
         four domains.                                                                                                   Human Resource & Management
    •	   A hybrid means of content delivery from around 100                                                              This operational service will need a staff around 30 by the
         partners. Some of these will be aggregators either                                                              end of 2009, growing over the following 6 years to around
         national or vertical and some will be large instituti-                                                          50, as new content and new partners are added and new
         ons.                                                                                                            channels for the distribution of content increases.
    •	   A channel provision service where content can be re-
         quested by other providers, i.e.: for life long learning                                                        The organization charts: 2010 and 2014 below, give an idea
         sites, school networks, university portals, sites for                                                           of the kind of human resource needed and the change in
         the visually disabled etc. It is expected to be provi-                                                          numbers over the 4 years.
         ding content in this way to at least 15 such channels


                                                                                                              PA                  Financial Controller
                                                                                                                                      AS Works

                                      Business                                                                               Technical
                                     Dev.Director                                                                             Director

                                                                                              Technical        Coordinator           Development                  Technical                     Bookkeeper   Interoperability
          Marketing &                 Projects                  Business Dev.                                                                                                 Account
                                                                                               Planner         Europeana                Team                      Architect                      AS Works       Managers
          comms Mgr                   Manager                        Mgr                                        Projects                                                      Manager
                                                                                             TEL & EDL                                Manager                      0.2FTE                                          x2

                                                                                                        Technical                                  Senior Developer
                                                     Projects                    Business             Documentation                                  TEL & EDL                      Admin Assistants
                    Marketing & PR                  Coordinator                 Developers                Writer                                          x2                              X2
                                                        x4                          x2                   .5 FTE

                                                 Projects Assistent
                         Editorial                       X2

                        WebMaster                                                                                                                          Senior

              Figure 2: Organisation Chart 2010
              EDL Foundation Office 2010
              31.7 FTE´s                                                                                          15
              Covering Europeana.eu and 6 EU funded projects
                                                                                                                    Europeana - a sustainable service



                                              Business                                                             Technical                                               Operational
                                                                                                                   Director                                                 Director

                Marketing &           Business
                                                            Projects                                  Interoperability                 Project                Financial                    Account
                 Comms               Development                               Policy Advisor
                                                            manager                                   Manager                         Manager                  Officer                     Manager
                 Manager              Manager

   Editorial                                  New Account
                           Marketing                                      Projects                                     Metadata                     Senior                                             Channel
  Coordinator                                 Development                                                                                                             Book keeper x2
                          Coordinator                                  coordinator x3                                Specialists x2              Developers x4                                       coordinator x2

Editorial                  Marketing                                     Projects                                                                   Junior                 Helpdesk &                  Content
                                                                         Assistant                                                                                        Administrative             coordinators
Assistant x 2             Assistant x2                                                                                                           Developers x4
                                                                                                                                                                            Assistant                     x3

  Curator x2              PR Assistant                                                                                                            Webmaster

 Figure 3: Organisation Chart 2014
 EDL Foundation Office
 48 FTE´s
 Covering Europeana.eu and 4 EU funded projects

 It is proposed to organise the EDL Foundation Office into                                           and deliver the market promise. To do this initially in
 3 main groups:                                                                                      2011 the business development director together with a
                                                                                                     business development manager and an account mana-
 1.     Business Development: encompassing Marketing                                                 ger will concentrate on finding and nurturing corporate
         and Communications, Sales and Account Develop-                                              sponsorship and developing strong relationships with the
         ment, Projects management and Policy,                                                       ministries responsible for their member state funding.
 2. Operations: to cover the management of content                                                   Once this is established the team will expand and start to
         in and out of Europeana and the financial require-                                          generate revenue from the market via affiliate sales and
         ments                                                                                       business to business sales of the semantic operators and
 3.     Technical: comprising an interoperability team,                                              multilingual indexes that have been developed. They will
         maintaining and promoting standards for all 4 do-                                           also find ways of selling to educational publishers and pri-
         mains across Europe, and a development team able                                            vately owned tourist sites.
         to manage and develop Europeana and its releases.
                                                                                                     Under Business Development falls the marketing and
 Business Development will need to secure the funding                                                editorial staff. Marketing has two main aims in this phase

                                                                              Europeana - a sustainable service

of Europeana’s development: to support the sales and ac-            naged by Operations, as will the relationship with the ex-
count management through collateral and positive press              ternal hosting company.
coverage and to increase users to the site. This section
will be responsible for a virtual user board and for ensu-          The finance sub-group is responsible for financial plan-
ring that user opinion is sought and represented in the             ning, bookkeeping, audit and financial integrity in gene-
site. The staff envisaged will therefore be divided into pr/        ral. Financial management and reporting is a high prio-
communications and end user marketing. The increase                 rity for such a public enterprise. Funders need to be able
of page views has a direct effect on the revenues to be             to see a return on their investment and for the accounts to
gained from affiliate sales (where a user can be directed to        be clear and transparent. Managing a very wide network
commercial sites to buy copies of books or related items).          of contributions and ensuring proper reporting is integral
Also under the marketing section will be a small editorial          to the smooth running of the service.
function to manage the marketing content of the site such
as exhibitions, the creation and packaging of virtual col-          Technical is the group responsible for the ongoing main-
lections for educational use. It is here that some of the           tenance and development of Europeana, for making the
stickiness of the site is derived.                                  results of projects operational and to integrate new ser-
                                                                    vices and product lines into Europeana. It is where the
Projects of research and development and content emp-               innovation sourced by the Business Development Team
hasis are likely to be the innovation pool for Europeana.           is brought into being. As standards are improved or new
Business Development is responsible for ensuring that we            means of interoperability are conceived in the various
are aware or part of projects that contribute to the strate-        domains, they need to be incorporated into practical, im-
gic goals and for managing them until they become ope-              plementable solutions within Europeana, so a core team
rational. A projects team is responsible for this.                  of interoperability experts and in-house developers is en-
                                                                    visaged who can be called upon by the external projects
Operations is the group responsible for close management            for advice and help.
to ensure smooth work processes and work flow for the
content acquisition and content provider relationships. It          Staffing plan
has two sub-groups: finance and account management.                 a. Hiring time table
                                                                    b. Training requirements
The account managers look after aggregators and sup-                c.   Secondment and outsourcing needs
pliers each of whom needs to have a direct relationship             d. Management of staff increase
with a channel coordinator to solve all issues of data har-
vest, indexing and display. As much of the processes as             All the above will be detailed at a later date when it is
possible will be automated but an enormous amount of                clearer how many staff are able to continue from the pro-
chasing is always required as well as management of the             ject phase of Europeana v1.0 post 2011.
work processes themselves. This is the core business for
Europeana: increasing access to the cultural content of             IT plan
Europe. The work processes include the above and the                a. Network and pcs
management of multilingual functionality, standards, re-            b. Hosting and storage
positories etc. The proposed working groups made up of              c.   Development and testing
the content providers from all four domains will be ma-             d. Software and licenses

                                                                   Europeana - a sustainable service

IT both for the portal and as staff overhead is covered in
the budget. Its planning will depend on several external
factors, such as continued hosting of the EDL Foundation
and its staff at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, in The Hague.
It is therefore only given a marker in this plan.

The public site is being hosted at SARA in the Nether-
lands. An SLA is in place between SARA and the EDL
Foundation. In addition Europeana will have a ´Develo-
pers´ facility whereby other projects and accredited insti-
tutions can make use of the structures and data to pro-
totype their own services. Thus encouraging distributed
innovation and decentralizing such development across

The development of API´s under Europeana v1.0 should
facilitate the distribution and reuse of content across the
domains. The development and enhancement of these
mechanisms will be integral to any development and re-
lease plan of Europeana.

It is aimed to have at least 2 releases of enhancements and
change of the portal per year. Each release will be subjec-
ted to thorough testing.

            Europeana - a sustainable service

Plaatje 5

                                                                              Europeana - a sustainable service

6   Business Development Plan

    Business Development divides into 4 areas: Sales and            major efforts in creating awareness among content pro-
    Fundraising, Marketing, Editorial and Projects.                 viders.

    Sales and Fund Raising                                          Europeana proposes to undertake a full online marketing
    Sales will be undertaken by the foreseen Account Ma-            programme including: linking to as many relevant sites as
    nagers, Fund raising largely by the Business Developers.        possible, encouraging all sites to link to us at the appro-
    To achieve the level of revenue expected , a small team         priate points and achieving deep crawling from the major
    of account managers is envisaged to develop corporate           search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Encouraging
    sponsorship and sell to search engines and semantic ope-        links with our partner institutions will lead to a high page
    rators. This sales force will grow over the 5 years from 1      ranking so results from Europeana should be seen on
    to 3 individuals generating at minimum a final target of        the first 2 pages of Google. The massive distribution that
    555,000 euros in 2015. A corporate sponsorship plan will        Google and Yahoo can give such a site will be exploited
    be created and implemented during the last 12 months of         to the full, as well subject based search engines. There
    Europeana v1.0. This plan will concentrate on retention         will also be some online advertising but much of the ef-
    of existing business through good account management            fort will go into working the networks of the partners to
    for at least 70% of the revenue generated, the rest being       encourage users across the domains and to increase awa-
    new business year on year.                                      reness in the various target groups. Specific target groups
                                                                    will be researched and targeted. These will include edu-
    The Business Developers will also be responsible for de-        cational establishments, tourism, historical interest areas
    veloping relationships with the member states to ensure         reached through their existing distribution channels such
    continued support to make up the percentage funding             as school and university learning sites, lifelong learning
    that is required, according to the business model to main-      institutions, learned society online journals and tourist
    tain an operational service.                                    destination sites.

    A full sales plan will be put in place with specific targets    To meet the strategic aim of providing cross domain ac-
    and monitoring.                                                 cess to all possible users and to find a place in the hearts
                                                                    and minds of users Europeana.eu needs to attract retur-
    Marketing                                                       ning traffic. It should be looking to achieve a million
    Marketing has three major activities: sales of products         users per month by the end of 2012.
    and services, fund raising and end user marketing. Mar-
    keting will support sales with collateral and statistics and    The service will concentrate on a market in rather than
    public relations. The latter not only creates public profile    product out strategy. It will therefore continuously ana-
    and awareness but also gives value to member states and         lyse the data obtained from its log files and web analytics
    institutions. It continues the work done in the project         programmes and will conduct regular usability and use
    phase under Europeana v1.0 but with a greater emphasis          surveys to ensure that the service is being developed in
    on driving users to the site, Europeana v1.0 having made        line with user priorities and requirements. In line with a

                                                                            Europeana - a sustainable service

strategy of market in, rather than product out, a virtual         Fundraising
user board will be set up using social networking tech-           •	   Support all fundraising, sales and sponsorship acti-
niques in order to obtain ideas for product development                vities with PR, collateral materials, events and other
and areas in need of change. User tagging of content will              marketing and PR activities
be encouraged and used to create better searches for all.
                                                                  Marketing Strategy
Marketing Objectives                                              Positioning
By the end of 2011 we will have:                                  •	   Super aggregator of European content in context
End Users                                                         •	   Showcase for Member States Institutions and con-
•	   Increase understanding of customer needs and be-                  tent to a worldwide audience
     haviors by analyzing log-files, undertaking user sur-
     veys, other end user input and market trends                 Product
•	   Develop the Europeana.eu brand and define the                •	   Ensure the consumer is central in all development
     Unique Selling Point (USP) of the site and the conse-             and innovation; create a customer help service, de-
     quents issues based on consumer insights                          sign the interface to enhance customer experience
•	   Drive traffic to Europeana.eu, achieved 1m user ses-              and site retention
     sions per month and 10,000 registered users by end           •	   Use log files, virtual user groups and consumer sur-
     2012                                                              veys for continued feedback and end-user input to
•	   Ensure all means of Search Engine Optimization                    guide product development.
     (SEO) are being deployed to ensure Europeana.eu is           •	   Continue to develop Europeana.eu in line with con-
     in the top 10 page rankings in all the major search               sumer insights and market trends – release at least 2
     engines                                                           new versions each year to be able to react quickly to
•	   Increase and build awareness of the Europeana.                    market forces.
     eu brand, site and functionalities amongst arts and          •	   Issue regular updates on standards and architecture
     humanities researchers throughout the 27 member                   to accommodate other projects to develop in line
     states.                                                           with Europeana

Partner Institutions & Stakeholders                               Pricing
•	   Develop the Europeana.eu brand and define the USP            •	   Access to Europeana.eu is free for all end users
     for Partner Institutions that addresses the Partner          •	   A value proposition and pricing structure for corpo-
     Institutions needs and ensures their continued buy                rate sponsors will be developed by the beginning of
     in, participation and ownership in Europeana.eu                   2011
•	   Ensure all partner institutions & stakeholders in as-
     sociated projects are informed of all developments           Place
     of Europeana.eu, especially the release of new func-         •	   Develop and execute linkage programme to establish
     tionalities                                                       links to Europeana.eu with all partner institutions,
•	   Coordinate Marketing activities with Europeana-                   and other targeted sites
     Connect and other associated projects to maximise            •	   Maintain API’s to allow for Europeana.eu enriched
     efficiencies and economies of scale                               content can be re-used by partner institutions and
                                                                       other parties

                                                                               Europeana - a sustainable service

"Kickvorschen", Maria Sibylla Merian, Bibliotheek Universiteit van Amsterdam

                                                                            Europeana - a sustainable service

Promotion                                                          will be covered by the account managers in Business De-
•	   Develop and execute SEO programme to maximise                 velopment and Channel Coordinators in Operations.
     visibility and drive traffic
•	   Create API’s to increase use and visibility on popular        Primary Customer Service
     websites                                                      As a service, Europeana must be prepared to offer some
•	   Develop MyEuropeana.eu, RSS-feeds, email notifi-              level of help to the user. It is much easier and cheaper to
     cations and other tools to drive (repeat) traffic             retain a customer than to win a new one. It is therefore
•	   Develop a project website and newsletters to keep             important that all feedback is answered in as timely man-
     partner institutions and stakeholders informed of             ner as possible. A helpdesk will be kept under conside-
     Europeana.eu                                                  ration, but it is hoped that the site will be fairly self ex-
•	   Maximise utilisation of Partner Institutions marke-           planatory. A helpdesk is an enormous undertaking for a
     ting and communication tools to drive awareness of            portal such as Europeana leading us to require help in a
     Europeana.eu                                                  minimum of 23 languages. Proprietary systems such as
•	   Develop a pro-active PR plan, including press relea-          Question Point will also be given thought.
     ses and speaker opportunities, to raise awareness of
     Europeana.eu and ensure a correct positioning in              Secondary Customer Service
     the press                                                     Each of these customers will have a tailored package for
                                                                   their needs, ensuring that the correct amount of com-
People                                                             munication and reporting are in place and that their de-
•	   Recruit and develop a dedicated marketing & PR                mands are met.
     team , growing from 3 people in 2010 to 5 in 2012
•	   Build and nurture the stakeholder and partner in-             Customer Service Objectives
     stitutions network and draw on those resources for            •	   To aim for a returnee rate of 55% by 2012 as the most
     expertise and insights                                             important traffic to any site is the returning traffic.
                                                                        Most publishing sites get between 45 and 65% retur-
Processes                                                               nees.
•	   Communicate and organise workshops and confe-                 •	   The aim for a target of less than 50% bouncers from
     rences to share best practises with partner instituti-             search engines as the time people spend on a site is
     ons and stakeholders                                               usually an indication of their interest and likelihood
                                                                        of returning. For most sites around 50% of site users
Customer Service Strategy                                               disappear under the first 30 seconds. These are the
There are 2 forms of customers: The users of Europeana                  bouncers, often arriving from a large search engine,
content and paying customers such as the content provi-                 they are not interested in what the site has to offer or
ders, corporate sponsors, member states and advertisers.                find it too complicated to use etc.
The primary customers are the end users, who need a                •	   The site needs to be live 24/7 and any reported bugs
good, robust service answering their needs and demands                  addressed with speed.
which may change quite rapidly. Meeting end user needs             •	   To keep Funders and Partner Institutions up to
also helps meet the requirements of the secondary custo-                speed and happy with Europeana
mers (advertisers, member states, etc) but each of these
will require a highly personalized level of service. This

                                                                                     Europeana - a sustainable service

Customer Service Strategy                                                   Partners and Content Strategy
•	     Knowledge of retention will come from an analysis                    In 3 years time there should be a more aggregated playing
        of the log files against the registered user’s database.            field in Europe. As can be seen from the organization
•	     Feedback queries answered within 48 hours, staff                     map below, national portals are being put in place and
        permitting.                                                         portals aiming to aggregate content from archives and
•	     A Service Level Agreement with SARA needs to re-                     film are being developed. The idea is that partnerships for
        flect the global nature of the site, so should be availa-           Europeana will be made with the aggregators rather than
        ble 24/7. This may have budgetary consequences.                     with each and every content provider across Europe. This
•	     Individual account management packages for each                      would reduce the burden on a central office and make the
        funding institution.                                                service more distributed across Europe, giving a greater
                                                                            sense of ownership.

     Figure 4: The aggregation of sector and cross-domain instituti-
     ons for delivery to Europeana

                                                                               Europeana - a sustainable service

Based on the assumption that such aggregation can and                 tinue to be developed, including a programme of indivi-
will occur the predictions for 2010 start with a playing              dual meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences
field of national portals for 8 of the 27 EU countries ri-
sing to 14 by the end of 2012. In addition at least 3 more            Two FTE personnel are envisaged from 2011 onwards to
vertical or domain portals in addition to The European                be responsible for encouraging aggregation and setting
Library are expected. This means that the initial 3 years             up partner agreements for the delivery of content. Tech-
of operational service will inevitably have to provide for            nical development should also facilitate the automatic
a hybrid solution of aggregators and direct content provi-            harvesting of sites.
ders. Based on the numbers of content partners that have
been enrolled so far into Europeana, around 30 partners               Multilingual Site
are likely to provide material directly initially, with 10 na-        The proposed budget has no coverage for translation. For
tional or regional portals, together with CENL via The                The European Library this is done voluntarily by the na-
European Library delivering 45 national libraries. The                tional libraries. A solution needs to be found for Europe-
possible initial set of operational partners in 2010 should           ana. Translation is needed for the interface, for descrip-
therefore be in the region of 50, providing access to about           tions, for exhibitions or editorial content regardless of the
25 million individual items of digitized content, ranging             need to solve the search and retrieve across the languages.
from a single letter to a full book or from a still picture to        Doing this on a voluntary basis works for The European
a full video or film.                                                 Library but could be too onerous for Europeana. A plan
                                                                      needs to be developed during the lifetime of Europeana
The work of Athena and EuropeanaLocal will supplement                 v1.0 to be able to provide a true multilingual site.
the number of partners, raising it to 100 in 2011 rising to
around 150 by 2012. It is hoped that this number would                Over time automatic translation of search terms and
then consolidate to become the maximum numbers of                     items retrieved will be achieved but with the current state
individual contracts the Europeana Office would need to               of the art a fully operational service in this area is proba-
cope with. Predictions for available content will be taken            bly 5 or more years hence.
from Numeric, when available.
                                                                      IPR Development Plan
Content development plan                                              This is another area in need of further thought under the
This will come partly from other EU projects but also                 Europeana v1.0 project, and it is, of course, subject to the
from an active partner development policy. The aim                    decisions made on copyright and intellectual property
would be to have access to all the major national muse-               over the next 2-3 years. Europeana.eu will implement ac-
ums, libraries, archives and audio visual collections by              cording to legal constraints. The interests of content pro-
the end of 2012. Therefore at least 4 institutions per EU             viders and end users are not necessarily the same and it
country are expected to be direct or indirect partners in             will be an important role for Europeana to reconcile these
Europeana.                                                            interests and provide solutions. Europeana may well be in
                                                                      a position to fulfil an advisory role to stakeholders and le-
Strong links will be made with digitization programmes                gislators if required.
in each country, ensuring that content is both user and
preservation driven. The networking advantages that
have been shown to providers under Europeana will con-

                                                                                         Europeana - a sustainable service

“Rationale divinorum officiorum”, Guillaume Durant, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

                                                                                      Europeana - a sustainable service

7   Financial Plan
    The enclosed financial plan shows the planned revenue                 €2.7 million in 2011, rising annually to €3.6 million in
    streams and costs of an operational service, starting with            2015. The plan also assumes the un-costed contribution
    a staff of 30-32, rising to 48-50 over 3 years and outsourced         made by member institutions for the delivery of their
    solutions for hosting the portal and salary administra-               content to standards and their participation in the future
    tion.                                                                 strategic direction and innovations of Europeana through
    Sustainability beyond 2011 will require, at current prices,           working groups.
     Proposed Budget for Europeana Service 2011-2015
    Proposed Budget for European Service 2011-2015
     Forecast Revenue ´000 Euro                                     2011      2012      2013      2014      2015

     Public Funding
     European Commission funding 50%                                1,357     1,481    1,615      1,727     1,807
     Country funding                                                1,219     1,311    1,365      1,345     1,252
       Country funding as a % of total                                   45      44        42        39        35
     Private Funding
     Corporate Sponsorship                                            54        55       100        150       200
     Site Revenue                                                     83       115       150        232       355
       Broker fee to other content providers                          15        20        35         40        59
       Search engines etc.                                            15        20        40         50        56
       Semantic operators                                             20        35        80         90       175
       Affiliates                                                     33        40        45         52        66

     Total                                                          2713      2962      3230      3454      3614

     Forecast Expenditure ´000 Euro                                 2011      2012      2013      2014      2015
     Staff Costs (based on KB rates & scales)
     Staff salaries                                                 1503      1611      1795      1921       1979
     Staff related costs: commuting, recruitment etc                  80        86        95       101        106
     Work stations, network, phone calls, printers                    67       147       162       177        187
     Subcontractors                                                   20        30        30        40         50
     Subtotal                                                       1670      1874      2082      2239       2322
     Testing software + security                                     100       100       100        100       100
     Software + licenses                                              50        50        50         50        50
     Web Hosting and Storage + backup+ security + SLA                300       340       380        440       500
     Subtotal                                                        450       490       530        590       650
     Marketing & Communications
     Market/User research                                             20        20        20        20        20
     Online Marketing + advertising                                  300       300       300       300       300
     Promotional materials / offline marketing + advert               60        60        70        70        80
     Meeting Hosting @ 5000/meeting - 8 per year                      40        40        40        40        40
     Foreign travel + subsistence for Europeana                       49        51        56        58        59
     Subtotal                                                        469       471       486       488       499
     External Services
     Outsourced salary + financial administration                     60        60        63         65        70
     Legal                                                            12        12        12         12        12
     Financial Audit : 1% of total budget                             27        30        32         35        36
     Subtotal                                                         99       102       107        112       118
     Contingency                                                      25        25        25         25        25

     Total                                                          2713      2962      3230      3454      3614

    Figure 5: Budget 2011 -2015

                                                                                Europeana - a sustainable service

Revenue                                                                content represents additional income opportunities from
The business model proposes a mixed funding model of                   new or different revenue windows.
public investment and revenue generation. In this busi-
ness plan the theoretical model has been filled out with               Income from this segment will rise from around 5% of
concrete values with 50% of the funding required being                 budgeted income in 2011 to 15% in 2015.
provided by the European Union, and a declining per-
centage being provided by the member states from 45% to                In order to stay close to its mission, Europeana wants to
35% over 5 years. This decline is matched by a forecasted              keep the service as open as possible to end users. A sub-
increase in revenue generation from corporate sponsor-                 scription model for users would therefore not be suitable.
ship and site revenues.                                                The offer to this group is primarily cultural; the economic
                                                                       returns of opening up the content for free to end users
Corporate Sponsorship and Site Revenues                                will be indirect. By generating high use (mash-ups) and
For corporate sponsors Europeana is a means to pursue                  traffic, end users will attract revenue streams from adver-
their corporate and public relations goals more effecti-               tisements, search engines, semantic operators and other
vely, and it offers them an increase in corporate visibility.          content providers. A more direct revenue stream can be
A small part of the funding of Europeana is expected to                expected from affiliate partners – ‘click here and buy the
come from this group, so a sufficient amount of business               book’ from which Europeana can expect a commission.
development resources will need to be allocated here in
the form of sales, marketing, lobbying and fundraising.                Public Funding
                                                                       Europeana’s funding partners comprise essential stake-
Site revenues could include advertising but due to mixed               holders willing to invest in the initiative, foreseeing direct
content provider opinions on its use, it is deliberately not           cultural and indirect economic returns (spin-off).
in this business plan. Advertising could be politically
difficult for a public site but would potentially provide a            Public funding can be attracted from the European Com-
small revenue stream, connected possibly with the third                mission, the EU member states, and in the member heri-
party referral models of Amazon and Bol.com or adverts                 tage institutions. We do not foresee a financial opportuni-
related to tourist attractions.                                        ty in the content providers; payment would be a absolute
                                                                       barrier to participation and they are already contributing
The site revenue is quite difficult to predict at this point of        in natura.
development and is therefore a modest assumption. Based
on commercial experience in the area of web publishing it              Commission Funding
is proposed that revenue possibilities lie in the more in-             For the Commission, already a strong supporter of the
novative streams such as the selling of the enriched and               Europeana project, the cultural diversity aspect of Euro-
structured data or access to the multilingual resources by             peana is key. As we have tried to demonstrate, this cultu-
commercial companies.                                                  ral diversity will be the main value proposition for the co-
                                                                       ming years, therefore continued significant support from
Europeana’s value proposition to advertisers and affili-               The Commission will be necessary from 2011 onwards.
ates consists of user traffic and purchase opportunities.              Europeana represents the ability for countries to work
To search engines and semantic operators Europeana’s                   together towards a common goal, overcoming differences
high quality, aggregated, meta-dated and contextualized                to show Europe’s diversity.

                                                                            Europeana - a sustainable service

                                                                   jects, we believe public funding support will comprise
The Commission is actively investigating ways of being             around 95% of the income of Europeana in 2011, declining
able to support a central Europeana service for half of its        to about 85% in 2015.
costs. It seeks an equivalent amount to be directly con-
tributed by the member states and for revenues to be ge-           Costs
nerated by the service itself as it gains critical mass and        The expenditure forecast is based on the assumption that
traction.                                                          the EDL Foundation will have Europeana v1.0 and 6 pro-
                                                                   jects at the beginning of 2009 and a staff of 26 employees,
Member State Funding                                               rising to rising to 48 in 2014 as the number of partners
For the member states, participation in such an endea-             and content increases. The staff costs are the largest cost
vour will secure International availability and circulation        line in the budget. The roles envisaged can be seen in the
of national content, thereby creating a new window for             organization chart for 2014.
national cultural and linguistic heritage. Moreover, par-
ticipation in Europeana enables member states to develop           The costs are based on current The European Library
new markets, create new jobs and new business for their            costs and take no account of the true cost of housing. The
states. As much of new business is led by the online envi-         Koninklijke Bibliotheek will fund the cost of 25 employees
ronments the creation of the base conditions in cultural           for EDL Foundation indefinitely but beyond this number
heritage will seriously encourage new jobs in the creative         will start charging for them at cost, around 5000 to 6000
industries and out of old institutions. In this sense the          per employee, to include workspace, pc, networking and
member states will be making a very valuable investment            recruitment costs The salary scales used are those of the
in the future of their creative industries. Member heritage        Koninklijke Bibliotheek.
institutions can in turn showcase the treasures in their
holdings. In order to secure member state subscriptions            Hosting and storage costs are dependent on the amount
– i.e.; to make this value very clear to member states and         of material to be digitised and therefore indexed. The
heritage institutions, Europeana will have to devote spe-          amount of space required for an object consists of the
cial attention to national governmental and institutional          resource map and associated thumbnails, snippets of
marketing.                                                         sound or text. Levels of traffic and the take up of the site
                                                                   both directly through visitors and indirectly through API
The plan requires that Member States place and protect             channels need to be factored in. A tendering process, for
a minimum amount of 1,200,000 euros, across all 27                 a contracted hosting solution, was undertaken and the
member states, (proportionally distributed against the             contract has been awarded to SARA, in the Netherlands.
standard key for EU member states) for 2011 in their bud-          The contract is initially for 1 year to allow for initial as-
gets. This represents 45% of the revenue required. This            sessment and will be subject to a Service Level Agreement
amount would rise to a predicted high of 1,365,000 euros,          (SLA).
in 2013, (42% of revenues required) and reduce to 35%              Marketing and communications could probably benefit
(€1.2 million) of revenues required by 2015. It requires           from having more in the budget in the first 2 years but the
marketing effort to make contact with each of the minis-           cloth has been cut according to predicted budget. It is ex-
tries concerned and sell the benefits of participation.            pected that much of the marketing will be done on line
                                                                   rather than through traditional advertising. The marke-
Overall, also based on our experiences with similar pro-           ting takes two forms: direct to users and channel deve-

                                                                  Europeana - a sustainable service

lopment where the aggregated information of Europeana
can be repurposed and reused by other accredited online
providers. It is more dependent on having a good staff ra-
tio than on the indirect costs of advertising or marketing

The plan assumes that most research and development
continues to be undertaken by universities and institu-
tions funded under European projects. EDL Foundation
may also participate in separate R&D programmes from
time to time, using the staff of Europeana.

The EDL Foundation Office has a separate salary and
book keeping administration in place, which is out-
sourced to a specialist company and covered by a service
level agreement (SLA).

                                                                                   Europeana - a sustainable service

8   Risk Analysis
    The following are the initial identified threats with re-                 cult enough, managing such numbers across Europe
    gards to the EDL Foundation and Europeana. It is recom-                   so that they all deliver when agreed and their results
    mended that a full risk evaluation and an updated risk                    are incorporated will be both a challenge and a risk
    management plan is put in place prior to the site beco-                   and will depend on superlative project management.
    ming operational.                                                         c.    Maintenance of external hosting systems
                                                                              for production and development: Europeana has
    Risk Evaluation                                                           chosen for external hosting of its portals, both de-
    1.   Human - the staff currently is small and relatively                  velopment and production. This reduces the risks
         inexperienced with an average age of 28. The ma-                     towards the users of the sites ensuring a more robust
         nagement across the projects and of the core delivery                production environment of industrial standard and
         of Europeana rests in the hands of one or two indivi-                for the development site will ensure a flexibility of
         duals. The loss of these individuals would be severe                 use for developers across all the projects. However
         in the short term. Equally the plan has insufficient                 some risks are increased: costs of external hosting
         resource allocated for unforeseen contingencies and                  can only be negotiated for terms of 3 years maxi-
         indeed European projects do not encourage the in-                    mum, this could have a longer term financial con-
         clusion of redundancy. This might work in a large                    sequence and such external hosting may result in
         organization but poses severe strains should there be                delays in deployment.
         any long term absence or death.                                 3. Reputation - Europeana is enjoying much positive
    2. Operational – Europeana has several forms                              attention but very little can turn this negative. Slow
         of   operation,   each    bringing    its   own    risk:             incorporation of a partner or poor representation of
         a.   Delivery of content from partners and aggre-                    a country or inadvertent offence through site con-
         gators: Partners and aggregators have to continue                    tent to name but some.
         to be convinced that is it worthwhile preparing and             4. Procedural – A strong set of guidelines and work-
         delivering their content to Europeana. In the pro-                   flows need to be put in place for content and project
         totype phase this was a voluntary undertaking and                    finances to reduce procedural risk from failures of
         it will continue to be so. The benefits to the part-                 accountability, internal systems and controls, orga-
         ners and aggregators must outweigh the costs of                      nization, defamation etc.
         such activities for them to continue to participate.            5.   Financial - Funding needs to be assured for Europe-
         b.    Integration of project work, results and con-                  ana to be able to operate in the longer term. Project
         tent into the portal and the workflows: The very                     funding should give extras and help in research and
         conception of Europeana is to work through distri-                   development. The service is at risk from the ability
         buted projects which has huge benefits, ensuring de-                 or otherwise of the European Union and its member
         velopment can take place in every country in Europe                  states to sustain a long term budget. It is also at risk
         and making use of the best of European minds and                     from insufficient development or take up of its po-
         knowledge in doing so. It also has some risks. Mana-                 tential revenue streams.
         ging mulitiple projects within an organization is diffi-        6. Technical – Advances in technology or technical

                                                                           Europeana - a sustainable service

     failure will bring risk. The ability to react quickly            and developing project risk reduction methodolo-
     enough to changes in the market is dependent on                  gies. This should be revised at regular intervals and
     financial robustness and technical failure is depen-             particularly on the introduction of a new project.
     dent on the security of the hosting environments.                c.    Maintenance of external hosting systems for
     The content providers are required to provide data               production and development: There is a need to
     according to defined standards and if this does not              be aware of changing prices and to work contracts
     occur the incorporation of content could be too slow             accordingly. A review of the SLA in place should be
     or too labour intensive. Of the many technologies                undertaken regularly, using key performance indi-
     that will be important to the future expectations of             cators.
     Europeana, multilinguality is perhaps the most un-          3. Reputation - This will be addressed through con-
     predictable as regards operational feasibility in the            stant vigilance and early addressing of issues that
     middle term.                                                     might affect the service negatively. It is planned to
7.   Natural - threats from weather, natural disaster, ac-            make good use of web 2.0 technologies in order to
     cident, disease, etc.                                            engage users with the service which should also aid
8. Political - from changes public opinion, government                against negative impressions.
     policy, foreign influence, etc. This could be quite a       4. Procedural - A regular review procedure of work
     large risk but is very difficult to assess other than to         flows and work processes together with mainte-
     mark its existence                                               nance of guidelines and handbooks will help reduce
                                                                      procedural risk. Financial control and reporting has
Managing Risk                                                         been outsourced and there are several procedures in
1.   Human resource - steps are being taken to put in                 place to ensure that budgets are kept under control.
     place better redundancy at all levels and across all             Reports will be made quarterly for EDL Foundation
     areas. It is hoped thereby that fewer mission criti-             and its partners. Reporting for projects will be ac-
     cal operations will be vested in any individual thus             cording to requirements.
     reducing the risks. Better work practices in the tech-      5.   Financial - Every effort will be made to embed
     nology team will be put into action with the use Uni-            a structurally sustainable service for Europeana.
     fied Modelling Language and stronger implementa-                 through engaging with key stakeholders and marke-
     tion of Prince II methodologies. Such modulisation               ting to the relevant agencies in the member states.
     should reduce dependence on one individual and al-               Financial security rests mainly on achieving high
     low for the unforeseen to have a reduced effect.                 levels of site traffic, which is important both for pu-
2. Operational                                                        blic sector sponsors and private sector clients. Major
     a.   Delivery of content from partners and ag-                   investments in marketing are geared towards achie-
     gregators: A cost benefit analysis specifically ge-              ving these levels. Financial performance will be kept
     ared towards contributors will be created. All ef-               constantly under review by the executive and super-
     forts will be made to automate and reduce any                    vised by the Foundation.and targets and budgets ad-
     onerous work post the first delivery of content.                 justed accordingly.
     b.   Integration of project work, results and
     content into the portal and the workflows: Much
     of the work envisaged for Europeana v1.0 will be
     about streamlining work processes and work flows

                                                                    Europeana - a sustainable service

6. Technical - One of the major advantages for Eu-
     ropeana and EDL Foundation is the spread of its
     projects across major European universities and re-
     searchers. It makes use of work completed in other
     projects and the knowledge contained in its very
     wide network. This will reduce the risk of falling
     behind technologically or taking up inappropriate
     technology. The business plan provides for suffi-
     cient budget is reserved for implementation of new
     technology and the human resource plan will en-
     sure that the organization remains flexible enough
     to change its technical course when necessary.

     Europeana is also dependant on its content providers
     being able to keep up with the required technology.
     Ths will be addressed by specific support programmes.

     Regarding multilinguality the various specialist pro-
     jects and initiatives will be kept under review and the
     state of the art assessed prior to scheduling in imple-
     mentations. Europeana has been cautious so far and
     will continue to be careful not to raise unrealistic
     expectations whilst recognizing the importance of
     multilinguality in principle to the community.
7.   Natural - Europeana will implement (or cause its
     outsourcers to implement) normal appropriate back
     up systems and will have a disaster recovery plan in
     place. There are several existing models for disaster
     recovery which can be readily adapted for use by Eu-
8. Political - Europeana is fortunate in having a wide
     network of stakeholders and members who will pro-
     vide early warning of impending political changes.
     The Foundation will also act as an important source
     of advice and an influential champion in the re-
     quired circles.

                                                                     Europeana - a sustainable service

Theo Stradman, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Geheugen van Nederland

                                                             Europeana - a sustainable service

Appendix 1:
Members of Europeana Net Workgroup 1,
Human & Political interoperability
Chair: Mats Lindquist, ABM Centrum
EDLnet Office Contact: Jill Cousins
                                                                              WG Member
No.       Organisation                                                        name
      1   National Archives of Sweden        Sweden                           Borje Justrell
                                             France                           Martin de
      2   European Branch of ICA                                              Boisdeffre
          Association des Cinémathèques      France                           Claudia
      3   Européennes                                                         Dillmann
          International Federation of        International                    Herbert
      5   Television Archives                                                 Hayduck
          International Federation of        International                    Alexander
      6   Television Archives                                                 Hecht
      7   Catholic University of Leuven      Belgium                          Mel Collier
          Conference of European National                                     Elisabeth
      8   Librarians                         The Netherlands                  Niggemann
          Conference of European National    The Netherlands                  Britta
      9   Librarians                                                          Woldering
          Consortium of European Research    UK                               Marian
  10      Libraries                                                           Lefferts
          Ligues des bibliothèques           Europe
  11      européennes de recherches                                           Raf Dekeyser
          Ligues des bibliothèques           Europe                           Wouter
  12      européennes de recherches                                           Schallier
          National Authorities on Public     Europe
  13      Libraries in Europe                                                 Breda Karun
                                             Belgium                          Christophe
  14      MICHAEL AISBL                                                       Dessaux
                                             International                    Monika
          International Council of Museums                                    Hagedorn-
  15      Europe                                                              Saupe
                                             Austria                          Thomas
  16      Topp-Consulting GmbH                                                Callsen-Rauer
  17      IASA                               International                    Lars Gaustad
                                             Europe                           Margherita
  18      European Museum Forum                                               Sani
                                             The Netherlands                  Harry
  19      Kennisland/Knowledgeland                                            Verwayen
  20      EuropeanaLocal                     Europe                           Rob Davies
                                             Europe                           Olaf
  21      European Broadcasting Union                                         Steenfadt
  22      Erfgoed Nederland                  The Netherlands                  Frans Hoving
                                             UK                               Jeremy
  23      Museum of London Group                                              Ottevanger