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					Building Hope Since 1965!                                    Vol. 5, No. 1                                      January/February 2010

                                                                                      Fighting Poverty. Building Hope.

                             A Year in Review at CANI
2009 was a significant year for CANI and       sionals in various fields. The agency hopes
the individuals, families, and communi-        to expand the breadth of the program to
ties that we serve. The following is a sum-    serve more youth.
mary of a few of the agency’s milestones
and accomplishments.                           Community Services:
                                               •CANI now has the ability to digitize
Head Start:                                    energy assistance applications. The paper-
•The Head Start site at the Southeast          less system allows for more accessibility
YMCA has a new home at St. Henry’s             and saves the agency money on paper
Community Center. Additionally, the site       expenses.
at Ivy Tech moved to the north campus          •The CANI office in Warsaw moved to a
across the street.                             new site at 1515 Provident Drive, Suite
•Head Start sites Hanna-Creighton,             140 (see story on p. 6.)
Salvation Army and Whitley County
received accreditation from the NAEYC          Lowe’s Heroes:                                                                        Stock Photo
(National Association for the Education of     •Through a partnership with Lowe’s, a
the Young Child).This distinction              former CANI client was the recipient of a     Weatherization is the process of making a home
enhances CANI Head Start’s status as a         large-scale home improvement project.         more energy efficient. CANI also fixes heating
quality child development program.             Prior to the renovation, Opal Brinager and    systems, such as repairing poorly installed equip-
•Early Head Start awarded for 72 slots to      her two great-grandsons were living in        ment or leaking heating ducts, and can repair or
serve pregnant women, infants and tod-         substandard conditions. The project was       replace some furnaces.
dlers to age 3 in Allen, Noble and Whitley     made possible through the generosity of
Counties.                                      the Lowe’s Heroes program in conjunction
                                               with CANI and significant donations from      east Indiana. Through this program CANI
Weatherization:                                local businesses (see wrap-up story on p.     has expanded services into Huntington,
•Through the American Recovery and             5.)                                           Wells and Adams counties.
Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, CANI
received funds to Weatherize more low          HPRP:                                         Hopewell Pointe:
income families’ homes. The agency was         •The Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-        •CANI has signed an agreement with
allocated more than $2.2 million in Home       housing Program (HPRP) is a new way to        Keller Development to build a rent-to-
Energy Conservation dollars. That trans-       get homeless people off the streets and out   own 35-family housing complex called
lated to roughly $1.8 million in state fund-   of shelters into permanent housing. CANI      Hopewell Pointe.
ing for Allen County and $415,000 for          is working with local homeless shelters to
Whitley County.                                serve the homeless population in north-
Pathways to Excellence:
•Over the summer, CANI completed a                             CANI Board of Directors
self-study to assess its operational           Mr. Robert Lee                Mr. Chip Adams                   Mr. Randy Holler
strengths and weaknesses as part of the
Pathways to Excellence quality improve-        President                     Ms. Karma Austin                 Mr. Karl Kostoff
ment program. The peer review was
recently returned and the agency is using      Mr. Todd Fleetwood            Ms. Laura Dwire                  Ms. Amy Lazoff
the feedback to set goals for the future.      Vice-President                Ms. Dawn Gallaway                Mr. Robert Myers II
Youth Program:                                 Mr. Tony Jeffers              Ms. Ronnie Greenberg             Ms. Zenovia Pearson
•CANI launched a youth program in July         Secretary/Treasurer
with a career shadow day called “Who                                         Ms. Jean Hershberger             Mr. Chris Wallace
Can I Be.” Participants observed profes-
                                                                                     CANI Chronicles January/February 2010 Page 1
                       Fighting Poverty. Building Hope.
                                                                 Building Hope Since 1965! Vol. 5, No. 1 January/February 2010

CANI’s Mission: CANI helps causes and conditions of poverty.
                remove the
                           communities, families, and individuals

                     CANI Offices                                         Regular CANI hours are
COUNTY            LOCATION                        PHONE
Allen             227 E Washington Blvd           423-3546 or              7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
                  Fort Wayne, IN 46802
                  209 N Jackson St.
                                                                         Monday to Thursday, and
                  Auburn, IN 46706                                       7:30 to 11:30 a.m. Friday.
LaGrange          109 E Central Ave, Ste 4        463-5276
                  LaGrange, IN 46761
Noble             119 W Mitchell St.
                  Kendallville, IN 46755
                                                  349-0713                     CANI will be closed
Steuben           1208 S Wayne St.                665-1160                Jan. 18th in obser vance of
                  Angola, IN 46703                                       Mar tin Luther King, Jr. Day &
Whitley           Lehmberg Medical Building
                  333 N Oak St, Ste K
                                                                          Feb. 15th in obser vance of
                  Columbia City, IN 46725                                        President’s Day.
The following offices only provide childcare assistance…
Elkhart           421 S 2nd St, Ste 420           574-293-3460

                  Elkhart, IN 46516
                  1515 Provident Drive
                  Warsaw, IN 46580
                                                  574-267-2817                         CANI
                                                                       Management Team
                 CANI Chronicles                                                   Joseph H. Conrad
                   January/February - 2010                                         Executive Director
         Published monthly except for combined issues in
                January/February and June/July by                                Pamela Brookshire
     CANI (Community Action of Northeast Indiana, Inc.)
                        P.O. Box 10570                                              Director of
                 Fort Wayne, IN 46853-0570                                       Community Services
                      Vol. 5, No. 1
  All articles and photographs by CANI Development                                 Mary Lee Freeze
 Coordinator, Lauren Caggiano, unless otherwise noted.                            Head Start Director
                 Subscriptions are free.
       For more information call (260) 399-4109.                                Steve Hoffman
                                                                         Director of Administration and
            To find out more about CANI, visit our website at www.canihelp.org.
Page 2 CANI Chronicles January/February 2010
                             Fighting Poverty. Building Hope.
                                                                                         Building Hope Since 1965! Vol. 5, No. 1 January/February 2010

     One Man’s Cup
Overflows With Blessings
On the surface, this is the story of a man who      but he knows he wants to pay it forward. He
received a furnace. But on a deeper level, this     still visits the oncology nurses at Parkview,
is the story of a man who received the gift of      who helped him through his treatment.
                                                    While in remission, he was referred to CANI
Dan Brown, 56, held a steady job all his            and met Marde Martin in Community
working life until 2007. That’s when he was         Services. Through her work he was connect-
                                                                                                                        Photo By Ted Ramp, Weatherization Inspector
diagnosed with stage three throat cancer -          ed to the Weatherization program. Inspector
while being without health insurance. As            Ted Ramp contacted him in September to set              Dan Brown poses in his basement next to his new
                                                                                                            furnace, with a sign expressing his gratitude. Brown
bills for medical treatment mounted, Dan felt       up an assessment.                                       encourages people to apply for help if they need it.
more and more hopeless. The hospital wrote
off as many of the expenses as they could,          The first order of business was to install
but Dan was still left with an exorbitant           much needed insulation in his attic. Later, it         was determined he qualified for a furnace.
amount of debt. And high electric bills from
an obsolete furnace didn’t help the situation.       Weatherization Quick Facts:                           “I flipped out when he told me I was
                                                                                                           approved for a furnace,” Brown said about
As a self-described agnostic, the initial diag-      •Provides free, energy-efficient                      his reaction.
nosis did not help his faith life. He suffered       improvements for the homes of about
with a trachea tube in his throat for two and        200 low-income families a year                        After the new furnace was installed, his bills
a half years. Then one day changed his life.                                                               went down about 20 percent with minimal
The doctors ran a scan and there was no                                                                    furnace use. His savings will likely increase
apparent sign of cancer on the screen! His           •Serves Allen, DeKalb, Noble,
                                                                                                           as the cold weather approaches.
cancer was gone, yes gone.                           Steuben and Whitley counties
                                                                                                           Brown is grateful for the Weatherization
“God had touched me,” he said.                       •Families must be at or below 150                     team’s work, noting that he is the recipient of
                                                     percent of federal poverty guidelines                 a $4,600-gift (the appraised value of the
Brown does not know why he was healed,                                                                     work performed).

                                                                                                           It’s clear Brown thinks highly of CANI and

        CANI GROUPMemorial Coliseum
    Sunday, Jan. 31st • 5 p.m. •
                                                                                                           it’s employees.
                                                                                                           “I have nothing but good things to say about
                                                                                                           Ted,” he said.
                                       SPECIAL MEET AND GREET
                                       • Before the game, meet the players and coaches!                    In his words, “CANI knocked my socks off,”
                                       HALFTIME ENTERTAINMENT                                              and he wanted to make sure everyone at
                                       • Special half-time performance by the Russian Bar Act!             CANI knew it. He called and left thank you
                                       HIGH-FIVE TUNNEL                                                    messages for the Weatherization Supervisor,
                                       • Group members will be able to form the starting line-up           the Program Director, and the Executive
                                       tunnel!                                                             Director. CANI Executive Director Joe
                                         SPECIAL RECOGNITION                                               Conrad was so touched by his voice mail
                                                  • CANI group will receive a special PA recogni-          message, he had it digitized and sent by
                                                        tion during the game!                              email to staff so they could hear the gratitude
                                                        GET THERE EARLY                                    of someone who was helped.
                                                        • CANI group members will be allowed to
                                                        enter the arena early to watch warm ups            But Mr. Brown really wanted to speak to
                                                        and interact with the players.                     someone at CANI about his experience. So
                                                        MAD ANTS PROGRAM SALES                             he called again and reached Director of
                                                        • CANI will be selling game programs and           Community Services Pam Brookshire and
                                                 retaining half of the proceeds.
                                                                                                           told her just how thankful he was for the
                                         Contact Kim Myers, (260) 760-8927 ext. 223 for tickets. Cost is   help.
                                          FREE to clients and $1 for staff, donors and board members.

              To find out more about CANI, visit our website at www.canihelp.org.
                                                                                                   CANI Chronicles January/February 2010 Page 3
                            Fighting Poverty. Building Hope.
                                                                               Building Hope Since 1965! Vol. 5, No. 1 January/February 2010

 Head Start & Bowen Center:
More than the Sum of their Parts
At CANI Head Start, there is a program,          Teachers, Family Advocates and parents are
through a partnership with the Bowen             engaged throughout the process because
Center, devoted to ensuring all children are     they typically have more insight into the
in good mental health. Head Start recog-         problem behavior.
nizes that good mental health is paramount
to getting a quality education.                  The relationship with Bowen is a partner-
                                                 ship. CANI Head Start benefits from the
As CANI Head Start’s Behavioral Health           Bowen Center’s knowledge and expertise
Coordinator, Sally Jones-Evans works with        and Bowen Center has the opportunity to
children with mental health issues. Her          provide the necessary early intervention for
job is wide in scope. She provides individ-      families.
ual mental health observations for children
in Head Start classrooms. She staffs all         According to Children’s Services Manager
classrooms twice a year with the Disability      Lori Ross, the approach is “very individual-
Coordinator. She meets with staff and par-       ized.” “Above all”, she said, “the care is
ents to make recommendations about redi-         centered on the family’s needs and specifi-
rection, discipline and treatment options.       cations.”
She also writes behavior/classroom modifi-
cation plans for students with more severe       “We want families to know it’s their                                     Photo Contributed
behavioral issues.                               choice…what they want to do and who
                                                 they want to work with,” she said.             Learning to interact with other children in a
In Evan’s words, “I am a support and a lis-                                                     healthy manner is a critical aspect of emo-
tening ear for staff for professional and per-   Working with families can present many         tional development. Head Start is designed
sonal concerns.”                                 challenges. According to Ross, there is        to foster an environment where all children
                                                 often the mistaken notion that a child will    feel valued.
Sally Jones-Evans, who has an extensive          simply “grow out of” a particular behavior.
background in social work and outreach,          Furthermore, there is a tendency to label a
works with the Bowen Center, a provider          child as “special needs”. This is counter-
of behavioral health care services, to coor-     productive because children develop skills
dinate observations for all Head Start class-    (fine motor, gross motor, cognitive,
rooms in Allen, Noble and Whitley coun-
ties. CANI Head Start has partnered with
                                                 social/emotional) at different rates. Rather
                                                 than placing a label on a child, she sug-           Have you heard?
the Bowen Center in Noble and Whitley
counties for over four years; Allen County
                                                 gests instead offering the proper support
                                                 and assistance that is necessary.                   CANI has a blog.
was added in 2009.
                                                 Ultimately, CANI Head Start’s goal is to get        Check it out here:
Following the observation process, chil-         the children ready for kindergarten. When
dren who are “flagged” for potential behav-      a child’s overall development is in balance,   www.insidecani.blogspot.com
ior concerns are given particular attention.     he or she is more likely to be successful in
The extent of attention can range from           school. CANI Head Start works with the            Inside CANI offers news and
simple classroom strategies to a classroom       children and parents, so that when it           commentary on poverty-related
modification plan to a referral to a local       comes times for them to transition to
mental health agency such as the Bowen           kindergarten they are as ready as they can       issues and the programs and
Center. In Noble County, some children           be. Our partnership with Bowen Center                   services of CANI.
may be placed in a special therapeutic           helps us to achieve that goal.
“SKILLs” classroom, where they can learn
in a smaller environment and concentrate         For more information about the Bowen            Please bookmark this page for
on social emotional skills. Bowen Center         Center, visit www.bowencenter.org.              easy accessibility. We welcome
personnel staff the room using the “Al’s                                                           feedback and suggestions.
Pals” social emotional curriculum.

             To find out more about CANI, visit our website at www.canihelp.org.
Page 4 CANI Chronicles January/February 2010
                               Fighting Poverty. Building Hope.
                                                                                    Building Hope Since 1965! Vol. 5, No. 1 January/February 2010

  CANI, Lowe’s Restore Hope
    for LaGrange Woman
Opal Brinager, whose home improve-                     Now that the project is finished Opal
ment journey we chronicled in the                      and her great-grandsons are enjoying
past few issues, is now happy to be                    the fruits of Lowe’s labor.
living in her mostly renovated house
thanks to CANI, the Lowe’s Heroes                      “This (project) has changed their
program, and many local businesses.                    lives completely because Opal doesn’t
                                                       have to worry about the repairs of the           Photo By Lauren Caggiano, Development Coordinator
LaGrange resident Opal Brinager, 73,                   home,” said Kim Myers, who organ-
was chosen by Lowe’s to receive assis-                 ized the project on behalf of CANI.           Opal poses with her great-grandchildren in their
                                                                                                     new den.
tance with some much needed home                       “She can focus on the boys and their
                                                                                                    Lumber, Forest River Inc, Red Skillet,
                                                       Lowe's Heroes volunteer program              Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Myers and Edward’s
                                                       helps to improve the communities             Floor Covering.
                                                       where Lowe’s employees work and
                                                       live. Together, each store team identi-      Lowe’s and CANI are considering
                                                       fies a community improvement proj-           partnering again next year on a simi-
                                                       ect for store volunteers that will make      lar project. For more information
                                                       a difference in their community.             about Lowe’s Heroes, visit
                                                       And what a difference they made, not
                                                       only on the home but on Opal’s spirit.
                                                       She said prior to the project she felt
         Photo By Kim Myers, Development Coordinator   hopeless and struggled to cope with

                                                                                                                                                  Photo Contributed
                                                       the problems life presented.
 Thanks to the generosity of Lakeland Glass Inc.,
 Opal’s kitchen was transformed with new cabi-
 nets.                                                 “It feels great to get up and see the
                                                       kitchen,” she said. “It’s such a relief to
                                                       not have everything fall apart.”
repairs. Prior to the project, Opal, a
great-grandmother raising two sick                     Opal’s kitchen received a face-lift with
boys on limited means, was living in                   cabinetry donated by Forest River Inc.
an unsafe environment. CANI shared
her touching story with Lowe’s and                     Impressed by the Lowe’s crew’s profes-
the three Fort Wayne stores decided                    sionalism, Opal said, “they really put
to join their resources to help Opal as                themselves out there.”
part of the Lowe’s Heroes program.
                                                       In addition to Lowe’s generosity, sev-
Over several months this past fall,                    eral businesses and individuals in
Lowe’s employees worked to renovate                    northeast Indiana extended a helping
Opal’s home. The crew made several                     hand. The following made contribu-
improvements, including new floor-                     tions of some kind: Subway in                 CANI employees Kim Myers, Julie Kelley and
                                                                                                     Andrea Young decorated a tree at the Embassy
ing, kitchen countertops, cabinets,                    LaGrange, Applebee’s in Kendallville,         Theatre’s Festival of Trees on behalf of CANI.
insulation, doors, dry wall and paint-                 Terminix, Kendallville Iron & Metal,          Founded in 1984, the Festival of Trees is a
ing.                                                   Logan’s Landing, Lakeland Glass Inc.,         fundraising and community goodwill event that
                                                       Cosperville Baptist Church, Kountry           supports ongoing operational and restoration
                                                                                                     efforts for the Embassy Theatre Foundation, Inc.

             To find out more about CANI, visit our website at www.canihelp.org.
                                                                                            CANI Chronicles January/February 2010 Page 5
                          Fighting Poverty. Building Hope.
                                                                           Building Hope Since 1965! Vol. 5, No. 1 January/February 2010

2010 CANI Chronicles Reader Survey
 1) How would you describe your relationship to CANI?
     a) Donor / Sponsor
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                                                                                               Our Donors
     e) Vendor / Contractor doing business with CANI                                          We'd like to thank the individuals,
     f) Other _________________________________                                              businesses, foundations, and organi-
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 2) How often do you read CANI Chronicles?                                                    CANI. Your financial gifts and in-
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    d) Articles about funding and grants
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 8) Have you ever made a donation in response to reading the CANI Chronicles?                 Ms Mary Cox in Honor of Janice Cox
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 Or you may complete the survey online on our Web site, www.canihelp.org.

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Page 6 CANI Chronicles January/February 2010
                            Fighting Poverty. Building Hope.
                                                                                  Building Hope Since 1965! Vol. 5, No. 1 January/February 2010

Lincoln Grant Boosts Family Development

                                                                                                                                                 Stock photo
Thanks to a grant from the Lincoln                training, etc.
Foundation, CANI can expand its Family
Development program.                              Specifically, Family Services Support Workers
                                                  help families through the use of the Family
The $35,000-grant will immediately fund a         Development Matrix, an assessment tool
new part-time case manager position devoted       designed by CANI that measures self-suffi-
to Allen County, which equates to about 20        ciency in 12 life areas: income, adult educa-
more families served at a time. As of the time    tion, employment, housing, food, child care,
of press, the agency was in the process of hir-   health care, transportation, utilities, support
ing a Family Services Support Worker.             systems, family interactions and addictions.
Currently, there are eight staff members
working in Family Development.                    Family Development is rooted in a top-down
                                                  approach. The matrix is used as an assess-
Director of Administration and Development        ment tool for families to achieve goals
Steve Hoffman said the grant is significant       through increased knowledge skills and atti-
                                                                                                         Family Support Service Workers
because the program focuses on the core           tudes, which then leads to improved behav-             help families obtain affordable
issues surrounding poverty.                       iors. Behaviors then lead to long-term out-            housing, find a job, or achieve other
                                                  comes, which are improvements in family                life goals.
“Our core strategic program centers around        conditions. When families achieve long-term
the belief that the answer to fighting poverty    outcomes, they are increasing their overall       that the corporation has responsibilities as a
is through an intensive, long-term and com-       self-sufficiency and the community benefits       socially responsible corporate citizen and
prehensive program like Family                    by having stronger families and less poverty.     that goes hand-in-hand with charitable giv-
Development,” he said.                                                                              ing to enhance the quality of life in commu-
                                                  Special thanks goes to the Lincoln Financial      nities where its employees live and work.
One benefit is the program’s structure is         Foundation’s Jean Vrabel for her help
already in place, including program design,       through the process. The Lincoln Financial        For more information about the Lincoln
supervision, policies and procedures, assess-     Foundation, established in Fort Wayne,            Financial Foundation, visit www.lfg.com.
ment and action plan tools, database systems,     Indiana, in 1962, is based on the premise

   Warsaw Office Enhances Client Experience
The CANI office in Warsaw moved to a new          cies CANI works with, like Women, Infants
location in a newly opened building last          & Children (WIC) and Heartline Pregnancy
September.                                        Center. Additionally, the pavilion houses
The building was made possible through            Good Samaritan Fund; Health Connect, Inc
funding from the K21 Health Foundation,           including B.A.B.E Boutique and Health
which serves to improve the health and well-      Connect's Help Center; Kosciusko County
ness of residents in Kosciusko County.            Cancer Care Fund; Kosciusko County Health
According to the foundations Web site, “We        Department's Immunization, Well Child and
are proud to contribute this facility to the      Prenatal Clinics; Kosciusko Home Care &
community, where many health services can         Hospice, Inc. and Medication & Dental
be offered in one location to those that need     Assistance. The facility can accommodate a                                       Photo Contributed
assistance.”                                      few additional programs, services, or organi-        Families come to the Warsaw office for
The new office, in the K21 Health Services        zations in the future that may be a good             child-care assistance. In addition to
Pavilion in Warsaw (1515 Provident Drive),        health service fit.                                  Kosciusko County, CANI has intake offices
houses several health and social service agen-    The close proximity to these services is an          in Allen, DeKalb, Elkhart, LaGrange, Noble,
cies. The mission of K21 is to bring together     added bonus for CANI’s clients, who often            Steuben and Whitley counties.
health services for the benefit of the commu-     have transportation issues.                       In addition to the convenience, there is a
nity.                                             CANI Family Services Manager Marianne             larger waiting room, which allows for more
CANI meets the criteria as a tenant because       Stanley was referred to the location from         privacy and confidentiality.
it offers safe and affordable child care assis-   someone at the Salvation Army, where CANI         For more information about the K21
tance through child care vouchers (the only       was formerly housed. “The new location is         Foundation, visit www.k21foundation.org.
service CANI offers at this location.). The       more of a one-stop shop,” Stanley said. “You
other tenants are many of the referral agen-      can access all these services in one building.”

              To find out more about CANI, visit our website at www.canihelp.org.
                                                                                           CANI Chronicles January/February 2010 Page 7
                            Fighting Poverty. Building Hope.
                                                                     Building Hope Since 1965! Vol. 5, No. 1 January/February 2010

        Do you dine
         at Halls?                                                                                        NON-PROFIT ORG
                                                                                                            US POSTAGE
                                                      227 E. Washington Blvd.
                                                                                                          FORT WAYNE, IN
                                                      Fort Wayne, IN 46802
                                                                                                           Permit No. 1107

CANI has free Community Partnership cards
available for use at any Hall’s Restaurant or
specialty service. CANI earns a 5-percent
rebate for restaurant dining, catering or spe-
cialty services. The reward increases to 10 per-
cent when you show your card at the
Guesthouse Hotel for lodging needs. It’s a win-
win situation: it costs you nothing but a good
meal and CANI earns a monthly rebate check
reflecting your activity. Call Kim Myers, (260)
399-4106, to get your card today.

           Yes,             I would like to give to CANI so I can
                            help fight poverty and build hope!
                                                                                            Please mail this completed form to:
   Phone number ________________________________________________________________            CANI
   Address ______________________________________________________________________           PO Box 10570
                                                                                            Fort Wayne, IN 46853-0570
   City ___________________________________ State __________ ZIP___________________
                                                                                            Or you may donate online at
   Email address_________________________________________________________________           www.canihelp.org.

   Please write amount of your donation on the appropriate line.
   I want to be a:
                    Hero ($10,000 +)                               Guardian ($250 - $499)
                    Visionary ($1,000 - $9,999)                    Advocate ($100 - $249)
                    Ambassador ($500 - $999)                       Friend ($1 - $99)

   Your name will be published in CANI’s annual report and newsletters.

                                         And remember, your gift is tax-deductible.
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