The Caloosahatchee River A Year in Review by vvm71229


									                                                               C a l o o s a h a t c h e e R i v e r C i t i z e n s As s o c i a t i o n — R i v e r W a t c h

         The Flow                                                                                                                    Volume 1, Issue 1
                                                                                                                                          Winter 2006

Special Events:                   The Caloosahatchee River:
• December 7—Holiday Party,       A Ye a r i n R e v i e w Message from Mary Rawl, President
   LaBelle (see article below)
                                 If one person can make a differ-
• December 10—Friends of Billy
   Creek Cleanup, Ft Myers       ence, then this organization can
                                 accomplish more than we can
• January 8—River Roots Ruts
    Run, Alva                    imagine.

• January 27-29—Lake O Bird-     There is no doubt that our River
    ing Festival, Moore Haven
                                 is in crisis. In fact, the organiza-
• January 28—Discovery Day,      tion feels so strongly on this point
    Manatee Park, Ft Myers
                                 that we have chosen to nominate
• February 26-27—Swamp           the River as one of America’s
    Cabbage Festival, LaBelle    Top Ten “Endangered Rivers” for
• March TBA—Annual Members       2006. While it is not a ranking
   Meeting/Elections—LaBelle     that we desire, it will provide na-
                                 tional attention to our plight and
                                 hopefully move decisions in a
                                 more positive direction.                   Canoeists enjoy the newly-restored Ft Denaud Oxbow, Hendry

                                 If there was one issue that was
                                 fairly dominant in the local media     Riverwatch intends to mount a                   The River is important to our
                                 this past year, it was water qual-     campaign in the coming year to                  economy and our environ-
  Please check for updates                                              highlight the issues that are                   ment. We cannot continue to
                                 ity. A day did not go by without a
  and additional meetings at                                            threatening our River. Some                     abuse this important resource
                                 story about blue-green algae, red                                              you have heard about, some                      in Southwest Florida.
                                 tide, dead zones in the Gulf, sew-
                                 age discharges into the River,         you have not. Some are of
   Also, online membership                                              large magnitude, some are mi-                   This organization would not
    services available, too.     pesticides found in the River,
                                                                        nor, but all are important.                     succeed if it were not for the
                                 releases from Lake Okeechobee,
                                                                                                                        dedication of our officers,
                                 or other issues. The coverage of
Letters from new members…                                           We plan to put our top priorities                   Board of Directors, and dedi-
                                 the local media has been awe-
                                                                    on a list, task the appropriate                     cated volunteers who attend
The Meeting last night im-       some and we wish to thank them
                                                                    parties with their action items,                    countless meetings and work
pressed and moved me very        publicly for their coverage.
                                                                    and keep a running list of the                      at public outreach events.
intensely. I can’t fully ex-
press in words what wonder-      We have much to do. Stormwa- progress that is printed for all to
                                                                    see. We do not want to hear                         At our Annual Meeting in
ful feelings observing your      ter utilities are lacking, educa-
                                                                    the phrase “We can’t do that                        March 2006, we will be look-
association’s commitment.        tional programs such as Florida
                                                                    because…”. We want time                             ing for more of you to step
The area is fortunate to have    Yards and Neighborhoods are
                                                                                                                        forth and serve on our Board.
you all.                         under-funded, land use changes frames and we want those
                                                                                                                        We need citizens from
                                 are approved a rapid pace with- schedules kept. Our leaders at
Caroline Comings, Ft Myers                                          all levels need to be held ac-                      Glades, Hendry and Lee
                                 out adequate diligence, and
                                                                                                                        Counties and the incorpo-
                                 shortages of professional staff on countable for their decisions
Friend of Billy Creek
                                                                    that affect the health of our                       rated municipalities within our
We would like to thank the       all levels are apparent.
                                                                    River.                                              Watershed.
Riverwatch organization for
all the support that we re-
                                 Holiday Party
ceived in putting together the
                                 December 7, 2005
"Restore our Waters" Forum
                                 Barron House, LaBelle
on November 10 on Sanibel.
We look forward to working       Please join us for this event for all CRCA members and
with you in the future.          guests. Affiliated organizations are also invited to share the Holi-
                                 day Spirit. Dinner will be served. Party starts at 6:30pm.
Maureen & Michael Valiquette,
Sanibel Island
                                 Please RSVP to
Caloosahatchee River Citizens
As s o c i a t i o n — R i v e r W a t c h

                                                                                                                                       Permit No 64

   Tel: 863-674-5727                                                                                                                 LaBelle, FL 33975
   Efax: 561-828-8458

     A nonprofit organization
   dedicated to the protection
   of the River and its water-
  shed, through education and
  promotion of the responsible
    use and enjoyment for all

   Friends of Billy Creek
   Established in October 2005 as an off-                                                                     tion (CPR) by the South Florida Water Man-
   shoot of CRCA, this committee was estab-                                                                   agement District's initiative for projects in
   lished in response to residents of the City                                                                the Caloosahatchee Basin. Additional
   of Ft Myers who wanted a cleanup of this                                                                   funding sources have been identifies
   urban Creek . Billy Creek is a tributary of                                                                through the Florida Department of Environ-
   the Caloosahatchee, with the mouth in                                                                      mental Protection (FDEP).
   Downtown Ft Myers just west of Riverside
   Community Center. The Watershed en-                                                                        For more information on the “Friends of
   compasses 13 square miles in both the                                                                      Billy Creek” (FOB) steering committee,
   City and unincorporated Lee County.                                                                        please contact us at the Riverwatch phone
                                                                                                              number or e-mail address.
   The group got off to a quick start with
   many meetings to attend, as the funding                                                                    A Creek Cleanup is planned for Saturday,
   for water quality projects and state appro-                                                                December 10, 9am-12noon at the canoe
   priations was in full-swing. This creek was                                                                launch at Shady Oaks Park. The City of Ft
   prioritized as the number one project for                  View from a kayak on Billy Creek                Myers Public Works Department is assist-
                                                 Local residents are working to cleanup the urban creek and   ing with the logistics
   the Caloosahatchee Partners for Restora-             add creek side amnesties in conjunction with
                                                                Shady Oaks Park in Ft Myers.

                                                                                                       Other Ongoing Projects
 LaBelle Nature Park—Coalition for Eco-Recreation: Riverwatch is one of the Partners in this group that meets
 monthly to assist the City of LaBelle (on SFWMD-leased land) with this beautiful oxbow park due east of the Capt. Hen-
 dry House. Workdays at the Park are ongoing and many community groups are participating to enhance this effort.
 View the website at to see the possibilities for this park and future Nature Center. Thanks to
 the following groups that participated in the Oct 1 Park Cleanup: LaBelle High School, Future Business Leaders, Na-
 tional Honor Society, Key Club, Labelle Middle School, Future Business Leaders, Daisy Girl Scout Troop 468, Girl
 Scout Troop 566, Cub Scout Bear Troop 9, Boy Scout Troop 9, members of Kiwanis, Rotary, and VFW.

 Oxbow Restoration—Ft Denaud Oxbow Grand Opening!: In mid-November, the water flowed through a new oxbow
 in west Hendry County. The project funded by South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD), restored the his-
 toric oxbow to allow restoration of flows and habitat. The project was also a field trip for Hendry and Glades County
 schoolchildren, developed by Project Engineer John Capece and Hendry County Media Specialist Margaret England,
 both of whom are CRCA Officers. The day after the project was completed, fish were jumping and birds were sighted in
 the oxbow, according to Margaret. “To me, kayaking to the oxbow island is just as exciting as going to a National Park”.
 A formal ribbon-cutting ceremony and press conference are scheduled for early December.

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