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					  Shu-Tien Surgical Training Center
  Urological Laparoscopic Program


STSTC educational activities are endorsed by:

        Taipei Veterans General Hospital

        Taiwan Association for Endoscopic Surgery (TAES)

        Taiwan Surgical Association (TSA)

        Taiwan Urological Association (TUA)

        Urological Association of Asia (UAA)
Welcome                  Urological Surgical Training Program
Shu-Tien Surgical Training Center (STSTC), well equipped with endoscopic equipment,
surgical microscopy, advanced videoaudio teaching facilities, surgical simulator and
hand-on animal laboratory proudly launches a regular training program after 2007.

This program initially covers the field of endourology and urological laparoscopy. All
attendants will learn cutting edge technique and knowledge regarding the latest
advances in this field, and will be immersed in hand-on surgical scenario. All attendants
will have the opportunity to perform complex laparoscopic skill or microscopic surgical
technique under the tutoring of an experienced mentor in dry laboratory and living
animal in STSTC. Live demonstration on a variety of urological laparoscopic
procedures, including laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, laparoscopic radical
cystectomy, laparoscopic partial nephrectomy etc. will be shown by telecommunication
from Taipei City Hospital to STSTC. Real time, to and fro discussion during the
operation between the audience and the operator will be shown and moderated by
another experienced surgeon.

The location of STSTC is close to the most famous resort area of Taipei, National
Yang-Ming National Park, where you can easily find a hot spring hotel or a wonderful
cuisine serving delicious Chinese food. You can also reach to the highest building in
the whole world, Taipei 101, by car in 30 minutes. The high quality shops and
restaurants there never disappointed your taste and need. Above all, I would like to
extend to you our warmest welcome to Taiwan. I guarantee you will experience a trip
filled with academic and cultural excitements.

                  Program Directors
                  Allen W. Chiu       M.D., Ph. D.
                   Chairman, Laparoscopy Committee, Taiwan Urological Association
                   Professor, Department of Urology, National Yang-Ming University
                   Professor, Department of Urology, Taipei Medical University
                   Superintendent, Department of Health, Taipei City Government, Taiwan

                  Luke S. Chang M.D.
                   Professor Emeritus, Urology/Surgery, National Yang-Ming University.

                  Chief, STSTC
                   Chou-Fu Wei      M.D.
                   Chief, Department of Surgery, Taipei Veterans General Hospital.
Day 1 (Saturday)

Time             Agenda
8:00~8:30        Registration
8:30~8:40        Introduction
8:40~8:50        Basic principles in laparoscopic surgery
8:50~9:10        Laparoscopic equipments & instrumentations
9:10~9:30        Access in urology (transperitoneal & extraperitoneal)
9:30~9:50        Laparoscopic complications
9:50~10:15       Anesthesia in laparoscopic surgery
10:15~10:30     Coffee break

10:30~11:00      Laparoscopic destructive surgery

11:00~11:30      Laparoscopic reconstructive surgery
11:30~12:00      Trouble-shooting in laparoscopic surgery
12:00~13:00      Lunch

                 Hand-on dry laboratory
                 1. Practice on instruments and devices
                 2. Basic skills in dry-box
                 3. Virtual simulator (LAP MentorTM)

Day2: (Sunday)

Time            Agenda
8:00~08:30      Reception

08:30~12:00     Live demonstration on human complex laparoscopic operation

12:00~13:00     Lunch
                Animal practice
                1. Laparoscopic nephrectomy
                2. Laparoscopic tissue re-anastomosis and augmentation
                3. Laparoscopic augmentation cystoplasty
                   (da Vinci ® robotic arm training)
STSTC address:
STSTC, National Yang-Ming University
School of Medicine, No. 155, Sec. 2,
Li-Nong Street, Pei-Tou, Taipei 112, Taiwan.

              In Alphabetical Order
Australia                                      India                                             Taiwan
Howard Lau,         Professor,                 Ashok Hemal, Professor,                           Kun-Yuan Chiu, MD,
Department of Urology, Westmead                Department of Urology, All India Institute of     Taichung Veterans General Hospital,
Hospital, Sydney, New South Wales. Medical Sciences.                                             Taichung.
China                                          Mahesh Desai, Professor,                          Hsiao-Jen Chung, Assistant Professor,
Gao Xin, Professor,                            Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital.              Taipei Veterans General Hospital ,Taipei.
3rd Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University,        Vijayan R., MD,                                   You-Jen Hsueh, MD,
Guangzhou.                                     Specialists Hospital, Ernakulam North, Kochi,     Taipei City Hospital, Taipei.
Huang Jian, Professor,                         Kerala.                                           Kuan-Hua Huang, MD,
The Second Affiliated Hospital of Sun          Japan                                             Chi Mei Medical Center,Tainan.
Yat-Set University, Guangzhou.                 Shiro Baba, Professor,                            Yi-Hsiu Huang, MD,
Li Xun, Professor,                             Kitasato University, Kitasato.                    Taipei City Hospital, Taipei.
The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou     Tadashi Matsuda, Professor,                       Chih-Wei Lee, MD,
Medical College, Guangzhou.                    Kansai Medical University, Kansai.                Wei Gong Memorial Hospital, Miaoli.
NA Yan-Qun, Professor,                         Kazuo Suzuki, Professor,                          Ching-Chia Lee, MD,
Institute of urology, Peking University,       Hamamatsu University, Hamamatsu.                  Kaohsiung Medical Center, Kaohsiung.

Peking.                                        Toshiro Terachi, Professor,                       Chia-Hsiang Lin, MD,
Sun Ying-Hao, Professor,                       Department of Urology, Osaka Medical Center E-Da Hospital, Kaohsiung.

Chang Hai Hospital, Shanghai.                  for Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases,           Jen-Tai Lin, MD,
Xie Li-Ping, Professor,                        Osaka.                                            Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital,

Zhejiang First Hospital, Zhejiang.             Korea                                             Kaohsiung.
YE Zhang-Qun, Professor,                       Tae-Kon Hwang, Professor,                         Wun-Rong Lin, MD,
Tongji Hospital of Tongji Medical college of The Catholic University of Korea, Bucheon.          Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taipei.
Huazhong University of Science and             Hyeon Hoe Kim, M.D,                               Pai-Fu Wang, MD,
Technology, Wuhan.                             Department of Urology, Seoul National             Changhua Christian Hospital, Changhua.
Zhang Xu, Professor,                           University College of Medicine, Seoul.            Shen-Tang Wu, Assistant professor,
Tongji Hospital of Tongji Medical college of   Gyung Tak Sung, Professor,                        Tri-Service General Hospital, Taipei.
Huazhong University of Science and             Department of Urology, College of Medicine,       United States
Technology, Wuhan.                             Dong-A University Hospital, Busan.                Jim Hu, Assistant professor,
Hong Kong                                      Singapore                                         Department of Surgery, Brigham and
Angus Chan, Professor,                         Christopher Chen, Professor,                      Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School,

HK Sanatorium & Hospital, Happy Valley.        Singapore General Hospital, Singapore.            Boston, Massachusetts.
Francis Lee, Professor,                        James Tan, MD,                                    Tung Shu, Assistant professor,
Tung Wah Hospital, Sheung Wan.                 Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore.                Division of Urology, Department of Surgery,

Shu-Keung Li, Professor,                       Taiwan                                            University of Texas Medical Branch,
Department of surgery, Pamela Youde            Chen-Yeh Chang, MD,                               Galveston, Tex.
Nethersole Eastern Hospital, Chai Wan.         Hsin Chu General Hospital, Hsinchu.

              Secretariat:Hung-Bin Tsai                      E-mail:
              Accommodation is available on request!
              Hotel accommodation:
              Exceptional price at the 5-star Grand Hotel per night,
              single room, breakfast incl. …....………………US$120
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                                                                                                 and Communications, ROC. (offer:黃孝思)
Registration Form
Dr. /Prof. Family name                                                 First name

Nation                                 Institution/Hospital

Address                                                                Telephone

Mobile phone                             Fax                             E-mail

Registration Fee
      Animal & Dry Laboratory:

                  Physician …...……………………………………….US$ 300(NT$ 9600)

                  Resident ...…………………..……………………….US$ 150(NT$ 4800)

      Animal & Dry Laboratory + Live Demonstration:

                  Physician……………………………………………..US$ 500(NT$ 16,000)

                  Resident ..………….…………...……………………US$ 250(NT$ 8,000)

      Animal & Dry Laboratory+ Live Demonstration + da Vinci® Training:

                  Physician……………………………………………..US$ 800(NT$ 25,600)

                  Resident …..……………….…………….………......US$ 400(NT$ 12,800)

Laparoscopic Courses (Two monthly programs)
(Please chose one, only 25 participants per each course)
      February 10~11, 2007                 April 21~22, 2007                     June 16~17, 2007

      August 18~19, 2007                   October 20~21, 2007                    December 22~23, 2007

  : These courses have reserved by trainee. If you still want to participate in the course please contact us.

Method of payment (Deadline: One month before each course)
      Foreign Trainee: Please use the Check/Bank Draft-payable to:

   Bank: FIRST COMMERCIAL BANK                             Bank branch: SHIH LIN BR.


   Swift: FCBKTWTPXXX                  Account name: National Yang Ming University 405U

   Account Number: 19240025592

Please E-mail or Fax or send this registration form and receipt to: Taipei City Hospital Zhong-Xiao Branch, 87 Tong De

Road, Nangang, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. TEL: 886-2-27861288 Ext.1000 FAX: 886-2-27888492

      Domestic Trainee: 報名時請購買郵政匯票並連同報名表和匯票以掛號寄至:
      台北市南港區同德路 87 號 台北市立聯合醫院忠孝院區 蔡宏彬先生 收

                We will acknowledge your receipt of your registration by e-mail or fax.

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