Professional Objective: Committed to making contributions to the education
that inspires and enables future citizens to create a better world.

Name: Song, Hongzhuan “Sam”

Education Background: PhD in Comparative and International
Development /education, Department of Educational Policy &
Administration, University of Minnesota; MA in TESOL from Fresno Pacific
University, CA; BA in American and British Language and Literature from
Anqing Teachers College (China)

Contact address: 5147 Chicago Avenue ~Minneapolis, MN 55417;
                 Phone: 651-398-1291 (TEL) and 612-827-7398 (FAX)

Professional Experiences:

    President (CEO) of International Council for Education Development
     (ICED) 04/2004-present
    Adjunct Professor of Education and overseas director for
     international education at Anqing Teachers College (China), 08/2007-
    Chief Counselor to the President for International Relations,
     Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN, 09/2006-present
    Senior Associate of Chinese Affairs for International Council for
     Higher Education, 08/2003-03/2004
    President of GradSEHD ---Graduate Students of Education and
     Human Development, at the University of Minnesota (fall, 2002-
     Spring, 2004)
    President of China Outreach Ministries at University of Minnesota
     (Twin Cities campus) 2002-2004;
    Research fellow with International Educational Exchange Committee
     of College of Education and Human Development, University of
     Minnesota, (2003-2004);
    Teaching assistant to Dr. Gerald Fry, University of Minnesota (2002-
    Research Fellow with professor Andrew Cohen in TOEFL testing
     strategy research: Reading Assessment Project, 2003-2004 (with
     proceeding published by ETS);
    Cross-culture training Program Assistant Coordinator, China Center
     at University of Minnesota (spring and summer of 2002);
    Research Fellow, the National Center of Educational Outcomes
     (University of Minnesota) in research of language acquisition in
     China, spring, 2002;
    Adjunct faculty, Reedley College, Reedley, California, 2000-2001;
    Vice President / Provost of Anqing St. Paul English School, P.R.
     China, from summer of 1991 to summer of 1998;
    Coordinator, for a Chinese local (Anqing, Anhui) government
     /business delegation to European countries, summer of 1998;
    Director and faculty of foreign languages training center, Anqing
     Teachers College in China 1988-1998
    More than fifteen years of teaching culture and linguistics at college
     level in both China and the United States between 1988 and 2005

Highlights of Related Experiences:

    Providing leadership for International Council for Education
     Development (ICED), based in Twin Cities, MN (4/2004-present)
    Overseeing and coordinating international education programs for
     Anqing Teachers College (China), (8/2007-present)
    Providing advice to the President for International Relations,
     Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN, (9/2006-present)
    Coordinating Family Counseling seminar in China (7/2007)
    Sponsoring and coordinating international conference on Teacher
     Education in China (4/2007)
    Coordinating Accounting Seminar at Shanghai Academy of Social
     Sciences (2006)
    Coordinating and interpreting for Theology training seminar in
     Anqing, Anhui China (2006)
    Designing and directing on-going Principals and Superintendent
     training (PST) programs for educational administrators in China
    Developing programs and promoting relationships for International
     Council for Higher Education, (8/2003-3/2004)
    Coordinating WTO training programs for Senior leadership
     delegations from Beijing, Shanxi, and Zhejiang, China (2002)
    Coordinating local Chinese government and business trips to
     European Countries (1998)
    Developing training programs for local Chinese business people


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