API-617 DRESSER-RAND D8R6S Datum Centrifugal Compressor by xku55522

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									API-617 DRESSER-RAND D8R6S Datum Centrifugal Compressor

API-617 (Sixth Edition) DRESSER-RAND D8R6S Datum Centrifugal Compressor, Unused with
RMT Tilting Pad Journal Bearings and Kingsbury Thrust Bearings, Flowserve GASPAC Dry Gas
Seals and Flowserve “Slinger Blade” designed separation seals.

Included are six boxes/crates as seen in the photos:

- Compressor Unit
- Modular Bundle and Rotor Assembly
- Spare Modular Bundle and Rotor Assembly (Lower Flow Design)
- Flowserve Gas Seal Panel
- Parts Crate
- Tools Crate
- Couplings/Tools/Pipe Crate

Please see the attached Compressor Data Sheet and Gas Seal Panel Drawings for
technical information.

 •        MMSCFD 14,696 PSIA & 80 Degrees (F) Dry 100.0
 •        Weight Flow LB/Min (Wet) 3754
 •        Inlet Conditions
      •           Pressure PSIA 205.0
      •           Temperature (F) 110.0
      •           Molecular Weight 20.57
      •           CpiCv (KAVG) 1.233
      •           Inlet Volume (ACFM) (Wet) 5.275
 •        Discharge Conditions
      •           Pressure (PSIA) 550.0
      •           Temperature (F) 250.3
      •           CpiCV (KAVG) 1.233
 •        BHP Required (All Losses INCL) 6.179
 •        Speed (RPM) 10,617

The packing list for Dresser-Rand supplied materials is attached below


 •        Manufacturer: DRESSER-RAND
 •        Production Date: 2004
 •        Product Model: D8R6S
 •        Rotor Bundle Serial Numbers: C31-601-A01 and C31-601-B01
 •        Total Operating Hours: Zero


Per Seller:
The equipment available in this lot is a new, unused centrifugal compressor configured for a Solar
Taurus 70 gas turbine. All items are boxed and sealed as shown in the photographs.

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