Short description of CiM - Company Information Management by xku55522


									Short description of CiM – Company Information Management.

What are your expectations from an integrated system for transport and logistic activity?
Summary of received requests? Search in the received requests? Price checking? Easily finding
of the source and the destination of the transport? Details about your suppliers or customers?
The names of the people you work with? All this linked together? Integration with a freight
All this is CiM – this program will help you to organize the overall activities in your transport business.

     Offers for load transport and empty transport media
We offer you a not only the possibility to check the last offers in our electronic freight exchange – even more – we provide you a mean to manage you internal offers, which you will
never publish in any electronic freight exchange – these offer stay visible only for you.

No matter if your activity is
                                                                                   The unique functionality SmartTrans
Road transport
                                                                            is provided for your help. It will help you to
                                                                            find starting and ending geographical
Sea transport
                                                                            location of your transport; visualization on
                                                                            map; find if the same company has already
Rail transport
                                                                            given you other offers; find out if any other
                                                                            offer matches the starting or/and ending
Air transport                                                               point; check previous price proposals.
Even if you are involved in all ways of transports -
CiM is an excellent solution for all of your offers.

          Route planning                          Your contracts for                              List of holidays in
   and fining postal codes                  transports – creation,                          different countries
   and their geographical                   customization, recording
   location was never been so               and printing.

Detail about your suppliers or subcontractors – phones, mails, addresses, tax addresses, .... CiM offers
you an easy way to find them fast

     Company details – VAT numbers, addresses, phones, faxes, bank accounts,…..

     Contacts, you have in these companies

     Events, related to companies

You will find all the answer on your question about the functionality of CiM in the help files. Still if any
question is left without answer, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Full version of CiM is available for registered users only.

Fully compatible with Windows 95/98/XP/Vista

             We help you to make your world-wide transport business happen in an easy way

                         phone+359.2.958.94.28   phone/fax +359.2.958.94.29   GSM +359.887.755.866

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