Certificate of Compliance Late for the Sky Production Co by keithmurray


									                                Certificate of Compliance

Late for the Sky Production Co., Inc. is a complete board game manufacturer in
Cincinnati, Ohio. Its focus is the design, print, finishing and mounting of offset printed
paper (including SBS board, coated and uncoated offset and recycled papers) and
fiber board mounted game equipment found in traditional board games. The company
uses vegetable based inks and water based coatings in an alcohol free printing
environment. The glues used in the mounting of fiber board products are standard
animal bi-product based adhesives purchased from domestic manufacturers.
The metal tokens are zinc or lead-free pewter. The suppliers are metal casting
manufacturers located in the U.S. They possess documentation certificates that state
that the raw materials used in production are compliant with Consumer Product
Safety Improvement Act, Section 101 – Children’s Products Containing Lead;
Lead Paint Rule. The manufacturing process does not add heavy metals (including
antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, selenium) to the
finished part. Late for the Sky subjects finished parts to random, periodic testing for
content including US ASTM-963-03 and 16 CFR 1303. Copies of tests are available
upon request.
The plastic parts can be a variety of materials including: High Impact Styrene, ABS,
Polypropylene, Wood-Plastic Composite, Polycarbonate and various colorants. The
supplier has Certificates with documentation stating that heavy metals are not present
in the raw materials that make their parts and they are compliant with CPSIA Sec. 102
and Sec. 105. No substances are added to the raw materials in manufacturing.
The dice are made in China and imported by a U.S. based distributor that has
monitored US ASTM-963-03 and 16 CFR 1303 testing for lead paint and has
Certificates of Compliance stating that the dice comply with Sec. 101 of the CPSIA.
The board games that Late for the Sky produces for children ages 5-8 years old are
labeled with small parts hazard labeling. The games produced for players ages 8 and
up are not intended for use by anyone under the age of 8 years old as it is stated on
the packaging.

Contact for Documentation:
Bill Schulte, Vice President/CFO - 513/531-4400 ext 101

Late for the Sky Production Co.,Inc. · 3000 Robertson Ave. · Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 · 513/531-4400

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