Fixed prosthodontics laboratory protocol Crown Bridge

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					                    Fixed prosthodontics laboratory protocol
                                Crown & Bridge

1. Upon successfully completing an impression and receiving faculty approval, the
    student must show the GPD the impression (preferably while the patient is still
    present). The GPD must sign a form authorizing the pouring of the Impression.

2. The student brings the Impression and the prescription to the laboratory directly
    for the pouring of a master cast. (Note student pours all other cast and contour

3. Student picks up cast from CDL 24 hours later.

4. Student shows faculty the cast for approval. If approved, bring the completed
    prescription form, signed by the faculty, and submit it to the GPD for approval:

       i. Master cast with impression
       ii. Counter model
       iii. Any occlusal records
       iv. Completed prescription form

5. The GPD approves the case, signs the prescription and the case is submitted to
    CDL for processing

6. Dr. Panno and staff serve as quality assurance and review the:
          a. Preparations for
                  i. Sharp edges
                 ii. Reverse lip if a chamfer Preparation
                iii. Clarity of the finish line
               iv. Occlusal clearance
          b. Prescription clarity
          c. Occlusal record

7. If the submitted material is not acceptable the case is returned to the GPD with
    explanations. Student interacts only with faculty and GPD.

A. Crowns: Laboratory returns completed crown in approximately two weeks
B. Fixed bridge: Metal frameworks for multi-unit bridges are returned as a single
casting where possible. Three unit bridges should return as a single framework.