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atm kiosk _54_


									                  Contact           Designation           Phone          Brief Description of Work
Client                                                                   Done
                  Herman            Project Coordinator   0803-4020490   BTS Electrical Reticulation,
Plessey Nig Ltd                                                          Incldn Supply & Installation of
                                                                         Xformer – ongoing.
                  George Amin       Project Manager       080-32020216   Turnkey BTS Construction,
Egypro Nig Ltd                                                           Electrical Reticulation, NEPA
                                                                         Connection – Ongoing.
                  Engr Wahab        Project Engineer      080-33006644   Labour & Supervision for BTS
Clockwise &                                                              civil works. 4 MTN sites, 1
Wauline Eng’g                                                            Vmobile site.
                  Farakh Ashlam     Project Engineer      080-27795755   Electrical Reticulation, Supply
Interkel                                                                 and Installation of Xformer -
Networks                                                                 Ongoing
                  Grace Ojevbobor   Project Engineer      080-34020924   Labour & Supervision for BTS
McNair Nigeria                                                           civil works MTN sites, &
                                                                         Vmobile site.
                  Noble Ekajeh      Managing Director     01-2706601-4   24hrs Inverter Back-up
ATM                                                                      Systems for 100 ATM kiosks -
Consortium                                                               Ongoing
                  Kazeem Audu       eBanking/IT           0802-2552100   48hrs Inverter Back-up
Guaranty Trust                                                           Systems for 100 ATM kiosks -
Bank                                                                     Ongoing
                  Ahmed Salisu      Engineering           08023158759    72hrs Inverter Back-up
First Bank                                                               Systems for 10 ATM kiosks -
                  Chuks Okoh        Engineering           01-2781645     24hrs Inverter Back-up
Zenith Bank                                                              Systems for 20 ATM kiosks -
Plc                                                                      Ongoing
                  Dan Opolo         Cards and Channels    2644748        72hr/48hrs Inverter Back-up
UBA Group                                                                Systems for ATM kiosk -
CITCC             Xiao Hang         Procurement Mgr       0803-6875887   Supply of Elect. Earth System
                                                                         Kit for Base Transceiver
                                                                         Station - Ongoing
British Council   Olusola Sam-Ojo   Head/Consultant IT    0803-4022469   Fault Tolerant Power Network
                                    (W/Africa)                           System-British Council Abuja.
Telnet            Femi Odutayo      Head, e payment       2611792        Power Support for ATM roll
                                    solutions                            out
Monarch           Aderenle Falade   AGM, Services         0803-3064743   Supply of Elect. Earth Kits for
Communication                                                            Fixed wireless switch center.
Dangote Group     Moh’d Musa        Group Head, IT        0803-7179925   Facility protection Incld; Surge
                                                                         Protection, Earth System,
                                                                         Stabilizer for H/Q and 11
                                                                         Industrial Sites
ADC (W/A) &       Bertha            Head, Procurement     0803-4022356   Supply of Elect. Earth System
Co                                                                       Kit for Mobile Cellular Sites-
Access Bank       Roland Obey       Head, Cards and       01-4619264     Surge/Lightening, Protectn,
Plc                                 Channels                             Elect. Earth System @ H/Q, 4-
                                                                         branches. Retainer Electrical
G.S. Telecoms     Zein Sharrad      Projects              0803-4021514   Consultant on Electrical Earth
Lucratel          Frank Abayillo    CEO                   0803-800400    Supply of Elect. Earth System
Limited                                                                  Kit for Mobile Cellular Sites-

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