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									WAY4™ Different Point of View
WAY4™ Payment Processing Solutions
February 2008
OpenWay Group

     10+ years specialise in payment processing
     200+ staff
     80+ clients in 17 countries
     400+ projects within last three years
     30%+ annual growth
     Head-office in Brussels, offices in the Middle
     East, Asia and Europe
OpenWay Group: Offices
OpenWay Group: OEM Partnerships
OpenWay Group: Customer Success

     80+ clients in 17 countries
        Banksys of Belgium
        SETIB (France Telecom Group)
        Savings Bank of Russia
        Telkom Indonesia
        Procco Financial Services
        Capital OK, Thailand
        ... Banks, Processors, and
WAY4™ SEPA-Compliant Acquiring

     Equens, Holland
        A Top Acquiring Processor in EU
        500.000+ Merchants
        7 billion Payments
        1.9 billion POS and ATM auth
        10% EU market
        260,000+ revenue in 2006
        1,300 staff
WAY4™ Migration form Mainframe

     Savings Bank of Russia
        EMV Visa & MasterCard
        18.000.000 Credit & Debit cards
        on the single WAY4 instance
        1.000+ regional Banks and
        11 Time zones
        Migration from mainframe
WAY4™ Payroll Card Issuing & Acquiring

      Comdata, U.S.A.
         Global payment processor & issuer
         Credit, Debit, Stored Value, Fleet, Fuel, Purchasing, T&E,
         Payroll/Reimbursement, EBT, Gift and Loyalty
         Serves 6 of the top 10 U.S. retailers
         600 clients, 580 million cardholders
         Transfers $12+ billion annually
         HQ in Brentwood, Tenn
         1,600 staff
         Wholly owned subsidiary of Ceridian Corporation
WAY4™ Commercial Cards

     Banksys, Belgium
        Visa & MasterCard
        Corporate Card
        Travel Key (Lodged Card)
        Purchasing Card
        Customers include MasterCard,
        European Commission, Coca Cola
WAY4™ Top-Up Solution

     AIS (Advanced Info Services),
        20 millions clients
        5000 Top-Up dealers
        (targeting to 300 000 within 2 years)
        WAY4 Issuing, Acquiring, Perso, and
        Switch for Telco’s Top-Up System
WAY4™ Different Point of View

      One stop shop
         80+ modules on a single business core platform
         Customer-centric and service-oriented
      Extremely configurable, lower cost of ownership
         Products, Routing, Accounting, Pricing, Statistics, …
         Scheduling, Workflow, Screens, Reports, …
         Integrity and Security control
      Fast and Flexible
         80+ live customers – from small to large
         50.000 cards and 20 ATM
         18.000.000+ cards and 3.000+ ATM
         True 24x7 availability on open platform
         3.000 transactions/second
WAY4™ Different Point of View

        MILTIPLE          MULTIPLE         MULTIPLE

                               SINGLE PLATFORM
                        IMTEGRATED BACK & FRONT OFFICE

                        RECORD PERFORMANCE: 3000 T.P.S.
WAY4™ Universal Framework
WAY4™ Multiple Solutions

      Card Management        Loyalty Clients
      Advanced Switch        Commercial Products
      Merchant Acquiring     Money Transfer
      Mobile phone Top-up    Dynamic Currency
      Self-Service Station   Conversion
                             Many more…
WAY4™ Proven on Open Platform

     ORACLE / UNIX Clusters,
     SOA / XML (UFX)
     3000 tps.
     18,000,000 + accounts
     STP 24x7
WAY4™ Architecture: STP SOA
WAY4™ Architecture: STP SOA

     Client and contract management
     Product management
     Transaction management
     Comprehensive end-to-end authorisation
     Account management
     Universal integration
     Business Process Management
WAY4™ Advanced Switch
Multiple Channels and Services
WAY4™ Advanced Switch
WAY4™ Switch: Various Product Systems

   Integration with:
      Debit card management systems
      Credit card management systems
      Retail banking systems
      Telco bill systems
      Utility bill systems
      Other back-office systems
WAY4™ Switch: Multiple Channels

      POS (EDC) Management
      ATM Management
      Self-service kiosk management
      Web Banking
      Mobile Banking
      IVR Interface
      Call centre interface
WAY4™ Switch: Self-Service Solutions

       Achieve the highest accessibility of your
                products and services!
WAY4™ Switch: Multiple Services

      Advanced statements
      Cash withdrawal, cash advance
      Currency exchange, coin dispense
      P2P funds transfer
      Bill payments, bill presentment
      Account management
      Client profile management
      Marketing messages
      Many more…
WAY4™ Self-Service Kiosk Management:
Parameterisation and Control

       Real-time kiosk activity monitoring
       Sophisticated terminal-level acceptance
       policy definition
       Terminal-level reconciliation and accounting
       Host based configuration of “States” and
       WAY4 ATM/Kiosk Statistic Analyser
WAY4™ Switch: ATM/Kiosk   Statistic Analyser
WAY4™ Web Banking

     Configurable web banking scenarios
     Parameterised webpage templates
     Flexible content management
     Various client authentication rules
     Comprehensive risk management
     Complete system monitoring
     Flexible event management
     Various report data generation
WAY4™ Risk Management

     EMV smart cards and hybrid technologies
     Terminal key management, dynamic key change
     Sophisticated terminal-level velocity controls
     MAC (Message Authentication Code)
     DES, 3DES
     PIN-based transactions support
     EMV VSDC, M/Chip 4 Pre-authorised
     SSL encryption
     WAY4 Real-Time Risk Management module
WAY4™ Web Banking

     Various web authentication methods
       Name and password
       MasterCard CAP
       Visa DPA
       USB Token
       One-Time-Password (OTP) list
     Name and password change
     Lock/unlock card
     Flexible transaction routing scenarios
WAY4™ Secret of the Flexibility

      Flexible transaction management
         Flexible transaction scripting
         Comprehensive risk management
         Business process machine
         ISO 8583 processing
         UFX processing
      Unified business objects
      Unified business core
WAY4™ High Performance

       WAY4 demonstrates record performance:
                             3000 business TPS
                         on Sun/Oracle platform

    DB Server: 2 SunFire 6900 domains, 8 UltraSPARC IV+ 1.5GHz, Sun StorEdge 6130 Array, Solaris
    10, Oracle RAC, WAY4 version 03.20
    Application Server: 2 SunFire 6900 domains, 4 UltraSPARC IV 1.2GHz and Sun Fire T2000, 1
    UltraSPARC T1, Solaris 10, WAY4 Netserver version 5.1
    Simulator: 2 Notebooks, Intel Pentium M 1.8GHz, Windows XP, Rational Robot
WAY4™ OLTP Solutions

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