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					                              Voluntary Life Insurance

Broward Health has made available to employees a voluntary, permanent, portable life
insurance program, for the past 25 years. This program known as “Employee and
Dependent Life Insurance” gives an employee the opportunity to purchase additional life
insurance through the convenience of payroll deduction. The highlights of this program

      Life insurance protection that is yours forever. If you leave Broward Health you
       can take it with you, keeping the same benefits at the same cost.
      Benefit amounts will never decrease and cost will never increase no matter how
       old you get or how long you live.
      An employee can cover himself/herself, spouse, partner, child and/ or grandchild.
       An employee does not have to cover him or herself in order to cover other family
      There are no medical examinations or tests.
      Call 1-800-553-1209 to enroll for additional coverage options. If you do not
       enroll at time of hire, the next opportunity will be during the annual open
      Broward Health automatically provides 1x’s salary life insurance benefit at no
       cost to the employee. No enrollment form is need for this benefit.