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									       Equality & Diversity Action Plan
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                                                                                                 Completion Priority        Havebury
            Item/issue                          Date                  Comment
                                                                                                    date     H/M/L            Lead
Operations Directorate

Set equalities monitoring targets              February   Improve the equalities monitoring                          M           AM(S)
for key stages of the allocation                 2008     upon the introduction of CBL. Expand
process                                                   the monitoring of applications
                                                          received from BME monitoring only,
                                                          plus monitor the time spent between
                                                          being accepted and rehoused.
                                                          Equalities monitoring is currently
                                                          being considered by the CBL
                                                          Operational Group with reference to
                                                          the KLOE and other sources of best
Human Resources

Set employment-related targets in               2011                                                                 M      HR Manager
terms of employee’s age,
disability, ethnicity, faith, gender
and sexual orientation (link to the
2011 census once it has been
       NHF review E & D Action Plan May 2008                                                          Page 1 of 10
                                                                                                   Completion Priority     Havebury
           Item/issue                          Date                   Comment
                                                                                                      date     H/M/L         Lead

Undertake trend analysis and                  April 09       Aiming to implement new HR                                M   HR Manager
reporting of records that show the                        Resources Management information
access and success of different                           system in April 09 & this will report
groups of staff eg grievances,                                on requested trends analysis
disciplinary action, appraisals,
learning & development
opportunities- include in annual
New Business
To target ethnic minority tenants
identified by STATUS survey to join       November       Identified as target for completion                           M   Head of New
Tenants’ Forum etc                          2008         following status survey to be                                       Business
                                                         completed Sept 2008
To review and update the                  November       Communications strategy to be                                 M   Head of New
Communications Strategy to                  2008         reviewed in Sept 08 & potentially                                   Business
promote Equality & Diversity.                            approved on 8/10/08
Review residents needs identified         November       Status survey – Sept 2008                                     H   Head of New
in STATUS Survey and look at levels         2008                                                                             Business
of satisfaction in relation to age,
disability, ethnicity, faith or
religion, gender and sexuality?
To review data collected on all           December       Info is available on Academy & the                            H   Head of New
residents and update mailing lists          2008         list is to be updated via an article in                             Business
                                                         the Nov 08 Havebury News
Consider and develop ways and             September      Leaflet review group will discuss this                        M   Head of New
means to target those with literacy          2008        on 24/9/08                                                          Business
problems.                                 JAN 2009
Procedure for recruiting the CEO               2008      The procedure will be taken to the                            M      DOR
and senior managers that complies             MARCH      next Remuneration Committee which
with principles of equality to be              2009      is scheduled to meet in March 09. A
      NHF review E & D Action Plan May 2008                                                             Page 2 of 10
                                                                                                Completion Priority     Havebury
           Item/issue                          Date                   Comment
                                                                                                   date     H/M/L         Lead
drafted for consideration of the                         procedure is presently in draft form
Remuneration Committee                                   awaiting review with the main
                                                         recruitment policy on compliance
                                                         with best E&D practice.

Advise & liaise with Strategic                March 09                                                              M     Head of
Housing Teams across our                                                                                                Development
operational area, Social Services,
Supporting people, Local Health
Partnership & other specialist
Monitor the outcomes of the CBL               March 09                                                              M     Head of
process in liaison with other                                                                                           Development
agencies. Particular care will be
taken on the refurbishment
programme as we work with
Continue to develop homes which               March 09                                                              M     Head of
increasingly meet the standards                                                                                         Development
required for Lifetime Homes in
addition to any specific identified
Continue to learn from best                   March 09                                                              M     Head of
practice when designing &                                                                                               Development
marketing products such as shared
ownership schemes & ensure that
opportunities are advertised to all
Work in partnership with BME or               March 09   Have carried out some work in                              M     Head of
other specialist associations in                         partnership with another specialist                            Development
development work                                         association with regard to the
                                                         provision of care for frail elderly

      NHF review E & D Action Plan May 2008                                                          Page 3 of 10
                                                                                                 Completion Priority      Havebury
            Item/issue                          Date                  Comment
                                                                                                    date     H/M/L          Lead
Monitor the results of surveys to              March 09                                                               M     Head of
identify further works required or                                                                                        Development
applicable to future schemes
Establish a Customer Advisory                  March 09                                                               M     Head of
Group & aim to include                                                                                                    Development
representation that matches our
community profile

       Completed Targets

                                                                                                 Completion Priority      Havebury
            Item/issue                          Date                  Comment
                                                                                                    date     H/M/L          Lead
Operations Directorate

Broaden the ASB policy to include          December       ASB policy has been amended & to go     September
all forms of harassment.                     2006         to Tenants Forum in May 07 &               2007             H      NM(S)
                                                          Committee in June 07
More widely publicise Havebury’s           April 2007     Havebury signing up to the Respect      April 2007          M      NM(S)
commitment to preventing &                                Standard was promoted in the press
tackling ASB eg via posters, leaflets,                    in January 07 & Havebury’s support
articles in newsletters, local press                      for Safer Neighbourhood Teams was
                                                          in the press in March 07. An article
                                                          regarding reporting ASB via the out
                                                          of hours ASB hotline is to be in the
                                                          summer edition of Havebury News
Havebury to investigate the options        March 2007     Diversionary activities commenced       July 2007           M    Heads of
for undertaking ASB diversionary                          during the summer holidays of 2007                               Housing
activities                                                in conjunction with the CDRP and
                                                          Positive Futures
Brief out of hours emergency                   January    Written guidance provided to Invicta    May 2007            M      NM(S)
organisation (Invicta) on how they              2007      May 07
should respond to incidents of ASB.

       NHF review E & D Action Plan May 2008                                                           Page 4 of 10
                                                                                                 Completion Priority      Havebury
            Item/issue                         Date                   Comment
                                                                                                    date     H/M/L          Lead
Havebury to undertake review of           March 2007                                             August 2007          M    NM(N) &
vulnerability monitoring from sign-                                                                                         NM(S)
up this will include all areas of
housing management, allocations as
well as income maximisation.
Ensure Customer Advisors inform           March 2007     Email instruction from MSM to            February            M     MSM
the Neighbourhood Officer upon a                         Customer Advisors 21/2/07                  2007
tenant reporting a repair which is
needed because of harassment or
Monitor the application, take-up &       August 2007                                                                  M    Head of
satisfaction rates of aids &                                                                                               Housing
adaptations in terms of resident’s                                                                                         (People)
age, disability, ethnic origin,
gender, religion
Extend the reporting of contractor        April 2007     Form adapted to collect this data        July 2007           M     MSM
performance to include tenant                            March 2007 & reported fully in July-
satisfaction and the quality of the                      Sept 07 performance report
repair including monitoring of age,
disability, ethnic origin, gender &
sexual orientation
Consider the introduction of text         December       Investigated but decided not to          December            M     MSM
repair requests                             2007         introduce at this stage as our tenant      2007
                                                         profile is approx 60% of pensionable
                                                         age who generally do not use texting.
Broaden domestic abuse publicity &            May 2007   Information leaflets have been          August 2007          M     AM(S)
information sharing to include                           distributed to each sheltered scheme
sheltered schemes                                        and training was given to Scheme
                                                         Managers on elder abuse by Social
Amend the post repair inspection          April 2007                                             August 2007          M    MSM(N)
form to include monitoring of
satisfaction by each diversity strand

      NHF review E & D Action Plan May 2008                                                            Page 5 of 10
                                                                                                  Completion Priority      Havebury
            Item/issue                         Date                   Comment
                                                                                                     date     H/M/L          Lead
Ensure the 08-09 budget has                   January    The 08/09 budget includes provision      January 2008         H       DOR
specific provision for employees               2008      for a part–time E&D specialist to
dedicated to E&D work alongside                          work in the HR team alongside the
the lead officer                                         lead officer. The budget was
                                                         approved by the Board on 21/1/08
Ensure that the advertising of                February   This is a key consideration as part of    Feb 2008            H      AM(S)
housing opportunities reaches all               2008     the introduction of CBL
sections of the community
Provide information in an                      Upon      Upon request via Language Line,          As required          H      AM(S)
applicant’s preferred language or             request    Braille, large print etc
Continue to publicise examples of             ONGOING     As and when provided to the team.       March 2008           M     Head of
good equality and diversity practice                      A further article to go in Hot Topics                             HR/Head of
from within the association and                           to remind employees – March 2008.                                New Business
Ensure there is a flag on the works       June 2007      Information on Academy, Grasp +          January 2008         M   IT Manager &
instruction highlighting any                             contractors works tickets                                             MSM
communication, cultural or other
needs of the tenant
Draft a domestic abuse policy             December       Policy approved at Operations              April 08           M      AM(S)
                                            2007         Committee April 08 & article to go in
                                                         next edition of Havebury News
Consider signing up to campaigns to       December       The cost prohibits signing up to                              M    Head of
promote equality such as Business           2007         Stonewall Diversity Champions                                     HR/Head of
in the Community’s Race for                              (£2k+vat pa) and Race for                                          Housing
Opportunity, the Stonewall                               Opportunity (£2.5k + vat pa) plus our                              (Places)
Diversity Champions, Opportunity                         EDGE membership keeps us up to
Now.                                                     date with best practice & legislation.
                                                         Associate membership of Opportunity
                                                         Now is £1k+ vat pa & could be useful
                                                         to assist with the gender equality
                                                         duty. Havebury are members of
                                                         Equality Britain.

      NHF review E & D Action Plan May 2008                                                             Page 6 of 10
                                                                                                  Completion Priority      Havebury
            Item/issue                          Date                    Comment
                                                                                                     date     H/M/L          Lead
Target domestic abuse monitoring               August 07   Policy approved April 08 and             April 08           M      AM(S)
in terms of age, disability, ethnicity                     monitoring forms part of the policy
faith or religion, gender & sexual
Contract & Procurement

Ensure that contract advertisements            January     To be included in all adverts.         January 2008         M   Procurement
include notification of compliance              2008       PQQ has specific E&D requirements                                 Manager
for Equality & Diversity.                                  included.
Formally include in PQQ the                March 2008      PQQ updated                                                 M      B&CM
requirement to adopt “respect for                                                                                          Administrator
people” toolkit.
A Board recruitment policy with                January     Board recruitment policy paper to be   6 March 2008         M       DOR
specific reference to the mix of the            2008       taken to the Chairs Group on 17
Board in respect of diversity is to be                     March 2008
A Board member will be allocated           Paper to go     Paper being taken to the full Board    6 March 2008         H       DOR
to overseeing progress against Key          to March       on 17 March 2008 to seek invitations
Objective 10 – ensuring fairness &         2008 Board      from the Board
Training for board members                  Budget to      08-09 Budget of £12k in code 68550      Jan 2008            M    Head of HR
involved in the selection of the CEO           go to       for Board training & seminars.
& other senior employees on fair            Resources      Programme being developed with 3rd
recruitment methods to be                  Committee       party for 08-09 training
allocated in 08-09 budget                   and Board
                                           in Jan 2008
Ensure CBL processes do not have a           February      Monitoring reports reviewed at CBL      Feb 2008            H      AM(S)
discriminatory impact                          2008        Board meetings
Review the concept of setting                  July 2008                                            May 08             M   Head of New
specific Equality & Diversity                                                                                                Business
Develop & implement monitoring                 July 2008   Not yet actioned                         May 08             M   Head of New
procedure in line with specific                                                                                              Business

       NHF review E & D Action Plan May 2008                                                            Page 7 of 10
                                                                                                 Completion Priority      Havebury
            Item/issue                         Date                   Comment
                                                                                                    date     H/M/L          Lead
Human Resources

Ensure recruitment policies &             January 08     Recruitment policy published April 08     April 08           M   HR Manager
procedures reflect good practice                         including equality & diversity
Advertise vacancies to local                  March 08   HR have advertised in specialist         March 08            L   HR Manager
community & training organisations                       publications in the year ending March
                                                         08 and are no also using
                                                         Totaljobs.com which has had a
                                                         positive effect on creating a diverse
                                                         range of applicants. Every vacancy is
                                                         also sent to the Job Centre Plus (re:
Ensure employee exit interviews               March 08   Exit interviews revised in May 08 &       May 08             M   HR Manager
cover equality & diversity-include in                    now include equality & diversity
annual HR report                                         considerations
Ensure there is a fair & equal policy         March 08   Same rules apply to secondments as       March 08            M   HR Manager
& procedure covering secondments                         to usual recruitment procedures
and placements with other
Include details of the composition            March 08   KPIs provided to Resources               March 08            M   HR Manager
of the workforce in terms of each                        Committee & the Board receives the
diversity strand in the annual HR                        completed Regulatory Code Self
report                                                   Assessment each year.
Include an action plan in the annual          March 08   If adverse trends are identified they     Annual             M   HR Manager
HR report in response to the results                     will be acted upon & subsequently        reporting
from Havebury’s equalities record                        reported to Committee/Board
Ensure all employees involved in          June 2008      A Line Manager Briefing was               July 08            M   HR Manager
staff recruitment have received                          published in June/July 2008 entitled
training in fair recruitment &                           ‘Recruitment and Selection’. This
selection methods within the last 3                      development tool for line managers
years                                                    has a detailed section on Equality
                                                         and Diversity implications.

      NHF review E & D Action Plan May 2008                                                            Page 8 of 10
                                                                                                Completion Priority      Havebury
            Item/issue                        Date                    Comment
                                                                                                   date     H/M/L          Lead
New Business

Establish a Plain English working             June 08   Leaflet review Group review all           April 08           M   Head of New
group/contacts to review literature                     literature to ensure it is in Plain                                Business
etc                                                     English

Carry out audit of membership of          June 2008     Audit maintained on ongoing basis                            M     Trainee
groups e.g. Tenants’ Forum, Friends                                                                                      Communities
of Havebury, Sounding Board, Youth                                                                                        & Tenants
Forum and CIFG to review level and                                                                                         Advisor
range of representation

To update the Tenant Involvement              January   Currently being updated and is out to     April 08           M   Head of New
Statement to include Equality &                2008     consultation with Havebury News –                                  Business
Diversity objectives and targets                        March 2008
Develop and set up Youth Forum            April 2008    Youth Forum activities started with       April 08           M   Head of New
                                                        formal launch at Forum AGM in April                                Business
To review on an annual basis              March 2008    Considered as part of Annual Service     March 08 +          M   Head of New
Equality & Diversity targets for                        Review                                    ongoing                  Business
Tenant Involvement
Target all customers/stakeholders         April 2009    Large print sent to Sheltered            August 08           M   Head of New
to confirm Communications                               Schemes                                                            Business
methods, appropriate formats eg;                        Tapes provided
Havebury News mailing schedule                          Reviewed as part of process of
and analyse based on age,                               distributing Havebury News
disability, ethnicity, faith or
religion, gender and sexuality.
Supported Housing

Review Needs Assessment and               April 2008    Full review completed and updated         April 08           M    Supported
support plans to ensure inclusion of                                                                                       Housing
cultural, religious and other related                                                                                      Manager
needs including sexual orientation                                                                                          (SHM)

      NHF review E & D Action Plan May 2008                                                           Page 9 of 10
                                                                                               Completion Priority       Havebury
            Item/issue                        Date                  Comment
                                                                                                  date     H/M/L           Lead
Addition to Tenants Handbook of               January   Included in all tenants handbooks       January 08           M     SHM
how to deal with harassment or                 2008
abuse from staff, other service
users, carers etc including key
phone numbers etc
Review QAF objectives on fair             April 2008    QAF review completed and have            July 08             M     SHM
access, diversity and inclusion to                      moved from assessed level B to level
ensure continuous improvement via                       A
updated work plan
Analyse forthcoming tenants               April 2008    Completed                                April 08            M     SHM
satisfaction survey in terms of age,
disability, ethnicity, religion,
gender and sexuality

      NHF review E & D Action Plan May 2008                                                          Page 10 of 10

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