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									INSIDE: imaxx now available for inforce UL plans • Finally! An easy way to quote Single Premium Immediate Annuities
  A new way to convert term to UL • Accountable UL: pride in the fine print • Advance notification of e-Statements

As an advisor, you know that clients don’t really
think of buying life insurance. Rather, they seek
solutions to the specific needs and concerns
that arise at each stage of life.

From wealth enhancement to estate planning, income protection
to healthcare, advisors who offer true solutions can earn more
business than those who simply sell products.
  At Transamerica, we want to help you embrace this philosophy.
We are expanding and enhancing our series of “turn-key” insurance
solutions. We are implementing product upgrades to ensure the
effectiveness of our solutions. And we are helping you maintain
lasting client relationships with more comprehensive inforce services.
  This publication highlights some of our most recent upgrades
and innovations, and more will follow in the coming months. Please
keep reading to find out how Transamerica can help you provide
solutions for every stage of life.
WealthADVANTAGETM and EstateADVANTAGETM clients                imaxx TOP Portfolios are based on the strategy of
already enjoy the benefits of investing in imaxxTM           asset allocation. Each portfolio combines multiple top-
interest options, and now policyowners of some of            ranked, brand-name mutual funds and is diversified by
our older plans are about to receive the same benefits.      asset class, geography, investment style, and market
New imaxx interest options are now available within          cap. Using our convenient Investment Questionnaire
ADVANTAGELifePlus, Challenger, Discovery 2000 and            (IP-LP793), you can help your clients establish an
Enterprise UL plans.                                         appropriate level of risk, then choose a TOP Portfolio
  The new offerings are interest options linked to           with a corresponding risk profile.
the imaxx Canadian Fixed Pay Fund and each of four             The result is an interest option selection that is
optimized imaxx TOP Portfolios which are comprised           optimized to generate the highest potential rate of
of leading Canadian mutual funds.                            return at a client’s preferred level of risk.
  What makes these interest options unique?                    The total annual fee for these new interest options –
imaxx Canadian Fixed Pay Fund is the first fixed-            including the underlying mutual fund’s MER and the
pay fund in Canada that is available for UL plans.           UL interest option fee – is guaranteed never to exceed
The fund provides a fixed monthly income stream              an annual maximum. That way, your illustrations will
which is automatically reinvested to maximize                be more accountable and your clients will know exactly
tax-deferred compounding.                                    what to expect.
  This focus on generating income through                      On December 15th, our new UL Allocation Form
investments in income trusts and other securities            will include the imaxx interest options. Clients who
helps the fund provide a buffer against market               switch to imaxx will automatically receive a contract
volatility, with the potential for higher returns than       endorsement with their confirmation slip, with no
many fixed-rate investments.                                 action required on your part. What’s more, transfer
                                                                                      Continued on reverse

Investment Loan Strategy update
Our highly successful Investment Loan Strategy (ILS)         with adequate assets, cash flow and sophistication for
has undergone some revisions that make it even more          this innovative strategy, please contact your Regional
attractive for high net worth clients. If you have clients   Sales Director for complete details.

                                                  Mortgage protection for home:
                                                  MORTGAGESelectTM simplified-issue term insurance
Transamerica’s Single Premium Immediate Annuities                 As of January 2004, LifeView 4.2 will enable you to
(SPIA) offer a simple and reliable way to earn tax              quickly generate SPIA quotes right on your desktop,
efficient, guaranteed retirement income for life. And           in real time. Copies of the software will be available
with the upcoming launch of the newest version of               from the DRC or by faxing DDS at 1-800-385-8790 or
LifeView, getting quotes for your clients will be easier        416-421-4707 locally.
than ever.                                                                                  Continued on reverse

Accountable UL: pride in the fine print
Ever worry about the fine print? With Transamerica,             in the Fine Print” to see some of the specific ways in
you don’t have to because our WealthADVANTAGE and               which Transamerica places a priority on accountability
EstateADVANTAGE universal life plans feature some of            in our UL products.
the most reliable illustrations in the industry.
                                                                Beware of these five potential pitfalls in the fine print
  What’s more, our contracts include predictable daily
                                                                of some universal life contracts:
MERs and unconditional bonuses that do not vary with
the type of investments selected. And with the security         1. How is premium tax paid? Unless premium tax is
of built-in premium taxes, ours is the only contract that       part of the guaranteed COI, changes in tax legislation
can be structured to be fully guaranteed. That way, you         could cut into your client’s investment capital, distorting
and your clients can actually take comfort in the fine print.   initial illustrations. Charging premium tax separately
  Please review the enclosed article entitled “Pride                                        Continued on reverse

TRANSEXPRESS has left the station!
TRANSEXPRESS is a weekly e-mail that consolidates the           can affect your business. Sign up to receive TRANSEXPRESS
latest news from Transamerica into one convenient               on the User Profile screen within the DRC, or look
digest. TRANSEXPRESS is a companion to our popular              under ‘Resource Centre’ and ‘News’ on the DRC,
DRC, with updates on legal, compliance, corporate,              and get on board today!
marketing, operational and administration issues that

  Health protection for entire family:
  CriticalADVANTAGETM out-of-country
  medical expense coverage

                                                                 Wealth accumulation:
                                                                 WealthADVANTAGE plan with imaxx interest options
TERMSelectTM is known as an affordable and flexible           Want to see just how much of a difference a term
term policy, and we’ve just added even greater flexibil-    conversion can make? See the table “Using a Term
ity for your clients.                                       Conversion to Increase UL Premiums” (on reverse).
   Now you can convert a TERMSelect policy – or any         We’ve used a $500,000 term policy issued to a 40-year
term policy held in-force with Transamerica – into a        old as an example, and examined the maximum UL
UL policy, and “port” the duration of the term policy.      premiums available when the policy is converted to
   Crediting the duration of the term policy to the UL      UL in the 6th or 10th policy year, and compare both
policy increases its tax-exempt room, meaning the           scenarios to simply buying a new UL policy without
client can shelter a greater amount of savings in their     any conversion.
plan (subject to tax-exempt testing rules).                   Please note that mortality charges are the same
   If you have clients that have maxed-out their RRSPs      under both the new and old rules, and are excluded
and still need more tax-sheltering room, then convert-      from these calculations, and that we’ve used an
ing an existing term policy to UL could be the best         interest rate of zero per cent to simplify calculations.
solution. For detailed information on how to benefit        Nonetheless, the conclusion is clear: in most cases,
from this feature, please see the TERMSelect Marketing      converting from term to UL has advantages over
Guide (LP469) and check out the new Term-to-UL              buying a new UL policy.
conversion feature in LifeView.                                                         Continued on reverse

TERMSelect ‘Thank You’ sale ends soon
Thank you for making TERMSelect the term policy of choice   right across the board. Transamerica even has lower
among independent advisors. Since November 1, 2003,         rates, higher face amounts, or both compared with
Transamerica has waived the $50 annual policy fee on        competitors who offer preferred underwriting between
all TERMSelect applications with face amounts of $100,000   $100,000 and 250,000.
and above, but the sale ends January 31, 2004 for Band 2      We hope you’ll take advantage of this limited-time
policies ($100,000-250,000).                                offer. For a head-to-head rate comparison, please see the
  Now one of the industry’s best term policies is also      TERMSelect Thank You Sale flyer available on the DRC.
among the least expensive at almost every face amount,

                Personal business investment:
                Transamerica’s Investment Loan Strategy

                                                             Estate planning:
                                                             EstateADVANTAGE plan with imaxx interest options
New fixed rate UL Interest Options
Want more choice when it comes to fixed rate                  To keep things simple, eligible clients who select
interest options? Introducing our new 1, 2, 3 and           these options will automatically receive a contract
4 – year Fixed Rate Interest Options available within       endorsement with their confirmation slip, with no
certain WealthADVANTAGE and EstateADVANTAGE plans           action required on your part. Please see the new
(WAV2 & EAV2) effective January 2004. Unlike some           Interest Option Fact Pages on the DRC or in LifeView
of our competitors, we do not charge an MVA when            to find the best interest option for your client, and
monthly deductions are drawn from these options,            forward any investment instructions to us using the
making them both secure and efficient.                      latest UL Allocation Form.

New National Bank Trust UL Interest Options
National Bank Trust has partnered with Transamerica         Portfolio Index Interest Options offer a disciplined
to offer our UL clients access to a new range of asset      investment approach that focuses on diversified asset
allocation interest options. National Bank Trust            classes, investment strategies, well-structured portfolios
                                                                                       Continued on reverse

Powerful upgrades in LifeView v.4.2
Our LifeView illustration software is constantly evolving   • Updated term rates that reflect the recent re-pricing of
with powerful new features designed to make your              the highest band ($1,000,000+) as well as the limited-
illustrations faster, easier, and more accurate than          time policy fee waiver for Band 1 (until January 31, 2004)
ever. Upgrades to LifeView 4.2 include:                     • The ability to illustrate a UL plan with enhanced
• A built-in tool for obtaining quotes on Single              maximum premiums when converting an existing
  Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIAs) plus a                  term policy
  new feature that automatically populates the              To obtain a copy of LifeView 4.2 when it is released
  SPIA application with your client’s information.          in January 2004, please fax a request to DDS at
                                                            1-800-385-8790 or 416-421-4707 locally, or download
                                                            it from the DRC.

Advance notification for e-Statements
Wouldn’t it be convenient to know which clients will        and print out a handy list of upcoming annual and
have e-Statements published next month? Now you             quarterly statements, making it easier to plan your
can sign up for advanced notification on your User          portfolio reviews and sales activities for the coming
Profile Screen within the DRC. You’ll be able to access     weeks. Please visit the DRC today to learn more.

  Business succession:
  buy-sell agreement using TERMSelect

                                                                   Guaranteed retirement income:
                                                                   Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA)
imaxx now available for inforce UL plans
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Choose imaxx Canadian Fixed Pay Fund for secure income, or one of four optimized imaxx TOP portfolios.
fees on imaxx transfers are waived even for those                      FIXED INCOME
clients who have exhausted their annual free allotment.

  imaxx interest options offer compelling benefits                                      Balanced
                                                                                                           Growth           Growth

to investors, especially those who are nervous about                     Conservative

market volatility. They also make life easier for advisors,
as they require no ongoing investment decisions.
  If you’ve got clients who own one of the eligible UL
plans, they will receive an introductory imaxx brochure       discuss these new imaxx interest options with your clients.
with their next annual policy statement with instructions     Chances are, you will find attractive UL investment
to contact their advisor. We suggest reviewing the            alternatives, and the opportunity for new business.
imaxx Performance Guide (AFM99) and preparing to

Accountable UL: pride in the fine print
Continued from reverse

could also result in double-taxation in the case of           4. How are MERs calculated? Beware of daily
funds that are removed from the plan due to tax-              compounded MERs that are actually higher than the
exempt testing, then transferred back at a later date.        published (estimated) numbers on an annual basis.
2. Are bonuses conditional? Watch out for policies that       5. What is the net return? When illustrating UL plans,
reduce or eliminate the investment bonuses on certain         it is not only important to use conservative rates of
options or in certain market environments.                    return, but also ones that are net of all fees and MERs.
3. How are bonuses invested? If bonuses aren’t
automatically re-invested in the client’s chosen interest
option and this is not factored into the illustration,
actual long-term investment results could be reduced
by 10 to 20 per cent.

Finally! An easy way to quote annuities
Continued from reverse

How does our SPIA stack up against the competition? The following table compares                   rates on a single life,
male, 10-year guaranteed, $100,000 non-registered annuity as of November 20/03.
                                                                  Age in Years
  Financial Institution                55              60             65                                69               70
  Transamerica Life Canada          $ 559.76        $ 606.95       $ 669.33                        $   729.73       $   745.95
  Canada Life                       $ 560.58        $ 606.17       $ 665.34                        $   715.26       $   727.23
  Desjardins Fin. Security          $ 575.06        $ 623.33       $ 685.90                        $   745.89       $   762.05
  Empire Life                       $ 567.96        $ 621.44       $ 690.44                        $   747.45       $   761.71
  Equitable Life                    $ 564.68        $ 611.34       $ 672.14                        $   731.21       $   747.27
  Great-West Life                   $ 530.08        $ 572.52       $ 628.29                        $   682.39       $   696.99
  Manulife Investments              $ 547.77        $ 597.98       $ 659.13                        $   720.48       $   736.30
  Maritime Life                     $ 570.59        $ 619.58       $ 682.49                        $   741.86       $   757.65
  SSQ Financial Group               $ 563.17        $ 605.18       $ 661.32                        $   716.55       $   731.64
  Standard Life                     $ 544.65        $ 592.43       $ 653.68                        $   712.45       $   728.44
  Sun Life Assurance Co             $ 555.96        $ 598.12       $ 654.25                        $   708.88       $   723.32

See our SPIA flyer (IP873) for an overview of the SPIA’s key features, and a brief tutorial on generating quotes.
If you’ve got clients who need guaranteed, tax-efficient retirement income, we’ve got the solution.
                                                                                                                        Source: Cannex
New National Bank Trust UL Interest Options
Continued from reverse

and tactical deviation. With $3 billion in assets under management, National Bank Trust is a leader in
discretionary investment management. Beginning January 2004, the following interest options will be
available within certain WealthADVANTAGE and EstateADVANTAGE plans (WAV2 & EAV2):
 National Bank Trust Portfolio
 Index Interest Option                 Investment objective                             Investment profile
 National Bank Trust                   To provide regular interest income and           Conservative
 Conservative Portfolio                capital security. Slight equity exposure
                                       offers the potential for moderate long-term
                                       capital growth.
 National Bank Trust                   To provide medium to long-term capital           Balanced
 Balanced Portfolio                    growth. Exposure to interest income,
                                       regular dividends and capital gains offers
                                       long-term potential with moderate risk.
 National Bank Trust                   To provide strong long-term capital              Growth/
 Growth Portfolio                      growth. Primary exposure to equities             Aggressive Growth
                                       offers high potential returns in exchange
                                       for short-term volatility.

Please see our latest Interest Option Fact Pages on the DRC or order a copy of Transamerica’s updated Interest
Options Guide (available early 2004) for complete details. As always, investment instructions should be sent to
us using the latest Allocation Form, available on the DRC.

A new way to convert term to UL
Continued from reverse

Using a Term Conversion to Increase UL Maximum Premiums (assumptions: $500,000 term policy issued on 40-year old)
                                       Term Year 6                                   Term Year 10
   UL Policy Year        Convert Term to UL     Purchase New UL       Convert Term to UL      Purchase New UL
          1                   $87,800                $26,900               $58,400                 $28,500
          2                   19,000                  20,900                 7,600                  22,600
          3                   18,500                  20,500                 7,200                  22,100
          4                   19,000                  21,000                22,600                  22,600
          5                    9,400                  11,300                12,900                  12,900
 Total Premiums              $153,700               $100,600              $108,700                $108,700

As you can see, converting term to UL in the sixth          money sooner, reaping the benefits of a longer period
policy year yields a very significant increase of $53,100   of tax-free investment compounding.
($153,700-$100,600) in total premiums allowed in the          The benefit of increasing the maximum premium
first five years of the UL plan, compared to buying a       room is limited in years eight through ten, with the
new UL plan.                                                most benefit generally in years five through seven.
   If the client in our example had waited until the term   To help you find the best time to convert, we’ve added
policy’s tenth year to convert, total premiums would        a “Term Conversion” tab in LifeView 4.2 which allows
not increase, but the bulk of the premiums would be         you to run illustrations using duration credits from a
heavily weighted towards the first few years of the         term conversion
UL policy. This would allow the client to invest more
Sales Support
Download product information, LifeView updates, and our helpful Informed Advisor and Informed
Consumer one-pagers on a variety of topics from Transamerica’s Distributor Resource Centre (DRC)

Order Allocation Forms, applications and other hardcopies from DDS by fax at 1-800-385-8790
across Canada, or 416-421-4707 locally.

Request personalized sales and marketing support from a Sales Director in your region:

                              Western                                 Central                               Eastern
                           1-888-220-2881                         1-888-245-5501                        1-800-361-4284

Transamerica’s universal life policies are offered solely by Transamerica Life Canada. Policyholders have no direct or indirect rights to units of the imaxx TOP
Portfolios on which the performance of the applicable interest option may be based. The policies are not products of AEGON Fund Management Inc. or any of
the managers of the underlying funds held by the imaxx TOP Portfolios. None of these managers or their affiliates guarantees the obligations of Transamerica
Life Canada under the policies or the performance of the policies.

  National Bank Trust is a subsidiary of National Bank of Canada.
™ Trademarks of AEGON Canada Inc. The subsidiary companies of AEGON Canada Inc. are licensed to use such marks.
® Transamerica and the pyramid design are registered trademarks of Transamerica Corporation. Transamerica Life Canada is licensed to use such marks.

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