A job sealed with a kiss by bnn29220


									                                                                                                F E A T U R E                                                      WA I KATO BU SI N E S S I N SIG H T                   9

P I T S T O P : The design and construction of the pit lanes for the V8 Supercar Race, in Mill St, is worth several million dollars to Tauranga firm Supermac Holdings Ltd.                              Picture: Peter Drury

A job sealed with a kiss                           based business’s large-scale solution to construction       The structure uses 140 tonnes of steel.                   crowd control fencing seen at events the world over,
                                                   of the V8 pit lane, in Mill St, Hamilton, had won it        “It makes it so much simpler to put it together           while the bulk is two metre tall security fencing set
                                                   the contract for seven years.                           and pull it apart,” Vuleta said.                              in plastic covered concrete to prevent punters from
                CHRIS                                  “It was the innovative way they came up with            Had Supermac been more conventional with                  scuffing their shoes.
                GARDNER                            putting it up and taking it down,” Vuleta said.         its construction the pit lanes would have been                    Since winning the contract, in October, ATF
                Business Editor                        Supermac managing director and owner Rex            constructed from more than 200 parts and taken                has been stock piling fencing for the V8 event
                                                   McIntrye, who’s business works in the construction,     more time and manpower to erect.                              and gradually moving them to a storage yard in
                                                   earth moving, temporary fencing and prefabricated           Next time the lanes are erected work is expected          Frankton.
          It’s the pits — and it’s                 building sectors, has been working on the contract      to take about six workers two weeks to put them                   Another Supermac company, Modcom Portable
                                                   since October, dedicating a dozen of his 65 staff to    together, rather than a dozen workers taking about            Buildings Ltd, is manufacturing the two-storey V8
where some clever thinking                         erecting the steel-tube pit lane at peak times.         eight weeks, saving the organisers about $150,000             control tower, made from polystyrene panelling, on
                                                       The structure, which is still under construction,   in construction costs.                                        a five metre high platform, It will be constructed
  is producing an impressive                       includes 32 steel framed decks with a wooden floor,          “We could have had steel running in all sorts             in Seddon St. Once construction is finished the
                                                   measuring 14 metres by 6.5 metres, which form the       of directions but we think outside the square,” Mr            tower will be fitted out with a bevy of electrical
                                                   first storey floor overlooking the maintenance pit.       McIntryre said. “We wanted it to be made of as few            equipment essential for monitoring the race. The
                                                   The construction also includes one 14.5 metre by        pieces as possible.”                                          firm is also manufacturing a similar time keeper’s
                                                   7.5 metre deck and one measuring 7.5 sq m.                  McIntyre said his company’s motto was KISS                tower which will be constructed on Mill St.
      hinking big won Supermac Holdings Ltd            The huge size of the components, which were         - Keep It Simple Stupid.                                          McIntyre said although his firm, which has been

T     a multi-million dollar contract with the
      organisers of the V8 Supercar Race.
  Event director Steve Vuleta said the Tauranga-
                                                   transported from Supermac’s Tauranga factory in
                                                   45 truck movements before being bolted together,
                                                   was the secret to the company’s success.
                                                                                                               Supermac-owned ATF Fencing is supplying
                                                                                                           about 14 km of temporary fencing for the event
                                                                                                           - about 2.5 km is the conventional one metre tall
                                                                                                                                                                         operating for about 25 years, worked on around 25
                                                                                                                                                                         jobs of various magnitudes at any one time, the
                                                                                                                                                                         contract was a significant one for Supermac.

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