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Project Profile
NO. 115

“This is a fast-paced, high-pressure
                             on Erler          Coordinator
                            Don Erler, Project Coordinator, Frank Irish Co.

  crews are
  working around
  the clock to finish
  a new playing                                                               As an added benefit of the time savings
  field for the Super                                                         of Viega ProPress® Erler notes the visible
  Bowl Champion                                                               difference between sweating and pressing,
  Indianapolis                                                                “No flux residue means no mess.”

Faced by a tight time schedule, contractor Frank Irish Co. is making                                   Viega LLC
every effort to keep construction of Lucas Oil Stadium on time and                                      1-877-VIEGA-NA
on budget.                                                                                       
Don Erler, project coordinator for Frank Irish Co., said ProPress® was
chosen for the potable water and natural gas lines of the stadium
because they needed “the most cost-effective, quickest product to finish
the job on time.” Not wanting to sacrifice quality, Frank Irish Co. relied
on Viega’s unmatched product reliability and partner support. Utilizing
multiple Viega product lines and the design services of the in-house
Viega Technical Marketing team, Viega’s S-NO-Ice System was installed
to warm the stadium’s loading docks, 1/2” - 4” ProPress lines were
installed for the potable water lines, and 1/2” - 2” ProPressG™ fittings
were installed for the natural gas lines.

Frank Irish Co. is now using ProPress on multiple jobs and actively
bidding Viega products. And construction progress of the stadium
project? “It’s moving forward,” said Erler, “We were convinced Viega
products would get us there.”


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