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					                                                                                         PROJECT PROFILE
                                                                                               Apponequet High


                                          School districts in the United States     with a needed building expansion and
Project                                face significant challenges today.           replacing a failed and leaking roof sys-
  Apponequet Regional High School      Increasing enrollments, deferred main-       tem at Apponequet Regional High
  Lakeville, MA                        tenance, and limited capital funding         School. The regional high school’s
Building Owner
                                       seriously impact the ability of many         leaky EPDM (rubber) and asphaltic
  Freetown-Lakeville School District   districts to provide facilities that are a   built up roof system were badly deteri-
                                       positive environment for learning.           orated. The performance of the EPDM
Roofing Contractor                     According to the United States               roof system depends on the durability
  Capeway Roofing Systems              General Accounting Office, GAO,              of its adhered membrane seams. As
  Westport, MA
                                       more than $112 billion is needed for         the seams failed, water entered the
Architect                              repairs, renovations, and moderniza-         roof assembly, saturated the roof insu-
  Kaestle Boos Associates, Inc.        tions for the nation’s public schools.       lation, and leaked into the classrooms.
  New Britain, CT                      School districts face the task of making     The asphaltic built up system had also
                                       decisions comparing initial cost on one      failed, primarily at the flashings and
Project Size
  124,000 sq. ft.
                                       hand versus life cycle performance on        perimeter. In both cases, the roof sys-
                                       the other. The challenge is to make          tems were less than 15 years old.
Roofing System                         informative decisions that contribute           Kaestle Boos Associates, Inc. of
  Sarnafil G410 adhered, 60 mil        positively to both the educational envi-     Franklin, Massachusetts and New
  EnergySmart Roof ® on flat areas     ronment, as well as, the financial envi-
  and G410, 60 mil Décor Profile in                                                 Britain, Connecticut, was retained by
  Azure Blue
                                       ronment.                                     the school district to design the new

Completed                              The Challenge
  November 2000                          The Freetown - Lakeville School
                                       District in Massachusetts was faced
building additions as well as, design a                  Sarnafil      Authorized        Applicator.         that Kaestle Boos sought with a similar
new roof system. The architectural firm                  According to Joe Calheta, owner of                  standing seam metal roof but at a sig-
considered a variety of available com-                   Capeway, his company has been suc-                  nificantly reduced installed price.
panies and products for the 124,000                      cessful with Sarnafil “because the jobs
square foot high school. Initial con-                    go smoothly with no leak calls.” Having
struction costs and life cycle perfor-                   more than 15 years experience
mance were paramount issues. In                          installing Sarnafil also increases his
addition, aesthetics became increas-                     efficiency and his profitability on the job.
ingly important, particularly at the steep                  While keeping the building water-
slope front entrance of the gymnasium.                   tight, Capeway’s roofing crew carefully
                                                         removed the failed EPDM and built up
The Choice
                                                         roof systems down to the structural
   Kaestle Boos and the school district                  decks. On the low slope deck areas, a
reviewed a variety of roof system solu-                  Sarnafil adhered roof system was in-
tions. The Team’s first criterion was to                 stalled. The roof system was designed
select a roof system that had over a                     to comply with Factory Mutual and
25-year track record of performance.                     Underwriter’s Laboratory wind and fire
Secondly, the roof system application                    ratings. Layers of Sarnatherm isocy-
could not be intrusive. Since some of                    anurate insulation were mechanically
the construction would occur during                      fastened to the deck with corrosion re-
school hours the smell of asphalt and                    sistant screws and plates. The Sarnafil
other fumes could not be tolerated.                      G410 EnergySmart membrane was
Third, because the district had a limit-                 adhered with a low odor, low VOC, wa-
ed budget, the system design and con-                    ter-based adhesive to the insulation                   Dr. Dennis Flynn, Superintendent of
struction had to be cost efficient.                      panels. All flashings were installed with           Schools at Freetown - Lakeville
Fourth, the team considered the                          the same membrane and completed at                  Regional School District, says,
advantages a white, reflective roof                      the time of installation. The Sarnafil              “Sarnafil was the best choice for this
membrane would offer in reducing                         membrane field seams and mem-                       facility. Based on my past experience
cooling costs. Lastly, as part of the                    brane flashings were hot air welded.                with Sarnafil Roof Systems at other
new gymnasium addition, the architect                    The Sarnafil hot air welded seams are               school projects within the District,
sought a roof finish that would add                      constructed without primers, adhe-                  Sarnafil has provided the best long-
color and texture to the new steep                       sives, or caulking and provide the best             term performance.”
slope roof design. Aesthetics became                     method for seam construction.                          For over 35 years, Sarnafil Roof
a primary concern.
                                                            On the steep sloped gymnasium                    Systems have provided the best long-
   Richard Kirby, project architect at                   roof, Capeway installed the Sarnafil                term solution for college, universities,
Kaestle Boos, “In reviewing the design                   Décor Profile roof system. The Décor                and school district facilities. Sarnafil
criteria for the building, the Sarnafil                  Profile roof system utilizes a special              works closely with architectural firms
EnergySmart Roof ® and the Décor                         color Sarnafil G410 membrane with a                 and school districts nationally and pro-
Profile roof systems provided the best                   color coordinated profile that is hot air           vides consultative sales and technical
solutions. It was decided from the                       welded to the roof membrane. The                    information. With more than three bil-
beginning to go with a heat-welded                       profile can be installed in virtually any           lion square feet of membrane installed
system to ensure seam integrity on the                   pattern and spacing. At Apponequet, a               worldwide, Sarnafil is proud of its world
low sloped roofs. On the steep slope                     layer of Sarnatherm insulation was                  class record of performance.
area, the Décor Profile system with the                  mechanically fastened to the cementi-
azure blue Sarnafil membrane, provid-                    tious wood fiber roof deck. The
ed significant cost savings compared                                                                            According to the US Department of
                                                         Sarnafil G410 azure blue membrane                   Energy’s Energy$mart Schools Initiative,
to the cost of standing seam metal.                      was adhered to the insulation. After all
Sarnafil also provided us with a single                                                                      leaky roofs are a primary deterrent to
                                                         seams and flashings were completed,                 learning in the classroom. According to
warranty that covered both the low                       the matching azure blue profile was
slope and steep slope applications.”                                                                         Larry Schoff, technical director for the
                                                         welded in place over the roof mem-                  DOE program, “improvement in facilities
The Sarnafil Solution                                    brane at a spacing of 23 inches on                  conditions have a direct impact on how
                                                         center. The azure blue Décor profile                teachers teach and children learn.”
 The project was bid and awarded to
                                                         system with the color coordinated pro-
Capeway Roofing Systems of
                                                         files provided the aesthetic features
Westport, Massachusetts, a longtime

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