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					  The Official Moodle Teacher Certificate
Introduction                               The MTC project                          MTC fees
The Moodle Teacher Certificate             Your MTC project course will be          The MTC has a global fee of $400
(MTC) is a great way to                    setup as an empty shell course,          Australian dollars, or the equivalent
demonstrate that you are                   with no students, using a standard       in local currency.
competent in the use of all the main       Moodle environment.                      The fee is paid to a registering
tools and functions of a standard          You will be assigned a mentor-           Moodle Partner, or certification
Moodle installation. The MTC is            assessor who will support you as         central administration.
issued by Moodle Trust from Perth          you develop your course, and             The fee covers everything you will
in Australia, and a proportion of the      assess it once it is complete.           require including registration,
fees are contributed directly into         The project course you create must       mentor-assessor support, set-up
the Moodle development fund.               demonstrate you can use the tools        and hosting of your course,
                                           and functions as detailed within the     marking, certificate, and all
The MTC is not a course on how to          MTC Candidate Guide and Skill Sets       administration.
use Moodle, but by participating           in Moodle Certification on
you will undoubtedly learn more  
about Moodle and its potential.
                                             *   Environmental technology
The amount of work required to               *   Generic Moodle skills
gain certification will vary                 *   Moodle blocks
depending on your prior knowledge            *   Using Resources
and experience.                              *   Using Activities
                                             *   Multimedia and resources           Need more details?
Prerequisites                                *   Participant management             The principle location for
Before registering you should                *   Course management                  information on the MTC is within
consider whether you're ready to                                                    the Moodle Certification course on
attempt the MTC. Satisfy yourself          The MTC narrative                        the website.
that you can answer “Yes” to the           This component is a set of
following checklist:                       questions that require you to reflect    MTC is only available through
☑ I have created a Moodle course           upon your course project and             Moodle Partners.
previously                                 teaching. The narrative enables
☑ I have supported learners online using   your mentor-assessor to evaluate         * If you live in a country where
                                           that in addition to your ability to      there is a Moodle Partner, you
☑ I am familiar with           use Moodle at a 'technical' level,       should contact them and ask if they
                                           you are able to appropriately select     are supporting MTC.
☑ I am a member of and
                                           the correct tools and functions in a
know how to use the forums                                                          * If you live in a country with no
                                           sound pedagogical manner.
☑ I can set aside at least 40 hours over                                            Moodle Partner, or if there is no
8 weeks                                                                             Moodle Partner currently supporting
☑ I have tried the MTC orientation exam The MTC exam                                MTC in your country, you may
☑ I have read and understand the MTC The online exam component is the               register with certification central
Candidate Guide and Skill Sets           final part of the certification, and       administration.
                                         can only be attempted once the
What does MTC entail? project and narrative areiscompleted
                                         successfully. The exam based on
The MTC has three components; a the same eight Skill Sets, and must
course project that you build, a         be passed within 4 weeks of
narrative document, and an online        completing the project and
exam. In order to gain the MTC,          narrative. A maximum of three
you must receive a mark of 80% or attempts are allowed.
higher in each component.
“[it] helped me get a real understanding “ wasn't easy, but I think that's a   “I'm so proud of my MTC, and I would
of Moodle – I feel like an expert now!” really good thing...”                       recommend it to anyone, anywhere.”