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									                                                                                        CTRI Inc. Resource Manual
                                                                                             Purchase Order Form

       To Purchase Manual:                                Resource Manuals:
       PHONE: 204-452-9199                                These informative and easy to follow manuals are given
       FAX:       204-475-2920                            to each public workshop participant. For those unable to
                                                          attend our workshops, or for those who wish to have extra
       EMAIL:     info@ctrinstitute.com
                                                          copies, manuals can be purchased directly from our office.
       MAIL:      Suite 100, 154 Sherbrook St.            Each spiral bound manual contains 50 to 70 pages of
                  Winnipeg, MB R3C 2B4                    practical and helpful material.

                               CTRI MANUALS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE                       QUANTITY
                          Conflict Resolution Strategies
                          Counselling Skills – An Introduction & Overview
                          Crisis Response Planning
                          Critical Incident Group Debriefing
                          De-escalating Potentially Violent Situations
                          Effective Life Skills – Empowering Youth for Success
                          Responding to Trauma
                          Self-Injury Behaviour in Youth – Issues & Strategies
                          Suicide Prevention, Intervention & Postvention Strategies
                          Violence Threat Assessment – Planning & Response
                          Mental Illness - Awareness and Support
                          Gender and Sexual Identity in Youth
                          Stress Management - Creating Balance in Your Life
                                                                   Total # of Manuals

                          EACH MANUAL                 X   # OF MANUALS         =        TOTAL COST
                  $36.75 ($35.00 + $1.75 GST)
                      Price includes shipping costs

                                        We offer a 10% discount on orders of 10+ manuals.

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Upon receipt of payment CTRI Inc. will mail your requested Resource Manuals.

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