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									Star Wars Costumes offered at

Totally Costumes, a leading retailer of high quality costumes and costume accessories, is excited about
George Lucas attending Star Wars Celebration V this August in Orlando. In fact, Lucasfilms is also
celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, a sequel to this day that many fans consider the
best Star Wars film ever made. In helping to commemorate the occasion, Totally Costumes has expanded
their selection of Star Wars costumes and accessories for all ages including their popular Star Wars child
costume selection.

Nova of who recently completed a Star Wars cosplay photoshoot of Padme Amidala
stated, "Star Wars has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of people around the world. It is like
no other story of our time. It engages, excites and inspires us... even 33 years later!"

The force is strong with you, Jedi! But will you use your powers for good or for the dark side? You can choose
your path with the many different Jedi Knight Star Wars costumes offered for all ages. The selection of Star
Wars Jedi Knight costumes includes characters such as Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan
Kenobi, Master Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn and Plo Koon. For the girls of the Jedi order, you will find the young
female padawan Ahsoka Tano costume. Accessorize your costume with fun items such as a toy lightsaber,
Jedi robe, gauntlet gloves, blaster weapons, character masks and contact lenses.

If your preference is the dangerous powers of the dark side, you will find many well-trained assassins and
dark sith lord Star Wars costumes. Choose from the Asajj Ventress costume (a female Rattataki Dark Jedi
who served as Count Dooku's Dark Acolytes), evil Emperor Palpatine, bounty hunter assassin Jango Fett, his
son Boba Fett, the sith Darth Maul or even the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader.

If your weapon preference is a blaster and you choose to fight for the greater good of the Republic, you can
choose from Star Wars costumes such as Han Solo, X-Wing Fighter Pilot uniform, Clone Trooper or an cute
E-Wok warrior. Your favorite Star Wars characters are also available in costume such as Stormtroopers,
C-3PO, Chewbacca, Jabba the Hutt and Rex the Clone Trooper Leader. For all of the female fans of the Star
Wars episodes, you can choose from Queen Amidala of the Naboo, senator Padme Amidala in her Geonosis
battle outfit, Princess Leia in her white gown, Leia Organa in her slave outfit and female Jedi Knight attire.

Totally Costumes offers you one of the largest selections of Star Wars costumes and costume accessories
online at discounted prices. Styles are available to infants, toddlers, children, teens, adults and plus sizes.
You will even find Star Wars pet costumes for your dogs and cats. You will benefit from their same day
shipping on order placed before 1:00pm MST and free ground shipping on orders over $100.

About: makes sure the party never stops! This e-commerce costume retailer believes
in carrying a large selection of costumes in all sizes, styles and themes to fulfill any party, costume or event
requirement. They have a dynamic team that works together so their customers receive their order quickly.
Their friendly customer care team is dedicated to providing their customers with diligent service while their
shipping facilities work efficiently in shipping your order out as quickly as possible.

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