Real Time Monitoring of Power Grid Stability by gzy18727


									      Real Time Monitoring of Power Grid Stability
         Obtaining real time Thevenin equivalent circuits from local power busses

Advantages:                            Technology Details:
•   Rapid measurement of power         This technology provides a novel method to
    grid state                         accurately estimate power grid stability by
                                       measuring in real time, with a single time-
•   Single time point measurement
                                       point, instabilities and drift at a power grid
•   Allows response to fast voltage
                                       node, such as a power substation.
    or phase instabilities
                                       The algorithm allows an estimation of the
                                       Thevenin equivalent of the grid as seen from
                                       local substation busses in a power station.
Principal Inventor:
                                       Voltage stability, angle stability, system
Prof. Jose Marti, Dept. of
                                       islanding and other predictors of system
Electrical and Computer
                                       behavior can be estimated using this technique.
                                       The method can be implemented with current
                                       transformers and voltage transformers typically
                                       present at power substations or newer phase
Patent Status:                         measuring units.
US patent application
                                       Development Stage:
Reference #: 08-025                    Development of algorithm and early stage tests
                                       on historical power grid data have been
Contact:                               performed.
Roger Miller
Technology Transfer Manager            Applications:
Tel: (604) 822 9395
                                       Real-time Voltage Stability Assessment, Voltage
                                       Stability   Relays,   Self-healing   networks,
                                       Optimum Load Management in distributed
                                       systems, Islanding Detection


                                       UBC is seeking partner to test algorithm on real
                                       data and in the field and eventually to deploy
                                       commercial product.

                                                             Last Updated: January 2010

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