Student Voices Press Kit Checklist by zyv69684


									                               Student Voices
                               Press Kit Checklist
These steps should help you obtain publicity for your students’ event by guiding you through the
process. All the documents highlighted in bold are in this Press Kit section of your Student Voices

_____Determine what media to invite using the Student Voices Website or from local
     contact information.

_____ Send the Inviting a Reporter to Cover a Class or School Event letter or
      Media Advisory to reporters (about a week in advance of your event).

_____Make follow-up calls to reporters to determine their interest (a day or two
     before your event).

_____Obtain photo/media releases for students (if required by school or district).

_____Write a Press Release about your event to give to reporters attending your
     event (this information will help them write their story).

_____Make copies of your Press Release and the Student Voices Fact Sheet to
     hand out to reporters as background information.

_____Make copies of any other relevant handout materials, such as student project
     documents or research materials.

_____Have a sign-in sheet so you know what reporters covered your event.

_____Ask a student to take photos to submit to the Student Voices Website and also
     to your community newspaper.

_____Ask students to send a thank-you note to reporters who covered the event.

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