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					                       Wedding Shots Check-List

                               List Of Shots                Completed
                       Shots Before The Wedding

Groom looking at watch
Groom And Groomsmen
Groom And Best Man
Groom And His Mother And Father
Bride Arriving At Church in Limo (If Applicable)
Bride Getting Out Of Limo (If Applicable)
Bride In Dressing Room
Maid/Matron of Honor Placing Veil On Bride
Bride With Mother
Bride With Father
Bride With Mother And Father

                 Shots During The Wedding Ceremony

Bride’s Mother Lighting Candle
Groom’s Mother Lighting Candle
Flower Girl Proceeding Down Aisle
Ring Boy Proceeding Down Aisle
Bride’s Maids Proceeding Down Aisle
Maid of Honor Proceeding Down Aisle
Bride Proceeding Down Aisle (Front Shot)
Bride Proceeding Down Aisle ( Back Shot Accenting Train)
Bride At Alter With Person Giving Her Away
Bride And Groom At Alter (Various Angles)
Bride And Groom Exchanging Vowels
Bride And Groom Exchanging Rings
Bride And Groom Lighting The Unity Candle (If Applicable)
Bride And Groom Being Crowned (If Applicable)
Bride And Groom Taking Communion (If Applicable)
Bride And Groom Kissing
Bride And Groom Leaving Alter
Bride And Groom Leaping Over Broom (If Applicable)
Bride And Groom Walking Under Sabers (If Applicable)
Bride And Groom Walking Through Bubbles (If Applicable)
Last Saber Taps Bride On Back With Sword (If Applicable)
Bride And Groom Outside Limo
Bride And Groom Inside Limo
Bride And Groom Leaving (Don’t Worry -They’ll be back for the pictures)
            Formal Shots After Wedding Ceremony At Altar

Full Body Shot of Bride With Bouquet (Various Angles)
Close-up Shot of Bride (With Bouquet Raised So That It’s In Picture)
Full Body Shot Of Bride And Groom Holding Bouquet
Close-up shot of bride and groom holding bouquet
Various Shots of Bride And Groom (Be Creative)
Re-Stage Bride And Groom Lighting Unity Candle
Re-Stage Bride And Groom Exchanging Rings (Get Best Angle)
Bride With Maid/Matron Of Honor
Bride With Brides Maids
Bride With Flower Girl
The Wedding Party
Groom With Best Man
Groom With Groom’s Men
Groom With Ring Boy
                        Family Shots At The Altar

Bride And Groom With Parents
Bride With Bride’s Parents
Groom With Groom’s Parents
Bride With Siblings
Groom With Siblings
Bride’s Entire Family
Groom’s Entire Family
Groom With Bride’s Parents
Bride With Groom’s Parents
Various other special request family shots from bride, groom and parents
               Candid And Formal Shots At The Reception

The Cake (Do this first so that it doesn’t get cut before being photographed)
The Bride’s Parents Entering The Reception
The Groom’s Parent’s Entering The Reception
The Grand Parents (of Bride And Groom) Entering The Reception
The Bride And Groom Entering The Reception
The Bride And Groom Seated At The Head Table
The Bride And Groom Taking Their First Dance
The Bride’s Dance With Her Father (If Applicable)
The Groom’s Dance With His Mother (If Applicable)
Shots of family and guests enjoying themselves at the reception
Table Shots of Family Members
                    Wedding Check List from artphotogrenier

Bride And Groom Tasting
Ring/ Hand Shot At The Cake Table
Bride And Groom Cutting Cake
Bride And Groom Feeding Each other
Dollar Dance (If Applicable)
Bride Throwing Bouquet
Groom Removing Garter From Bride’s Leg
Groom Throwing Garter
Bride And Groom Leaving Reception (If You Are Still There)

                      Wedding Check List from artphotogrenier