Fuel Purchase Agreement by dag12237


									                              Fuel Purchase Agreement

This agreement made this             day of                       , 2005.


                                     (hereinafter referred to as the “District”)

                      (print name)    (hereinafter referred to as the “Employee/Trustee”)

WHEREAS the District has facilitated participation of employees and trustees in its fuel
contract with Matonabee Holdings (the vendor) at the variable rate of .7598 per litre for
the months of October 2005 to April 2006; and

WHEREAS the District has guaranteed payment to the vendor for the delivery of fuel to
the employees/trustees; and

WHEREAS the employee/trustee wishes to participate in the fuel program at the variable
rate, the District and the Employee/Trustee agree as follows:

   1.      The Employee/Trustee agree to all payment terms and conditions established
           by the vendor.

   2.      In the event of any payment default, the Employee/Trustee agrees to repay the
           District by payroll deduction for any amount that the District paid to the
           vendor as a result of non-compliance on paragraph 2 above.

   3.      The Employee understands that non-compliance with paragraph 2 will
           constitute termination of this agreement.

Date                                          Delivery Location

Signature of Employee/Trustee                 Home Phone Number

                   Assistant Superintendent – Business

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