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									                                                                                                           August-September 2009

The Cedar Grove Gateway
Cedar Grove Redevelopment District: Eagan’s new gateway destination

EDA approves parcel purchase agreement
Eagan’s Economic Development Authority unanimously                  suggested price—less than a typical market would
approved a parcel purchase agreement for Doran Pratt                support—she noted today’s challenging economic
Development for a Cedar Grove 10-acre property during               environment, including high borrowing costs, restrictive
a public hearing in early August. While the terms of the            loan-to-value ratios and high interest rates.
purchase align with the master Cedar Grove purchase                                                                 continued on back
agreement, the sale would not
close until after formal approval of
the development plan at a later
date. The property would then               Cedarvale Lanes celebrates 30 years
be utilized for Phase 1 of the
redevelopment.                            Back in 1979, a gallon of gas cost 86
                                          cents, Sony released the Walkman, and
Prior to EDA’s vote, Jon Hohenstein,      Eagan welcomed Cedarvale Lanes, where
community development director,           bowlers had their pick of 24 lanes and
recounted the previous steps:             kicked back in the Spare Time Lounge.
■ March 16: The EDA approved a
                                          Today, Cedarvale Lanes enjoys a huge
  preliminary concept plan for
                                          following thanks to 32 lanes, Fitz’s Bar &
  Phase 1 and a master purchase
                                          Grill (named for Hugh Fitzgerald, one
  agreement, which acts as an
                                          of the founding owners), three sand
  umbrella over multiple individual
                                          volleyball courts and a hardworking
  purchase agreements.
                                          management team.
■ June 17: Doran Pratt submitted

  a development application for           In August, Cedarvale Lanes celebrates 30
                                          years in business with bowling specials    Cedarvale Lanes’ owners—Gregg Zafft,
  Phase 1, which incorporates                                                        Brent Prentice, Wade Barber and Sharon
  two apartment buildings (275-           (Aug. 27-29) and a live outdoor concert
                                                                                     Hanson—have lots to celebrate during
  300 units) connected by a               with the Casablanca Orchestra on           its 30th anniversary: This year the
  common service area, plus a             Saturday, Aug. 29, 8 p.m. to midnight.     Eagan landmark enjoyed both its largest
                                                                                     spring bowling league season and its
  central gathering and park space.       But Brent Prentice and his co-owners       biggest sand volleyball season, the latter
During the meeting, Rebecca                 aren’t looking back. “We’ve worked hard, including 128 teams and more than
                                                                                         1,500 players.
Kurtz, financial advisor/vice-              made ourselves a Cedar Grove landmark
president at Ehlers & Associates,           and we’re proud of that.” He notes,
presented background information            however, that while being a destination establishment is nice, he hopes the
on her firm’s pro forma review to           redevelopment will bring more traffic to the area. “We’re anticipating some greatness
determine the parcel’s purchase             down here quick with the Cedar Grove development.”
price of $25,000. Explaining the

                                                Still have questions?
                                                Visit, or contact
                                                Jon Hohenstein at or 651-675-5660.
The Cedar Grove Gateway

                                                                 Wickenhauser Excavating awarded
   Purchase agreement               continued from page 1
                                                                 demolition contract
   Kurtz noted, however, that the agreement includes
   a look-back provision, which would allow—if the               From a dozen bids, the Dakota County Community
   financial return is greater than anticipated—the              Development Agency Board awarded its latest Cedar
   City and the developer at a later date to recover             Grove demolition contract to Wickenhauser Excavating in
   a portion or all of the write-down for the initial            August. The 35-year-old company will subcontract with
   purchase price.                                               Twell Environmental to complete the pre-demolition
                                                                 abatement work, including removal of asbestos, lead-
   In the meantime, the City is reviewing the Phase 1
                                                                 based paint and hazardous materials. Abatement work is
   application. Said Hohenstein, “Doran Pratt has
                                                                 planned for the end of August, with demolition following
   requested that a formal review await the securing of
                                                                 shortly thereafter. Work on the sites is to be completed in
   financing for one or more of the Phase 1 elements.”
                                                                 October. Properties to be demolished are listed below.
                                                                 ■   Former Plourde Sales, 3935 Cedarview Drive
                                                                 ■   Former Sherwin Williams, 3975 Sibley Memorial Highway
Environmental review nears completion                            ■   Former Superior Paint and Collision,
                                                                     3985 Cedarview Drive
More than five years after the SRF Consulting Group              ■   Former Rudy’s Automotive & Sinclair, 3946 Nicols Road
produced its first Alternative Urban Area-wide Review, or        ■   Former Colonial Carwash, 4015 Cedarvale Drive
AUAR, for the Cedar Grove Redevelopment District, the            ■   Former Shell Gas Station, 3830 Cedarvale Boulevard
group is finalizing its second Cedar Grove AUAR.                 ■   Former Null’s Power Equipment,
“Initially, the intent of a state-required AUAR is to assist a       3998 Sibley Memorial Highway
city with its development planning, focusing on how a            ■   Former Office Condominiums,
particular development might affect the environment,”                3900-3914 Cedarvale Drive
says Nancy Frick, SRF project manager, whose team                ■   Cedarvale Area Pylon Sign
includes traffic and water resources engineers, plus an          Looking ahead, the former Mediterranean Cruise and a
environmental planner.                                           Cedar Grove-area Laundromat will be surveyed shortly
Back in September 2001, her team first consulted with            for asbestos and hazardous materials removal; their
such state and federal agencies as the Minnesota                 demolition contract will be awarded in October with work
Pollution Control Agency, Watershed District, Mn/DOT and         to be completed by year’s end.
the Metropolitan Council. It also conducted a traffic study,
since that was a primary concern of the Cedar Grove
                                                                     City awaits Supreme Court decision
development. The first AUAR invited public weigh-in
before its finalization in October 2002.                             The Minnesota Supreme Court has not yet announced
                                                                     whether it will hear the appeal of an eminent-domain case
“An AUAR is a win-win,” Frick says, “both for the City’s             filed by Eagan’s Environmental Development Authority. The
holistic planning and for individual developers who can              District Court ruled that the City had acted appropriately in
rely on the AUAR without having to conduct their own                 taking steps to acquire three Cedar Grove properties in the
environmental reviews.”                                              redevelopment district. Appealed by the property owners,
                                                                     the decision was revisited by appellate judges who ruled on
This time around, Frick’s team studied the revised Cedar
                                                                     technical grounds that the EDA should not have acquired
Grove plan (still a multi-use development—only the mix               the land by eminent domain before a binding development
has changed), consulted with agencies, conducted a                   agreement was in place. Discussions between the property
traffic analysis, considered any new environmental                   owners and the City continue. If the Court accepts the case,
concerns and revisited regulatory issues. The new AUAR,              a schedule will be set to hear arguments.
likely to be finalized by the end of September, will make
recommendations to alleviate any environmental impact in
such areas as traffic, storm-water runoff, airport noise and     Like to receive the Cedar Grove Gateway online?
site cleanup.
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Adds Frick: “The report will inform ongoing Cedar Grove
developmental decisions, including site plan approvals           and choose City Newsletters
and development plan agreements.”                                and Publications.

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