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                                                                          Fall/Winter 2009/10 – Volume XXIV, No. 1

From the                            Fesler-Lampert Chair Supports
Director                            Research on Immigrant and Refugee
D    ear Friends:
     If you’ve
visited the IHRC
                                    Youth and “Social Networking”
                                    With assistance from graduate students Andy Wilhide and Justin Schell, the
lately, you’ve                      Fesler-Lampert Chair in Public Humanities (held this year by Donna Gabaccia in
probably no-                        addition to the Rudolph J. Vecoli Chair) has begun research on how immigrant and
ticed the bustle                    refugee youth in Minnesota use social networking sites such as YouTube and Face-
of high energy that characterizes   book to document their own
Andersen Library during the fall    lives. The project with Wilhide
semester.                           (History) and Schell (Compara-
                                    tive Studies in Discourse and
Since mid-summer, we’ve intro-
                                    Society) is called “Minnesota
duced a score of researchers to our
                                    2.0: Digital Media and Story-
collections and heard what they
                                    Telling by Immigrant Youth.”
are finding in our archives. We’ve
                                    Four undergraduate students
listened to graduate students and
                                    with close ties to the Hmong,
faculty report on new research
                                    Somali and Mexican-American (L-R) Mustafa Jumale, Andy Wilhide, Justin Schell,
related to race, ethnicity and
                                    community are sharing their sto- Yuridia Ramirez, Salma Hussein & Suk Her
migration. A dozen undergradu-
                                    ries and surveying existing social networking sites. They’ve also examined the kinds
ate and graduate student workers
                                    of stories told by earlier immigrants and refugees, which are held as part of IHRC
and research assistants currently
                                    research collections. In the winter semester, the research will design a webpage that
help IHRC staff on special projects
                                    documents the new stories they are uncovering. The undergraduates on the research
you’ll find described throughout
                                    team are Salma Hussein, Mustafa Jumale, Suk Her (all from the Twin Cities)
this newsletter. With undergradu-
                                    and Yuridia Ramirez (from Reedsburg, WI). For a fuller description of the project
ate classes regularly visiting the
IHRC, and with special exhibits
commemorating the 40th Anni-
versaries of African-American and Global REM Seminars
American Indian Studies just out-
side our door, the current bustle   The IHRC partnered with the Institute for Global
strikes me as the most intense I’ve Studies to present Global Race, Ethnicity, Migra-
experienced since arriving here in tion seminars this semester. Fall speakers included
2005.                               Jeffrey Pilcher, University of Minnesota; Prof.
And we don’t expect that the onset dr. M.H.G. van Kempen, University of Amster-
of cool weather will cool things    dam; Donna Gabaccia, University of Minnesota;
down at the IHRC!                   and Trent Alexander, Minnesota Population
                                    Center. Johanna Leinonen, Ph.D. candidate
We’ve just joined supporters at the in History at the University of Minnesota will be     L-R Michiel van Kempen, Donna
32nd Annual Meeting and Dinner speaking on December 3rd at noon in 308 Elmer Gabaccia, Klaas van der Sanden,
with Friends of the IHRC.           L. Andersen Library. For additional information & Jenneke Oosterhoff
Continued on page 3, Gabaccia visit our website at
IMMIGRATION HISTORY RESEARCH CENTER                                                    Fall/Winter 2009/10 – Volume XXIV, No. 1

Grant-in-Aid Awards                          David Palter                              Research by
                                             of University
                                             of California,
Sixteen scholars have been awarded
2009-2010 grants in aid to support           Santa Cruz,
                                                                                       Two of the many
travel to and research in the historical     explored the
collections of the Immigration History       evolution of ra-
                                                                                       students who can
Research Center. Award recipients            cial thinking in
                                                                                       be seen regularly
include doctoral candidates, indepen-        arguments over
                                                                                       around the IHRC
dent scholars, creative artists, and         the education
                                                                                       this semester are
heritage preservation personnel, with        of Chinese and
                                                                                       Chelsey Kuef-
topics ranging from gender violence          Japanese children in San Francisco
                                                                                       fer and Mi-
and refugee policies to Greek identity       from the late 19th century to 1924. His
                                                                                       chelle Hersch,
in the American Midwest. Grants in aid       work focused on finding the voices
                                                                                       who are earning
are made possible through gifts to the       of early San Francisco working-class
                                                                                       academic credit
IHRC’s ethnic studies and other funds.       Chinese and Italian immigrants. (Co-
                                                                                       in History and a
                                             sponsor: Asian American Studies)
Visiting Scholars                                                                      small stipend by Chelsey Kueffer
                                                                                       assisting Donna Gabaccia on her
Aleksandra Loewenau of Oxford                Stacy Fahrenthold of Northeastern
                                                                                       research project “Imagining Nations
Brookes University presented her             University studied the role of associa-
                                                                                       of Immigrants.” Chelsey Kueffer,
research into the                            tions and ethnic press in linking immi-
                                                                                       a communication major from Sussex,
plight of 1,700                              grant communities
                                                                                       WI, is analyzing three big-city news-
Polish Catholic                              and the formation
                                                                                       papers edited by African-American
priest inmates of                            of an Arab-Ameri-
                                                                                       editors for African-American readers
the Dachau con-                              can public sphere in
                                                                                       in twentieth century Atlanta, New
centration camp                              the mid-twentieth
                                                                                       York and Los An-
and revealed a                               century, focusing
                                                                                       geles. Chelsey has
new and difficult                             on how this con-
                                                                                       discovered that
perspective on                               tributed to national
                                                                                       African Ameri-
the collaboration                            identity at home and in the Diaspora.
                                                                                       cans rarely wrote
of medical pro-                              (Co-sponsor: Mediterranean Studies)
                                                                                       about the U.S. as a
fessionals in the persecution of clergy                      Another fall visitor was  “nation of immi-
in the Nazi era. (Co-sponsors: Center for                    Matjaz Klemencic          grants.” Now she
Holocaust and Genocide Studies; Program                      who studied the prob-     wants to see how
in the History of Medicine and Program in                    lem of self-identification African-American
Human Rights and Health)                                     for the Slovenes of       press discussions
                                                             Pueblo, CO, and col-      of immigration       Michelle Hersch
                    Kathryn Wegner
                                                             laborated on completing differed from those
                    analyzed the dynam-
                                                             his book, Jim Pugel and in other presses. Michelle Hersch,
                    ic and expanding
                                             Other Slovenian Pioneers of Pueblo,       from New Berlin, WI, a junior major-
                    nature of the cultural
                                             Colorado. He also was preparing           ing in journalism (history minor) and
                    meaning of citizen-
                                             chapters for a 2010 and 2011 publica- interested in how foreign-born legisla-
                    ship between 1910
                                             tion of Immigrants in America, edited tors (who numbered among some of
                    and 1940 for immi-
                                             by Elliot Barkan.                         the earliest users of the phrase “na-
                    grant communities
                                                                                       tion of immigrants”) thought about
                    as education and citi-   IHRC News is published fall/winter        the immigration restriction proposals
                    zenship converged.       and spring/summer (print and online). of their time. Her research, which
Ms. Wegner is a student at the Univer-       It is sent to supporters of the IHRC,     focuses on four immigrant Congress-
sity of Illinois-Chicago. (Co-sponsor:       including selected and prospective
Kautz Family YMCA Archives, University                                                 men from the Upper Midwest, has
                                             members of Friends of IHRC, donors, required her to survey the Congres-
                                             University of Minnesota colleagues,       sional Record, newspaper articles and
                                             and exchange publications. Please         to consult unpublished letters in the
  Visit for additional          notify the IHRC if you wish to receive    Minnesota Historical Society.
 details                                     the online version only.

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IMMIGRATION HISTORY RESEARCH CENTER                                                Fall/Winter 2009/10 – Volume XXIV, No. 1

Collections Note                          From the                                 Staff Update
Halyna Myroniuk, Sr. Assistant            Program Director                         Recent
Curator, attended the                                                              University
                                          The IHRC staff                           of Minne-
26th Conference on
                                          joins me in thank-                       sota gradu-
Ukrainian Subjects
                                          ing our long-time                        ates Addie
at the University of
                                          supporters and                           Mrosla (l)
Illinois at Urbana-
                                          IHRC’s develop-                          and Ann
Champaign, June 24-
                                          ment associate                           Brigl (r)
27, where she shared
                                          Eva Widder                               contributed during
a power point pre-
                                          for helping us to                        summer 2009 to the IHRC as a collec-
sentation on the pilot
                                          affirm that the director of the IHRC      tions intern and public services student
project entitled “Ukrainian American
                                          holds the Rudolph J. Vecoli Chair in     assistant, respectively.
Health, Mortality and Demography
                                          Immigration History Research. The
Project.” She also staffed the IHRC
                                          College of Liberal Arts has committed    Dan
table at the Ukrainian Heritage
                                          additional efforts to fully endowing     Grussing
Festival in North East Minneapolis,
                                          the Chair, ensuring that immigration     is a junior
Sept. 20; and participated in the Hist
                                          studies remain a prominent part of       majoring in
3959 “How to do History” course at
                                          the curriculum at the University of      English and
Andersen Library along with curators
                                          Minnesota.                               working in
from the Archives and Special Collec-
tions units on Oct.12. She researched,                                             the IHRC
selected, and provided historical         IHRC outreach continues to grow          as Assistant
background on the 1932-1933 famine        — to university classes visiting the     Data Man-       (L-R) Dan Grussing &
in Ukraine.                               archives and through public history      ager. Sadie Sadie Doggett
                                          in our many activities. IHRC staff       Doggett
Gabaccia continued from page 1            are frequent guest speakers at ethnic,   started at the IHRC as Assistant Bill-
In the weeks ahead, we’re looking for-    genealogy and local history events.      ing Coordinator in September and is
ward to a workshop on the digitization                                             a sophomore going into biomedical
of the so-called “America letters,”                                                engineering.
                                          Collections staff continue to work
written by immigrants and a number        with donors on carefully scheduling
of special events of interest to Roma-    acquisitions for existing collections,   Giving to the IHRC
nian, Hungarian, Somali, Hmong and        and we are learning more flexible         It’s been a busy fall at the IHRC. I’ve
Mexican-American communities.             ways of documenting and preserving       enjoyed meeting some
Be sure to keep a close eye on our web-   immigrant experience materials. We       of you at the screen-

                                                                                                                               Photo by E. Ayoubzadeh
page ( because        are making progress in processing        ing of “Sempre, Rudi”
more is currently being planned. Mark     archival and print materials, and new    and the Friends of the
your calendar for a day long “teach-in”   finding aids on the IHRC website will     IHRC Annual Meeting.
on February 1 that will explore immi-     make it easier for researchers and po-   It is inspiring to see
grant and refugee’s ties to their home-   tential donors to appreciate the depth   how passionate you
land, and ponder when such connec-        of our collections.                      are about preserving
tions become politicized. Throughout      After the success of “Association        immigrant history and
the year we’ll be exploring immigrant     Archives” in spring 2009, IHRC has       sharing it with others. I look forward to
stories, the politics of citizenship,     begun planning a more intense two-       seeing you soon!
migration from the Austro-Hungarian       day Society of American Archivists’      —Eva Widder
Empire…and much, much more.               workshop titled “Understanding
You are always welcome to visit us at     Archives.” Stay tuned for informa-
                                                                                   We need your help in reaching our
the IHRC and to join the intellectual     tion – and be sure to check the IHRC
                                                                                   $1 million goal for the Vecoli Chair.
adventure!                                webpage (or new Facebook page) for
                                                                                   Contact Eva Widder, External
                                          the latest news!
All the best,                                                                      Relations, College of Liberal Arts, at
                                                                                   612-626-5146 or
—Donna Gabaccia                           —Haven Hawley
                                                                                   for more information. Thank you for
                                                        Page 3                     your support.
Immigration History Research Center
University of Minnesota                                                                                           Nonprofit Org.
311 Andersen Library                                                                                               US Postage
222—21st Avenue South                                                                                                 PAID
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0439                                                                                       Minneapolis, MN
                                                                                                                 Permit No. 155

                                          IHRC News —Fall/Winter 2009/10

                    IHRC                                       IHRC Awards First Latvian-American,
IMMIGRATION HISTORY RESEARCH CENTER                            Arab-American Graduate Fellowships
The IHRC promotes interdisciplinary research on interna-
tional migration, develops archives documenting immi-
                                                               The Immigration History Research Center (IHRC) at the Univer-
grant and refugee life, especially in the United States, and
                                                               sity of Minnesota has for the first time awarded the prestigious
makes specialized scholarship available to students, teach-
                                                               Francis Maria Graduate Fellowship in Arab American Studies
ers, and the public. The IHRC acts in partnership with
                                                               and the American Latvian Association (ALA) Graduate Fellow-
various ethnic communities, historical agencies, research
                                                               ship in Latvian American Studies.
specialists, educators, and many others. Its work supports
the tripartite mission—teaching, research, and service—of
                                                               Ilze Garoza, a master’s student in comparative and internation-
its parent institution, the University of Minnesota. IHRC
                                                               al development education, was awarded the ALA Fellowship for
is a unit of College of Liberal Arts.
                                                               2009/2010. Garoza’s research looks at how Latvian immigrants
                                                               have both successfully integrated themselves in the United States
                                                               and also managed to maintain their national identity for over 50

                                                               Charlotte Albrecht, a Ph.D. candidate in feminist studies, was
The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity            awarded the Francis Maria Fellowship for summer 2010. Her
educator and employer. This publication is available in        research focuses on Arab migration history in the United States
alternate formats upon request.                                and how class, gender, sexual and religious norms have affected
       Printed on recycled paper.                              processes of racial formation for Arab migrants.
       Contains a minimum of 10% postconsumer waste.
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