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					                        Church/Interim Pastor Check List
When a church and interim pastor enter into a new relationship, it is appropriate that a number of
concerns be addressed. How this new relationship begins will have a direct bearing on
subsequent ministry. To assist the church and interim pastor in discussing pertinent areas of the
new arrangement, the following list of items is shared:
   The duration of a ministry period.
   The date of a new pastor’s arrival on the field is usually unknown, however, the church may:
      1. estimate the length of time an interim service will be needed
      2. establish three-month increments which may be continued until a pastor arrives
   The weekly time involvement of the interim pastor.
      Attention should be given to:
      1. the interim pastor’s status by way of age, health, earning capacity, impact on Social
      2. the residency status of the interim pastor. Will he commute or will he be a resident in
         the area being served?
      3. defining ministry duties, with time expectations given to each duty
   The housing requirements of the Interim pastor.
      1. is a parsonage provided and, if so, is it adequately furnished? Must he supply
         personal household items such as dishes, flatware, etc.
      2. will heat, utilities, etc. be provided by the church?
      3. will some consideration be necessary for a residence being maintained elsewhere by
         the interim pastor?
      4. will an apartment or other living accommodations be necessary? Is it furnished?
   What benefit considerations will need to be considered?
     1. what is an appropriate base salary for services rendered?
     2. what supplemental benefits need to be considered, such as hospital/medical insurance,
         car allowance, expense account, etc.?
     3. shall he be allowed (and reimbursed) to attend Association and Conference meetings?
     4. if interim is full-time, days off and vacation days should be considered as well.
   What are the definitions of responsibilities, or how will the interim pastor be perceived
   by the members of the church?
       1. many interim pastors are ready to assume the role of a regular pastor during the
          interim. Board and committee meeting agendas, general administrative in addition to
          pastoral duties such as preaching, pastoral care, etc. are concerns that he has
          addressed in his pastorates. Many times duties such as the above are requested by
          members and some leadership, but he may be unclear as to what is expected. When
          this is determined the members should be informed to avoid embarrassment and
       2. if duties are significantly limited, the congregation should be told, for example: a)
          Pastor ____________ is our preaching interim and will not be expected nor required
          to do any visitation, etc; b) Pastor _____________ work week is from Sunday
          through Wednesday.

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