Administrative Fees on Private Foundation Grants by zwi14607


									                                Administrative Fees on Private Foundation Grants

      University        Administrative fee on Gifts

                        5% "transfer fee" on current
                        gifts; 6 month holding period
                        for endowments - interest
                        captured for
  University of Idaho   development/administration

                       2% fee on current gifts; 2%
                       on endowment earnings -
University of Montana looking at raising this to 5%
                       Investment earnings
Boise State University captured
                       100% of unrestricted gifts;
                       1/2 of 1% of endowment
Weber State University growth; no "fee" on gifts

                         5% gift fee; 25.7% tax on
                         phonathon; 100% of
                         unrestricted funds cover
                         development; 1/2 of 1% of
  Eastern Washington     endowment value is annually
       University        allocated to development
                         No fee on gifts - use
                         earnings to fund
                         20 basis pts. +3% on gift
                         balances; endowments
                         "parked" for 6 months and
                         earnings during that time
University of Washington used for administration;

                                                                                   Prepared by: Julie Berg

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