PBH Three-Year Strategic Plan by dag12237


									                       PBH Three-Year Strategic Plan
           Final Recommendations to the PBH Board of Directors

Major Initiatives and Priorities:
   1.      Crisis Continuum: develop and implement plan that will address:
           a. DD crisis response and alternative to hospitalization
           b. Child crisis continuum including crisis respite
           c. Substance abusers in crisis and dually diagnosed consumers
           d. Determine community hospital capacity needed
           e. Increase facility based crisis capacity for adults
           f. Monitor outcomes and efficiency of mobile crisis program
   2.      Substance Abuse Continuum: develop and implement plan that addresses
           a. Resources for detoxification
           b. Dually diagnosed
           c. Continuum of treatment options
           d. Specific services for adolescents
   3.      Develop Criminal Justice/Juvenile Justice outreach plan
           a. Address sub-population of sex offenders and needed services
           b. Collaboration with the courts, Department of Social Services and other
                coordinating agencies
   4.      Full implementation of cultural competency plan, to include PBH Hispanic Outreach
           and Title VI compliance plans as well as cultural competency plan developed by the
           BPH Provider Council.
   5.      Develop an Education and Outreach plan that engages schools, and other public
           service agencies as appropriate in collaborative activities to address education,
           substance abuse prevention and special needs of children with behavioral-emotional-
           developmental problems.
   6.      Strengthen consumer initiatives and activities to promote empowerment and
   7.      PBH Housing Plan Implementation
   8.      NCQA accreditation
   9.      Olmstead: bringing consumers out of state mental retardation and psychiatric
   10.     PBH to become fully operational as a data driven organization
   11.     Increase collaborative activities with Primary Care providers to ensure access to
           appropriate medical and behavioral health care for people with disabilities and to
           facilitate communication to promote cost effective treatment.

                                                                  PBH Three Year Strategic Plan

Major System Improvements:
   1.     Develop strategies to collaborate with providers to improve clinical competency of
          provider agencies in provision of community services such as Community Support.
   2.     Increase competency in the development of Person Centered Plans: develop plans
          that reflect the needs of the person as well as disability specific treatment or
          habilitation goals.
   3.     Work with the PBH Network Council to develop strategies to reduce provider staff
   4.     Increase access to psychiatric services: adult and child
   5.     Increase use of telemedicine to support increased access to psychiatry
   6.     Continue to expand community services, especially including housing options and
          crisis services in order to decrease utilization of state facilities (psychiatric hospitals,
          Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers, and state Intermediate Care Facilities).
   7.     Continue efforts to develop a community based system of care for children, including
          crisis response services in order to decrease out of home placement for children.
   8.     Evaluate ways to meet need for ongoing support for consumers with long term
          disabilities and their families that can be provided through education and family
          supports and through formal services such as Community Support and Peer
   9.     Develop rates that will adequately support clinical services.
   10.    Ensure ongoing viability and financial stability of DAYMARK Recovery Services.
   11.    Further development of the Comprehensive Community Provider (CCP) model to
          expand roles and responsibilities of CCPs as the Clinical Home for consumers in their

PBH Management Improvements:
   1. Improve process and overall management of the DD waiting list and development of
      waiting lists for all consumers waiting for non-Medicaid services.
   2. Development of “clearinghouse” capacity for tracking and management of program
      openings in provider services and key generic resources.
   3. Evaluate efficient alternatives for the authorization of long term care services.
   4. Improve standard authorization request process; make this more efficient, non-
      redundant, provider friendly and transparent to providers, support coordinators and
      community support case managers.
   5. Utilization management process to focus on utilization review goals; improve capacity to
      effectively manage care proactively for efficient use of system resources and optimal
      consumer outcomes.
   6. Evaluate web based billing system to identify provider friendly improvements.
   7. Improve HIPPA billing process and functioning of the 837 I (hospital and ICF billing).
   8. Streamline contracting process. Develop contracts that are customized for category of
      service (inpatient, outpatient, residential, ICF, DD waiver, etc) and type of providers (i.e.
      hospitals, vs. outpatient providers, vs. residential providers)


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