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                       BARBADOS SHIPS’ REGISTRY


 The purpose of this checklist is to provide the company’s representatives in addition to
 the Master, a tool to use in locating system weaknesses that may exist in areas where it
 is known PSC are currently concentrating.

 The format is one of a simplified audit that can be managed by persons having no auditor

 The completed check list should be forwarded to the Company’s Designated Person for
 appropriate action.

Item : SMS Reporting                                                                   Satisfactory
Request                       Response                                                  Yes / No
Please show me the
following :

Accident reporting

Accidents on ship reported
to company
Accidents on other company
vessels reported to ship.

Minutes of Safety Meeting

Forwarded to Company
Company Response.

General Correspondence
on safety or pollution

Ship to Company

Company to Ship

Conclusion: Can it be established that there is an active dialogue established between the ship and
            the Company on matters of safety and pollution prevention ?
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Item : Control of Ship’s Certificates                                               Satisfactory
Request                    Response                                                  Yes / No
Please show me how the
validity of the ship’s
statutory and class
certificates are monitored

The Master has been
made aware by the
Company that he is
responsible to control
ship certificates.

Is the Company informed
regularly of the status of
all ship’s certificates?

Are surveys arranged
from the ship with the
Company being informed


Are surveys arranged by
the Company?

Is the Company notified
when defects occur
affecting the validity of
ships certification?

Conclusion : Can it be shown that the ship’s staff and the Company are both sufficiently aware
             of the status of the ship’s certificates at any given time?
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Item : Manning                                                                         Satisfactory
Request                   Response                                                      Yes / No
Please show that the
vessel’s crew
complement is at least
equal to the safe manning
document minimum

Please show me the
following confirmations
of training


Certificates of
Competency STCW 95

CoC endorsements where
necessary for the type of

Flag Endorsements




Basic Training



Conclusion : Can it be seen that there is a system in place to monitor the existence of the above
             documents and their respective validities?
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Item : Safety & Environmental Policy                                            Satisfactory
Request                Response                                                 Yes / No
Is the Company’s
Policy on Safety and
Pollution Control
available to all crew-

Do the posted copies of
the Policy Statement
have a revision number
or date?

Are the posted Policy
Statements of the same
issue as that appearing
in the SMS manual
showing the signature
of the Head of the

Does the statement
include the following

Company commitment
to ensure safety of the
ship and its crew


Company commitment
to protect the
environment by the
avoidance of pollution.

Conclusion : Is the Company’s ISM Policy Statement comprehensive in confirming the
             Company’s intention to meet the requirements of the ISM Code?
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Item : Designated Person                                                             Satisfactory
Request                  Response                                                    Yes / No
Is a definition of the
responsibility of the DP
generally available to
the crew?

Do the crew know the
name of the person
acting as the
company’s DP?

Conclusion: Are the crew aware that all matters relating to safety and pollution prevention are
            are directly under the responsibility of the Company’s Designated Person?

Item : Resources                                                                     Satisfactory
Request                   Response                                                   Yes / No
Does the ship have
sufficient crew for the
activities presently
engaged upon?

Is the vessels upkeep
prevented either by a
lack of materials or

Is the vessels planned
programme adversely
affected by a lack of
materials or crew?

Conclusion: Is the ship sufficiently stored and crewed for the its present service and maintenance
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Item : Ship Documentation                                                         Satisfactory
Request                 Response                                                  Yes / No
Does the ship have a
storage system that
enables the location of
documents and the
required publications

Does the ship have a
Master List showing
the presence of
required publications
and their respective
edition dates?

Does the ship have a
Master List showing
the presence of
required charts and
their respective issue

Conclusion : Is there a system of document control onboard that is understood and used?
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Item : Master’s Responsibility and Authority                                    Satisfactory
Request                  Response                                               Yes / No
Can the Captain
explain the scope of his
responsibility and
authorities without
referring to the
Company’s Safety
Management System

 Conclusion : Has the Captain demonstrated that he understands the relationship between
              The Master’s authority and that of the Company during normal operations and
              the different relationship existing during emergency operations?
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Item : Maintenance                                                                  Satisfactory
Request                    Response                                                 Yes / No
Please show me the
records of planned
maintenance for:


Are the records of work
carried out entered and
signed off?

Is it clear what work is
becoming due?

Does the work
becoming due on the
PMS trigger the
ordering of required
materials in good time?

Conclusion : Is it apparent from a casual inspection on deck and in the engine room that the
             ship is operating a maintenance programme?
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Item : Emergency Preparedness                                                       Satisfactory
Request               Response                                                      Yes / No
Are the ship’s
emergency plans
drilled regularly?

Do the drills utilise the
ship’s life saving, fire
fighting, medical and

Are the common
emergency situations

Are the emergency
contact points known
by at least two persons
having radio operator

Do the crew
understand the
emergency situation
being drilled in its
widest sense?

Possible causes
Possible effects
Possible responses

Conclusion : Do individual members of the crew understand what the main types of emergency
             situations are that can occur on ships? And are they aware of their duties in each
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Item : Fire Control Plan                                          Satisfactory
Request                  Response                                 Yes / No

Is the Fire Control Plan
adequately displayed
in the accommodation?

Are copies located on
both sides of the
accommodation block
in good condition?

Are the copies
displayed in the
accommodation in
good condition and not
faded or damaged?

Has the Plan been
altered and if so have
the changes been
confirmed by the
approving authority?

Is the Master sure that
the Plan as displayed
describes the
arrangement currently
onboard his vessel?

Conclusion: The Fire Control Plan is accurate and easy to read?
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Item : Development of Plans Shipboard Operations                                  Satisfactory
Request                 Response                                                  Yes / No
Have the normal
operations that are
carried out onboard the
ship been checked to
see if they are
potentially risky?

Does this include risk
to personnel, the ship
and the environment?

Where risks have been
identified has an
element of control been
introduced to minimise
the potential risk?

Where such risk
management exists is it
understood by the
personnel engaged on
the activity?

Conclusion : Have plans been developed within the SMS to reduce possible risks that
            can occur during the performance of everyday duties?
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Item : Training / Drills                                                            Satisfactory
Request                  Response                                                   Yes / No
 Is there a record of
 participation for each
 crew member’s
 participation / role in
 each training Class or

 Is it ensured that
 training and role play
 in Drills are rotated so
 that the skills are
 shared between many?

 Are crew encouraged
 to participate in the
 discussions following
 a Class or Drill?

 Conclusion : Are Drills carried out in a way that ensures all crew are fully engaged?
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Item : Personnel Safety                                                               Satisfactory
Request                 Response                                                      Yes / No
Is it explained to the
crew that they are
responsible for their
own safety?

And the following :

That the Company
reduces their exposure
to risk by training and
the supply of protective
clothing / equipment
where appropriate.

That activities having
identified risk potential
are covered by controls
supplied by the
Company for their

Conclusion : Are the crew aware that the safety of the ship/crew and the protection
             of the environment is the responsibility of every crew member?


If any of the concluding questions have been answered in the negative it means
the ship is operating in a condition that can result in a port state control detention
at any time.
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Material Check List                                                             Controlled
The following items make up 80% of the material deficiencies causing PSC         Yes / No
Lifeboats / rafts    : general condition of boat / raft

                       : condition of stores

                       : condition of launching device

                       : means of embarkation

All Fire Pumps        : immediate availability , correct operation

Fire Dampers          : full closure, correct local operation , remote
                           where fitted.
Oily Water            : correct operation with test facility to prove correct
Separator                operation in port
Safety                 : existing areas of corrosion or mechanical damage
Construction            that could affect the seaworthiness of the ship have
                          been reported to class.
Load Line             : ship’s openings and their means of closure are
                           regularly checked
Charts                 : required onboard by regulation and confirmed by
& Publications           regular checks
Machinery             : availability, safe operation, no excessive leakages
main propulsion
& generators

If any the above items are not found in good order:

   1) The ship will be detained until the deficiency is rectified.
   2) The value of the Safety Management System and the Planned
      Maintenance System will be called into question and may result in further PSC