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									                                                                                                                       Form 74
                                                 Web Space Rental Request

Getting your chapter or state organization a Web site on the Society server is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

1. The designated chapter/state organization Webmaster must completely fill in the information below and mail with
payment for one year to International Headquarters. If the request is faxed, payment must be by credit card. Send faxes
to the attention of Debbie Davidson, International Web Manager: 512-474-2494.

2. There is a one-time setup fee of U.S. $15. A 10 gig Web site costs U.S. $36 per year*. Requests faxed to International
Headquarters MUST include Visa or MasterCard billing information. Checks and money orders should be made payable
to: The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, and mailed with the form to P. O. Box 1589, Austin, Texas 78767-

3. The designated Webmaster will be notified by e -mail when the site has been established and will be provided with
comprehensive instructions for FTPing files to the chapter/state organization Web site.

PLEASE NOTE: Chapter/state organization Web sites on the Society server MUST comply with the Society’s E-Policy
(Policies for Electronic Communication). Please use the E-policy as a reference for the design of your site. Once the site
is active, the Webmaster must apply for a link from the International Communications Committee in order to be granted
Official Web site status. Renting space on the Society server does not guarantee a link on the International site. Once a
link request has been approved by the communications committee, an ‘Official Website’ graphic will be sent to the
Webmaster for posting on the home page and a link to the chapter/state organization will be posted on the Society site.
*Each additional 10 gigs costs U.S. $24 per year. We suggest you start with 10 gigs. If you require more space,
you will be billed for the additional usage during your normal billing period.

I am applying for (check one):        State Organization Web site            Chapter Web site

Name of State (i.e. Texas, Sweden, etc.)

Name of Chapter (if applicable)

Billing Contact:


E-mail address
Phone Number

Web Master:


E-mail address
Phone Number

Credit Card Payment:           Visa         MasterCard         American Express

Name as it appears on card                                 Expiration Date

Credit Card Number
Cardholders billing address

Office Use Only:

User Name: _____________________________________ URL: ________________________________________

Password: _______________________________________ Completed (date and initial) ______________________

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