EFAA 2008
                                   NEW AND NOTEWORTHY

Registration for the upcoming season is right around the corner and the EFAA Board of Directors has been
busy planning accordingly. We’re trying a few new things this year and there are also some new procedures
policies, and general information, we would like to share as well.

      Golf Outing. Back for a second year is our Seven Springs Golf Outing scheduled for Saturday,
       May 31st . Parents, guardians, friends, grandparents--please support this event. We’re looking for
       golfers, sponsors and auction items. Last year’s event raised over $5,000, which enabled us to buy the
       new black jerseys for our boys. The profits from this year’s event will go directly to the purchase of new
       wind suits and cheer bags for our girls.

      Lottery Tickets. This year we’re trying something different with one of our fundraisers—the Old Country
       Lottery Tickets. Each family is required to sell one book of these tickets. The concept is simple.
       Prospective purchasers scratch off one of 40 ovals in the front of the book. Behind each of the circles
       is a dollar amount, ranging from $1 to $5. Whatever dollar amount is behind the circle scratched is
       what the purchaser pays for his or her ticket. Also, each of the tickets sold will be entered into our
       Grand Prize Drawing, to be held over the Labor Day Weekend. On each of the 3 days leading up to
       Labor Day, we are giving away $1000 in cash. On Labor Day we will be giving away $2000 cash. The
       drawing will be based on the Pennsylvania four digit daily number (evening draw).

      Punt Pass & Kick/Bake Sales. This year we have decided to split these fundraisers. The football
       players will participate exclusively in Punt, Pass & Kick and the cheerleaders will participate exclusively
       in the bake sale/funnel cake sales at all home games. Our girls raised over $1000 last year at the bake
       sales. That was an outstanding achievement and we are hoping to exceed that total this year.

      Parent Participation. Our parents’ help on game days is crucial to running a successful game day.
       This year we are adding one additional category to Parent Participation – End of Day Help. Not only do
       we have to set up early the mornings of game days, we have to clean up the kitchen, pick up the trash
       under the bleachers, pack our concession stand items and then haul everything back to our trailer. We
       can use your help in this area.

      MVMFL Game Order. The MVMFL has voted to change the order in which games are played. The
       new game day order is as follows: Tiny Mites, Midgets, Termites and Mighty Mites. This is a
       League change, not an EFAA change. The reason for the change? To keep the attendance high.
   JV Games a/k/a ―5th Quarter.‖ Because of the increasing numbers within the various organizations, this
    concept has taken off within the League. More of these games will be played each year. As a result,
    the Board has approved a set of guidelines regarding the JV games. The guidelines will be discussed
    with the football parents by our Athletic Director and Head Coaches. We do wish to emphasize,
    however, that this Board strongly recommends that the varsity game starters be present during the JV
    games. Football, and cheerleading, are team sports. We practice TOGETHER, we play TOGETHER
    and we SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER. A player in a JV game is as equally important to the team as a
    player in the Varsity game. These games give non-starters the additional playing time that they may
    not otherwise receive, and it’s a teaching tool.

   Concession Stand. For safety and insurance reasons, children are strictly PROHIBITED from being
    inside the concession stand on game days. If necessary, please make arrangements for your child
    during your scheduled time slot.

   Competition Squad. Once again, we are trying to put together a competition squad. This may be done
    at the Team 3 and 4 levels of our Association, depending on interest and commitment. The minimum
    size for a competition squad is 15 girls. For insurance reasons, we are not permitted to have ―flyers.‖
    Lifts will require a base and constant contact with the girl being ―lifted‖ is required. If you think your
    daughter may be interested in a more competitive-type cheering, or if you are interested in assisting
    with such a squad, let us know at registration.

   High School Football Camps. Coach Cathell, who is an EFAA Board Member, is pleased to announce
    the following minicamps scheduled for this summer at Warrior Stadium:

              Quarterbacks and Receivers Camp: June 16th at 3:30 p.m. (all grade levels). There is no
               charge for this camp.
              Youth Football Camp: June 23rd through June 25th (grades 4 through 8). There will be a
               charge for this camp. Camp times and fee will be determined at a later date.
              EF Tykes Camp: June 30th and July 1st (grades K through 3). There will be charge for this
               camp. Camp times and fee will be determined at a later date.

   Weight Room. Coach Cathell would like to remind all 7th, 8th and 9th graders that the weight room will
    be open and available to you on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 a.m. to 12
    noon. The weight room will officially ―open‖ on June 9th.

   Cheerleading Subcommittees. We are seeking 5-10 cheerleading parents to serve in a subcommittee-
    type capacity to our Board. We know some of you out there have some great ideas, contacts, etc., and
    we are encouraging your participation. A subcommittee will enable our organization to expand its
    capabilities, within and outside of E.F. If you are interested on serving on this subcommittee, let us
    know at registration.

   Board Meetings. Our Board Meetings are open meetings. We encourage all of our parents to attend a
    meeting. Have an agenda idea? Contact an officer. Dates and times are posted on our website.

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