Format of the certificate to be given by the by keithmurray



                Format of the certificate to be given by the firm/person:
R/o_____________________________________________________________ here by certify that
none of my relative(s) as defined below is/are employed in the zone of Chief Engineer (E), BSNL,
New Delhi. In case at any stage, it is found that the information given by me is false/ incorrect,
BSNL shall have absolute right to take any action as deemed fit/without any prior intimation to me.
The near relatives for this purpose are defined as:
 a)     Members of a Hindu Undivided family,
 b)     They are husband and wife,
 c)     The one is related to the other in the manner as father, mother, son(s) & son’s wife
         (daughter-in-law), Daughter(s) & daughter’s husband (son-in-law), brother(s) & brother’s
         wife, sister(s) & sister’s husband (brother in-law).

                                                                      Signature of the firm/person

  PROFORMA OF SCHEDULES                                                                                                             CPWD-7/8

                                             BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED
                                           (A GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ENTERPRISE)

STATE                                                                CIRCLE

BRANCH                                                               DIVISION

ZONE                                                                 SUB-DIVISION

                                            Item Rate Tender & Contract for Works

 Tender for the I.T.C of down light fittings in the main corridor on 4th,5th,9th and 10th,11th floor Sanchr Bhawan New
                               Delhi( Ch to :- R/M of E.I and fans )
                       To be submitted by 15:00 hours on 3-5-07 to the SDE(E), BSNL ESD-II, New Delhi-2.
ii)      To be opened in presence of tenderers who may be present at 15:30 hours on 3-5-07 in the office of SDE (E), BSNL ESD-II, New Delhi-2.

Issued to:____________________________________________________________________________
Signature of officer issuing the documents___________________________________________________
Date of Issue:_______________________________________


I/We have read and examined the notice inviting tender, schedule, A, B, C, D, E & F, Specifications applicable, Drawings & Designs, General Rules
and Directions Conditions of Contract, Clauses of Contract, Special conditions, Schedule of Rate & other documents and Rules referred to in the
conditions of contract and all other contents in the tender document for the work.

I/We hereby tender for the execution of the work specified for the President of India within the time specified in Schedule F, viz., schedule of
quantities and in accordance in all respects with the specifications, designs, drawings and instructions in writing referred to in Rule-1 if General Rules
and Directions and in clause 11 of the Conditions of contract and with such materials as are provided for, by, and in respects in accordance with, such
conditions so far as applicable.

We agree to keep the tender open for ninety (90) days from the date of submission thereof and not to make any modifications in its name and

     PROFORMA OF SCHEDULES                                                                                                           CPWD-7/8

A sum of Rs. 836/- has been deposited in CDR / BG of schedule bank / fixed deposit receipt of schedule bank / demand draft of a schedule bank as
earnest money. If I/We fail to furnish the prescribed performance guarantee within prescribed period, I/We agree that the said President of India or his
successors in office shall without prejudice to any other right or remedy, be at liberty to forfeit the said earnest money absolutely. Further if I/We fail
to commence work as specified, I/We agree that President of India or his successors in office shall without prejudice to any other right or remedy
available in law, be at liberty to forfeit the said earnest money and the performance guarantee absolutely, otherwise the said earnest money shall be
retained by him towards security deposit to execute all the works retread to in the tender documents upon the terms and conditions contained or
referred to therein and to carry out such deviations as may be ordered, up to maximum of the percentage mentioned in Schedule F and those in excess
of that limit at the rates to be determined in accordance with the provision contained in Clause 12.2 and 12.3 of the tender form.

I/We hereby declare that I/We shall treat the tender documents drawings and other records connected with the work as secret/confidential documents
and shall not communicate the same or use the information in any manner prejudicial to the safety of the State.

DATED...............                                      Signature of Contractor
                                                                                   Postal Address




The above tender (as modified by you as provided in the letters mentioned hereunder) is accepted by me for and on behalf of the President of India for
a sum of Rs.____________________________
(Rupees________________________________________________________________________________ )

The letters referred to below shall form part of this contract Agreement:-

                                                                                   For & on behalf of the Present of India

Dated .........................


  SL. NO.                            DESCRIPTION                        PAGE NO.

     1      Web / Press Notification                                      1-2

     2      Guidelines to firm regarding ISO 9001:2000 implementation     3- 5

     3      General Conditions                                            6- 9

     4      Notice Inviting Tenders (form PWD 6)                          10-12

     5      Schedule of Quantities                                       13

     6      List of approved makes                                       14-15

     7      Specifications                                               16-18

     8      Performa of Schedule ( PWD-8)                                19-22

     9      Correction Slip                                              23

Certified that this NIT contains 27 (twenty seven) pages only numbered as I-IV &
1-23 including correction slip.

                                       S D E (E)
                                       BSNL Elect. Sub Divn. II
                                       Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi

                                     WEB       NOTIFICATION

The Sub Divisional Engineer (E), BSNL Elect. Sub Divn. No.II, New Delhi- invites, on behalf of
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, sealed item rate tenders for the following work from contractors
enlisted with BSNL in appropriate class.
Name of Work :- ITC of down light fittings in the main corridor on 4th,5th,9th and 10th ,11 th floor
Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi ( Ch to :- R/M of E.I and fans)

Estimated cost                    :- Rs    41,800.00
Earnest money deposit             :- Rs     836.00
Duration of contract              :-       15 Days

The Contractor shall submit and confirm: -
1.     Documentary proof of satisfying eligibility & valid income tax certificate to be furnished along with the
      application on printed letterheads..
2.     Self certified copy of Chartered Accountant certificate as documentary proof of financial turnover for
      the last 3 years from the date of NIT and Sales Tax Registration Certificate with self-attested copy along
      with application on their printed letterhead for purchase of tender.
3.     Self-attested copy of their permanent account number of Income Tax / Pan Card.
4.   The certificate of ‘No-Relative employed in BSNL Unit’ has to be submitted along with the application
      for Tender Document.
5.   Cost of Bid Documents: - Conditions and tender forms can be had from this office on Non- refundable
      payment of Rs. 150/- plus Sales Tax @ 12.5%.
6.     The tender document can also be downloaded from the website The
      cost of such bid document should be submitted in the shape of demand draft/pay order drawn in favour
      of Accounts Officer, BSNL Elect. Division-1, New Delhi, while submitting the Envelope ONE. All
      pages of such tender document must be signed and stamped by the bidder or authorized signatory before
7.   The tenderer shall submit the downloaded original computer printout of the document from website. The
      photocopy shall not be accepted. If during the process of tender finalization, it is detected the tenderer
      has submitted tender document after making any changes/additions/deletions in the tender document
      downloaded from website, the offer shall be summarily rejected and the EMD deposited by tenderer
      shall be forfeited in addition to any other action as per prevalent rules.

Procedure for submission of tenders: -
           The bids shall be submitted in two covers. The documents to be enclosed in each cover are
detailed below. Both the covers shall be sealed separately by the seal of the bidder.
 1     The vendor shall enclose all the followings in sealed envelope ONE:
  EMD in the shape of Demand Draft/Pay Order/CDR/FDR/Bank Guarantee of a scheduled bank or
  Nationalized Bank/State Bank guaranteed by Reserve Bank of India drawn in favour of Accounts Officer,
  BSNL Elect. Division-1, New Delhi.
  Cost of tender document in the shape of Demand Draft/Pay Order if the same is downloaded from the
  Certificate regarding relative not working in BSNL unit (Format attached in the bid document).
  Documentary proof of fulfilling the eligibility criterion as per NIT, if the same is downloaded from the
The bid of tenderers who do not comply with clause-2 as above shall not be opened.

1.       The vendor shall enclose the following in sealed envelope TWO:
         Price bid along with complete set of documents issued by the BSNL/downloaded from the website. The
         rates and amounts should be filled in the schedule of work attached thereto. Tenders should not contain
         any condition including conditional rebate. Such bids shall be rejected forthwith. However, tenders with
         unconditional rebate will be considered.

•      Last date of receipt of application   :- 1-5-2007 Upto 4:00 PM
•      Last date of issue of tender          :- 1- 5-2007 Upto 4:00 PM
•      Last date of submission of tender     :- 3-5-2007 Upto 3:00 PM
•      Date of opening of tender             :- 3-5--2007 at 3:30 PM
•      Security Deposit                      :- 10% of tendered value i/c 5% Performance Bank Guarantee

        In case holiday is declare on the opening day the tenders will be opened on the next working day.
Validity of tender shall be 90 days from the date of opening of tender.

(i)       The Company or Firm or any other person is not permitted to tender for works in BSNL units in which
          his near relative(s) is/are posted.
(ii)      The tender document shall not be sent through Courier/Post. The tender documents received through
          Courier/Post shall not be opened/considered at all.

                                              S D E (E)
                                             BSNL Elect. Sub Divn. No.II
                                             Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi.



      1.1   Electrical Zone, BSNL, New Delhi has established and maintains the Quality Management
            system as per the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. The certificate of Registration is issued by
            the Standardization, Testing & Quality Certification Directorate (STQC), Ministry of
            Communication & Information Technology, New Delhi, a body accredited by the Dutch
            Council for Accreditation.

      1.2   Electrical Zone, BSNL, New Delhi, unit has laid down its Quality policy and Quality
            Objectives which have to be met for continual improvement of Electro-mechanical services
            rendered and for maintaining the Quality Management system adopted by this unit.

      1.3   The firms/contractors, hereinafter called the ‘suppliers’ in ISO 9001:2000 terminology, may
            please note that, besides all other terms and conditions referred in various paras of this N.I.T,
            they have to make constant efforts for ensuring to meet the requirements as have been laid
            down by this unit in its Quality Policy and Quality Objectives given as under :


            Chief Engineer (Electrical) Electrical Zone, BSNL, New Delhi fraternity, consisting of officers
            and staff, avows to provide Electro-Mechanical services with Quality, Speed, Economy, Energy
            Conservation and System Optimization to all its customers and to ensure their continuous and
            reliable operation.

            We are committed to deliver defect free electrical services and will continuously improve our
            processes to meet the needs of our customers. For this, every individual of Electrical Zone will
            adhere to ISO 9001:2000 standards and will demonstrate its compliance in all spheres of

            The quality objectives are as given below and communicated to all the members of             the


            To work hard for planning, designing, installation, testing and commissioning of original
            Electro-Mechanical works, with quality and on time, so as to meet the customer’s requirements.

            To make efforts through a constant dialogue with suppliers and involving of people at all levels
            to remove all possible irritants during the execution of works. Our endeavour shall be to achieve
            the above quality objective. Action shall be taken in case of any deviation.
               The Electro- Mechanical works to be completed so that they are accepted by T&D
               organization/customer. Cases of non-acceptance by T&D organization during first testing shall
               not be more than 5%.

               The works are completed before the customers exchange equipment has reached at site.

               To meet the BSNL Exchange Commissioning Programs- Information to be sent to CE(E) for
               Exchanges where the equipment is received or likely to be received within 15 days but electrical
               works not completed not likely to be completed. Acceptance testing shall be done for all works
               and relaxations, if any, shall be obtained from CE(E)/concerned CGM.

               Providing International standard Electro-Mechanical services at BSNLHQ. Building, New
               Delhi- weekly monitoring by SE(E) and any anticipated delay to be reported to CE(E).

               For Administrative Buildings and Staff Quarters- Works to be completed alongwith the
               building. Cases to be reported to CE(E) where electrical works are not likely to be completed
               alongwith buildings/quarters not occupied due to non-completion of electrical works.

      Monthly MIS report indicating cases of non-acceptance.

3.1          Operation and maintenance of electrical services:

               To ensure reliable energy efficient and continuous operation and maintenance of electrical
               installations by involving people at all levels.

               To improve testing and checking procedures for Electro-Mechanical installations for their
               optimum operation and maintenance.

3.2          For Administrative buildings, training centers, staff quarters and colonies:

               Electrical complaints not attended within 24 hours shall be less than 5%.

               Electrical complaints not attended within 48 hours shall be less than 1%.

               Electrical complaints not attended within 24 hours shall be reported to SE(E)and complaints
               pending for more than 48 hours shall be reported to CE(E).

3.3          For Exchanges:

               There shall be no complete breakdown of Electro-Mechanical Services resulting into failure of

               Complete failure of power supply/Air conditioning system in Exchanges shall be reported
               immediately to SE(E) and failure of more than 4 hours shall be reported to CE(E).

               Complaints pending for more than 48 hours shall be less than 5% and complaints pending for
               more than 72 hours shall be less than 1%.

       Complaints pending for more than 48 hours shall be reported to SE(E) and pending for more
       than 72 hours shall be reported to CE(E).

       Monthly MIS report indicating total number of faults reported, faults attended within 24 hours,
       48 hours and 72 hours shall be submitted by SE(E) to the CGM/CE(E).

3.4   Energy Conservation:

       To achieve energy efficiency of global standard by continuously improving the specifications,
       quality of products, conducting energy surveys and energy audits.

       As per the Energy Conservation Act 2001, efforts are required for conservation of energy, by
       introducing energy efficient lighting and motors, reduction in Air-conditioning space,
       retrofitting and taking up pilot projects with non-conventional energy sources i.e. Solar Power
       and Natural Gas.

3.5   Economy Measures:

       Award of work:

       To provide Electro-Mechanical services with economy by awarding the works to the lowest
       tenderer at the most competitive and justified rates.

       Energy Conservation:

      The energy conservation shall be achieved by adopting following measures:-

       Good House keeping and efficient operations to minimize consumption.

       Energy monitoring to minimize wastage.

       Power failure to be within limit, penal charges on account of HT tariff, contract demand or any
       other deficiencies in the electricity bills to be avoided.

       Retrofit projects on experimental basis.

       Technological up gradation in new works for energy efficiency.

                               Sub Divisional Engineer (E)
                               BSNL Elect. Sub Divn. No.II
                               Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi

                                           GENERAL CONDITIONS

 1. The work shall be carried out as per current Indian Electricity Rules & CPWD General Specifications for
    Electrical work.

 2. The firm shall quote the rates inclusive of all taxes, duties and works contract tax etc.

 3. Nothing extra shall be paid to the contractor on account of cartage or handling charges etc.

 4. The tenders with any condition including conditional rebates shall be rejected forthwith. However,
    tenders with unconditional rebates will be acceptable.

 5. (a) The contractors are advised to submit their tenders carefully as any tenderer found to be withdrawing
        the tender, within validity period, action as per relevant clause of PWD-6 of tender will be taken
        against him and further he will not be allowed to tender in Delhi Electrical Zone for a period of TWO

      (b) At any stage, if the experience certificate/registration certificate of the contractor are found to be false,
          his earnest money shall be forfeited and he will be debarred to tender in Delhi Electrical Zone.

 6. The tenderer must obtain himself at his own expense all the information necessary for the purpose of
    tendering, inspect the site and acquaint himself with all the local conditions, means of access to work and
    nature of work etc. No claim shall be entertained on this account.

 7. Any damage done to the building / equipment / installation(s) during execution of work shall have to be
    made good by the firm at its own risk and cost.

 8.    The contractor shall make his own arrangement for T&P for which nothing extra shall be paid by the

 9. The contractor shall not sublet the work or part thereof. However, services of specialized agencies for
    specific work can be obtained.

 10. Guarantee & Defects Liability Period : The guarantee shall be valid for a period of 12 months after
     provisional take over. The contractor shall guarantee that all equipments shall be free from any defect
     due to the defective materials and bad workmanship and that the equipment shall work satisfactorily and
     that the performance and efficiencies of the equipments shall be not less than the guaranteed values. Any
     parts found defective during the guarantee period shall be replaced by the contractor without any charge
     whatsoever. The services of the contractor's personnel, if requisition during this period for such work,
     shall be made available free of any cost to the dept.

        The contractor shall depute his representative to the site within 48 hours of notification of defects by the

11. The firm shall submit layout drawings of the complete installation for approval by the Engineer-in-charge
    before execution of work.

12. It will be the contractor’s responsibility to make suitable arrangements for testing of all equipments /
    systems as per Departmental standards in the presence of representative of Engineer-in-charge and T&D
    Circle (if required). No extra claim shall be entertained on this

        account. The contractor shall provide all test equipments, the operating personnel, oil etc. required for

        change in the definition of sale under Central sales Tax has been effected vide finance Act 2002, enabling
        B.S.N.L. to avail Concessional Central Sales Tax @ 4%. Thus the rates quoted by the firm shall be with
        Concessional Central Sales Tax against form “C”. The form “C”. Shall be issued by the department i.e.
        B.S.N.L. to the firm as and when a request indicating the value of material is made by the firm at the time
        of execution of work and as per the procedure applicable for availing Confessional Central Sales Tax.

  14. The department will not issue any forms for Confessional sales tax, excise, custom duty, octopi, works
      contract tax etc.

  15. No additional condition what so ever will be accepted for turnover tax / sales tax on work contract. In case
      of additional condition for payment of such claims by the contractor the tender may be liable to be
      summarily rejected by the accepting authority.

  16.   Escalation / Clause 10CC: The rates during the entire period of the contract shall remain firm and final.
        No claim under clause 10CC shall be entertained.

  17. All the material will be under the charge of contractor till it is completed and handed over. No materials
      will be removed from site without written permission of Engineer in charge.

  18. E. M. D.: Firm should specially note that if they do not enclose E.M.D. with their offer as prescribed,
      their offer shall not be considered. Firm has option to deposit EMD in form of Bank Guarantee in the
      attached format (Annexure – I) for Air-conditioning, Diesel Engine Alternator, Lift & Sub-station work’s
      only, if the amount of EMD is more than Rs.20,000/-. The amount of earnest money to be deposited with
      each tender is 2% of the estimated cost put to the tender Subject to a maximum of Rs. 2 Crores.

  19.   VALIDITY PERIOD OF EMD: The validity period of the EMD shall be kept 30 days beyond                     the
        tender validity e.g. 90+30=120 days, if the tender validity period is 90 days.

20.     EXTENSION OF VALIDITY: In case, if the letter of award of work cannot be placed within the
        validity period of the tender, the BSNL can request all tenderers to extend the validity of their respective
        tenders and the EMD deposit by a reasonable period. In such cases, extension of validity of EMD by 30
        days beyond the extended validity date of tender should also be extended.

21.     PERFORMANCE BANK GUARANTEE: The contractor is required to furnish performance guarantee
        for an amount equal to 5% of the contract value in the form of CDR / FDR / DD / bank guarantee (of a
        Nationalised / Scheduled Bank in a standard format) within two weeks from the date of issue of award
        letter. The validity period of the performance security in form of performance guarantee shall be one year
        from the date of actual completion of work.

22.     SECURITY DEPOSIT: In addition to performance guarantee started above, a sum @ 10% of the gross
        amount of the bill shall be deducted from each running bill of the contractor till the sum along with the
        sum already deposited as earnest money, will amount to security deposit of 5% of the tendered value of
        the work. Validity period of the security deposit deducted from this bill shall be one year from the date of
        actual completion of work.
23.   COMPLETION OF WORK: At the time of issuing NIT for a particular, the time allowed for
      completion of work consistent with magnitude and urgency of work is specified. The time allowed for
      carrying out the work as entered in the contract is reckoned from the 10th day after the date on which the
      orders to commence the work are given to the contractor. To ensure good progress of the work during the
      execution, the contractor is bound, in all cases, in which the time allowed for any work exceeds one
      month (except special jobs), to complete 1/8th of the whole of the work before 1/8th of the time allowed
      under the contract has elapsed, 3/8th of the work before ½ of the time has elapsed and 3/4th of the work
      before 3/4th of such time has elapsed. However, for special jobs, if a time schedule has been submitted by
      the contractor and the same has been accepted by the Engineer–in–charge, the contractor shall comply
      with such time schedule..

24.   COMPENSATION FOR DELAY: If the contractor fails to maintain the required progress or complete
      the work and clear the site on or before the contract or extended date of completion, he has to pay the
      compensation for delay which is limited to 0.5% per week of the work order value for the first 10 weeks
      and 0.7% per week for the next 10 weeks and thereafter subject to a maximum of 12 % of the order value
      for the location where the work is delayed and the firm is found responsible for the same. Flow chart of
      the procurement process / contract shall be supplied by the contractor and approved by Executive
      Engineer concerned.

25.   Firm shall confirm to carry out the work as per NIT conditions.

26.   TERMS OF PAYMENT : No advance payment will be made. The payment terms shall be made on
      prorata basis. Stipulations like levy of interest if payment is not made in specified time is not acceptable to
      the department.

27.   CO-ORDINATION AT SITE : At the site of work more than one agency may be working. Full co-
      operation shall be extended to other agencies during progress of work. Further, work shall be carried out in
      such a way so that it may not cause abnormal noise and hindrance to the officers of the department
      engaged in creation as well to normal routine work. Firm has to co-ordinate with the agency engaged for
      fire detection work and also co-ordinate at the time initial & Final A/T of fire detection work.

28.   COMPLETION DRAWINGS: The firm shall supply three sets of drawings / documents within 30 days
      after completion of the work as detailed below :

           Detail drawings showing DBs position.
           Layout of electrical installations.
           Schematic diagram of wiring.

28    INSPECTION AT CONTRACTOR'S PREMISES: The department's authorized representative
      shall have full powers to inspect drawings of any portion of the work or examine the materials and
      workmanship of the plant at the contractor's work or at any other place from where the material or
      equipment is obtained. Acceptance of any material or equipment shall in no way, relieve the contractor of
      his responsibility for meeting the requirement of the specifications but shall have to be replaced free of cost
      by the contractor in case the equipment of work is found defective or of inferior quality.



     “The company or firm or any other person is not permitted to tender for works in BSNL Unit in which his
     near relative(s) (is) are posted. The unit is defined as SSA/Circle/Chief Engineer/Chief Arch./Corporate
     office for non-executive employees and all SSA in a circle including circle office/Chief Eng./Chief
     Arch./Corporate office for executive employees (including those called as Gazetted officers at present)”.

     Therefore, it has been decided by the competent authority that a clause must be added in the tender and
     other related documents that the tenderer should give a certificate that none of his/her such near relative is
     working in the units as defined above where he is going to apply for tender work. In case of
     proprietorship firm certificate will be given by the proprietor, for partnership firm certificate will be given
     by all the partners and in case of limited company by all the Directors of the company. Any breach of
     these conditions by the company or firm or any other person, the tender/work will be cancelled and
     earnest money/security deposit will be forfeited at any state whenever it is so noticed. The department
     will not pay any damages to the company or firm or the concerned person. The company or firm or the
     person will also be debarred for further participation in the concerned unit.

                                           S D E (E)
                                      BSNL Elect. Sub Divn. No.II
                                      Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi

       NOTICE INVITING TENDER                                                                                                            CPWD-6

                                                BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED
                                                        (A Government Of India Enterprise)

                                                        NOTICE INVITING TENDER
Item rate tenders are invited on behalf of the President of India from eligible contractors for the work of
ITC of down light fittins in the main corridor on 4th ,5th ,9th and 10th ,11th floor at Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi (
                              Ch to :- R/M of E.I and fans)
estimated to cost Rs.41,800.00 The estimate however is given merely as a rough guide.

1      Tenders will be issued to eligible BSNL enlisted contractors only, provided they produce definite proof from the
       appropriate authority of having completed work of magnitude as specified in Web Notification at page No.1.

2      Agreement shall be drawn with the successful tenderer on prescribed Form No.8, which is available as a Govt. of India
       Publication. Tenderer shall quote his rates as per various terms and conditions of the said from which will form part of
       the agreement.

3      The time allowed for carrying out the work will be 15 days after the 10th day of award of work.
4      The site for the work is available.
       The site for the work shall be made available in parts. The firm has to co-ordinate with other agencies working at site
       and complete the work as per time stipulated for completion of work.

5      Receipt of applications for issue of forms will be stopped by 1600 Hrs. on 1-5--2007. Issue of tender forms will be
       stopped by 1600 Hrs. on 1-5-2007

       Tender documents consisting of plans, specifications, the schedule of quantities of the various classes of work to be
       done and the set of terms and conditions of contract to be complied with by the contractor whose tender may be
       accepted and other necessary document can be seen in the office of the SDE(E), BSNL Electrical S/Division - II, New
       Delhi, between hours of 11.00 A.M. & 04.00 P.M. every day except on Sunday and Public Holidays. Tender
       documents, excluding standard form, will be issued from his office, during the hours specified above on payment of
       Rs150/- plus tax in cash.

6.     The tenderer must produce copy of PAN card, turn over certificate from Charted Accounted & Registration certificate
       with attested copies as applicable alongwith application on their printed letterheads for purchase of Tender.

7.     Tenders, which should always be placed in sealed envelope, with the name of work and due date written on the
       envelopes, will be received by the SDE (E), B.S.N.L. Electrical S/ Division-II., New Delhi up to 03.00 P.M. on 3-5-
       2007 and will be opened by him or his authorized representative in his office on the same day at 03.30 P.M.

8.     The tender shall be accompanied by earnest money (in separate sealed cover) of Rs. 836 in Demand Draft / Pay-order/
       CDR/FDR/Bank Guarantee of a scheduled Bank or Nationalised Bank or State Bank guaranteed by Reserve Bank of
       India, issued in favour of Accounts Officer, BSNL Electrical Division-I, New Delhi, the amount being credited to
       Nationalised Bank / State Bank.
The description of the work is as follows ITC of down light fittings in the main corridor on 4th ,5th ,9th and 10th ,11th floor at Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi
                                             ( Ch to :- R/M of E.I and fans )
                      Copies of other drawings and documents pertaining to the work will be open for inspection by the tenderers at the office of the
above-mentioned officer.

       NOTICE INVITING TENDER                                                                                    CPWD-6

      The tenderer are advised to inspect and examine the site and its surroundings and satisfy themselves before submitting
      their tenders as to the nature of the ground and sub soil (so far as is practicable), the form and nature of the site, the
      means of access to the site, the accommodation they may requisite and in general shall themselves obtain all necessary
      information as to risks, contingencies and other circumstances which may influence or affect their tender. The tenderer
      shall be deemed to have full knowledge of the site whether he inspects it or not and no extra charges consequent on any
      misunderstanding or otherwise shall be allowed. The tenderer shall be responsible for arranging and maintaining at his
      own cost all materials, tools & plants, water, electricity access, facilities for workers and all other services required for
      executing the work unless otherwise specifically provided for in the contract documents. Submission of a tender by a
      tenderer implies that he has read this notice and all other contract documents and has made himself aware of the scope
      and specifications of the work to be done and of conditions and rates at which stores, tools and plants, etc. will be issued
      to him by the Government and local conditions and other factors having a bearing on the execution of the work.

10. The competent authority on behalf of the BSNL does not bind himself to accept the lowest or any other tender, and
    reserves to himself the authority to reject any or all of the tenders received without the assignment of a reason. All
    tenders in which any of the prescribed conditions are not fulfilled or are incomplete in any respect are liable to be

      Tenders with any condition including the conditional rebate shall be rejected forthwith. However tenders with
      unconditional rebate will be considered.

11. Canvassing whether directly or indirectly, in connection with tenders is strictly prohibited. The tenders
    submitted by the contractors who resort to canvassing will be liable to rejection.

12. The competent authority on behalf of BSNL reserves to himself the right of accepting the whole or any part of the tender
    and the tenderer shall be bound to perform the same at the rate quoted.

13. The contractor shall not be permitted to tender for works in the B.S.N.L. Circle (Responsible for award and execution of
    contracts) in which his near relative is posted as Divisional Accountant or as an officer in any capacity between the
    grades of Superintending Engineer and Assistant Engineer (both inclusive). He shall also intimate the names of persons
    who are working with him in any capacity or are subsequently employed by him and who are near relatives to any
    gazetted officer in the DOT. Any breach of this condition by the contractor would render him liable to be removed from
    the approved list of contractors of this Department.

14. No Engineer of gazetted rank or other gazetted officer employed in Engineering or Administrative duties in an
    Engineering Department of the Government of India is allowed to work as contractor for a period of two years after his
    retirement from Government service, without the previous permission of the Government of India in writing. This
    contract is liable to be cancelled if either the contractor or any of his employees is found any time to be such a person
    who had not obtained the permission of the Government of India as aforesaid before submission of the tender or
    engagement in the contractors service.

15.    The tender for the works shall remain open for acceptance for a period of ninety days from the date of opening of
       tenders. If any tenderer withdraws his tender before the said period or makes any modifications in the terms and
       conditions of the tender which are not acceptable to the department, then the Government shall, without prejudice to any
       other right or remedy, be at liberty to forfeit 50% of the said earnest money as aforesaid.

16. The Notice Inviting Tender shall form a part of the contract document. The successful tenderer / contractor, on
     acceptance of his tender by the Accepting Authority, shall sign the contract consisting of :
   (a). The Notice Inviting Tender, all the documents including additional conditions, specifications and drawings, if any,
        forming the tender as issued at the time of invitation of tender and acceptance thereof together with any
        correspondence leading thereto.
   (b) Standard C.P.W.D. Form 8. (Clause 10CC of CPWD-8 stands deleted as not applicable for this work)

17. Procedure for submission of tenderers:
    (i) The bids shall be submitted in two covers. The documents to be enclosed in each cover are detailed below. Both the
        covers shall be sealed separately by the seal of the bidder.
   (ii) The vendor shall enclose all the following in sealed envelope ONE.
(a) EMD earnest money deposit in the shape of Demand Draft / Pay Order / CDR /FDR/ B.G.(as specified) of a Schedule or
       Nationalized/ State Bank Guaranteed by the Reserve Bank of India in favour of A.O., BSNL Electrical Division-I New
(b) Cost of tender documents, documentary proof of fulfilling the eligibility criterion as per NIT if the same is downloaded
       from the website.
(c) Certificate regarding relative not working in BSNL unit (Format attached in the bid document).
(iii) The bid of tenderers who do not comply with clause-(ii) above shall not be opened.
(iv) The vender shall enclose the following in sealed envelope TWO.

Price Bid along with complete set of documents issued by the BSNL, the rates and amounts should be filled in the schedule of
work attached thereto. Tenders should not contain any condition including conditional rebate. Such bids shall be rejected
forthwith. However, tenders with unconditional rebate will be considered.

                                             Sub Divisional Engineer (E)
                                             BSNL Elect. Sub Divn. No.II
                                             Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi

Name of work :-Installation, testing and commissioning of down light fitting in the main corridor
   on 4th ,5th,9th 10th and 11th floor at Sanchr Bhawan New Delhi ( ch to :- R/M of E.I and fans )
Sr, No             Description of item                          Qty          Rate     Unit     Amount

1         S/Drawing of following sizes of PVC insulated
          copper conductor single core cable in the existing
          surface/recess PVC/steel conduit/PVC casing and
          capping as reqd
               a) 2x 1.5 Sq mm                                      100 Mtr            P. mtr
               b) 3x1.5 Sq mm                                       100 Mtr            P. Mtr
2         S/ Fixing metal box of following sizes ( nominal
          size )on surface or in recess with suitable size of
          phenolic laminated sheet cover in front including
          painting etc as required
               a) 180mmx100mmx60mmdeep                              5 Nos              Each
3         Wiring for light point/fan point/exhaust fan point/
          call bell point with 1.5 Sq mm PVC insulated
          copper conductor cable in surface/ recess steel
          conduit as reqd
             a) Group C                                             20 Pt              E.Pt
4         S/F of following sizes of steel conduit along with
          accessories in surface/recess i/c painting in case of
          surface conduit etc as reqd
            a ) 20 mm                                               100 Mtr            P. Mtr
             b)25mm                                                 100 Mtr            P. Mtr
5         S/ Drawing 2.24 mm dia copper conductor wire for
          loop earthing in the existing surface/recessed
          /steel/PVC conduit /PVC casing and capping/ wood
          batten along with other wires as required                 200 Mtr            P. Mtr
6         Supply and fixing 5/6 amp tumbler/piano type
          switch on the existing switchbox/cover including
          connection etc as required                                10 Nos             Each
7         Supplying and fixing 3 pin 5/6 amp Socket outlet
          on the existing switch box/cover including
          connections etc as reqd                                   10 nos             Each

8         Installation testing commissioning of prewired
          down light fitting on the existing false ceiling i/c
          making hole of fix the light,2 nos heavy duty MS
          Chain to mount the light upto the level of false
          ceiling, connection with 2x1.5 Sq mm PBC
          insulated copper conductor wire etc complete as
          rqd                                                       200 Nos            Each

                                                                 Sub Divisional Engineer (E)
                                                                 BSNL Elect. Sub Divn. No.II
                                                                 Sanchar Bhwan New Delhi
                          LIST OF APPROVED MAKES
1   ACB                          L&T/ SIEMENS/ CONTROLS & SWITCHGEAR/ GE-MPACT/

2   MCCB                         L&T/ GE/ SIEMENS/ CONTROLS & SWITCHGEAR/SCHNEIDER (CG) /
                                 MDS LEGRAND – DPX/ SPACEAGE SWITCHGEAR - HYUNDAI/

    FUSE BASE                    STANDARD (UPTO 400A)/ HPL/ ALSTOM/GE/ INDO ASIAN/
                                 CONTROLS & SWITCHGEAR/ BCH

4   CT                           AE/ IMP/ MARSHAL/ PACTIL/ KAPPA/ L&T/ ASHMOR/
                                 INDOCOIL/ WACO/ MECO/ INDOTECH/ TRIO/ MELTEK/ NIPPEN

                                 CONTROL/ TEKNIC/ KAYCEE/ SCHNEIDER (TELE
                                 MECANIQUE)/ BCH/ ESSEN DEINKI

                                 ENERCON/ INDOTECH/YOKINS INSTRUMENTS/NIPPEN

                                 VAISHNO/ SALZOR/ RASS CONTROL/ HPL

                                 L&T/ IMP/ UNIVERSAL ELECTRIC/ USHA/ EPCOS/ AE / ALSTOM






                                 STANDARD/ CLIPSAL/ MDS-LEGRAND
                                 INTEGRA/ L&T- HAGAR/ SIEMENS/ SCHNEIDER
                                 (MERLIN GERIN)/ SCHNEIDER (PROTEC)/ HPL/ BRITE
                                  STANDARD/ MDS-LEGRAND/ CLIPSAL/ INTEGRA
                                  L&T- HAGAR/ SIEMENS/ SCHNEIDER (MERLIN GERIN)
                                  SCHNEIDER (PROTEC)/ HPL/ BRITE

                                  HH ELCON/ HPL/ INDO ASIAN


                                  PEC/ MATHER & PLATT/ ALSTOM/ WASP


21 STARTER                        GE/ SIEMENS/ L&T/ BCH/ ABB/ MEI/ TC (CONTROLS &
                                  ELECTRIC)/ SCHNEIDER (CG)

22 CONTACTOR                      L&T/ GE/ PLA/ (SPRECHER+SCHUH) / SIEMENS/ BCH/
                                  TC (CONTROLS & SWITCHGEAR CONTACTORS)/
                                  TELEMECANIQUE (SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC) /
                                  SCHNEIDER (CG)/ HAVELLS

23 GI / MS PIPE                   ISI MARK PIPE OF BST/ TATA/ ITC/ ATC/ TTA/
                                  JST/ ITS/ JINDAL/ ZENITH/ IIA/ ATL/ GSI


                                  LEADER/ SANT/ ANNPURNA/ KIRLOSKAR


                                  GE/ INDO ASIAN /SCHNEIDER (MERLIN GERIN)

28. Modular switch and socket     M K India (Wraparound)/ MDS – Mosiac Clipsal – H2000 Series /
                                  Crabtree / Northwest / LK – Fuga / Havells/ Anchor

29 Telephone wire                 ISI marked of Finolex / Kalinga / Plaza / Skyline / Havells

1.   The work shall be done as per current CPWD Specifications for Electrical works as amended from time to
     time and Indian Electrical Rules as amended up to date.

2.   The work shall be supervised by qualified Engineers.

3.   The lay out of the work will be given by the Engineer-in-charge or his duly authorized representative at site
     of work.

4.   The following wiring shall be done on Separate Circuits;
            a) Power plug wiring
            b) Light and Fan point wiring
            c) Telephone wiring
            d) Circuit wiring
            e) Sub main wiring
            f) Emergency light and fan point wiring

5.   The earthing sets shall be provided in the presence of the Engineer-in-charge or his                authorized

6.   The tenderer should submit the sealed samples of materials to be used on work along with the tender. The
     samples of the successful tenderer will be retained by the Engineer-in-charge while the sample of materials
     of others will be returned after the tender is decided. Unapproved materials if used on work shall have to be
     removed immediately at the cost and risk of contractor.

7. The Contractor will have to submit the completion plan to scale in triplicate in ink before he is initially paid,
    failing which 2.5% of the value of work subject to a ceiling of Rs. 2500/- will be recovered from his final

8. The contractor will have to give the following tests at his cost and intimate test results before final bills are
    paid. Nothing extra will be paid to him on this account.
           a) Earth test.
           b) Polarity test.
           c) Insulation test.
           d) Earth continuity test of the recessed conduit pipes.

9.   Any damage done to the building by the Contractor during the execution of work shall have to be made good
     at his cost and risk. If he does not do it himself within a reasonable time determined by the Executive
     Engineer (E), then the same will be got done at his cost departmentally after giving notice to him.

10. The control switch shall be placed only in live conductor of the circuit. Load more than 1KW shall be
    controlled by an isolator or MCB.

11. No steel conduit less than 20 mm diameter shall be used. There shall be no joint in the through-runs of

12. The outlet boxes, I.C boxes for switches and end pieces of conducts etc. for different categories of conduit
    runs catering for different types of electrical wiring as mentioned in clause above shall be painted inside with
    different colures, each signifying the different categories mentioned as to avoid mixing of various circuits
    and their wiring and nothing extra will be paid on this account.
13. At the time of laying conduit pipe in the slab and in recess, the Contractor will keep fish wire of 14 SWG
    (GI) wire through out conduit pipe and will have to take special care to ensure that the conduits do not pass
    through Air Conditioning ducts, grills, columns, beams etc. If any such necessity is foreseen, special written
    permission of E.E. (Elect.) will be obtained before such work is carried out. In case of failure, the contractor
    will not be paid on this account. The successful tenderer should recess the conduit in the walls before they
    are plastered and in collaboration with building progress of work. Any damages thus done will have to be
    made good at the cost of the Contractor. The conduit pipes should be mechanically and electrically

14. The Bakelite covers of the tumbler switches plug sockets etc. shall not be removed or broken for taking
    connections which shall be done at their backs be providing suitable rider in the I.C. boxes, where found
    necessary. All I.C. boxes for switches, plugs and regulator etc. shall be provided with 1/8” thick bakelite
    sheet covers.

15. The runs of various circuits wiring at various places shall be kept minimum by taking the runs on walls
    where crossing columns is not necessary. This has to be decided before the casting of slab so that
    unnecessary lengths of conduits are not laid therein.

16. All the I.C. distribution boards, sub main boards and their complete fittings shall be sign written clearly
    indicating the number of distribution board, the type of load it is serving and the number of circuits contained
    in the distribution box.

17. Under ground cables of 1.1 KV grade should subjected to pressure/insulation tests before and after laying the
    same in the ducts and in case of unsatisfactory test, the cost of all repairs and replacement and all extra work
    of removal and relaying will have to be made good by the Contractor at his own cost and risk.

18. The Contractor will have to use metal clad switches / MCBs / Isolators, MCB Distribution box and metal
    clad distribution boards as given in the schedule of work.

19. Termination of all connections of Main Boards/Sub main boards, sub distribution boards will be done by
    crimping and nothing extra will be payable on this account.

20. Inter connection between bus bar & switches i/c and above 100 Amps., Sub-main boards will be done with
    solid copper conductor with PVC sheathing.

21. For the conduit already laid recovery shall be effected on the basis of DSR 1994 rates ± abatement /
    enhancement of this tender on linear basis.

22. Size of wire cable used for interconnection should not be less than as follows :

       S.No      Switches       Aluminium Conductor size in       Copper Conductor size      Remarks
                                                  size of SWG
          1           5                    1.5                              3/22
          2          10                      4                              7/22
          3          15                     10                              7/15
          4          20                     16                              7/17
          5          30                     25                             19/18
          6          60                     70                             19/14
          7          100                   185                             57/14
          8          200                   300                             37/12
          9          300                   500                             61/12
23. The make specified in the product directory only should be supplied. However, if the same make is not
    available the other equivalent will be accepted subject to corresponding deduction as per list price. The
    decision of Engineer-in-charge shall be about the equivalent make as well as the cost. However, no
    additional rate shall be paid, if the list price of the equivalent make is more than specified make.


24.1     M.V. switch board shall be sheet steel cubical, indoor floor/wall mounting totally enclosed on back and
         sides, front free standing type, dust tight and vermin proof. The sheet steel to be used shall be 1.60mm
         thick and gasket of 2mm thick shall be used between all adjacent units, beneath all covers to render the
         points effectively dust proof. All opening and cut – outs in the doors shall be machine made and shall
         be free from burrs. All sheet surface shall be free from dents and hammer marks.

24.2     Each module shall be fitted with individual dust proof doors provided with insulated thumbscrews. The
         switchboard shall have uniform height and depth throughout its length and shall present a flush

24.3     The MCB shall be of robust and compact design and shall comply with the requirements of IS 8828,
         1996 as amended upto date, with breaking capacity as specified.

24.4     Cable compartments shall be provided for easy termination of all incoming and outgoing cables entering
         either from top or from the bottom as per the approved drawing. Adequate supports shall be provided for
         the cables wherever necessary. The cable compartment shall have its own-hinged cover, which can be
         removed/opened for access during cabling.

24.5     The panel board shall be designed to facilitate cable entry from top and/or bottom as the case may be.
         Removable sheet steel pates provided with suitable size of cable glands as specified shall be fitted at the
         top/bottom as required.

24.6     Labels shall be provided on all the incoming and outgoing feeder compartments. The exact legend to be
         engraved will be furnished by E-in-Charge or his authorized representative.

                                                                  Sub Divisional Engineer (E)
                                                                  BSNL ESD.II Sanchr Bhawan ND

      PROFORMA OF SCHEDULES                                                                                    CPWD – 7/8

                                             PROFORMA OF SCHEDULES
                          (Operative Schedules to be supplied separately to each intending tenderer)

Schedule of quantities (as per PWD-3)                                Attached at page no.-13

Schedule of materials to be issued to the contractor.

S.No. Description            Quantity                   Rates in figures &                        Place of Issue
        of item                                         words at which the
                                                        material will be charged
                                                        to the contractor
1           2                       3                             4                                        5


Tools and plants to be hired to the contractor.

Sl.No.                     Description                     Hire charges per day                Place of Issue

1                               2                                      3                               4

                                                             - NIL -

Extra schedule for specific requirements/document for the work, if any.            - NIL -

Schedule of component of Materials, Labour etc. for escalation.                    - NIL -

CLAUSE 10 CC                                                                        NA

Component of materials-                                   “X”
expressed as per cent of total value of work.     _______________________%

Component of labour-                                      “Y”
expressed as per cent of total value of work.     _______________________%

Component of P.O.L. -                                     “Z”
expressed as per cent of total value of work.     _______________________%

Reference to General Conditions of contract.

Name of work             ITC of down light fittings in the main corridors on 4th ,5th ,9th and 10th floor
                         ,11th floor at Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi ( Ch to :- R/M of E.I and fans )

Estimated cost of work :                         Rs. 41,800
Earnest money          :                         Rs 836.00

         PROFORMA OF SCHEDULES                                                                    CPWD – 7/8

Security Deposit         : 10% of tendered value.

GENERAL RULES            : Officer inviting tender             Sub Dvisional Engineer (E)-II BSNL, New Delhi
& DIRECTIONS               Maximum percentage for quantity
                           of items of work to be executed                   50%
                           beyond which rates are to be
                           determined in accordance with
                           Clauses 12.2 & 12.3.                             See below

Definitions :
2(v)                                 Engineer-in-Charge Sub Dvisional Engineer (E)-II BSNL, New Delhi

2(viii)                              Accepting Authority        Sub Dvisional Engineer (E)-II BSNL, New Delhi

2(x)               Percentage on cost of materials
                   and labour to cover all
                   overheads and profits.                                 10%

2(xi)              Standard Schedule of Rates                 DSR 94 / 95 FOR RELEVENT ITEMS

2(xii)             Department                                  ________ BSNL __________

9(ii)              Standard CPWD contract Form                  CPWD form 7/8 as modified
                                                                & corrected upto - 2003.
Clause 2
                   Authority for fixing                        Superintending Engineer (E)
                   Compensation under                         _________________________
                   Clause 2.                                  _________________________
Clause 5
                   Time allowed for execution                 __15 Days_______
                   of work. Authority to give fair            __________________________
                   and reasonable extension of                Superintending Engineer (E)
                   time for completion of work.               __________________________
Clause 7
                   Gross work to be done
                   together with net payment/
                   adjustment of advances for
                   material collected, if any, since
                   the last such payment for being

                  eligible to interim payment.                   ____________________________
Clause 11
                  Specifications to be followed                  As per attached specifications
                  for execution of work.                         & CPWD
Clause 12

12.1.2 (iii)      Schedule of rates for determining              DSR – 94 for Internal

                  rates for additional, altered or               DSR – 95 for External
                  substituted items that cannot
                  be determined under 12.1.2 (i) & (ii)     ______________________________

12.1.2 (iii)      Plus/minus the % over the rate
                  entered in the schedule of rates.         ______________________________

       PROFORMA OF SCHEDULES                                                                               CPWD – 7/8

12.1.2 (vi)A      Deviation Limit beyond which
                  sub-clauses (i) to (v) shall not
                  apply and clauses 12.2 & 12.3                          50% (other than AHR & ALR items)
                  shall apply

12.1.2(vi)B (a) Limit for value of any item of any
                 individual trade beyond which
                 sub-clauses (i) to (v) shall not apply                  50% (other than AHR & ALR items)
                 and clauses 12.2 & 12.3 shall apply.

Clause 16
                  Competent Authority for
                  Deciding reduced rates.                                      _EE(E) / SE(E)_
Clause 36(i)
                  Minimum Qualifications &
                  Experience required for Principal
                  Technical Representative.

          a)      For works with estimated cost
                  Put to tender more than

          (i)     Rs. 10 Lakhs for Civil work                            Graduate or retired AE possessing
          (ii)    Rs. 5 Lakhs for Elec/Mech Works.                       at least recognized diploma

          b)      For works with estimated cost put to tender.

          (i)     More than Rs.5 Lakhs but less
                  Than Rs. 10 Lakhs for Civil Works.                     Recognized Diploma holder.
          (ii)    More than Rs.1 Lakh but less
                  Than Rs.5 Lakh for Elect/Mech. Works.

          c)      Discipline to which the Principal                      Civil / Electrical / Mechanical
                  Technical Representative should belong.

          d)      Minimum experience of works.                                    __3____ years.
       e)          Recovery to be effected from the                         Rs.4,000/-p.m. for Graduate

                   contractor in the event of not                           Rs.2,000/- for diploma holder.

                   Fulfilling provision of clause 36(i)

       Clause 42
       (i) (a) Schedule/statement for determining
               theoretical quantity of cement &
               bitumen on the basis of Delhi.
               Schedule of Rates______printed by C.P.W.D.

       (ii)        Variations permissible on theoretical quantities.
              a)   Cement for works with estimated                          3% plus / minus. - N.A. -
                   Cost put to tender not more than
                   Rs. 5 lakhs.

                   for works with estimated                                 2% plus / minus. - N.A. -
                   Cost put to tender not more than
                   Rs. 5 lakhs.

      PROFORMA OF SCHEDULES                                                                                  CPWD – 7/8

       b)          Bitumen all works.                          2.5% plus only & Nil on minus side.        - N.A. -

       c)          Steel Reinforcement and structural steel                2% plus / minus.               - N.A. -
                   Sections for each diameter, section and

       d)          All other materials.                                        Nil.


Sl.    Description of Item                     Rates in figures and words at which
       No.                                     recovery shall be made from the Contractor

                                               Excess beyond                Less use beyond
                                               Permissible                           the permissible
                                               Variation                             variation

1.     Cement
2.     Steel reinforcement
3.     Structural Sections                                       - NIL -
4.     Bitumen issued free
5.     Bitumen issued at stipulated
       Fixed price.

                                              Sub Divisional Engineer (E)
                                              BSNL Elect. Sub Divn. No.II
                                              Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi
                                                CORRECTION SLIP

Addendum / Modification to CPWD-8 and CPWD-6 forms conditions of contract definitions

All reference to:-

(I).     CPWD/Public Work Department / P&T Department.

(ii).    D.G Works Additional Chief Engineer CPWD / Chief Engineer of Zone.

(iii).   Administrative Head of CPWD / P&T Department.

(iv).    CPWD Circle / Civil Circle.

(v).     Ministry of Works, Housing & Supply/D.O.T.

(vi)     Govt. Of India./ President of India.

(vii)    For and on behalf of President Of India / For and on behalf of Govt. Of India.

In various clauses shall be taken to mean:-

(i).     B. S. N. L. (Elect. Wing. )

(ii).    Chief Engineer (Electrical),B.S.N.L.

(iii).   Administrative Head of B.S.N.L.

(iv).    B.S.N.L. Electrical Circle

(v).     B.S.N.L. (Govt. of India Enterprises).

(vi)     B.S.N.L.

(vii)    For and on behalf of B.S.N.L.

                                          Sub Divisional Engineer (E)
                                          BSNL Elect. Sub Divn. No.II
                                          Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi

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