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									                                                                                                              founder and
                                                                                                              first chair
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    September 22, 2008                                                                                        Sally Gottesman
    The Honorable Condoleezza Rice                                                                            Ruth W. Messinger

    Secretary of State                                                                                        Don Abramson
    U.S. Department of State                                                                                  Marc Baum
    2201 C Street, N.W.                                                                                       William P. Becker
    Washington, D.C. 20520                                                                                    Marion Bergman
                                                                                                              Marion Blumenthal
                                                                                                              Barbara Dobkin
    CC: U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Zalmay Khalilzad                                                James Dubey
                                                                                                              David Elcott
                                                                                                              Marty Friedman
                                                                                                              Addie Guttag
    Dear Secretary Rice,
                                                                                                              Michael Hirschhorn
                                                                                                              Rabbi Richard Jacobs
    We write to you as rabbis deeply concerned about the ongoing genocide in Darfur, Sudan.                   Linda Heller Kamm
    Representing various branches of Judaism, and thousands of congregants throughout the                     Steve Kantor
    United States, we are united in our conviction regarding the urgent need to stop the supply               Howard Kleckner
                                                                                                              Kathleen Levin
    of arms to the perpetrators of violence in Darfur. We urge you to press all countries to                  Sara Moore Litt
    voluntarily suspend any arms sales to Sudan and to use the U.S. seat on the United Nations                Lawrence S. Phillips
    Security Council to introduce a resolution to expand the current U.N. arms embargo this                   Russ Pratt
    October.                                                                                                  Marcella Kanfer Rolnick
                                                                                                              Allan Rosenfield
                                                                                                              Michael C. Rothman
    The need for this resolution and the end to all arms sales to Sudan could not be more                     Elizabeth Scheuer
    urgent.                                                                                                   Nancy Schwartz Sternoff
                                                                                                              Diane Troderman
    Recent events, such as the August 25 attack which killed more than 30 residents of the                    William Wardlaw
                                                                                                              Glenn Weinberg
    Kalma displacement camp, demonstrate that violence against Darfur’s civilians continues                   Andrew Weiss
    unabated. Record numbers of hijackings, kidnappings and assaults on humanitarian workers
    jeopardize the delivery of aid and restrict the already limited humanitarian space. The                   honorary board
    under-resourced United Nations-African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur, deployed                     Carolyn Everett
    to protect civilians and aid workers, has also been the subject of several deadly attacks.                Leo Nevas
                                                                                                              Herbert Weiss

    Despite two U.N. Security Council resolutions intended to halt the movement of weapons                    ………………………
    to Darfur, the region is awash with arms. The government of Sudan openly refuses to
    comply with Security Council resolution 1591, which as you know, requires the approval of                 san francisco
    a sanctions committee for Khartoum to transfer any weapons or related materiel to Darfur.                 131 Steuart Street
                                                                                                              Suite 200
    Member states are failing to live up to their obligations under that same resolution to                   San Francisco, CA 94105
    prevent the sale or supply arms to all parties to the conflict. The well-documented                       t 415.593.3280
    proliferation of arms in the region illustrates only too clearly the ineffectiveness of the               f 415.593.3290
    current embargo.
                                                                                                              washington, d.c.
    Many countries are implicated in the continued supply of arms, but the primary                            1001 Connecticut Avenue, NW
    responsibility lies with two Security Council members: Russia and China. While Russia is a                Suite 1200
                                                                                                              Washington, D.C. 20036
    major supplier of heavy weapons, China bears the distinction of providing an estimated 90
                                                                                                              t 202.379.4300
                                                                                                              f 202.379.4310

45 West 36th Street, New York, NY 10018   •   t 212.792.2900   •   f 212.792.2930   •   e   •
percent of Sudan’s small arms imports since 2004. It is imperative that the U.S. press Russia
and other suppliers to suspend arms sales to Sudan. Particular attention must be paid to
the government of China because of its trade relationship and close diplomatic ties to
Sudan. China holds the presidency of the Security Council in October. It is critical that
the U.S. undertake robust diplomacy to ensure that China does not block passage of
a resolution to expand the arms embargo.

Compliance with the arms embargo is just one of the many commitments the government
of Sudan has failed to fulfill. However, it is a critical component in bringing a halt to the
continued bloodshed in Darfur. The gravity of the situation demands that the U.S. move
this issue forward as soon as possible. We urge you to instruct the U.S. permanent
representative to the U.N. to introduce a resolution to expand the arms embargo to all of
Sudan with an appropriate carve out for non-lethal assistance to the government of
Southern Sudan.

President Bush has stated that the crisis in Darfur is a priority for his administration. We
urge you to make good on your promise to the people of Darfur. Please do all that you
can to make peace in Sudan a part of the legacy of the Bush administration.


 Rabbi Joel N. Abraham                                      Rabbi Julia Andelman
 Temple Sholom                                              Congregation Shaare Zedek
 Scotch Plains, NJ                                          New York, NY

 Rabbi David Adelson                                        Rabbi Camille Angel
 New York, NY                                               Congregation Sha'ar Zahav
                                                            San Francisco, CA
 Rabbi Mona Alfi
 Congregation B'nai Israel                                  Rabbi Marc Angel
 Sacramento, CA                                             Congregation Shearith Israel
                                                            New York, NY
 Rabbi Katy Allen
 Wayland, MA                                                Rabbi Aryeh Azriel
                                                            Temple Israel
 Rabbi Morris Allen                                         Omaha, NE
 Beth Jacob Congregation
 Mendota Heights, MN                                        Rabbi Justus Baird
                                                            Princeton, NJ
 Rabbi Thomas Alpert
 Temple Beth Tikvah                                         Rabbi Benjamin Barnett
 Madison, CT                                                Corvallis, OR

 Rabbi Renni Altman                                         Rabbi Israel J. Barzak
 Hebrew Union College                                       River Garden Hebrew Home for the Aged
 Great Neck, NY                                             Ormond Beach, FL

Rabbi Martin Beifield          Rabbi Judith Brown
Congregation Beth Ahabah       Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
Richmond, VA                   Wyncote, PA

Rabbi Marc Belgrad             Rabbi Aaron Brusso
Buffalo Grove, IL              Adath Jeshururn Congregation
                               Minnetonka, MN
Rabbi Marci Bellows
New York, NY                   Rabbi Joel Buchband
                               Temple Gates of Zion
Rabbi Allan Berkowitz          Valley Stream, NY
San Jose, CA
                               Rabbi Lee Bycel
Rabbi Harold Berman            American Jewish World Service
Congregation Tifereth Israel   San Francisco, CA
Columbus, OH
                               Rabbi Ari Cartun
Rabbi Joel Berman              Congregation Etz Chayim
Youngstown, OH                 Palo Alto, CA

Rabbi Rena Blumenthal          Rabbi Marim Charry
Vassar College Jewish Union    New York, NY
Poughkeepsie, NY
                               Rabbi Joshua Chasan
Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton         Ohavi Zedek Synagogue
Congregation Beit Tikvah       Burlington, VT
Baltimore, MD
                               Rabbi Norman Cohen
Rabbi Ana Bonnheim             Bet Shalom Congregation
Union for Reform Judaism       Minnetonka, MN
Dallas, TX
                               Rabbi Paul Cohen
Rabbi Jill Borodin             Temple Jeremiah
Congregation Beth Shalom       Northfield, IL
Seattle, WA
                               Rabbi Judy Cohen-Rosenberg
Rabbi Neal Borovitz            Westbury, NY
Temple Sholom
River Edge, NJ                 Rabbi Julian Cook
                               Congregation Emanuel
Rabbi Anna Boswell-Levy        Denver, CO
Tzedek v'Shalom
Langhorne, PA                  Rabbi David Cooper
                               Kehilla Community Synagogue
Rabbi Herbert Brockman         Piedmont, CA
Hamden, CT
                               Rabbi Heidi Coretz
Rabbi Colin Brodie             Temple Emanu-El
Congregation B'nai Torah       Longview, TX
Trumbull, CT

Rabbi Meryl Crean                           Rabbi Steven Fineblum
Elkins Park, PA                             Temple Sinai
                                            Cinnaminson, NJ
Rabbi Eric Cytryn
Beth El Temple                              Rabbi Adam Fisher
Harrisburg, PA                              Stony Brook, NY

Rabbi Alexander Davis                       Rabbi Michelle Fisher
St Louis Park, MN                           Congregation B'nai Shalom
                                            Walnut Creek, CA
Rabbi Anne Ebersman
New York, NY                                Rabbi Nancy Flam
                                            Northampton, MA
Rabbi Laurence Edwards
Congregation Or Chadash                     Rabbi Adam Frank
Chicago, IL                                 Atlanta, GA

Rabbi Dan Ehrenkrantz                       Rabbi David Frank
Reconstructionist Rabbinical College        Cardiff By The Sea, CA
Wyncote, PA
                                            Rabbi Carla Freedman
Rabbi Amy Eilberg                           Jewish Family Congregation
St. Paul Interfaith Network                 South Salem, NY
Mendota Heights, MN
                                            Rabbi Stacy Friedman
Rabbi Nathaniel Ezray                       Congregation Rodef Sholom
Congregation Beth Jacob                     San Rafael, CA
Redwood City, CA
                                            Rabbi Elyse Frishman
Rabbi Joan Farber                           Ridgewood, NJ
Union for Reform Judaism
New York, NY                                Rabbi Roy Furman
                                            DePaul University
Rabbi Charles Feinberg                      Chicago, IL
Adas Israel Congregation
Washington, DC                              Rabbi David Gaffney
                                            Conservative Synagogue of 5th Avenue
Rabbi Michael Feinberg                      New York, NY
Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition
New York, NY                                Rabbi Laura Geller
                                            Temple Emanuel
Rabbi Dena Feingold                         Beverly Hills, CA
Beth Hillel Temple
Kenosha, WI                                 Rabbi Jonathan Gerard
                                            Or Chadash Reform Temple
Rabbi Samuel Feinsmith                      Easton, PA
New York, NY
                                            Rabbi Larry Gevirtz
                                            Bronx, NY

Rabbi Simeon Glaser                               Rabbi Maralee Gordon
Temple Israel                                     McHenry County Jewish Congregation
Minneapolis, MN                                   Woodstock, IL

Rabbi Carol Glass                                 Rabbi Sam Gordon
Newton, MA                                        Congregation Sukkat Shalom
                                                  Wilmette, IL
Rabbi David Glickman
Congregation Shearith Israel                      Rabbi Seth Goren
Dallas, TX                                        Washington, DC

Rabbi Gary Glickstein                             Rabbi Fred Greene
Temple Beth Sholom                                Temple Beth Tikvah
Miami Beach, FL                                   Roswell, GA

Rabbi Neal Gold                                   Rabbi David Greenstein
Temple Shir Tikva                                 The Academy for Jewish Religion
Wayland, MA                                       Riverdale, NY

Rabbi Edwin Goldberg                              Rabbi Suzanne Griffel
Temple Judea                                      Chicago, IL
Coral Gables, FL
                                                  Rabbi Fred Guttman
Rabbi Steve Golden                                Temple Emanuel
Kaplen Jewish Community Center on the Palisades   Greensboro, NC
Tenafly, NJ
                                                  Rabbi Joshua Hammerman
Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg                           Temple Beth El
Congregation Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedek              Stamford, CT
Chester, CT
                                                  Rabbi Maurice Harris
Rabbi Michael Goldman                             Temple Beth Israel
Durham, NC                                        Eugene, OR

Rabbi Jordan Goldson                              Rabbi Robert Harris
Temple Kol Ami                                    Jewish Theological Seminary
Scottsdale, AZ                                    White Plains, NY

Rabbi Evan Goodman                                Rabbi Jacob Herber
Temple Israel of New Rochelle                     Congregation Beth Israel
New Rochelle, NY                                  Milwaukee, WI

Rabbi Felipe Goodman                              Rabbi Hayim Herring
Temple Beth Sholom                                St. Louis Park, MN
Las Vegas, NV
                                                  Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield
Rabbi Julie Gordon                                P'nai Or of Portland
St. Paul, MN                                      Portland, OR

Rabbi Erin Hirsh                      Rabbi Stephen Karol
Jewish Reconstructionist Federation   Temple Isaiah
Jenkintown, PA                        Stony Brook, NY

Rabbi Jocelyn Hudson                  Rabbi Harley Karz-Wagman
Temple Beth Sholom of Orange County   Temple of Israel
Los Angeles, CA                       Wilmington, NC

Rabbi Sheldon Isenberg                Rabbi Alan Katz
Aleph Jewish Renewal                  Temple Sinai
Gainesville, FL                       Rochester, NY

Rabbi Alan Iser                       Rabbi David Kaufman
Berwyn, PA                            Temple B'nai Jeshurun
                                      Des Moines, IA
Rabbi Marci Jacobs
Temple Emunah                         Rabbi David Kay
Lexington, MA                         Orlando, FL

Rabbi Richard Jacobs                  Rabbi Jeff Kaye
Westchester Reform Temple             Congregation Beth Shalom
Scarsdale, NY                         Aurora, CO

Rabbi Beth Jacowitz Chottiner         Rabbi Stuart Kelman
Temple Shalom                         Congregation Netivot Shalom
Wheeling, WV                          Berkeley, CA

Rabbi Bruce Kadden                    Rabbi Justin Kerber
Tacoma, WA                            Athens, GA

Rabbi David Kalb                      Rabbi Peg Kershenbaum
Minyan Yavneh                         New City, NY
New York, NY
                                      Rabbi Mark W. Kiel
Rabbi Steven Kane                     Congregation B'nai Israel
Congregation Sons of Israel           Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Briarcliff Manor, NY
                                      Rabbi Paul Kipnes
Rabbi Elana Kanter                    Congregation Or Ami
The New Shul                          Calabasas, CA
Scottsdale, AZ
                                      Rabbi Donna Kirshbaum
Rabbi Shalom Kantor                   String of Pearls Congregation
Hillel at Binghamton                  Swarthmore, PA
Vestal, NY
                                      Rabbi Stephen Klein
Rabbi Tracy Kaplowitz                 Scarsdale, NY
Huntington, NY                        Rabbi Jonathan Kligler
                                      Woodstock, NY

Rabbi David Kline                       Rabbi Alan LaPayover
Hillel B'nai Torah                      Philadelphia, PA
West Roxbury, MA
                                        Rabbi David Lerner
Rabbi Tracy Klirs                       Temple Emunah
Temple Israel of Great Neck             Lexington, MA
Great Neck, NY
                                        Rabbi Yosef Levanon
Rabbi Peter Knobel                      Beth Israel Synagogue
Central Conference of American Rabbis   Fayetteville, NC
Evanston, IL
                                        Rabbi Joel Levenson
Rabbi Jon Konheim                       Congregation B'nai Jacob
Beth Am Synagogue                       Cherry Hill, NJ
Baltimore, MD
                                        Rabbi Joshua Levine
Rabbi Andy Koren                        Greater Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center
Temple Emanuel                          Pasadena, CA
Greensboro, NC
                                        Rabbi Chai Levy
Rabbi Jay Kornsgold                     Congregation Kol Shofar
Beth El Synagogue                       Berkeley, CA
East Windsor, NJ
                                        Rabbi David Levy
Rabbi Harold Kravitz                    Colgate Jewish Union
Adath Jeshurun Congregation             Jamesville, NY
Minnetonka, MN
                                        Rabbi Naomi Levy
Rabbi Brett Krichiver                   Nashuva
Stephen S. Wise Temple                  Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
                                        Rabbi Yael Levy
Rabbi Judith Kummer                     Philadelphia, PA
Roslindale, MA
                                        Rabbi Sheldon Lewis
Rabbi Jonathan Kupetz                   Congregation Kol Emeth
Temple Beth Israel                      Palo Alto, CA
Pomona, CA
                                        Rabbi Adina Lewittes
Rabbi Lauren Kurland                    Congregation Sha'ar
New York, NY                            Closter, NJ

Rabbi Gail Labovitz                     Rabbi Michael Lezak
American Jewish University              Congregation Rodef Sholom
Los Angeles, CA                         San Rafael, CA

Rabbi Howard Laibson                    Rabbi Daniel Liben
Congregation Shir Chadash               Temple Israel
Lakewood, CA                            Natick, MA

Rabbi Howard Lifshitz                Rabbi Jeffrey Marker
Congregation Beth Judea              Brooklyn, NY
Long Grove, IL
                                     Rabbi Meyer May
Rabbi Dennis Linson                  Simon Wiesenthal Center
Temple Judea                         Los Angeles, CA
Irvine, CA
                                     Rabbi Amy L. Memis-Foler
Rabbi Ellen Lippmann                 Skokie, IL
Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our Lives
Brooklyn, NY                         Rabbi Edith Meyerson
                                     Mount Sinai Medical Center
Rabbi Norman Lipson                  New York, NY
Temple Dor Dorim
Weston, FL                           Rabbi Brian Michelson
                                     Reform Congregation Oheb Sholom
Rabbi Barry Lutz                     Reading, PA
Temple Ahavat Shalom
Northridge, CA                       Rabbi Avis Miller
                                     Open Dor Foundation
Rabbi Devorah Lynn                   Chevy Chase, MD
Beth Sholom Temple
Fredericksburg, VA                   Rabbi Phil Miller
                                     Baltimore, MD
Rabbi Jonathan Magidovitch
Congregation B'nai Torah             Rabbi Etan Mintz
Highland Park, IL                    Johns Hopkins University Hillel
                                     Fair Lawn, NJ
Rabbi Mark Mahler
Temple Emanuel                       Rabbi Yocheved Mintz
Pittsburgh, PA                       Valley Outreach Synagogue
                                     Las Vegas, NV
Rabbi James Maisels
Bloomfield Hills, MI                 Rabbi Jeremy Morrison
                                     Temple Israel
Rabbi Mark Mallach                   Boston, MA
Temple Beth Ahm Yisrael
Springfield, NJ                      Rabbi Brian Nevins-Goldman
                                     Bristol, TN
Rabbi Devorah Marcus
Temple Beth-El of Great Neck         Rabbi Harvey Nightingale
Port Washington, NY                  Aish HaTorah South Florida
                                     Fort Lauderdale, FL
Rabbi Marc Margolius
Institute for Jewish Spirituality    Rabbi George Nudell
Wynnewood, PA                        Congregation Beth Israel
                                     Scotch Plains, NJ
Rabbi Bonnie Margulis
Madison, WI

Rabbi Jonathan Panitz                 Rabbi Paula Reimers
Bolton Street Synagogue               Lebanon, PA
Lebanon, PA
                                      Rabbi Michael Resnick
Rabbi Marvin Pearlman                 Temple Emanu-El of Palm Beach
Arden Courts Assisted Living Center   Palm Beach, FL
Glenview, IL
                                      Rabbi Dorothy Richman
Rabbi Carl Perkins                    Albany, CA
Temple Aliyah
Needham, MA                           Rabbi H. David Rose
                                      Congregation Har Shalom
Rabbi Daniel Pernick                  Potomac, MD
Beth Am Temple
Nanuet, NY                            Rabbi David Rosenn
                                      New York, NY
Rabbi Shoshana Perry
Congregation Shalom                   Rabbi Cheryl Rosenstein
North Chelmsford, MA                  Temple Beth El
                                      Bakersfield, CA
Rabbi Richard Plavin
Temple Beth Sholom                    Rabbi John Rosove
Manchester, CT                        Temple Israel of Hollywood
                                      Los Angeles, CA
Rabbi William Plevan
New York, NY                          Rabbi Donald Rossoff
                                      Morristown, NJ
Rabbi Gary Pokras
Doylestown, PA                        Rabbi Ronald Roth
                                      Fair Lawn Jewish Center
Rabbi Jeffery Portman                 Fair Lawn, NJ
Agudas Achim
Iowa City, IA                         Rabbi Steven Rubenstein
                                      Congregation Beth Ahm
Rabbi Seymour Prystowsky              West Bloomfield, MI
Congregation Or Ami
Lafayette Hill, PA                    Rabbi Robert Saks
                                      University Park, MD
Rabbi Charles Rabinowitz
Calvary Hospital                      Rabbi Joanna Samuels
Larchmont, NY                         New York, NY

Rabbi Michael Ragozin                 Rabbi Neil Sandler
Leesburg, VA                          Atlanta, GA

Rabbi Larry Raphael                   Rabbi Dennis Sasso
Congregation Sherith Israel           Congregation Beth-El Zedeck
San Francisco, CA                     Indianapolis, IN

Rabbi Sandy Sasso                          Rabbi Joel Schwartzman
Congregation Beth-El Zedeck                B'nai Chaim Congregation
Indianapolis, IN                           Morrison, CO

Rabbi Charles Savenor                      Rabbi Laurence Sebert
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism   Town and Village Synagogue
Metropolitan New York Region               New York, NY
New York, NY
                                           Rabbi Ahud Sela
Rabbi Amy Scheinerman                      Sinai Temple
Beth Shalom Congregation                   Los Angeles, CA
Westminster, MD
                                           Rabbi Isaac Serotta
Rabbi George Schlesinger                   Lakeside Congregation for Reform Judaism
Congregation Beth Ami                      Highland Park, IL
Santa Rosa, CA
                                           Rabbi Jaimee Shalhevet
Rabbi Jonathan Schnitzer                   North Shore Synagogue
B'nai Israel Congregation                  Brooklyn, NY
Rockville, MD
                                           Rabbi Judy Shanks
Rabbi Rachel Schoenfeld                    Temple Isaiah
Congregation Shirat Hayam                  Lafayette, CA
Allston, MA
                                           Rabbi Bonnie Sharfman
Rabbi Avi Schulman                         Scottsdale, AZ
Temple Beth Torah
Fremont, CA                                Rabbi Randy Sheinberg
                                           Temple Tikvah
Rabbi Marvin Schwab                        New Hyde Park, NY
Temple Beth Shalom
Santa Fe, NM                               Rabbi Aaron Sherman
                                           Temple Judah
Rabbi Michael Schwab                       Cedar Rapids, IA
North Suburban Synagogue Beth El
Highland Park, IL                          Rabbi Paul Shleffar
                                           Center for Contemporary Jewish Spirituality
Rabbi Fred Schwalb                         Emerald Hills, CA
Shenorock, NY
                                           Rabbi Alexandria Shuval-Weiner
Rabbi Barry Schwartz                       The Temple, Congregation B'nai Jehudah
Congregation M'kor Shalom                  Overland Park, KS
Cherry Hill, NJ
                                           Rabbi Ian Silverman
Rabbi Julie Schwartz                       East Northport Jewish Center
Temple Emanu-El                            Greenlawn, NY
Atlanta, GA
                                           Rabbi Lawrence Silverman
                                           Plymouth, MA

Rabbi Suzanne Singer                      Rabbi Toba Spitzer
Temple Beth El                            Congregation Dorshei Tzedek
Riverside, CA                             West Newton, MA

Rabbi Daniel Sklar                        Rabbi Brent Spodek
Westchester Reform Temple                 American Jewish World Service
Norwalk, CT                               New York, NY

Rabbi Scott Slarskey                      Rabbi Sonya Starr
Brighton, MA                              Columbia Jewish Congregation
                                          Columbia, MD
Rabbi Jonathan Slater
Institute for Jewish Spirituality         Rabbi Jacob Staub
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY                    Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
                                          Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Eric Slaton
Beth Israel Congregation                  Rabbi Peter Stein
Hamilton, OH                              Temple Sinai
                                          Cranston, RI
Rabbi Felicia Sol
New York, NY                              Rabbi Stephen Julius Stein
                                          Los Angeles, CA
Rabbi Rav Soloff
Lansdale, PA                              Rabbi David Steinberg
                                          Burlington, VT
Rabbi Eric Solomon
Beth Meyer Synagogue                      Rabbi Ariel Stone
Raleigh, NC                               Congregation Shir Tikvah
                                          Portland, OR
Rabbi Abigail Sosland
Solomon Schechter School of Westchester   Rabbi Andrew Straus
New York, NY                              Temple Emanuel
                                          Tempe, AZ
Rabbi Henry Sosland
New City Jewish Center                    Rabbi Brooks Susman
New City, NY                              Congregation Kol Am
                                          Freehold, NJ
Rabbi Reena Spicehandler
Philadelphia, PA                          Rabbi Tziona Szajman
                                          Temple Israel
Rabbi Jonathan Spira-Savett               Vestal, NY
Temple Beth Abraham
Nashua, NH                                Rabbi Robert Tabak
                                          Melrose Park, PA
Rabbi Elie Spitz
Congregation B'nai Israel                 Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen
Tustin, CA                                Congregation Beth El-Keser Israel
                                          New Haven, CT

Rabbi Mervin Tomsky                  Rabbi Joseph Wolf
Sun Valley, CA                       Havurah Shalom
                                     Portland, OR
Rabbi Michael Ungar
Congregation Tifereth Israel         Rabbi Sarah Wolf
Columbus, OH                         Congregation Beth Am
                                     New York, NY
Rabbi Andrew Vogel
Temple Sinai                         Rabbi Greg Wolfe
Newton Center, MA                    Congregation Bet Haverim
                                     Davis, CA
Rabbi Michael Wasserman
The New Shul                         Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan
Scottsdale, AZ                       Congregation Emanu-El
                                     San Francisco, CA
Rabbi Sheila Weinberg
Institute for Jewish Spirituality    Rabbi Jonathan S. Woll
Amherst, MA                          Temple Avoda
                                     Fair Lawn, NJ
Rabbi Arthur Weiner
Jewish Community Center of Paramus   Rabbi Adam Zeff
Paramus, NJ                          Germantown Jewish Centre
                                     Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi David Weiner
Jacksonville Jewish Center           Rabbi Lina N. Zerbarini
Jacksonville, FL                     Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale
                                     New Haven, CT
Rabbi Stephen Weisman
Temple Solel                         Rabbi Shawn Zevit
Bowie, MD                            Jewish Reconstructionist Federation
                                     Jenkintown, PA
Rabbi Max Weiss
Hoffman Estate, IL                   Rabbi Martin Zinkow
                                     Temple Israel
Rabbi David Widzer                   Columbus, OH
Franklin, MA
                                     Rabbi Daniel Zucker
Rabbi Jeremy Winaker                 Temple Beth Shalom of Mahopacs
Bet Torah                            Long Beach, NY
Mount Kisco, NY
                                     Rabbi Neil Zuckerman
Rabbi Avi Winokur                    Temple Israel Center
Society Hill Synagogue               White Plains, NY
Philadelphia, PA

Rabbi Irvin Wise
Adath Israel Congregation
Cincinnati, OH


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