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					                                                                                                  Utah Anti-Discrimination &
If you think you have experienced              Utah and Federal Agencies:                         Labor Division (UALD)
discrimination, in the sale, rental or         All complaints filed with the Utah Anti-
finance of housing, please provide             Discrimination Division (UALD), are also con-
us with the following information:             sidered simultaneously filed with the U.S. De-
                                               partment of Housing and Urban Development
Your Name, Address & Phone:                    (HUD).
                                                                                                    FAIR HOUSING
                                               Court System:

Brief description of the alleged
                                               To file through the court system, you must file
                                               within two-years of the alleged discrimination
discrimination:                                and you will need your own private attorney.
                                               If you are unable to pay for an attorney, the          YOUR RIGHT
                                               court will appoint one for you.

                                               Utah Fair Housing and Civil Court:
                                               You may file with the Utah Anti-
                                               Discrimination & Labor Division (UALD), and
                                               pursue a court civil right of action at the same
Who discriminated against you (respondent).
Please provide us with: Name, address,         Resolution Conference:
telephone number, or name of company.          The goal of the Utah Fair Housing Office is to
                                               resolve charges of housing discrimination as
                                               quickly as possible. We use conciliation and
                                               mediation techniques to bring cases to a
                                               successful conclusion, with a savings of time
                                               and money for both parties.

You believe that you were subject to dis-
crimination based on any of the following:

 ❏   National Origin   ❏   Familial Status

 ❏   Color             ❏   Religion

 ❏   Sex               ❏   Race
                                                      Utah Anti-Discrimination &
                                                       Labor Division (UALD)
 ❏   Handicap or       ❏   Source of                                                                         In collaboration with a grant
                                                                                                             from the U.S. Department of
     Disability            Income (Utah)      WWW.LABORCOMMISSION.UTAH.GOV.                                  Housing and Urban
                                                                                                             Development Fair Housing
       CHECK ALL THAT APPLY                                                                                  Assistance Program.
What is Housing Discrimination?                       How to Recognize Housing Discrimination :         3.   Complete the form, sign it and return it to
                                                                                                             our office. Be prepared for a possible
Under the Utah and Federal Fair Housing               Most housing discrimination doesn't always             interview with one of our Intake Officers to
                                                      mean having a door slammed in your face or a           file a formal complaint.
Acts, you have the right to rent, purchase,           bigoted remark directed your way. Unsuspect-
or finance housing without discrimination             ing renters or home buyers may be politely        4.   Once a complaint has been filed, we will
                                                      turned away from the housing of their choice,          assign a number to your claim, which will
based on your race, color, national origin,           even though they are qualified.                        create a case file for you.
religion, sex, familial status (families with chil-
dren under 18), or disability. Additionally,          ⇒ In Maryland, three African men were             5.   Once the case has been created, we will
                                                           evicted by a landlord who terminated their        send a copy of the complaint to you (the
under the Utah Fair Housing Act, you also                  leases and immediately leased the unit to         Complainant), and the party you are charg-
                                                           white tenants.                                    ing with discrimination (the Respondent).
have the right to select housing regardless of
your source of income (for example, if you            ⇒ In California, a woman with a disability        Are there any deadlines for filing a
receive state, local, or federal government                who uses a service animal, was refused a     housing discrimination claim with the
                                                           rental unit in an apartment with a "no-      Antidiscrimination Division or HUD?
assistance, including housing vouchers).                   pets" policy.
                                                                                                        To file under Utah Law with our office, you
What Housing is Covered?                              ⇒ In Ohio, a Hispanic woman was denied            must file your charge within 180 days of the
                                                           housing because of an unlawful "no kids"     alleged discrimination.
The Fair Housing Act covers most housing.                  policy.
                                                                                                        To file under Federal law with HUD, you must
In some circumstances, the Act exempts
                                                      How to File a Complaint                           file within one year. Our office can provide
owner-occupied buildings with no more                                                                   you with the U.S. Department of Housing and
                                                      Anyone who believes that he/she is a victim of    Urban Development (HUD) form.
than four units, single-family homes sold
                                                      Housing Discrimination or harassment, may file
or rented without the use of a broker and             a complaint with the Utah Anti-Discrimination     What does it cost to file a charge?
housing operated       by organizations and           Division.                                         There is no cost for filing a charge of housing
                                                      To file your complaint of housing discrimina-     discrimination.
private clubs that limit occupancy to mem-            tion, complete the following steps:
bers.                                                                                                   For more Information Contact:
                                                      1.   Obtain a Housing Questionnaire directly
                                                           from our office. Heber Wells Building,
                                                                                                        Utah Anti-Discrimination & Labor Division
                                                           160 E. 300 So. 3rd. Floor
                                                           Salt Lake City, Utah. 84114-6630                              (UALD)
              Remember to save all receipts,                                                            Heber Wells Building
              applications, business cards,                                                             160 East 300 South - 3rd Floor
                                                      2.   Or go to our website and print a copy:
              or other documents received                                                               Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6630
                                                           www.laborcommission.utah.gov.                Phone: (801) 530-6801 or
              during your meetings.                        Then click on UALD and select Fair
                                                                                                        1-800-222-1238 (Utah only)
                                                           Housing.                                     TDD: (801) 530-7685