Java Web Application Developer Architect by yfv54841


									                                                                      Christian Ey
Christian Ey                                                          Augustenstr. 31
                                                                      80333 München
Senior Software Engineer, Architect
Bachelor of Computer Science                                          phone:    +49 173 706 7784

      Java Web Application Developer / Architect

Summary                Software Engineer with extensive experience in Java web application
                       architecture design and development using Struts Framework. I have team
                       leading experiences.
                       Rewards: jGuru premium member, Netscape developer champion

                       Strong Experiences:
                       • Apache Struts, Servlet/JSP/JavaScript/CSS, Apache Tomcat, Ant

                       • Data access: EJB, SQL, XML, LDAP, Transaction Management
                       • Security/distributed systems: PKI, SSL, LDAP, CORBA, RMI

Employers:             11/01 - present MGM IT Consulting                                Munich, Germany
                       • Leading and developing secure web application projects; currently:
                           German Government’s online access to its tax system, “ELSTER”
                       • Developed core functionality for Fujitsu-Siemens’ J2EE Application
                           Server “BeanTA”, for example a selector parser for its JMS component

                       08/00 - 10/01 youSmile AG                                  Karlsruhe, Germany
                       • Developed an innovative B2C online shop and B2B project base system
                           (eBusiness). System still online:, Startup.

                       05/98 - 09/98 Netscape Corporation                Mountain View, California
                       • Developed the first CORBA connection for Netscape Application Server

Education:             09/96 - 07/00 Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe, Germany

                       •   Degree: Bachelor of Computer Science
                       •   Final degree dissertation: Storing XML Documents in Directory Servers.
                       •   Exchange student at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan
                       •   MGM internal: Software Engineering Qualification
                       •   Languages: Fluent in English (written and verbal) and German (native)

                       Date: Monday, August 15, 2005

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