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					                        NOLS Scholarship Program Application

Franklin Pierce University both encourages students to study abroad and recognizes that
the financial challenges of studying abroad also exist. The University has collaborated
with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in an effort to offer a variety of
opportunities for students to participate in. These programs have costs associated with
them, and because of the NOLS program costs that are billed to Franklin Pierce, there are
programs where a students Franklin Pierce Grant/Scholarship must be prorated

The Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS) evaluates applications for the NOLS
Scholarship Program and awards limited funds in an effort to make studying abroad
more affordable.


Students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as well as the
NOLS Scholarship Program application to be considered. Students must
be full-time, matriculated students making satisfactory academic progress (as defined) in
order to participate in the scholarship program. The NOLS Scholarship Program
Application is available in the OSFS and on the OSFS website.

Deadlines for the scholarship application are:

Fall 2008 Semester: Applications due: June 1, 2008

Spring 2009 Semester: Funds not available. Federal Aid only

The OSFS evaluates all applications on a first-come, first serve basis. Applications are
reviewed based on financial need and awards range from $200-$1500 for the semester the
student is studying abroad in a NOLS program. The OSFS will notify students of
eligibility in writing within 10 days of the application due date. Late applications will not
be considered.

The OSFS will disburse funds for all scholarship recipients after the Add/Drop period in
which the student is abroad. Disbursements will be made directly onto the student’s
account with the University. Refunds, if eligible, will not take place until all financial aid
has been posted to a student’s account. Refunds will be released as requested on the
Refund Request Form.
                  NOLS Scholarship Application
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