FALL CAREER LADDER CHECKLIST

Use this form to check your plan before submitting it to a Career Ladder representative.
Do not include this form in your plan. Plans are due by the last Friday in September.
All forms must be done on the computer.

   1.   Plan includes signed Notice of Accountability

   2.   Career Ladder Application:
        ____ Includes name, date and stage
        ____ All appropriate boxes are checked
        ____ Signed by administrator

   3.   Career Ladder Verification Form (goes to your administrator):
        ____ Includes name, date and evaluator’s signature
        ____ Stage II – 2 “exceeds” criteria from PBTE
        ____ Stage III – 3 “exceeds” criteria from PBTE

   4.   Summary of Responsibilities:
        ____ Includes name and level
        ____ Stage I – at least 2 responsibilities
        ____ Stage II – at least 3 responsibilities
        ____ Stage III – at least 4 responsibilities
        ____ Responsibility number on Summary matches numbers on
              Responsibility Plan sheet

   5.   Responsibility Plan sheets:
        ____ Includes name & level
        ____ Criteria for responsibility is accurately completed
        ____ Responsibility is typed and matches Summary of
              Responsibilities (number is the same as the Summary Sheet)
        ____ Explanation of relationship to criteria is given
        ____ Written description of actions to be taken is given
        ____ Includes timeline for completion and estimation of hours

   6.   Plan includes at least minimum number of direct student contact hours (Stage I
        – 10 hours, Stage II – 15 hours, Stage III – 20 hours).

   7.   Plan includes a minimum of five (5) hours of parent contact.

   8.   Combination of student and parent contact is at least one-third of plan (Stage I
        – 20 hours, Stage II – 30 hours, Stage III – 40 hours).

   9.   College and workshop hours do not exceed one-third of plan (Stage I – 20 hours,
        Stage II – 30 hours, Stage III – 40 hours).

   10. Educational research (videos, books, etc.) does not exceed 10 hours.

   11. Except as noted above, no responsibility exceeds 70% of the total hours for a
       plan (Stage I – 42 hours, Stage II – 63 hours, Stage III – 84 hours).

   12. Place copy of plan in a folder with your name written on the tab and give to
       committee member.

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