Vermont Early Childhood Career Ladder Level II

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					                Vermont Early Childhood
                    Career Ladder
                        Level II

   What is the Career Ladder?
   The Career Ladder identifies the six career levels of early
   childhood professional development. The Career Ladder
   may be used by early childhood professionals for tracking
   and planning professional growth. You may enter the
   Career Ladder at any level, and there are many different
   paths to take to develop your career. Each level combines
   education and experience. The Northern Lights core
   competencies provide the foundation for this system.

   What is the Level II certificate?
   Level II is the step beyond entry level knowledge and skills.     “I have learned so much
   There are two ways to earn a Level II certificate. You may         while getting my CDA. I
   either:                                                                see myself as a
   • earn a CDA (Child Development Associate) credential, or
                                                                         professional now.”
   • successfully complete a Level II Northern Lights Portfolio
   120 total documented hours of training are required for                 Resources:
   either option, as well as -
   • A current Individual Professional Development Plan
                                                                      Northern Lights Career
       (IPDP) and                                                      Development Center
   • At least 2 years experience working with young in
                                                                   - see Career Ladder
       regulated care.
                                                                   - see Resources to find your
   The application for a Level II certificate is on the Northern
                                                                      Local Resource
   Lights website or you can contact us to request one.
                                                                      Development Specialist
                                                                   - see Curricula to find the
   Why is getting my Level II Certificate important?                  Level II coursework
   You gain knowledge, skills and a sense of accomplishment
   when you earn this certificate, and are recognized as a          Bright Futures Information
   professional. Completion of a Level II certificate is                      System
   recognized with a bonus by the Child Development Division,
   and your child care program can earn points in STARS.
   Early Childhood Program Licensing Regulations recognize         Child Development Associate
   the CDA for the Teaching Associate. A CDA credential is         Credential (CDA): contact the
   recognized nationwide.                                             Council for Professional

Vermont Northern Lights Career Development Center
                                                                   See the reverse side for more
                                information on Level II
                         Phone: 802-828-2876
Level II (06/2008)
                Vermont Early Childhood
                     Career Ladder
                   Level II (continued)

   How do I apply for a Level II certificate?
   The Northern Lights website and your local Resource
   Development Specialist have all the information about the
   requirements for a Level II certificate. The application for a
   Level II certificate is also on the Northern Lights website or
   you can contact us to request one.

   Level II related training
   To help you achieve your Level II certificate, there are 80
   hours of coursework available in each region of Vermont.
   This curricula is based on the Level II core competencies
   for early childhood professionals and the CDA credential
   subject areas. These build from the Level I, Fundamentals
                                                                        Did You Know…?
   course. The 80 hours are broken into 7 training modules,
   which can be taken in any order. They are:
   • Observing and Recording Children’s Behavior                         The Vermont Child
   • Social and Emotional Health and Development
                                                                    Development Division (CDD)
   • Physical and Intellectual Development                           offers financial help for the
   • Relationships with Families                                    Child Development Associate
   • Healthy Safe Learning Environments
                                                                    Credential (CDA) application
   • Professionalism and Program Planning                                        fee.
   • Principals of Child Development and Learning
   The Level II modules give you a chance to reflect on your        When you receive your Level
   work with children, to apply what you learn in class with        II certificate you may receive
   the children in your care, and to get support from an              a financial bonus from the
   experienced mentor while you are working with children.                        CDD.
   Where are the trainings offered?
   Different Level II modules are offered annually in each             The Vermont Child Care
   region of the state. Please contact your local Resource          Industry and Careers Council
   Development Specialist to find out which trainings are             sponsors free or low cost
   offered in your region. The Bright Futures Information           college courses through CCV
   System course calendar also will help you find Level II
   related trainings. Please contact your local Resource
   Development Specialist for information about fees. You can
   also consider taking college courses to achieve a Level II          Community College of
   certificate.                                                              Vermont

                                                                      Northern Lights Career
                                 Development Center
                                                                        CCV, PO Box 489
                        Phone: 802-828-2876
Level II (06/2008)                                                     Montpelier VT 05601