FROM THE TOP OF                                                DISTRICT 1-D
                                                                                          Volume 1, Issue 5
                            ILLINOIS                                                     JANUARY 1, 2009

Ken’s Korner                                awards, Lion of the Year or Melvin
                                            Jones Fellowships. Most of all I
                                                                                      INSIDE THIS ISSUE

                                            enjoy the reports of your service         Ken’s Korner             1
The Holiday season is past, the kids        projects. Each club has its own           New Members              1
and grandchildren have left and our         personality; however, service is the      Governor’s Visits        1
Lions year is half over. Now it is          common theme. Everywhere I go             IPID Russ Sarver         2
time to review our “New Year’s              some Lion will be happy to bend my        Calendar Winners         2
resolutions” from the beginning of          ear about the history of their club’s     VDG Judy Shaw            3
our Lions year. When we step on the         favorite or unusual service project.      District Convention 4
scales and weigh our successes are          Whether you meet in a fancy               Up coming Events         6
we pleased with the results, or is it       restaurant, the back of a bar, or in a            *       *
time to renew our efforts? I am very        church basement served by “the            GOVERNOR’S
pleased with the efforts of your clubs      church basement ladies” it is the         JANUARY VISITS
serving the needy, shut-ins, children,      fellowship of your club members that      Polo                    6th
and others from Thanksgiving thru           will be long remembered.                  Rockford Evening 7th
Christmas. With your dedication to                  *       *     *       *           Rochelle               8th
service you again proved you do                                                       Prophetstown          13th
“organized good”. I am proud of the                                                   Dixon Noon            20th
accomplishments of the 1-D Lions.                                                     Pearl City Lioness 20th
        Most of us like to see a                                                      Dixon Evening         21st
smaller number when we step on the                                                    Oregon                22nd
scales. Not me! When I weighed our                                                    Freeport              27th
membership, our December net loss                                                     Roscoe                28th
was -14. This results in a year to date                                               FEBRUARY VISITS
total of -42, just 8 short of all of last                                             Chadwick/Mt Carroll 3rd
year.                                                                                 Leaf River           10th
        Now is the time to dust off                                                   Durand               11th
your new member drive plans.                                                          Thomson              12th
Change that snowed out Christmas                                                      Rochelle Lioness 17th
Party into a new member party while                                                   Genoa                18th
everyone is getting cabin fever and                                                   Monroe Center        24th
looking for an excuse to get out of                                                   Stockton             25th
the house. Good luck and thank you          State Pins
                                                                                      Kirkland             26th
as we turn our membership numbers                                                             *       *
positive.                                   I have a supply of the 2009 state pins,
                                            charms and stick pins. All are for        A good deal happens in a
                I have enjoyed visiting                                               man’s life that he isn’t
your clubs.       I look forward to         sale at $3.00 each. Please order from
                                            DG Ken                                    responsible for. Fortunate
inducting new members, presenting                                                     openings occur; but it is
years of service and attendance                                                       safe to remember that
                                                                                      such “breaks” are
6 NEW MEMBERS                                                                         occurring all the time, and
Cedarville: Sharon Peska; Dixon Noon: Carl Piper; Monroe Center: Russell              other things being equal,
Madeen, Rick McNight; Polo: Frederick Bartels; Poplar Grove: Michael                  the advantage goes to the
Vonderheide.                                                                          man who is ready.
         District 1-D News Article                       Lion Sue and I would like to thank all of the Lions
                                                         from our District for your support during my 2-year
 From the Immediate Past International                   term as International Director and especially thank
              Director                                   you for the celebration held in our honor on
                                                         September 27th at Giovanni’s in Rockford. It was a
                                                         wonderful evening and we enjoyed seeing and
                                                         visiting with so many of our friends. We are truly
                                                         glad to be home!
                                                                 *       *      *       *      *       *
                                                         CALENDAR RAFFLE WINNERS
                                                         November 26 – December 22
                                                         Jay Butson – Pearl City; Francis Fennell – Warren;
                                                         Kenneth Green – Forreston; Tom Walberg – Polo;
                                                         Richard Para – Paw Paw; Mark Bocker – Polo; Jack
                                                         Doty – Mt Carroll; Sandra Janicke – Cedarville;
                                                         Sheldon Frank – Mt Carroll; and William Cowsert –
                  Russ Sarver                            Elizabeth.
                  January 2009                                   *       *      *       *      *       *
                                                                 Drawings for the $1000, $500 and $250
                                                         prizes for the 2008 Calendar will be held Sunday,
I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and           January 19th at the District Cabinet meeting.
Happy New Year!                                          Winners will be notified by phone following the
At the Fall International Board of Directors meeting          2009 CALENDARS ARE ON SALE NOW
in Hawaii, the Executive Committee unanimously           Support your Lions District 1-D by purchasing a
endorsed Past International Director Lion Dr. Wing       2009 calendar now. Club presidents have a supply
Kun Tam for the position of Second Vice President        of calendars; buy one for your spouse to share the
to be elected at the 92nd International Convention       joy of winning.
in Minneapolis in July 2009.                                     *       *      *       *      *       *
                                                         DISTRICT DIRECTORY CORRECTIONS
The Illinois Campaign-Liaison Committee met on           p. 37 Ashton Secretary –
November 22nd and approved the endorsement of            p. 32 Rockford Breakfast President – 815-494-5375
Lion Dr. Wing Kun Tam and the recommendation                     *       *      *       *      *       *
to endorse him was made to the Council of                The individual who wants to be successful in any
Governors.     The Council then unanimously              endeavor must appreciate the might of the force of
approved the endorsement of Lion Dr. Wing Kun            habit – and must understand that practices are what
Tam at the Council meeting December 6th.                 create habits. He must be quick to break those
                                                         habits that can break him – and hasten to adopt
The 92nd International Convention this year is in        those practices that will become the habits that help
Minneapolis from July 6-10, 2009. I hope that you        him achieve the success he desires. J. Paul Getty
will consider attending. It would be a great
experience that you will never forget.                           *      *      *       *       *      *
                                                         You do not need an explanation for everything.
The International Parade of Flags at the opening         Recognize that there are such things as miracles –
session, the International Parade, the plenary           events for which there are no ready explanations.
sessions, and all the seminars are included with         Later knowledge may explain those events quite
your registration fee. The registration form is in the   easily. Harry Browne
back of the December 2008 issue of THE LION
THOUGHTS ON MIRACLES                                    10 days. They kept this rotation going for as long
                                                        as was needed.
Lion Judy Shaw, VDG
                                                        These are examples of the types of miracles that
Greetings to all and Happy New Year!                    occur every day throughout the world because
                                                        Lions serve!
Our International President, Al Brandel, believes in
communication! Each month he sends out a Leader         President Al believes that it takes the three “H’s” –
Update, and keeps us informed of the happenings in      head, heart and hands, to make a miracle. Every
the world that the Lions are participants in.           time a new member joins one of our clubs, we add
                                                        one head with which to dream, one heart with which
This past month, his message was on “Believing in       to care and two hands with which to serve.
Miracles” and he shared some personal experiences
that he had in Nairobi, Kenya. He met a mother          And so, it seems only fitting that as we begin a New
who saw the faces of her children clearly for the       Year, we renew our efforts to invite a friend, a
first time because she had received a cornea            relative, or a neighbor to our local Lions meeting,
transplant at the Lions Sight-First Hospital. He also   and ask them to become involved in the service that
met a young boy there who has shown much                the Lions provide within our communities and
improvement since he had a Lions AIDS and vision        throughout the world. Give them a chance to
screening and received eyeglasses for the first time.   witness, firsthand, the small everyday miracles that
                                                        we do in our communities. If we increase the size
In Burkina Faso, he saw a group of Roman Catholic       of our clubs, we can increase our capacity for
nuns who care for abandoned babies only because         service. Whether we provide assistance for vision
of the support of local Lions who donate food,          loss, hearing impairment, daily living needs such as
supplies and money.                                     food, clothing and shelter during disasters, or
                                                        opportunities for enhancement of living such as
He also witnessed a miracle of organization and         camp or fishing derbies for the sight & hearing
cooperation in China after the earthquake. Lions        impaired, we serve with faith and dedication to our
Clubs International was able to maintain a constant     Mission.
presence in the devastated zone because volunteers
from some of the newest clubs took responsibility       Respectfully, VDG Judy Shaw
for a specific 10-day period to be relieved by
volunteers from another club, who also stayed for
     *    *     *  *    *                    *                 *       *      *       *      *
Prospecting for Members
When recruiting new members for rebuilding a            Special project groups, parent teacher,
an existing club you need to remember:                  Chamber of Commerce or similar groups in
1. You are not selling a product, but a dream           your community.        You will get new
(vision not glasses).        You are offering an        members and they will get help from Lions.
opportunity to help your community.                     Plan a prospective member meeting so you
2.    You must believe in yourself and your             show them what you accomplish and that
organization, think and act in a positive manner.       others are eager to join. Have a place and
Lead based recruiting works best. Start with the        date set before contacting prospects. If not
most influential community leaders. Ask everyone        invite them to your nest service project or
you call on for referrals of potential new members.     meeting.
We are hesitant to ask acquaintances for fear of        Follow up before the meeting to be sure they
rejection. Share these names with other club            will attend and following the meeting to
members so they have a referral to recruit.             answer any questions and get their
Recruit existing groups. These may be community         commitment to join. Happy prospecting.
                 District Convention
                  March 20 and 21
        Mark your calendars, save the dates and make your reservations now to attend the 51st
District 1-D Convention.

        The Friday evening Reception for our International Director Danna Biggs will be held at
the Loveland Community House in Dixon. There will be food, music and time to visit with ID
Danna and her husband Past International President Bill Biggs. Yes, there is a large parking lot
across the street from the Loveland building.

      Saturday’s events start with registration at 8 am at Sauk Valley Community College
between Dixon and Sterling. Sale of 50-50 tickets will be available all day.

       Clubs are asked to bring at least one unwrapped item for our silent auction. Bids will be
open until the end of the afternoon break. Winners will be announced at the end of the afternoon

        Eight forums are planned to provide you with information on a variety of Lion or Lion
related subjects. The Forums will be held in classrooms on the second floor.

        The new Secretary training is for anyone that wants to know more about the
responsibilities of the secretary or may be interested in becoming a secretary.
        The Illinois Eye Bank forum will explain how to register to donate your eyes, how they
are used, who can (most everyone) donate and who can not donate.
        The Leo and Youth Activities will tell how to form a Leo Club in your community, what
Leo’s are doing, and youth activities including foreign exchange opportunities.
        Attend the Quest Forum if you are have concerns about student bullying, low self esteem,
discipline, drug use and low graduation rate from High School. Learn how this program has
worked in District Schools and how to put it in your school district.
        The Lions of Illinois Foundation is celebrating 35 years of service. The new Hearing Bus
will be on site for those of you that have not seen it yet.
        The Center for Sight and Hearing is planning an interesting program.
        The Growing Membership forum will help all clubs find ways to attract those new
members we all need.
        The Dogs are back by popular demand from Leader Dog School in Rochester, Michigan.

       Following lunch the business meeting will be held in the College Theater.

       The evening Banquet will be held at the Brandywine Inn.

All facilities are handicapped accessible with large parking lots.
                                            REGISTRATION FORM

                        Lions District 1-D Convention
                                        March 20-21, 2009
                                  Sauk Valley Community College
                                     173 IL Route 2, Dixon, IL
                             (Please make copies and use a separate form for each person)
                                           Everyone must be registered

                                                        Please print
Circle your Title:       Lion       Lioness        Spouse              Guest    Leo    Child

Club ______________________________________________________________________________

Home Address________________________________________________________________________

City and Zip___________________________________________________________________________

Circle your two (2) choices of Saturday morning sessions:
              9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.                 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

                New Secretary                               New Secretary (continued)

                Illinois Eye Bank                           Leo and Youth Activities

                Quest                                       Lions of Illinois Foundation

                Center for Sight and Hearing                Growing Membership

                Leader Dog

Place an “X” by the activities you will attend:                                                       Cost

_______Friday, March 20: Reception for International Guest                                            FREE
       Held at the Loveland Community House, 513 W. Second Street, Dixon

_______Saturday, March 21: Luncheon at Sauk Valley College                                            $25.00

_______Saturday, March 21: Banquet at Brandywine Inn, 441 IL Route 2, Dixon                           $35.00
       Choice of entrees:_____ Beef         _____ Chicken
       Meal cost includes registration fee.               Cost for all events:                        $50.00

                                                                         Total Amount Enclosed: $________
 Fees must accompany registration forms. Registration deadline: March 9. Make checks payable to District 1-D Convention.
               Mail Registration Forms to: Lion Dan Moats, PDG, 2244 Clouse Lane, Dixon, IL 61021-9038

 Room accommodations are available at the Super 8 Motel, 1800 S Galena Ave, Dixon for $65.88 if reserved by February 20.
            To make your reservation Call 815-284-1800 and mention that you are with the LIONS group.

 January 18          District 1-D Cabinet, Leaf River 1:30
 January 21          Lower Rock River Region, Morrison, Forrest Inn, 7:00
 January 29          Upper Rock River Region, Center for Sight and Hearing, 7:00
 February 16         Southern Region, Amboy 7:00
 February 16         Western Region, Apple River, Stagecoach Trail Event Center,
                            446 E. Hickory Street, 7:00
 March 20            Reception for Guest Speaker, Loveland Community House,
                            513 W. Second Street, Dixon, 7:00 – 9:00
 March 21            District Convention, Sauk Valley Community College, 173 IL
                     Route 2, Dixon, 8:00 – 5:00

  District 1-D Lions
  25 Meadow Lane
Prophetstown, IL 61277

 Together We Serve

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