Force Account Construction Management by cqp17691


									Force Account Construction Management
Course Description. This course covers information on how a tribe,
Indian Housing Authority (IHA), or Tribally Designated Housing Entity
(TDHE) can set up, use, and manage a Force Account Construction
program to construct new homes or rehabilitate existing homes.

During this course, students will learn about the many options
available to them when it comes to developing homes for their people.
More specifically, students will learn about the benefits of the Force
Account method, how it can provide their housing program with the
opportunity to maintain direct control over construction activities, and
at the same time promote the employment of local workers by acting
as a general contractor when performing construction jobs.

Students will also learn about the pros and cons of managing a Force
Account program. For example, a properly administered Force Account
program can be advantageous to a tribe’s housing program and at the
same time provide substantial cost savings. On the other hand, Force
Account can be a risky venture and may pose problems if it is not
properly managed. To be able to evaluate which method is best,
students will also learn about general construction management
practices; how to effectively manage a construction work force; how
the contracting and sub-contracting process works; how to identify
potential problems in the construction process; how to decide which
local/state/federal labor requirements may be applicable; how to
develop a budget for a construction project; and finally, what
procurement requirements are applicable.

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