Construction Management RidgeGate Development and Range Metropolitan by cqp17691


									                                                                                    Construction Management
                                                         RidgeGate Development and Range Metropolitan Districts
                                                                 The City of Lone Tree and Coventry Development Corp.
                                                                                             Douglas County, Colorado

Merrick & Company currently serves as the District               Major elements of the project include:
Engineer for the Rampart Range Metropolitan Districts 1           3500 acre Mixed Use Development Area
through 9. These districts cover more than 3500 acres.            Ridge Gate Parkway with 3 miles of Major 4-Lane Arterial
They were formed to construct the major roads, utilities,          Roadway
and drainage systems for the RidgeGate Development
                                                                  Major Water Transmission Lines
Project, which is located south of Lincoln Avenue, and two
miles east and one mile west of Interstate 25 in the City of      Major Sanitary Sewer Outfall Lines
Lone Tree, Colorado, in Douglas County.                           Major Storm Sewer Conveyance Lines

The RidgeGate Development is a “New Urbanism” mixed-              Major Drainageways
use development that includes single-family residential,          Regional Detention Ponds
multi-family residential, office parks, retail development,       Collector and Local Street System
a hospital, recreational facilities, and open space areas.        Fiber Optic Communication Services to the Homes
The roadways include major arterials and collector streets.
                                                                  $240 million Project
The drainage systems include major pipe and channel
conveyance systems, as well as regional detention ponds.          2000 - 2040 Build-Out

                                                                 Services provided:
                                                                  Construction management services
                                                                  Construction contract administration
                                                                  Bid assistance
                                                                  Cost estimating
                                                                  Design engineering coordination
                                                                  Project scheduling
                                                                  Construction observation
                                                                  Construction staking
                                                                  Pay estimate processing
                                                                  Permit applications
                                                                  Construction coordination

                                                                 Merrick provides capital planning, design contract
                                                                 coordination, construction contract administration, design
                                                                 review, engineering, construction staking, and project
                                                                 coordination. Merrick reports monthly to the Board of
                                                                 Directors on the status of all improvement projects within
                           Rampart Range Metro District No. 2
                                                                 the districts.
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