Crime and the Nation's Households 2004 - April 2006

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					U.S. Department of Justice
Office of Justice Programs

   Bureau of Justice Statistics
                                                                                                        April 2006, NCJ 211511

National Crime Victimization Survey

Crime and the Nation’s
Households, 2004
             By Patsy Klaus
             BJS Statistician              Highlights
In 2004, 14% of households in the          The percentage of U.S. households experiencing one or more crimes dropped
United States, accounting for 16 million   from 25% in 1994 to 14% in 2004
households, experienced 1 or more
                                                        Percent of U.S. households
violent or property victimizations as
measured by the National Crime
Victimization Survey (NCVS). These                      25%
crimes include rape/sexual assault,
robbery, aggravated and simple assault,                 20%
purse snatching or pocket picking,                                                       NCVS total crime
household burglary, motor vehicle theft,                15%
and property theft.
                                                                                          Property crime
In 2004, 3% of households had a
member age 12 or older who                               5%
experienced one or more violent crimes.
                                                                                             Violent crime
Simple assault was the type of violent                   0%
crime sustained by most households.                        1994      1996     1998    2000      2002     2004
Twelve percent of households
experienced one or more property           • Both violent and property crimes        • About 1 in every 27 households in
crimes, with theft the most widely         declined between 1994 and 2004.           2004 were either burglarized or had
sustained. There were no real                                                        a member age 12 or older who was
differences between 2003 and 2004          • Households with at least one mem-
                                                                                     a victim of a violent crime committed
in the percentage of households            ber who experienced a violent crime
                                                                                     by a stranger. The portion of house-
experiencing total crimes.                 declined from 7% in 1994 to 3% in
                                                                                     holds affected by these crimes has
Both violent and property crime declined                                             fallen since 1994, but did not change
between 1994 and 2004. The                 • Households experiencing property        between 2003 and 2004.
percentage of U.S. households              crimes declined from 21% in 1994 to
                                                                                     • In 2004 about 1 in 250 households
experiencing one or more crimes            12% in 2004.
                                                                                     included a member victimized by a
dropped from 25% in 1994 to 14% in         • In 2004 about 16 million house-         intimate partner, such as a spouse,
2004.                                      holds experienced one or more prop-       ex-spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend.
                                           erty crimes or had a member age 12
                                                                                     • About 5% of households had at
                                           or older who experienced one or
                                                                                     least one incident of vandalism in
                                           more violent crimes.
                                                                                     2004. Over 5.6 million households
                                                                                     were vandalized during this period.
                                                in every 34 U.S. households. There         violent crime measure, once in the
 Table 1. Households experiencing
 crime, by type of crime, 2004
                                                were no significant changes in violent     property crime measure, and once in
                                                crimes in any of the categories            the overall measure.
 Type of victimization   Number   Percent       between 2003 and 2004. About 2.3
                                                million households had members who         ACrimes of high concern@ were
 Any NCVS crime          16,365,700     14.1%
                                                experienced simple assault, the most       experienced by 4% of households
 Personal crime           3,534,890     3.1%    frequently encountered crime of
  Violent crime*          3,383,160     2.9                                                Violence by strangers or household
                                                violence. Simple assault does not
    Rape                     79,250     0.1                                                burglary are often cited as the most
                                                result in serious injury and does not
    Sexual assault           75,960     0.1                                                fear provoking crimes. The portion of
    Robbery                 377,060     0.3     involve a weapon.
                                                                                           these crimes has fallen since 1994 but
    Assault               2,943,930     2.5
     Aggravated             756,230     0.7
                                                About 12% of all households in 2004        did not change between 2003 and
     Simple               2,328,530     2.0     experienced one or more property           2004. About 1 in every 27 households
                                                crimes, such as household burglary,        experienced household burglary or
   Purse snatching/
    pocket picking          179,010     0.2%
                                                motor vehicle theft or property theft.     had a household member who
                                                Theft, affecting 1 in 10 households,       experienced violence by a stranger
 Property crime          14,032,570     12.1%   was the most frequently encountered        during 2004 (figure 1). About 4.3
  Household burglary      2,899,610      2.5
  Motor vehicle theft       929,520      0.8
                                                property crime. There was some             million households experienced these
  Theft                  11,169,800      9.6    evidence that the percentage of            Acrimes of high concern@ in 2004.
  Note: Detail does not add to total or crime   households victimized by overall
  subtotals because of overlap in households    property crime decreased between           Intimate partner violence affected
  experiencing various crimes. There were a     2003 and 2004. There was no change         about 1 in 250 households during
  total of 115,775,572 households in 2004. If
  vandalism is included among the victimiza-    for household burglary, motor vehicle      2004
  tions, a total of 20,259,649 households       theft or property theft for these years.
  (17.5%) experienced at least one crime in                                                Less than 1% of all households
  2004.                                                                                    experienced intimate partner violence,
   *Violent crime does not include homicide.    Few households experienced the
                                                                                           which is violence committed by a
                                                same type of crime more than once
                                                                                           current or former spouse, boyfriend, or
Fourteen percent of U.S.                        For the households-victimized-by-          girlfriend (figure 2). Intimate partner
households experienced one or                   crime measure, households that             violence declined between 1994 and
more crimes in 2004                             experienced the same type of crime         2004, but did not change between
                                                more than once were counted only           2003 and 2004. One or more members
About 16 million households
                                                once for that victimization.
experienced 1 or more of the
victimizations measured by the NCVS,            In 2004, about 1% of households had         Violence by strangers or burglary,
an ongoing household survey that                members victimized by more than one         1994-2004
collects information about crimes both          type of violence, including rape, sexual    Percent of households
unreported and reported to police.              assault, robbery, and assault. About
These victimized households made up             1% of households were victimized by          8%
about 14% of the 115.8 million                  both violent and property crimes. Such
households in the United States.                households were counted once in the

                Percent of households
                                                 Vandalism of residences or other            2%
Crime              2003        2004              property owned by an individual
                                                 remains unchanged                           0%
Any NCVS           14.7%       14.1%                                                           1994     1996    1998    2000    2002    2004
 Violent            3.0         2.9
                                                 Over 5.6 million households, 4.8% of
 Property          12.7        12.1                                                         Figure 1
                                                 all U.S. households had at least one
                                                 incident of vandalism in 2004. First
About 3% of households had an                                                               Intimate partner violence, 1994-2004
                                                 compiled by the NCVS in 2000,
adolescent or adult member who was               vandalism is not included in the           Percent of households
victimized by one or more crimes of              overall measure of households
violence during the year. NCVS                   experiencing victimization. If             0.75%
interviews all members of a household            vandalism is included in the overall
age 12 or older and does not estimate            measure, the total percentage of           0.50%
victimizations of children younger than          households experiencing crime
12. The measured violent crimes,                 increases from 14% to 17%. There           0.25%
which include rape, sexual assault,              was no change in the percentage of
robbery and simple and aggravated                                                           0.00%
                                                 households affected by vandalism                1994    1996    1998    2000    2002    2004
assault, affected members of about 1             between 2003 and 2004.                     Figure 2

2 Crime and the Nation’s Households, 2004
of about 458,000 households
                                                     Table 2. Households experiencing crime, by race of the household head, 2004
experienced at least one intimate
partner victimization during 2004.                                                                         Percent of heads of household
                                                                                                                                                 More than
Black and Hispanic households                        Type of crime in the household        White                Black           Other race       one race
were more vulnerable to crime                        Any NCVS crime                         13.9%               15.9%              12.8%             21.0%
                                                       Violent crime                         2.9                 3.3                1.9               6.2
In 2004 households headed by blacks                    Property crime                       11.9                13.7               11.3              16.9
were more likely to experience crime                 Violence by strangers or burglary       3.6%                4.8%               3.0%              7.3%
(16%) than those headed by whites                    Intimate partner violence               0.4%                0.6%               0.1%              0.5%
(14%) (table 2). Households headed                   Note: Beginning in 2003, multiple race entries were allowed. White refers to a household head
by Hispanics were more likely to                     who listed only white as racial background; black refers to those listing only black. Other race
                                                     heads of household were Asians, American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, or Pacific
sustain one or more crimes than those                Islanders reporting a single racial background. Murder and vandalism are not measured in this
headed by non-Hispanics (17% vs.                     table.
                            Percent of households    Table 3. Households experiencing crime, by urban, suburban,
                            Hispanic Non-His-        and rural location, 2004
Crime                       head       panic head
                                                     Type of crime                                             Percent of households
Any NCVS crime                17.5%      13.8%       in the household                              Urban            Suburban                 Rural
  Violent                      2.7        3.0
                                                     Any NCVS crime                                  18.2%              12.7%            11.6%
  Property                    15.5       11.7
                                                         Violent crime                                3.8                2.5              2.8
Violence by strangers or
                                                         Property crime                              15.7               11.0              9.7
  burglary                      4.4%      3.6%
                                                     Violence by strangers or burglary                5.4                3.0              3.1
Intimate partner violence       0.4%      0.4%       Intimate partner violence                        0.5                0.3              0.5
                                                      Note: Murder and vandalism are not measured in this table.
Prevalence of crime was higher for
urban households, large                             households in other regions of the                       Prevalence of crime in households
households, and those in the West                   country.                                                 decreased from 1994 to 2004
Households in urban areas (18%) were                                                                         About 14% of households experienced
more likely to experience one or more                                        Percent of
                                                    Type of crime            households, 2004                one or more crimes in 2004, compared
crimes than suburban households                                                                              to about 25% of households in 1994
(13%) and rural households (12%) in                 Any NCVS crime                    10.0%                  (table 5). The percentage of
2004 (table 3).                                       Violent                          2.2                   households experiencing either violent
Household size affected the likelihood                Property                         8.3                   or property crime also declined. In
                                                    Midwest                                                  2004, about 3% of households had a
of experiencing criminal victimization in
                                                    Any NCVS crime                    14.8%                  member who experienced at least one
2004 (table 4). Twenty-five percent of
                                                      Violent                          3.3
households with six or more persons                                                                          violent crime, compared with 7% in
                                                      Property                        12.5
experienced one or more crimes                                                                               1994. For property crimes, 12% of
compared with 20% of households                     Any NCVS crime                    13.7%
                                                                                                             households were affected in 2004,
made up of four or five persons, 14%                  Violent                          2.6                   compared to 21% in 1994.
of households with two or three                       Property                        12.0
                                                                                                             Table 5. Households experiencing crime,
persons, and 9% of one-person                       West
                                                    Any NCVS crime                    17.7%
                                                                                                             by type of crime, 1994 and 2004
                                                      Violent                          3.7                                           Percent of households
Households located in the West were                   Property                        15.2                                            1994         2004
more likely to experience one or more
crimes when compared with                                                                                    Any NCVS crime              25.0%      14.1%
                                                                                                               Violent crime              7.0         2.9
Table 4. Households experiencing crime, by number of household members, 2004                                   Property crime            21.1       12.1
                                                                                                             Violence by strangers
                                              Percent of households, by number of members                      or burglary                7.9%        3.7%
Type of crime                                                                                                Intimate partner vio-
in the household                         1 member         2-3             4-5            6 or more
                                                                                                               lence                      0.8%        0.4%
Any NCVS crime                               9.5%       13.6%            20.4%            25.4%              Number of households
    Violent crime                            1.9         2.7              4.5              6.3                 experiencing some
    Property crime                           8.1        11.7             17.6             21.6                 type of crime           25,103,670 16,365,700
Violence by strangers or burglary            2.9%        3.6%             4.6%             6.9%              U.S. total of all house-
Intimate partner violence                    0.3%        0.4%             0.5%             0.9%                holds                  100,544,570 115,775,570
Note: Murder and vandalism are not measured in this table.

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lethal violence and property crimes         Detailed information about the
                                                                                    about general survey methodology and
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Survey (NCVS). In 2004, 84,360              victimized-by-crime measure, as well
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households and 149,000 individuals          as data about households in prior
age 12 or older were interviewed. For       years, is available in Crime and the
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experienced a particular type of crime.                                               release of findings from
For the overall indicator, household-                                                 permanent data collection
based crime estimates are derived from                                                programs.
NCVS statistics on rape/sexual assault,
                                                                                      Patsy A. Klaus, BJS, wrote this
robbery, assault, personal theft,            Office of Justice Programs
                                                                                      report under the supervision of
household burglary, household theft,
                                             Partnerships for Safer Communities       Michael R. Rand. Cathy T. Maston
and motor vehicle theft. A household is
                                                    provided the statistical review.
counted if anyone in the household
                                                                                      Tina Dorsey and Marianne Zawitz
experienced one or more of any of
                                                                                      produced and edited the report.
these crimes within the year. For
                                                                                      Jayne Robinson prepared the
categories such as violent crime by a
                                                                                      report for final printing.
stranger or intimate partner crime, a
household is counted if person(s) in the                                              April 2006, NCJ 211511
households were victimized one or

4 Crime and the Nation’s Households, 2004

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