30 DAY NOTICE OF INTENT TO VACATE UCSD MESA RESIDENTIAL APARTMENTS I will vacate my apartment at address by xww95991


									                                     30-DAY NOTICE OF INTENT TO VACATE
                                     UCSD MESA RESIDENTIAL APARTMENTS

I will vacate my apartment at (address):_______________________________ on (date):__________________________.
I understand that I am responsible for the rent for a minimum of thirty (30) days from the date this form is received in
the Mesa Residential Apartments Office, or until the apartment is re-rented and occupied, whichever comes first.

_____ ALL residents will vacate the apartment.

_____ Current Primary resident will vacate the apartment. Current Secondary resident will remain in the apartment and:
       -Has resided at that address for a minimum of twelve months and agrees to accept the status of primary resident.
       -Agrees to assume responsibility for the total monthly rent on the day after the vacate date noted above.
       -Agrees to select another eligible roommate within 30 days of the primary resident’s vacate date.

_____ Current Secondary will vacate the apartment. Current Primary resident will remain in the apartment and:
       - Agrees to assume responsibility for the total monthly rent on the day after the vacate date noted above.
       - Agrees to select another eligible roommate within 30 days of the secondary resident’s vacate date.


Signatures below certify that all applicable rental costs will be paid. These costs include rent due for the 30-day intent to
vacate period and for any rent due according to the Mesa Residential Apartments Rental Agreement. A Mesa Residential
Apartments Office representative will enter and inspect the apartment on the 2nd business day after you have submitted
this 30 Day Notice of Intent to Vacate.

You may request a preliminary inspection of the premises and you have a right to be present during the inspection. You
must request the preliminary inspection at least 2 weeks prior to your move out date.

PRIMARY resident: _________________________ _____________________________ PID#:______________________
                      (Print)                              (Signature)

Forwarding Address/Phone Number:__________________________________________________________________


SECONDARY resident: ______________________ ______________________________ PID: _______________________
                           (Print)                         (Signature)

Forwarding Address/Phone Number:__________________________________________________________________


   • Review the Summary of Charges included on the reverse side of this notice.
   • Clean apartment thoroughly. See Mesa Residential Apartments Handbook for details.
   • Return ALL keys and parking permits to the Mesa Residential Apartments Office during regular office
     hours or in the mail slot (in an envelope with your name and apartment) at the office after business hours on the
     move-out date. Please do not give your keys to the new resident. This will delay the refund of your deposit.
   • If applicable, arrange to have your telephone, electricity, cable TV and any additional services disconnected
     before you move out.
   • Any deposit refund due will be sent to your forwarding address in approximately three (3) weeks, along with a
     copy of your move-out inspection.

MESA RESIDENTIAL APARTMENTS OFFICE                                          FOR OFFICE USE ONLY:
LA JOLLA, CA 92093-0907                                                     DATE RECEIVED: _____________________________
(858) 822-3291 / FAX: (858) 534-6189                                        RECEIVED BY: _______________________________
1: primary’s file; 2: housing contracts; 3: secondary’s file; 4: resident   DATE RESP. FOR RENT THRU: __________________
                                   SUMMARY OF CHARGES
                             UCSD MESA RESIDENTIAL APARTMENTS
The following list provides an estimation of costs to repair, replace, and/or clean items not left in the same condition at
move-out as when received. Provided Resident(s) occupies the apartment for at least twelve (12) months, the University
shall assess no charges against the security deposit for painting and carpet cleaning except beyond normal wear and tear.
Should Resident(s) occupy the apartment for less than twelve (12) months, a pro-rated charge will be assessed. Nothing
herein shall be construed as a limitation upon UCSD Mesa Residential Apartments’ rights to pursue cause of damages not
specifically listed hereon. Summary of charges subject to change without notice.

DAMAGES                          CHARGES                          DAMAGES                          CHARGES
1. ANIMAL DAMAGE                                               5. DOORS
Damage                           $50.00 and up                 Screen door-repair/replace        $30 to $75
Removal of stains                $45.00                        Structural damage                 $28.92/Hour and Materials
Spraying for fleas/vermin        $90.52                        Replacement                       $28.92/Hour and Materials

2. BATHROOM                                                    6. BLINDS
Flooring-repair/replace          $25 and up                    Repair                            $24.83/Hour and Materials
Sink-repair/replace              $24.83/Hour and Materials     Rehang                            $24.83/Hour
Toilet-repair/replace            $60-$350                      Replace                           $50 to $150
Toilet seat                      $38
Towel rack                       $31                           7. FIRE SAFETY EQUIPMENT
Tub-repair/replace               $50 to $1500                  Smoke alarm                       $50

3. CARPET                                                      8. KITCHEN
Burns/tears                      $70 and up                    Drain-unclog                      $24.83/Hour
Molding/base                                                   Garbage disposal-repair/replace   $160
 Repair                          $10                           Refrigerator-repair/replace       $50 to $500
 Replace                         Time and Materials            Stove-repair/replace              $50 to $300
Spot removal                     $45                           Hood-repair/replace               $50 to $250
Shampooing                       $69 and up                    Recycling bin                     $10
Replacement                      Time and Materials            Cabinet                           $20 and up
                                                               Counter top-repair/replace        $50 and up
Bathroom cabinet                 $2.50                         9. MISCELLANEOUS
Bathroom countertops             $5                            Thermostat                        $25 to $200
Bathroom floor                   $10
Bathroom mirror                  $3                            10. SHELVES-repair/replace        $28.92/Hour and Materials
Bathroom sink                    $2.50
Bathroom toilet                  $10                           11. WALLS
Bathroom tub                     $20                           Unclean                           $28.92/Hour   and   Materials
Blinds – horizontal              $5                            Tape-adhesive removal             $28.92/Hour   and   Materials
Blinds - vertical                $8                            Removal of items                  $28.92/Hour   and   Materials
Entrance                         $5                            Repair holes                      $28.92/Hour   and   Materials
Kitchen cabinets                 $10                           Repaint                           $28.92/Hour   and   Materials
Kitchen countertop               $5
Kitchen floor                    $10                           12. WINDOWS (glass)
Kitchen refrigerator             $20                           Broken                            Time and Materials
Kitchen range                    $10
Kitchen range hood               $15
Kitchen oven                     $20
Light fixtures                   $2.50
Vacuum and clean base per room   $7.50
Windows – bedroom/dining         $5
Windows – patio                  $8

Lock change                      $100
Keys (replace only)              $6
Patio-glass                      Time and Materials
Re-hang                          $24.83/Hour
Repaint                          $28.92/Hour
Removal of items                 $28.92/Hour

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