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					U.S. Department of Justice
Office of Community Oriented Policing Services

                                Fact Sheet
                                         COPS Interoperable Communications
                                                        Technology Program

                                                ommunications interoperability            Interoperable Communications Technology
                                                refers to the ability to talk across      Program grants fund projects that explore uses
 "THE ABILITY FOR                               disciplines and jurisdictions via radio   of equipment and technologies to increase
                                       communications networks on demand, in              interoperability and data information-sharing
 EMERGENCY SERVICE                     real time when needed, and as authorized.          among the law enforcement, fire service, and
                                       One of the major issues currently facing           emergency medical service communities.
                                       emergency services providers is the inability      These projects are the result of thorough
 COMMUNICATE AND                       of first responders to communicate with            and rigorous planning, and demonstrate how
                                       each other. Effective emergency response           new technologies and operating methods can
 SHARE INFORMATION                     requires coordination, communication, and          help communities achieve interoperability.
 DURING A CRISIS IS AN                 sharing of vital information among numerous        Designated jurisdictions with large and small
                                       public safety agencies. Unfortunately,             population centers were invited to submit
 ESSENTIAL COMPONENT OF                many emergency service providers rely              applications for interoperable communications
 A COMPREHENSIVE PUBLIC                on communications systems developed to             projects that include the following:
                                       meet their own unique needs that are often
 SAFETY PLAN."                         not compatible with those of neighboring           • Purchasing interoperable communications
                                       agencies.                                            equipment for multidisciplinary and
                                                                                            multijurisdictional public safety
 CARL R. PEED, DIRECTOR                The COPS Office awarded three agencies               communications projects.
                                       nearly $9 million in FY2006 to address this        • Providing local jurisdictions with the
 OFFICE OF COMMUNITY                   growing need through the COPS Interoperable          equipment or services they need to
 ORIENTED POLICING SERVICES            Communications Technology Program. This              participate on larger public safety,
                                       initiative was coordinated with the Office           commercial, or other shared networks.
                                       of Justice Programs, the National Institute        • Purchasing and deploying portable gateway
                                       of Standards and Technology (NIST), and              solutions.
                                       the SAFECOM Program. Targeted agencies             • Providing technologies to upgrade or
                                       were invited to apply for funding for both           enhance the ability of law enforcement
                                       voice and data interoperability projects. Since      systems to improve the timeliness,
                                       2003, COPS has invested more than $250               effectiveness, and accuracy of criminal
                                       million in 65 agencies throughout the nation.        justice information exchanges.
                                       These funds have enhanced local and regional       • Purchasing any other technology that can
                                       interoperability projects.                           be demonstrated to significantly increase
                                                                                            interoperability within the public safety
                                    Agencies awarded funding between 2003             •   Lincoln Police Department, Nebraska
                                    and 2006:                                         •   City of Las Vegas, Nevada
                                                                                      •   City of Newark, New Jersey
                                    •   Birmingham Police Department, Alabama         •   Las Cruces Police Department, New Mexico
                                    •   Mobile Police Department, Alabama             •   Nassau County, New York
                                    •   Anchorage Police Department, Alaska           •   New York, New York
                                    •   Phoenix Police Department, Arizona            •   Durham Police Department, North Carolina
COPS offers a variety of
                                    •   City of Los Angeles, California               •   Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department,
publications, products, and
                                    •   Orange County Sheriff's Department,               North Carolina
training opportunities to advance
                                        California                                    •   Bismarck Police Department, North Dakota
community policing and support
                                    •   Sacramento Police Department, California      •   Fargo Police Department, North Dakota
its grant programs. COPS            •   City of San Diego, California                 •   Grand Forks Police Department, North
publications and products offer     •   City of San Jose, California                      Dakota
insights and experiences from       •   Colorado Springs Police Department,           •   City of Columbus, Ohio
others in the field addressing          Colorado                                      •   City of Cincinnati, Ohio
specific problems including:        •   Denver Police Department, Colorado            •   City of Cleveland, Ohio
                                    •   Bridgeport Police Department, Connecticut     •   City of Eugene, Oregon
	Law Enforcement Tech              •   City of Wilmington, Delaware                  •   Municipality of Ponce, Puerto Rico
  Guide for Communications          •   Orange County Sheriff's Department, Florida   •   Providence Police Department, Rhode Island
  Interoperability: A Guide for     •   Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police          •   Greenville, South Carolina
  Interagency Communications            Department, Georgia                           •   Memphis Police Department, Tennessee
  Projects                          •   City of Atlanta, Georgia                      •   Austin Police Department, Texas
	Call Management and               •   Boise Police Department, Idaho                •   City of Houston, Texas
  Community Policing                •   City of Pocatello, Idaho                      •   Ogden City Corporation, Utah
	Law Enforcement Tech              •   City of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho                  •   City of Lynchburg, Virginia
  Guide: How to plan, purchase      •   City of Indianapolis, Indiana                 •   Roanoke Police Department, Virginia
  and manage technology             •   City of Des Moines, Iowa                      •   City of Virginia Beach, Virginia
  (successfully!)                   •   Davenport Police Department, Iowa             •   City of Tacoma, Washington
	Law Enforcement Responds          •   Louisville and Jefferson County Metro         •   Spokane Police Department, Washington
  to Terrorism: Lessons in              Government, Kentucky                          •   City of Seattle, Washington
  Prevention and Preparedness       •   City of Shreveport, Louisiana                 •   Cheyenne Police Department, Wyoming
	Guidelines to Implement &         •   Baton Rouge Police Department, Louisiana
  Evaluate Crime Analysis &         •   Houma Police Department, Louisiana            Cost Share Requirements
  Mapping in Law Enforcement        •   New Orleans Police Department, Louisiana
	Geocoding in Law                  •   City of Bangor, Maine                         Grant awards will require a 25 percent
  Enforcement                       •   Baltimore Police Department, Maryland         nonfederal cost share. The source of the
                                    •   Barnstable Police Department,                 match funds must be identified in the grant
COPS also sponsors training             Massachusetts                                 application.
opportunities and conferences       •   Boston Police Department, Massachusetts
to give law enforcement             •   Lansing Police Department, Michigan           Contact COPS
professionals an opportunity to     •   City of Warren, Michigan
learn, network, and exchange        •   Hennepin County Sheriff's Department,         For more information, call the COPS Office
ideas. COPS publications and            Minnesota                                     Response Center at 800.421.6770, or visit
training opportunities are posted   •   City of Kansas City, Missouri                 COPS Online at
at COPS Online at www.cops.         •   City of Missoula, Montana                          •   Omaha Police Department, Nebraska

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