Food Plant Design Consulting services for the dairy industry by ces12174


									                     Food Plant Design
                     Consulting services for the dairy industry

                     Dairies                                   Project experience
                     COWI employs experienced techni-          Examples of projects carried out
                     cal professionals with extensive          over the past 5 years:
                     knowledge of the production of            •	 Almarai,	Kingdom	of	Saudi	Arabia
                     dairy products.                           •	 Arab	Qatari,	Qatar
                        COWI has thorough knowledge of         •	 Tine	dairies,	Norway
                     dairy processing equipment sup-           •	 Pasvalio	Surine,	Lithuania	
                     pliers, and therefore, COWI is in            (Pieno	Zvaigzdes)

                     position to acquire – in cooperation      •	 Diary	Gold,	Ireland

                     with its customer – the best solution     •	 Kuwaiti	Danish	Dairy	–	Subhan,	
                     independently of individual suppliers.

                     Legislation and regulations                                                     Contact
                     COWI’s work is based on current
                     food safety legislation and regula-
                     tions. From the preliminary draft
                     drawings to the finished project, our    Through close cooperation with
                     work is based on the most progres-       the customer, COWI ensures the
                     sive principles within food safety.      most optimum solutions in respect
                        COWI’s services also include Final    of production environment and          Ivan Dalsgaard          Michael Hastrup

                     Risk Assessment and CE marking           processing equipment for your          Dairy	processing	       Dairy	technology	
                                                                                                     plants and project      and project
                     of processing plants and utilities       future production.
                                                                                                     management              management
                     according to the machinery                  COWI cooperates closely with
                                                                                                     Tel:	 	 +45	2428	6437   Tel:	 	 +45	2324	9470
                     directive.                               dairy technology specialists.          E-mail:   E-mail:

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