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									                                                                                                                           No 48      June 2010

              ADDRESS                           Kelvin is going Green!
Kelvin Grove Club
144 Campground Road                             With a worldwide focus on environmental                 are linked to the borehole water storage
Newlands 7700                                   issues and our carbon footprint, Kelvin Grove           system which means that no Council
Cape Town, South Africa                         appreciates that it also needs to do its share          water is used in the flushing of toilets.
Postal Address:                                 to support Mother Earth.
PO Box 95, Rondebosch 7701                                                                          -   Sports Pavilion:
                                                We have therefore started some projects of              We are investigating ways in which we
              WEBSITE                           our own, namely:                                        can make the construction of our new                                                                                   Sports Pavilion more environmentally
Visit our NEW improved website and              -   Paper waste/Cardboard B oxes:                       friendly.
download the latest Kelvin Newsletter               A while back Kelvin started recycling old
                                                    paper and cardboard.                            -   Bottle Bank:
      E-MAIL ENQUIRIES                              The Oasis Association collects our paper            Wastemart collects our empty bottles
                      and cardboard waste for recycling.                  once a week and all empty bottles are                 Th ey ru n m an y i nc om e g en er at in g         recycled by Consol Glass.
                projects and through these programmes                prov ide emplo ymen t an d an incom e           -   Earth Hour:
                     fo r int ell ec tua lly dis ab led men an d         O n 27 M ar ch , for t he s ec ond ye ar
                    women.                                              r un nin g, Ke lv in par tic ip ate d in
                                                    They recycle 250 tons of waste per month            Earth Hour.
          NUMBERS                                   thereby saving the City of Cape Town                Between 20:30 and 21:30 we switched
 Please use the direct telephone                    23 000 cubic metres of landfill each year.          off all unnecessary lights at the Club
  numbers wherever possible!                                                                            and used candle power instead. Not
                                                -   Electricity:                                        on ly did we sa ve elec tricity, bu t we
Reception           021 689 9161 /                  Kelvin is in the process of meeting with            also created a very pleasant ambience
                    021 658 4500/1                  various companies which are looking at              at the Club where members enjoyed their
(for squash, tennis & Club function bookings)
                                                    ways in whic h w e c an save ener gy.               evening by candlelight.
Fax                021 689 3740
                                                    We have replaced 172 light bulbs around             A record 128 countries and territories
Membership         021 658 4502
                                                    the Club to energy-saving ones during               joined the global display of Earth Hour
Club Accounts      021 658 4503
                                                    the last few weeks.                                 2010, making it the world's largest ever
Public Relations   021 658 4547
                                                                                                        gl oba l clim ate c han ge ini tia tive - a
Banqueting         021 658 4513 /
                                                -   Borehole water:                                     fantastic achievement !
                   4514 / 4515 / 4528
                                                    Not many members are aware that Kelvin
The Barn           021 658 4544
                                                    uses relatively little Council water, and       Kelvin is also looking ahead at other projects,
The Main Bar       021 658 4529
                                                    draws from it’s very own borehole water         and here are a few that we are currently
The Pool Bar       021 658 4557
The Terrace Bar 021 658 4530                        which is stored in ten 10 000 litre tanks.      investigating:
The Terrace        021 658 4533                     Kel vin's ga rden s are wat ered usin g
Security           021 658 4545                     this borehole water.                            -   Worm Farm:
(also in case of EMERGENCY)                                                                             We generate abo ut 15kgs of kitchen
                                                -   Waterless Urinals:                                  refuse a day!
   NEW RECEPTION HOURS                              90 % of Ke lvi n's ur in als a re of th e           Our worms will be able to supply compost
Monday - Friday 08:00 - 20:00                       waterless type. This means that water is            and worm tea for our organic vegetable
Saturday        09:00 - 17:00                       not used to flush the urinals and waste             garden and rose garden.
Sunday & P.Hols 09:00 - 14:00                       is flu shed away automatically by the           -   Owl Boxes:
                                                    system using a sealant gel.                         Kelvin has consulted with Jonathan Haw
    SPORTING CONTACTS                               Most of the other toilet facilities at Kelvin
Bowls      Roy Melville        021 689 2827                                                                              ...continued on Page 2
Bridge     Maria Evans         021 689 4785
Cricket    Les Masterson       021 685 5738
Croquet    Ken Browne          021 794 2048
Golf       Trevor Gombart      082 3763238
           Geoff Clark         021 7002300
Gym        Suresh Repalle      073 6047222
Road Running
           Lucille Damon       083 7033480
Rugby Philip Henry             083 2750618
Squash Bill Mallett            082 4494088
Snooker Neville Kolesky        072 3417058
Karl Pittermann (General)      082 4601234
Tony Fawcet       (Coaching)   083 2429560
Mike Barwell      (Coaching)   082 4603610

                         Winter has arrived and with it some miserable weather. This is however                        “The Travel Professionals”
                         no reason to hibernate - the Club has some exciting Club functions                  RONDEBOSCH VILLAGE,
                         org anised , so get here and mingl e wit h you r frie nds.                        PINELANDS and CLAREMONT
                 The Club's 85th Annual General Meeting is taking place on Monday                         Our new exciting interactive website
                 7 June and we hope many of our members will attend this very                                      is up and running!
important meeting of the Club. It com mences at 18:00 in the Ballroom.                                      Visit
                                                                                                                  Whether your interest is
Herewith some highlighted functions for the next couple of weeks:                                            Europe, the UK, North America or
-  General Knowledge Quiz Evening - a function that is growing in popularity with                             almost anywhere, you will find
   members, so book early to avoid disappointment.                                                                     - Airfare Specials
-  Annual Ge neral Meeting o f the Club - Mo nday 7 June - Ballroom                                                    - Escorted tours
-  Football, Food and Fun Events - From the opening ceremony and games on                                              - Stimulating ideas
                                                                                                                       - Cruises
   Friday 11 June and from 26 June to the final on 12 July - in the Ballroom and Palmyra                               - Honeymoons
   Room. See separate article in this issue on page 3.                                                                 and so much more!
-  Rugby Test Dinner - SA vs FRANCE - 12 June - Ballroom                                                     We look forward to assisting you
-  Spoil your Dad this Father's Day - 20 June - choose from a few options available                          with all your travel arrangements.
-  Club Luncheons - 17 June and 22 July - watch the Club's notice boards for more                                Please email Roxanne at
   information on our guest speakers                                                                   
-  Christmas in July - 24 July - The Terrace Restaurant
                                                                                                               CONTACT OUR OFFICES
Don't forget our regular monthly Club functions, such as the Wine Tastings, Theme Evenings,                      Rondebosch / Claremont:
Pub Evenings, etc.                                                                                             26 Station Road Rondebosch
                                                                                                                (t) 6894151 (f) 021 6893760
For more informatio n on any of the C lub Fu nctions, see W hat's On at Kelvin on                                Pinelands: Central Square
pages 7 and 8 or go to our website:                                                   (t) 021 531 2715 (f) 021 531 0180

Until next time.
                                                                                  KARIN PIENAAR

                   Time for a Laugh
                   An 80 year old man goes to see his doctor.
                   Old man: "My 28 year old wife is pregnant. What's your opinion Doctor?"                KNOWLEDGE
                   Doctor:  "Let me tell you a story. A hunter in a hurry grabs an umbrella
                            instead of his gun. He moves into the jungle, sees a lion, lifts               QUIZ
                            the umbrella, pulls the handle and BANG…. The lion drops
                   Old man: "That's impossible, someone else must have shot the lion"                     Wednesday 2 June
                   Doctor:  "MY POINT EXACTLY!"
                                                                                                          Wednesday 4 August
                                                                                                              19:00 at The Waterside
                                                                                                                      R65 pp
                                                                                                            (includes a light meal and
Kelvin is going Green!                                   ...continued from Page 1                                  loads of fun!)
                                                                                                          BOOK IN TEAMS OF SIX ONLY!
    from Ecosolutions2, to look at providing              that we will be serving in the not too              Limited seating available
    boxes for owls to nest on site and in this            distant future!                                          021 658 4547 /
    wa y a ssist in the con trol of roden ts         -    Collect-A-Can:
    without resorting to poisons which are                We have contacted Collect-A-Can and
    harmful to the environment.                           will be recycling cooldrink cans and food
    If any of our Sport Sections would like               cans in the near future.
    to donate an owl box, please contact             -    Plastic:
    Karen Lankester on 021 - 658 4561. This               We are also sourcing a facility that can                       N    S

    i s a v er y in te re sti ng pr oje ct wh ich         assist us in the recycling of certain plastic                   R       I

    we hope to have up and running in the
    very near future.
    O r g a ni c Veg e ta b l e s a n d H e r b s:
                                                          used in our various outlets.
                                                          As th is is a p rodu ct that c anno t be
                                                                                                               Sea Rescue
                                                                                                               N AT I O N A L S E A R E S C U E I N S T I T U T E
                                                                                                               + 27 21 434 4011
    Bria n Ch etty is oversee ing a newly-                recyc led, w e are look ing at ways of
    pl anted or ganic ve getabl e a nd herb               re pla cin g su ch it ems w ith rec ycl ed        Help us save lives on South African
    garden which is situated near the bowling             products.                                        waters, by making a donation to NSRI.
    green.                                                                                                   We welcome once-off or monthly
    It is fully organic and the produce we           W e, t he h u ma n r ac e , n e e d t o m ak e                      donations.
    harvest will initially supply the Coffee         a c ontr ibuti on to ward s liv ing li ghtly on                Visit our website on
    Sh op. So kee p y our eyes open for              Planet Earth. No matter how small, we               
    t he d iffe re nt ve ge tab les an d he rbs      CAN all make a difference !

                           CHAIRMAN’S COLUMN
                     Your Club continues to          the Ballroom. It is also important to note that
                     be a hive of activity - it      the Rugby Test Match at Newlands on 12 June
                     is really pleasing to note      will be starting at 14:00 and, the popular
                     h ow well the Th eme            luncheon with ex-Springboks ahead of the
                     E v e n i ng s , G o u rm e t   game has, therfore, been moved to a dinner
Dinners, Wine Tastings, Club Luncheons,              after the game.
Restaurants and Bars are supported. This
against the background where, a short 6 years        A more detailed report on the outcome of our
ag o, some consid eration was give n to              Financial Year is included in the Annual Report
outsourcing these key areas!                         and we look forward to engaging with as many
                                                     Members as possible at the Annual General
Congratulations to the F&B Committee as well         Meeting on Monday 7 June.
as to Danie and the Management team for
this wonderful turn-around.                          It has been both a privilege and an honour for       Come along and join us in the Old Bar.
                                                     me to serve on the Committee as well as
In the mind-set of continuous improvement it         support the Management of the Club over the
was decided to employ a new Head Chef at             last 6 years. My term of 6 years comes to an                         W H EN
the Terrace Restaurant. Following a rigorous         end after the AGM and, no doubt, change will             The last Tuesday of each month -
selection process (which included Kelvin's first     bring fresh blood and ideas to grow the Club
cook-out!) we welcomed Andrew Whelan as              yet further.
                                                                                                                        29 JUNE
the new Head Chef effective 5 May which
                                                                                                                        27 JULY
marked the introduction of a new menu. I urge        Regards
you to experience the new taste sensations                                          PAUL KRAMER                            TIME
at The Terrace.                                                                     Club Chairman                  An extended happy hour
                                                                                                                        17:00 -19:00
With the World Cup advancing, please note
the special events that have been planned in                                                               Don't forget to place your order at Reception
                                                                                                            for the jolly good PUB FARE on offer !

                                                                                                           The menu varies each month - check with
                                                                                                                    Reception for details.
           Football, Food and Fun Events                                                                    Call Reception now on 021 658 4500/1

I am sure you are all aware of the exciting          of 10. A few single tables will, however, be
International football event which is taking         allocated.
place in our country, kicking off on Friday
11 June. With all the hype and countdown             The last section is BLOCK C which is on the
over the last couple of months, I am sure you        Ballroom Balcony. This is individual seating
know what I am referring to!                         at R70 per person and you will receive a steak
                                                     roll and a local beer. Bar and food/snack
Kelvin has been given strict guidelines as to        facilities will be available from the Palmyra
what we can and cannot advertise to our
members: however, the Club has planned its
                                                     Room for BLOCK C should you feel peckish
                                                     between games.
                                                                                                          THE BARN SPECIAL
own Football Programme around this event.                                                                     ORDER 2 MEALS -
                                                     Members must call at Reception when making               ONLY PAY FOR 1
Commencing with the Opening Ceremony and             their bookings, as they will be requested to
first games on Friday 11 June, the Club will         choose their specific seats in the various Block
                                                                                                            PIZZA ON SUNDAY NIGHTS
have two big screens in the Ballroom and             sections. Lucky draws will also take place after
                                                                                                          BURGERS ON MONDAY NIGHTS
members will be able to Block-book seating           each game.                                               Order any 2 P izzas on
at Reception. The block seating will comprise                                                             Sun day nigh ts fro m the men u
three different tiers, each with a different price   Kelvin will have the same programme in place                       OR
structure and menu.                                  in the Ballroom from 26 June until the final on            an y 2 Bu rgers on
                                                     12 July 2010.                                        Monda y nights f rom the menu
In the VIP section (BLOCK A) in the Ballroom,                                                                           and
included in the price of R225 per person, you        Please note: The above three options are              ONLY PAY FOR ONE MEAL!
will receive the following: limited wine and         the only options available to watch the
beer on the table on arrival and a served three-     event in the Ballroom - no ticket, no entry!
course meal, after the first game. Also included     Tickets will be available from Reception
in this price will be a snack platter which will     from 7 June.
be served at half-time during the first game.
                                                     During this period you will be able to utilise all
The second section is BLOCK B in the                 other Club facilities as well as watch the games
                                                                                                          Kelvin Grove terms and conditions apply.
Ballroom, where you will be served a two-            on TV in the various venues.                          This offer excludes kiddies pizzas and
course meal at R150 per person. All beverages                                                             burgers, the jaw breaker burger and the
will be for your own account.                        For more information on this programme,              gourmet burger. No take-aways allowed.
                                                     please contact Reception on 021-658 4500/1.          Toppings and sauces charged as extras
Both Blocks A and B will comprise tables

Kelvin Grove Club          June 2010                                                                                                                       3
                               FROM THE CHEF

                                                                  Sunday Roast
                           Recipe                                   Specials
                            Th is is oh ,                    Available every Sunday at The Terrace at
                            so delicious !                               R64 per person
                                                                (This price does not include soup)
        CHEESECAKE                                                            Ju n e
INGREDIENTS:                                                 6    Minestrone soup
Base:                                                             Roast loin of pork
   100 g   sugar                                                  served with a honey and lavender sauce
   200 g   butter
   300 g   flour                                             13   Pum pkin an d carda mom s oup
    30 g   cocoa powder                                           Roast leg of lamb
                                                                  ser ved wi th a fre sh ros emary jus
    125    g        sugar                                    20   Cream of broccoli soup
                                                                  Glazed Kassler
                                                                  served with a honey and mustard sauce
                                                                                                             Kelvin Grove’s
           g        cottage cheese
                    eggs                                     27   Ch icke n and as para gus so up
                                                                                                              Coffee Shop
     70    ml       cream                                         Roast leg of lamb
     35    g        corn flour                                    served with a fresh mint jus
     50    ml       whisky

P reh ea t t he ov en to 18 0 d eg ree s C .                                  J uly
To make the base:                                            4    Cauliflower with a hint of blue cheese
- In a medium bowl, combine all the                               soup
  i ng r e d ie n t s t og e t h e r u nt i l s m o ot h .        Roast loin of pork
- Gr ea se a 2 2- 23 cm s pr in gf or m pan .                     served with an apple and cider gravy          Good coffee; newspapers;
- Line out the pan bottom and up the sides                                                                  a few treats to whet your appetite;
  with the base mixture.
                                                             11   Potato and leek soup                          a relaxing lounge area and
                                                                  Glazed Kassler
                                                                                                             Internet access to keep in touch
                                                                  served with a honey and mustard sauce
For the filling:                                                                                                  with your loved ones...
- In a large bowl combine the cottage cheese,                                                                    Visit us - it’s worth a try!
  cream, sugar, melted butter and melted                     18   Seafood chowder
  chocolate together.                                             Roast leg of lamb
                                                                                                             We would appreciate your feedback or
- Beat at a medium-high speed until smooth.                       served with a fresh rosemary jus                      suggestions.
- Stir in the eggs and corn flour.                                                                               Contact Karen Lankester at
- Stir in the whisky.                                        25   Grilled red pepper soup with saffron 
Method:                                                           Roast loin of pork
- Pou r fil ling into t he b ase -lin ed pa n.                    served with a honey and lavender sauce
- Pla ce pan in a s hall ow ba king pa n.
- Bake for 50-60 minutes or until the centre
  a pp e ar s f i rm wh e n g e nt ly sh a k en .
                                                                           Au gu st
- Cool on a w ire rac k for 15 minu tes.                     1    Mushroom Cappuccino soup                    Tantalise your tastebuds at
- Using a sharp knife loosen the sides from                       Glazed Kassler                            The Terrace and try our exciting
  the pan.                                                        served with a honey and mustard sauce               new menu!
- Cool for a further 30 minutes.
- Remove from the pan and allow to cool until                                                               The Club has extended the Sushi
                                                             8    Mussels, garlic, white wine and saffron
                                                                                                            kitchen at The Terrace Restaurant
  the cake appears to be solid                                    soup                                       to allow Michael and his team to
                                                                  Roast leg of lamb                          provide not only delicious Sushi
Chill for at least 6 hours or up to 24 hours                      served with a fresh rosemary jus          platters but, also, Oriental cuisine.
before serving!
                                                                                                            When you do not feel like cooking
Makes 16 servings.                                                                                          for the family, are battling to find a
                                                                                                            babysitter, or just feel like a special
Enjoy !                                                                                                     treat, the Club also provides Sushi
                                                                                                                 and Oriental take-aways.
                              LYNDON WILLIAMS
                                          Chef                                                                Place your orders directly
                                                                                                             with Michael and his team at
                                                                                                                The Terrace Restaurant

                                                                                                                 Lucky Draw
Thursday 17 June                             (R115 pp)
                                             GUEST SPEAKER:                                                         The Club is introducing a
START ER                                                                                                      Lucky Draw Competition in the Pool
                                             A t th e tim e o f g oi ng to pre ss , w e we re                   Bar which will take place on the
Cauliflower & broccoli soup                                                                                   last Friday of every month at 19:00.
                                             not yet in a position to c onfirm the Gue st
served with a blue cheese cream              Sp e a k e r fo r t h e C l u b L u n c h e o n
                                                                                                               You can purchase your lucky draw
                                                                    AS SOO N AS WE HAV E                      ticket from the Pool Bar at any time
MA IN                                                                  CO NF IRM ED THE                       or until 18:30 on the day of the draw.
                                                                     SP EAK ER , WE WIL L                             Tickets cost R10 each.
Gratinated cut of Kingklip                                           A DV ER TISE T HIS ON
with basil and Parmesan                                               BO TH TH E CL UB ’S                     All tickets, on which you need to write
set of lemon scented mash                                           N OTIC E B OA RD S A ND                   your details, will be placed in a box
potato and                                                            WE BS ITE. A B UL K                     which will be kept in the Pool Bar until
stir fried vegetables                                               EM AIL W ILL A LS O B E                             the time of the draw.
                                                                     S EN T TO M EM BE RS .
                                                                                                              Members or ticket holders must be
Thu rsd ay 22 J uly                          (R115 pp)                                                        present at the time of the draw to be
                                                                                                                      eligible for the prize.
                                             GUEST SPEAKER:
START ER                                     CHARLES VAN ONSELEN                                                         PLEASE NOTE:
Oven roasted tomato and                      HISTORIAN AND AUTHOR                                              If you are not present for whatever
bacon soup                                                                                                    reason on the night of the draw, the
                                             C h ar le s v a n O n se le n is a n ac c la im e d                 prize will be forfeited and will be
served with basil and Parmesan croûtons      h is to ria n a n d a ut ho r a n d h as w on th e
                                                                                                              carried over to the next month's draw.
                                             A la n P a to n A w a rd f or n o n- fi ct io n a n d
                                             se veral Inte rnation al awa rds.
MA IN                                                                                                            For more information on this
                                             H e has publish ed ex tensive ly in leadin g                     competition, contact Lucille Damon
Succulent                                    h is t o r i c a l j o u r n a l s . H e i s c u r r e n t l y         or any member of the
Kassler chops                                R e s ea r ch P ro fe s so r i n th e F a cu l ty o f              Operations Management Team.
set of a garlic                              H uma nities a t the U niversity of P retoria.
mash and
                                             H is ne w bo ok M as ke d Ra ide rs fo llow s
dressed with a                               th e w ild e xp loits o f leg en da ry b riga nd s
honey and                                    w ho rava ge d th e su bc ontin ent betw ee n
pineapple glaze                              18 80 – 1 899 .

                       Dietary Requests
 Should you be attending any of the Club functions and have special dietary
 requests, please inform the staff accordingly when making your booking.
      Please note: Dietary requests received on the day of the function cannot be
      accommodated, nor can specified set menus be amended to suit your palate.

                                                                                                              THE WATERSIDE
                                                                                                                      (Wi-Fi hotspot)
                                                                                                                Open Mondays - Sundays
                                                                                                                       8:30 - 18:00
                                                                                                                 Fridays open until 22:00
                                                                                                                BREAKFASTS served all day
                                                                                                                      08:30 - 18:00
                                                                                                                   LUNCH served from
                                                                                                                      12:00 - 18:00

Kelvin Grove Club    June 2010                                                                                                                           5
      Gourmet Dinner Menu
                                                                                                                      During April we tasted
                                                                                                                      the wines of an "old
    WEDNESDAY                            EIKENDAL                                                                     favourite" - Meerendal
    30 June 2010                         Eikendal cellar with its distinctive barrel-vaulted   Wines. This estate in Durbanville which dates
    (Eikendal)                           cellar and towering fountain, is a landmark
                                                                                               back to 1702 and is one of the top wine estates
                                         on the R44 road between Somerset West and
                                         Stellenbosch. Situated in the “Golden Triangle”       in South Africa, has since 2004 been further
    STARTER                              of wine growing, Eikendal vineyards flourish          developed by the new owners.
    Spring roll of duck                  in a mountain and maritime micro-climate,
    on stir-fried bok choi and roasted   ideal for the production of quality wine.             The tasting was presented by David Sibande,
                                                                                               the first black man in South Africa to manage
    sesame seed                          Eikendal is owned by the Saager family from           a wine tasting/sales and cellar door operation.
    served with a cranberry dressing     Switzerland, who recognised the potential of          D a v i d , a n e x Z i m b a b w e a n , is v e r y
                                         the area, and wasted no time in replanting            knowledgeable about wine and he entertained
    MAIN:                                the vineyards and modernising the cellar
                                                                                               us with his humorous presentation of Meerendal
    Veal medallions                                                                            Wines.
    with a Gorgonzola and Sauvignon      The innovative winemaker Nico Grobler
    Blanc sauce                          concentrates on classic varieties such as             Due to ongoing logistical problems to manage
    accompanied by baby vegetables       Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet                 the R30 cost for the tasting evenings and the
                                         Sauvignon, Merlot and the flagship Bordeaux-          offset of the cost if you eat in one of the
    and red pepper risotto               style Eikendal Classique. Numerous awards             restaurants afterwards, we have decided to do
                                         and accolades from around the world bear              away with this arrangement and to implement
    DESSERT:                             t esti mon y to the ir fine w ine he ritag e.         a R30 fee for the evenings irrespective of
    Frozen                                                                                     whether or not you eat afterwards at the Club.
    Grand Marnier                        When not wine-
                                         tasting at the
    soufflé                              hospitable                                            Herewith our wine tasting calendar for the
    with candied                         tas ting ro om,                                       following 2 months:
    lemon zest                           you can enjoy                                         24 June        - Blaauwklippen
                                         a n al f re sc o                                      22 July        - Rickety Bridge
                                         l un c h at th e
                                         restaurant.                                           See you at the tasting table !
                                                                                                                                 DANIE APPEL

    WEDNESDAY                            BLAAUWKLIPPEN
    28 July 2010                         Blaauwklippen was founded in 1690, and is
                                         nestled on the slopes of the Stellenbosch
    (Blaauwklippen)                      mountain. It is one of the oldest wineries in
                                         South Africa and is situated in Stellenbosch.
    Poached                              The name "Blaauwklippen" was derived from
                                         the Dutch words "blaauwe klippe", meaning
                                         blue rocks, as the stones on the farm have a
    salmon                               distinctive blue shimmer due to the high granite
    on fried shrimp                      content in them.
    polenta topped
    with salsa verde                     When it comes to winemaking, they believe
                                         in minimal interference, and work with what
                                         nature has given them. The winemaker merely
    MAIN:                                completes what nature has started. As of
    Roasted rack of lamb                 2004 they only make use of natural yeasts,
    basted with garlic and ginger on     as grown on the vine.
    velvety mashed potatoes served
    with fried zucchini and peppers
                                         Blaauwklippen wines can be recognised by
                                         the carriage motif on all their labels. This           LET’S SAVE
                                         emblem embodies everything they believe in:
                                         quality, tradition and elegance.                       ELECTRICITY
    Crêpe wrap                           T he Blaau wklippen philosophy is b est
    with stewed                          summarised with this quotation from their              Wear
    guava and                            cellar master, Rolf Zeitvogel:
    crème fraîche                        "Winemaking at Blaauwklippen is treated with           your
                                         respect, and handled with discipline. Here
                                         winemaking is not a job, it is a passion and
                                         we surround ourselves with people who feel             this
                                         the same way. We are a proud farm, proud               Winter!
                                         of our heritage, our products, and our people."

                                         WHAT’S ON AT KELVIN GROVE

                   Ju n e                                          FATHER'S DAY
                                                                  Sunday - 20 June                                       Ju ly
                                                     Venue:    The Waterside
       GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ                        Time:     08:30                                                 THE NINE CLUB
            Wednesday - 2 June                       Catering: A special Father's Day set breakfast                Wednesday - 14 July
Venue:    The Waterside                              Cost:     R95 pp                                 (Presenting: A piano recital by Clinton Claasen)
Time:     19:00                                      Bookings: The Waterside - 021-658 4576           Venue:    The Grill Room
Catering: A light meal will be served and                                                             Time:     18:15 for 18:45 (Dinner and Concert)
          LOADS OF FUN !                                 FOR THE WHOLE MONTH OF JUNE                            Concert commences at 20:00
Cost:     R65 pp                                             CELEBRATE FATHER'S DAY                   Catering: A two course menu
Bookings: Corine Sharp 021-658 4547 or                 with the Barn Restaurant’s Daily Special       Dress:    Formal: Black tie or dark suit
          email:               Menu:     Basted Spare Ribs (800g)               Cost:     R185 pp (Dinner and Concert)
          Book in tables of six persons                        served with chips and onion rings                R60 pp (Concert only)
                                                     Cost:     R75 pp                                 Bookings: Yvonne Meekin -21-855 0514 or
       ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING                        Bookings: NO BOOKINGS WILL BE ACCEPTED                     083 346 8394
               Monday - 7 June                                 'First come - first served' basis                Bookings are essential for catering
Venue:    The Ballroom                                                                                          purposes.
Time:     18:00 promptly                                FATHER'S DAY LUNCHEON SPECIAL
          Members will be asked to produce                        Sunday - 20 June                             FRENCH THEME EVENING:
          their valid membership card to gain        Venue:    The Terrace                                 Wednesday - 14 July (Bastille Day)
          admission to the meeting.                  Time:     12:00                                  Venue:    The Terrace
Please note: The Barn, Terrace Restaurant and        Catering: A special Father's day set menu        Time:     19:30
          Sushi Bar will be open                     Cost:     R160 per adult / R90 per child         Catering: French cuisine - a set menu
                                                               (under the age of 12 years)            Price:    R160 pp
                 THE NINE CLUB                       Bookings: The Terrace - 021-658 4533             Bookings: The Terrace - 021-658 4533
               Wednesday - 9 June
    (A fun-filled Variety Show presented by                  FOOTBALL THEME EVENING                               CLUB LUNCHEON:
               Wynberg Girls High)                                  SA vs FRANCE                                   Thursday - 22 July
Venue:     The Grill Room                                         Tuesday - 22 June                   Venue:    The Ballroom
Time:      18:15 for 18:45 (Dinner and Concert)      Venue:    The Terrace                            Time:     12:00 for 12:30
           Concert commences at 20:00                Time:     19:30                                  Speaker: Charles van Onselen - author
Catering: A two course menu                          Catering: Football World Cup cuisine             Catering: A two course set menu
Dress:     Formal: Black tie or dark suit                      A set menu will be served              Cost:     R115 pp
Cost:      R185 pp (Dinner and Concert)              Price:    R160 pp                                Bookings: Reception - 021-658 4500/1
           R60 pp (Concert only)                     Bookings: The Terrace - 021-658 4533
Bookings: Yvonne Meekin -21-855 0514 or                                                                              WINE TASTING:
           083 346 8394. Bookings are essential                     WINE TASTING:                                  Thursday - 22 July
           for catering purposes.                                 Thursday - 24 June                  Venue:    The Grill Room
                                                     Venue:    The Grill Room                         Time:     18:30
     FOOTBALL, FOOD & FUN EVENTS                     Time:     18:30                                  Winery: Rickety Bridge
             Friday - 11 June 2010                   Winery: Blaauwklippen                            Cost:     R30 pp
Venue:     The Ballroom                              Cost:     R30 pp                                           A special wine tasting menu will be
Time:      From the Opening Ceremony and                       A special wine tasting menu will be              available at the Terrace Restaurant
           including both opening games                        available at the Terrace Restaurant              afterwards.
Catering: See Separate Article on page 3 for                   afterwards.                            Bookings: Reception - 021-658 4500/1
           various options available on              Bookings: Reception - 021-658 4500/1
           pricing and menu offerings.                                                                           CHRISTMAS IN JULY
Bookings: Reception - 021-658 4500/1                          POOL BAR LUCKY DRAW                                   Saturday - 24 July
The same programme will be in place in the                         Friday - 25 June                   Venue:    The Terrace
Ballroom from 26 June to the final on 12 July.       Time:     19:00                                  Time:     19:30 - 20:00
See Posters for details.                             Cost:     Tickets R10 each                       Catering: A five course Christmas menu
                                                                                                      Cost:     R185 pp
RUGBY TEST - SA VS FRANCE - NEWLANDS                                PUB EVENING                       Bookings: The Terrace - 021-658 4533
              Saturday - 12 June                                  Tuesday - 29 June
Game:     Commences at 14:00                         Venue:    The Old Bar                                            PUB EVENING
          RUGBY TEST DINNER - 17:00                  Time:     Happy Hour: 17:00 - 19:00                           Tuesday - 27 July
Venue:    The Ballroom                               Catering: Steak & Guinness pie                   Venue:    The Old Bar
Catering: A plated starter will be served at 17:30             with mash and carrots                  Time:     Happy Hour: 17:00 - 19:00
          followed by a carvery & dessert buffet     Cost:     R40 pp                                 Catering: Balti chicken curry and rice
Cost:     R180 pp (plus 7% for members,              Bookings: Reception - 021-658 4500/1             Cost:     R40 pp
          10% for non-members)                                                                        Bookings: Reception - 021-658 4500/1
Bookings: Reception - 021-658 4500/1                             GOURMET DINNER
                                                                Wednesday - 30 June                               GOURMET DINNER
        SPORTING CHANCE CLINICS                      Venue:    The Terrace                                       Wednesday - 28 July
              14 - 18 June 2010                      Time:     19:30                                  Venue:    The Terrace
    (Including Public Holidays = 5 days)             Winery: Eikendal                                 Time:     19:30
          28 - 02 July 2010 (5 days)                 Cost:     R160 pp                                Winery: Blaauwklippen
Venue:     On Kelvin's field                         Bookings: The Terrace - 021-658 4533             Cost:     R160 pp
Times:     09:00 - 13:00                                                                              Bookings: The Terrace - 021-658 4533
Contact: Warren: 021-683 7299
                                                                                                                POOL BAR LUCKY DRAW
                                                        FUNCTION DATES AND GUEST                                      Friday - 30 July
            CLUB LUNCHEON:
            Thursday - 17 June                           SPEAKERS ARE SUBJECT TO                      Time:      19:00
Venue:    The Ballroom                                           CHANGE                               Cost:      Tickets R10 each
Time:     12:00 for 12:30                                  WITHOUT NOTIFICATION.
Speaker: TBC - watch Club notice boards               PLEASE CHECK WHEN MAKING YOUR                    PLEASE NOTE: ALL PRICES QUOTED ARE
Catering: A two course set menu                                                                         EXCLUDING 7% SERVICE CHARGE FOR
Cost:     R115 pp                                     BOOKING THAT THE FUNCTION DATE
                                                                                                       MEMBERS AND 10% SERVICE CHARGE FOR
Bookings: Reception - 021-658 4500/1                  AND GUEST SPEAKER STILL APPLY.                             NON-MEMBERS.

Kelvin Grove Club          June 2010                                                                                                                7
     ... WHAT’S ON

               Au g ust                          Guests at                                           The Terrace Dining
                                                 Kelvin Grove Club                                   Room and Wine Cellar
           Wednesday - 4 August
                                                 I take this opportunity of reminding members        Early in 2008 Kelvin built a wine cellar and a
Venue:    The Waterside
Time:     19:00                                  of the Rules pertaining to the bringing of guests   private dining room for hosting special
Catering: A light meal will be served and        to the Club.                                        occasions.
          LOADS OF FUN !
Cost:     R65 pp                                 - The same guest cannot be brought to the           The wine cellar now has a stock of some very
Bookings: Corine Sharp 021-658 4547 or             Club more than once a month apart from            good wines which are individually priced and
          email:             special guest days fixed by the Committee         which you can hand-pick, order and enjoy with
          Book in tables of six persons            from time to time                                 your meal.
                                                 - If you are aware that you are meeting guests
                                                   at the Club, please notify Reception or the       The dining room adjoining the wine cellar
                                                   Head of Security timeously of the names of        which has recently been revamped is an
                                                   your guests, so that their identity can be        intimate room which can seat 10 people
                                                   confirmed at the main gate on arrival.            comfortably.
                                                 - If you are already on the premises when
                                                   your guests are due to arrive, you are            For more information on this venue or to make
Kelvin Grove Staff                                 responsible to ensure that their arrival is       a booking, contact The Terrace Restaurant on
Training                                           known by Security to afford them entry to
                                                   the Club’s premises. You can also phone
                                                                                                     021-658 4533.

                                                   Security and notify them of the names of
Congratulations to the following staff members
wh o ha ve s ucc ess ful ly co mp lete d th e
                                                   your guests.
                                                 - All guests must also be signed in by a            Children at
LEVEL A - FIRST AID COURSE.                        member of the Club in one of the visitor’s        Kelvin Grove Club
                                                   books kept in all the bars and restaurants
                                                   at the Club.                                      As there has been some confusion lately
                                                 - You are responsible for their conduct and         regarding Children at the Club, I hereby remind
                                                   compliance with the Club Rules and Bye-           members of the Club Rules.
                                                   Laws and for the cost of or replacement of
                                                   any article, property of the Club broken or       - Children cannot join as members of the Club
                                                   damaged by such guests.                             until they have attained the age of 16 years
                                                                                                     - Children under the age of 12 cannot dine
                                                 By following these very simple procedures, a          at the Terrace Restaurant, however, this is
                                                 lot of unpleasantness and embarrassment to            left to the discretion of the Restaurant
                                                 yourself and your guests can be avoided.              Manager
                                                 Security has a job to do and they do this to        - Children of all ages are permitted to eat at
                                                 the best of their ability, sometimes under very       the Barn Restaurant on a regular basis as
    (Left to right) Front Row: Gloria Kobe,      trying conditions. Please assist them where           this is our family restaurant
   Mabel Jenje-Maposa, Angelique Apollis         possible by following these rules.                  - Children are permitted to eat inside the
Back Row: Henry Prens, Conwayne Voegt, Paul                                                            Waterside Restaurant but not around the
  Woolley, Donald Skors, Athol Gander, Yusuf     MANAGEMENT                                            pool area
                    Willenberg                                                                       - Children under the age of 16 are not
                                                                                                       pe rm itt ed ins id e th e C lu b's b ar s or
                                                 Dining at Kelvin’s                                    the Fitness Centre and cannot make use of
                                                                                                       the Fitness Centre equipment
                                                 Restaurants                                         - Children are not allowed to utilise the Club's
                                                                                                       swimming pool on weekdays
                                                 As a courtesy to members and their guests,          - Children are permitted to use the Club's
                                                 please refrain from wearing hats or caps while        swim ming pool unde r th e c ontinuous
            Apr il 2010                          din ing at an y o f Kel vin 's res taur ants .        supervision of their parents or another
                                                                                                       member of the Club on Saturdays, Sundays
                                                                                                       and Public Holidays, but not during School
                                                 Kelvin’s oldest                                       holidays
                                                                                                     - Children are permitted to play squash or
                                                 member passes away                                    tennis with their parents on Sundays, but
                                                                                                       members have preference to court bookings.
                                                 Kelvin Grove recently lost it’s oldest member       - During the school holidays, children are
                                                 of the Club, Mr Billy Muller. Billy was a member      welcome to participate in Sporting Chance,
                                                 of the Club from April 1930.                          a coaching clinic specialising in various
                                                                                                       sports. For more information on these Clinics,
                                                 Nobody will forget the touching speech he             see the advert in our newsletter or contact
                                                 made at the 2008 Gold Card Luncheon in the            Warren on 021-683 7299
             BRIAN CHETTY                                                                            For more information on the above, you can
           Senior Groundsman                     Our sincere condolences go to his family and        contact the Membership Office or any of the
                                                 friends on their sad loss.                          Duty Managers on duty.

                          In terms of Rule 9 of the Club Rules,                                           MATRIC DANCE -
         the following have been elected as new members of Kelvin Grove Club:                             Hi Anton
                                                                                                          Just received a call from a friend of mine (not
ALLARDICE C M MS     ABSENTEE/COUNTRY MEMBER        OWEN A MR             ORDINARY LOCAL MEMBER           a Kelvin member) whose daughter attended
AMINZADEH Y MR       ORDINARY LOCAL MEMBER          PARDOE S K E MISS     MIXED - FAMILY MEMBER           the Springfield Matric Dance on Friday night.
ANDERSON L L MRS     ORDINARY LOCAL MEMBER          PETERS-HOLLENBERG P M MRS                             He asked me to pass on his thanks and
ARMSTRONG M K MR MIXED - UNDER 21                                         ORDINARY LOCAL MEMBER
                                                                                                          compliments to your team for the wonderful
BERNICCHI P I MR     ORDINARY LOCAL MEMBER          RAUBENHEIMER M E MR                                   organisation, service and food.
BETHELDO L MRS       L OC A L S P E C IA L LA D Y   RAWSON W MR           MIXED - 26-30 AGE               His daughter and her friends were unanimous
BISHTON J R MR       MIXED - FAMILY MEMBER          REED C J MISS         MIXED - UNDER 21                in their praise for Kelvin and the staff. Their
                                                                                                          comment was that the staff made them feel
BRICE S L MRS        L OC A L S P E C IA L LA D Y   SALISBURY T J MR      MIXED - FAMILY MEMBER           Well done once again, please pass on to all
BRUKMAN S H MR       MIXED - 21-25 AGE              SCHWAGER S MR         MIXED - FAMILY MEMBER
BUCHANAN S J MR      MIXED - UNDER 21                                     MIXED - 21-25 AGE               Regards
                     MIXED - 21-25 AGE              STOCKLEY S J MR       ABSENTEE/COUNTRY MEMBER         Ivor
CLAASSEN N MR        MIXED - 26-30 AGE                                    SPECIAL LADY
CORDER E MISS        MIXED - 21-25 AGE              VAIGNCOURT-STRALLEN A MR                              Morning Nicky / Athol
CSENGO-IWANSKI A MRS                                                      ABSENTEE/COUNTRY MEMBER
                     MIXED - 21-25 AGE              VAIGNCOURT-STRALLEN G MRS
DARGE S W MR         MIXED - UNDER 21                                     A B SE N TE E / CO UN TRY       Just a quick e-mail to thank you for a truly
DAVIS N M MISS       MIXES - UNDER 21                                     SPECIAL LADY                    awesome event on Wednesday. This time round
DUNCAN J C MR        ABSENTEE/COUNTRY MEMBER        VAN DER LINDE D J A MR                                you ran with all the arrangements, on very
EAMES G A M MRS      ORDINARY LOCAL MEMBER                                MIXED - 21-25 AGE
                                                                                                          short notice, and you really exceeded everyone's
EICHHORN M T MR      MIXED - 21-25 AGE              VAN ROOYEN A J MR     MIXED - UNDER 21
FARRELL J MISS       ABSENTEE/COUNTRY MEMBER        VILJOEN P MR          ORDINARY LOCAL MEMBER           expectations. Thank you.
GOWANS S J MR        MIXED - 21-25 AGE              WATLING C G F MR      MIXED - 21-25 AGE               There was only one little hiccup that we should
GREEFF J M MISS      MIXED - 21-25 AGE              WEGNER T A DR         ORDINARY LOCAL MEMBER           look at in future. The tables weren't set up as
GROENEVBELDT A L W MR                               WOOD A M MR           ABSENTEE/COUNTRY MEMBER
                                                                                                          per the seating plan. This caused huge confusion
HARVEY M MRS         MIXED - 26-30 AGE              YARDLEY J MRS         ABSENTEE/COUNTRY MEMBER         and frustration for our CEO. It was, however,
HEALY M MR           MIXED - UNDER 21                                                                     quickly resolved.
                     ABSENTEE/COUNTRY MEMBER
                     C O R P O R AT E M E M B E R    KID’S SPECIALS                                       As for the food, some of the comments I've

                                                       @ The Barn
JACOBSON J S MR      MIXED - 21-25 AGE                                                                    received were: "a culinary taste experience";
JANSEN VAN RENSBURG H C MR                                                                                "The flavour of the Salmon was truly unique"…
                     MIXED - 26-30 AGE                                                                    the list goes on. Cheryl (our CEO) said that in
                                                      Join us with your children for lunch                all the years of graduations, it was the best
KIESSIG C M J MR     MIXED - FAMILY MEMBER              (excluding big sporting days)                     meal she has ever had at Kelvin Grove. Thank
KILBRIDGE I W MR     C O R P O R AT E M E M B E R           and they will receive a                       you Athol and your very competent team for
KILBRIDGE W MR       C O R P O R AT E M E M B E R             FREE MILKSHAKE                              going out of your way for our graduates and
KRAMER M E MR        MIXED - FAMILY MEMBER                with every meal* ordered
                                                                                                          honorary guests.
LEE-JONES D MR       MIXED - 21-25 AGE                     BIRTHDAY SURPRISE
LOVE T MR            MIXED - 21-25 AGE                    Register your children at                       As mentioned, as of July, we will no longer
LOWE R G MR          MIXED - UNDER 21                 The Barn, and they will receive a                   have such formal graduations. We will, however,
MCCAUGHEY R D MR MIXED - 21-25 AGE                      FREE MEAL + MILKSHAKE*                            support you in every way possible and, as one
MILLAR A C MRS       A B S EN TE E / C OUN TRY         in the month of their Birthday
                                                                                                          of our industry partners, our association with
                     SPECIAL LADY
MILLAR P M C MR      ABSENTEE/COUNTRY MEMBER                  BIRTHDAY PARTY                              Kelvin will remain for years to come.
MILLIN J MR          MIXED - FAMILY MEMBER             Book your child’s party at The
MORREIRA C MISS      MIXED - UNDER 21                 Barn and your child will receive a                  Your sincerely
                                                      FREE MEAL* + BIRTHDAY CAKE
                                                            FREE OF CHARGE!
                                                        *ONE ITEM + MILKSHAKE from the                    Tony Brandt
                     MIXED - 26-30 AGE                    kiddies’ menu. Conditions apply                 Capsicum Culinary Studio

Kelvin Grove Club         June 2010                                                                                                                     9

                Bow ls                                           Brid g e                                         Cro q ue t
Bowls is alive and growing apace at Kelvin.       We play contract bridge every Monday and          A v er y s uc c es s fu l W P G o lf C r oq u et
                                                  Friday afternoon from 13.30pm to 17.00pm in       Tournament was held at Kelvin during March.
In April we held a very successful Bowls Open     the Cream Lounge, and you can come anytime        Our grateful thanks go to the KG Bowlers who
Day with 40 bowlers turning up - 24 of them       within those hours that is convenient to you.     lent us a green and to Brian Chetty and his
being aspirant bowlers. We signed up a                                                              team for the excellent playing surfaces they
number of these immediately and a few more        If you have a friend visiting, please bring       had prepared - many compliments were
will probably join later !                        her/him along. Maria Evans brought Hazel          received from upcountry and overseas players.
                                                  from Knysna who was catching up on seeing
On Freedom Day (27 April), we held the            Cape Town friends last week, and we have          The WP Open Singles was won by Thea Lotz
Marian Ord Trips Tournament for 36 Kelvin         many overseas visitors calling in when they       and Open Doubles by Thea and Ken Browne.
bowlers. This was won by Brian Chetty,            have a free afternoon.                            They were also the runners up in the Open
Reith Goldschmidt and Graham Crimp.                                                                 Handicap Doubles.
                                                  In the autumn and winter we are usually two
We have also been invited to play in a friendly   or three tables playing and the room is sunny     Thea is having an excellent season as she
Trips match against Muizenberg Bowls Club         and warm and drinks and snacks can be             then went on to win the KG Open Singles.
on 16 May and the Ken Cunningham Cup will         ordered at any time.                              Shannon Carson beat Elsa Thomson to win
take place on 25 May. This is for bowlers 75                                                        the KG Senior Competition. Well done !
years and older and for the first time, our       Bridge is an excellent way to rejuvenate those
women bowlers have been invited to take part.     brain cells which, if you are like me, could do   6 players took part in the EP Highlander
                                                  with some stimulation - and to meet new friends   recently played in Port Alfred. Thea and her
If you'd like to try your hand at a hugely        at the club.                                      partner Mariel de Bie won the Open Doubles
challenging game, please contact Cecil Craig                                                        and Peter Oxton and his partner Peter Johnson
on 02 1-5 31 89 69 for a f ree c oach ing         For more information on our afternoon play,       of SWC C w on the Ha ndica p D oub les.
appointment. We’ll provide practice bowls until   please contact Maria Evans on 021 689 4715.
you decide if this is the game for you. If you                                                      Our AGM will be held on 29 May and Bill
have played before, feel free to join us on a                             ELINOR FLETCHER           Kilbride of Warwick Financial Advisory Services
Wednesday or Friday afternoon at 13:45 for                                                          will present the trophies.
tabs-in.                                                                                                                           ANNE OXTON
                              LIZ MELVILLE

                         Kelvin Bowls Personal Trust Trips Tournament                                Prize winners in the WP Tournament: L-R:
                                       February 2010                                                Richard Prosser, Thea Lotz and Ken Browne.
                                                                                                       Absent from picture: Annette Ketterer

                                                                                                       PILA TES @ The Waterside
                                                                                                             Mondays 18:00
                                                                                                             Tuesdays 18:00
                                                                                                           Wednesdays 18:30
                                                                                                            Thursdays 18:00
                                                                                                         Fo r more info rmatio n
                                                                                                       contact Suresh 073 604 7222

                                                                                                     HATHA YOGA @ The Chart Room
                                                                                                          Wednesdays 18:00
                                                                                                            Saturdays 08:15
                                                                                                         Fo r more info rmatio n
                                                                                                       contact Susan 083 253 3008

                   Go lf                                           S q ua sh                                   S o cia l Tennis
And then it was winter - and the rains came         Athlee McClear, the Ladies League coordinator,      Tennis activity remains buoyant despite the
- did they just! Let's hope the Gods are kind       reports that at the halfway stage of the 2010       winter onset.
to us this year.                                    season, the Ladies 2nd + 4th League teams
                                                    are holding their own in very competitive and       The KG Fun Tournament is still in progress
Golf continues to have good support - thanks        tough leagues. If you would like to play            and results will be published in the next issue
everyone. March was a 4BBB at Rondebosch            Ladies Social or League Squash, Athlee can          of the newsletter.
- Jenny Dukas and Graeme Morrison took line         be contacted on 083 610 1709.
honours with 36, Mike Moore and Anthony                                                                 Floodlight usage is on the increase. In view
Bounds on 33 and big Tom H and John Haig            W e s te r n P r o v in c e M e n 's L ea g u e s   of hiked electricity costs, please bear the
on 32. April at Westlake - David Logan and          Kelvin Grove is competing in men's 6th League       following in mind:
Graham Allen 44, Tom Hendren (I'm watching          for the first time. We also have a 13th League      Rules pertaining to tennis lights usage:
you) and Riaan Oosterhuizen on 43, Sarah            te am. B oth t eam s ar e enj oyin g to ugh         - Members must ensure that they switch
Heger and Tohler Wolfe Coote on 41 - well           competitive squash and have a 50% win/                   the lights off after they have finished with
played all.                                         loss season so far.                                      their game UNLESS the next booking for
                                                    Nick Thorne is the League coordinator and                that court is already waiting.
I report that we have donated R600 to each          ca n b e co n tac te d on 07 2 25 6 4 55 5.         - If there is no play in progress on adjacent
of the following: SA Golf Development Board,                                                                 courts, under NO circumstances are
Caddie Institute of SA and SA Disabled Golf         Western Provinc e M asters League                        members allowed to request for the lights
Association for which they are all very grateful.   Masters League are competing in 2nd League               on those courts to be left or switched on.
                                                    for the first time and are doing extremely well,
Trevor G has arranged some good discount            certainly in the top two. Well done guys -          Offenders of the above will be prohibited from
offers with River Club on games, the range,         keep it up and win the League for Kelvin.           making any pre-bookings for a determined
lessons and the restaurant. These have been         The 3rd, 4th and 5th Masters teams are all          period of time as set out by management.
circulated via e-mail. Well done Trev and           doing well thanks to the influx of new players
thanks. Please remember etiquette on the            and extended squads.                                Social tennis continues on the front courts
course and speed up play at all times. Hope                                                             ev ery Su nda y thro ugh out th e s eas on,
the winter blues don't get you down and ……..        We are always looking to welcome new squash         depending on the weather. If you are in doubt
                                                    playing members. Anyone wishing to play             on the day, please check with reception.
MAYP D.                      GEOF F CLARK           Social or League squash can contact the
                                                    relevant ladies or men's coordinators above         Please submit any tennis related matters of
                                                    and for masters, contact me on 082 449 4088         interest / concern to:
                                                    or Brian Chetty on 084 962 6063.          

Refer a Friend...                                   Just for a wee laugh.                               Yours in tennis
                                                    - Paddy, the electrician got sacked from the                     NICOLETTE HEATH-COPSON
  Do you know someone                                  U.S. Prison Service for not servicing the            (on behalf of KG Sunday Social Tennis)
 who may be interested in                              electric chair. He said: "In my professional
                                                       opinion it is a death trap"
  joining our fine Club?                            - Paddy and Mick are reading Headstones
                                                       at a nearby C emetary. M ick says :
  If yes, please forward their
            details to:
                                                       "Crikey, there`s a bloke here who lived             TE N NIS - C OA CH'S
         Karin Pienaar,
                                                       until he was 152."
                                                       Paddy asks: "What was his name?"                          CO RN E R
     Membership Manager                                M ic k re p li es : "Mi le s fr om D u bl in "          Know the Rules of Tennis:
          021 - 658 4502
                                                    Remember, "Squash players do it against
        or e-mail her on                            the wall"                                            1. A player who touches the net with                                                                               the racquet or body during a point,
                                                    Yours in Squash              BILL MALLETT               forfeits that point.
                                                                                                         2. It is against the rules to lean over
                                                                                                            the net in executing a stroke except
                                     Kelvin Grove is associated with Sporting Chance, one of                in the case of a ball bouncing back
                                      South Africa’s largest sports-coaching companies, will be             over the net. A player may also
                                     hosting coaching clinics during the holidays. The clinics are          follow through over the net.
                                     for all sports and are aimed at children 5 - 12 years of age.       3. A ball may be hit around the net
                                          The next sports-coaching clinics will be held from                post at any height
                                                      14 - 18 JUNE                                       4. In doubles, if player "A" receives
                                                    28 JUNE - 2 JULY                                        from a certain side at the beginning
                                         For more information and bookings contact                          of a set, he/she has to play on that
                                         SPORTING CHANCE Tel 021 683 7299                                   side for the remainder of the set.

                                                                                                                              MIKE BARWELL

Kelvin Grove Club         June 2010                                                                                                                  11

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