Generate Mailing Labels - Datasheet by ecg16223


									Generate Mailing Labels - Datasheet

The Generate Mailing Labels package
contains custom links that allow a user to
create mailing labels in a variety of Avery
label formats from the contacts and leads
associated with an account or campaign.

After clicking on the Custom Link, a
screen will be presented with areas al-
lowing you to specify the source of the
information, the label styles you want to
generate, and the location for the result-
ing files.

Once completed, the user will be able to
use the generated labels by viewing one
of the saved documents using Microsoft

The only setup requirement is that an administrator must modify the Page Layouts for the Account and
Campaign objects to add the custom links.

The custom link calls the Generate Mailing Labels s-control. Once the page is displayed, the user selects their
options and clicks on the “Generate” button. The s-control retrieves the requested data and uses it to generate
the labels. The resulting labels are stored as either an attachment to the launching object, or as a document in
a user slected folder. The s-control contains the information needed to create an XML version of the various
Avery Style Templates. This is combined with the users data to create the file which is saved in Salesforce as
a document of type “doc” (to indicate that it should be opened with Microsoft Word even though it’s an XML
file). When the file is viewed, it is downloaded to your machine, and Microsoft Word is used to open the file.

No external servers are used, and your data is never sent anywhere. The only external reference in the s-con-
trol is an Image tag to to display the style templates images.

This is free and unsupported. However if you have questions, suggestions, or feedback, feel free to write
Steve at Steve may be available for consulting projects regarding both native APEX
features as well as integrations with other systems.

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